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Bella answered the door in her favorite sweats. A spoon hung from her mouth.

"What the hell are you guys doing here? I thought you were going out," she said after removing the spoon from her mouth.

"We were. We thought since you were being a pain in the ass and refusing to hang out with us, we'd bring the party here," replied Rosalie.

"Fu-uck," Bella groaned out, walking away from the door. She threw herself on her bed.

She kept her face buried in her pillow as her friends made themselves at home.

"The boys will be here soon so maybe you should shower, or at least brush your teeth," Rosalie stated as she made her way over to the mini fridge.

"Are you eating peanut butter straight out of the jar?" Alice asked as she lifted the container from the bedside table.

"You don't have any beer? You only have a thing of yogurt and a can of ginger ale in here," Rosalie complained.

Bella lifted her head slightly so her words weren't muffled and yelled, "Don't drink my ginger ale!"

Bella groaned and brought the pillow over her head when she heard the distinct sound of a popped can.

"Rose!" Alice scolded.

"What? I'm thirsty and she should be more hospitable." Rosalie plopped down on the bed, stole the pillow from Bella and used it to prop her head against the wall.

Alice crawled up and squeezed in between them, nearly knocking Bella off the bed.

Sitting up, Bella ran her hand through her hair and then grimaced. It was a little greasy. "When you say the boys do you mean your boys or the boy-s-s-s-s?"

"What do you think, Bella?" Rosalie asked, annoyed.

"At least put some baby powder in your hair to absorb some of that grease," Alice said while scrunching her nose.

"Alright! I'll shower, but I'm sticking to sweats." Bella got up from the couch and made her way to her dresser. She grabbed a few things and then walked to the bathroom.

"We are just happy they're clean ones," Alice said as Bella closed the door.

Bella had just finished running a brush through her newly washed hair when there was a knock at the door. Alice jumped up and let their friends in.

Emmett was wearing a wide smile when he walked in. Edward and Jasper followed behind, both trying not to make eye contact.

Bella noticed and being suspicious, especially when it came to those three, she asked, "What?"

"What?" Emmett asked back.

"Why are you smiling like that?" Bella replied.

"Yeah, why are you smiling like that?" Rosalie repeated, sitting up.

Edward punched Emmett in the arm. "There! What was that?" Bella exclaimed, waving her hand in their direction.

Jasper sat on the bed next to Alice while Edward took Bella's computer chair. Emmett jumped on the bed, almost squashing Rosalie and Bella in the process.

"I'm in the know now, is all," Emmett teased.

"Em!" Edward reprimanded.

Bella's eyes tightened. Her glare left Emmett and landed on Edward.

"I still can't believe you walk through the graveyard alone," Emmett chuckled.

"Em!" Edward warned again. Bella's faced relaxed somewhat. Her thoughts had been running wild, going through all kinds of the worst scenarios - all the horrible, embarrassing anythings girls fixate on. She was still angry, though, when she realized what Emmett was referring to.

"You showed them my shortcut!" Bella yelled, standing and pointing at Edward.

"Oh, come on, Bella. It's cool." Emmett tried to defend Edward. He tugged Bella down so she was sitting again. Edward scratched his head, messing up his hair. "It is cool, and it's just Em and Jas."

"Betrayer," Bella mumbled, crossing her arms. She wasn't really mad, but she couldn't just let him get away with it.

"Hey, friends don't keep secrets from friends," Jasper argued, while scooting up the bed to snuggle closer to Alice. "Especially if they involve really cool secret entrances and creeping through graveyards. You were holding out on us, and Edward was just sharing the love."

"Oh, really? Then why don't I just tell Edward how you hid his electronic handheld poker thingy, so he couldn't beat your score. That was a secret, but I guess we share everything now. Or how about when Edward took the last brownie and everyone thought it was Emmett and gave him a hard time even though he was innocent. Or what about when Emm-"

Emmett covered Bella's mouth with his hand.

"Oh, come on, Emmett, it was just getting good," Rosalie complained and then hit him with her pillow. Bella wiggled away from Emmett's grasp.

"I can't believe you, Edward," Bella huffed.

Edward gave Bella a little grin. He patted his lap. "Come have a seat and I'll hug it better."

"If I come anywhere near you it's to punch you in the nose," Bella replied.

Edward leaned back in his chair and smiled. "Don't be like that."

Before she could reply, Edward shot out of his seat and tackled Bella to the bed. Emmett barely moved out of the way in time. "It will be kind of hard to hit me when you're too busy hitting yourself." Edward grabbed Bella's hands and forced her to lightly tap herself repeatedly in the face.

"Edward, stop!" Bella squealed. She bucked her hips to try and knock him off, but he was too heavy.

"What? You're the one hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself, Bella," Edward taunted.

Through her laughter and squeals she begged for him to stop. After a minute, he finally relented and relaxed his hold. "Have you learned your lesson?" he asked.

"If the lesson is that you are mean and abusive, then yeah, I totally did," gasped Bella. She was out of breath from all the struggling. They both realized it was too quiet in the room and they looked around for their friends. The room was empty.

"Huh," Edward exhaled. They both started to feel fairly awkward. Edward and Bella hadn't been alone together since the camping trip. Edward wanted to give her time. Bella was just confused and neurotic. She wanted to be with Edward, but after a few weeks of doing nothing about it, she didn't know how to proceed. Was it too soon? Did she already wait too long? Did he still want her? She still felt guilty over Jacob, so did that mean she needed more time?

Breaking the ice, Bella said, "You owe me an airplane ride for torturing me," which made Edward bark out a laugh.


He flipped over onto his back, releasing Bella. She got up and stood by his feet. Using his toes, Edward kicked off his shoes and then carefully placed them flat on Bella's stomach. She leaned into him as she grabbed his hands. Then he lifted her up off the ground.

"Stop giggling or I'm going to drop you," Edward warned.

"I'm trying." She continued giggling.

She took a deep breath and concentrated. "OK, let go of my hands."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I got this," she said. He slowly let go of her hands, making sure she stayed balanced. Bella stretched her arms out as far as she could without tipping forward.

"Planes don't have wings in the front," Edward said, while staring at her boobs.

"I'm not a plane. I'm Superman," she retorted.



"OK, put me down," she said, tapping his leg.

He lowered her gently to the ground. "Where do you think they went?"

"How should I know? I was distracted by the physical abuse. Friends," she scoffed, "who didn't even help me out."

"It's because they like me better and knew you deserved it."

Bella sat down beside him. Edward reached out and started playing with a strand of her hair. "Your hair is still wet."

"Yep," she said, turning her head to make eye contact. "Stop looking at me like that."

"Like what?"

"Like that," Bella says, pointing at his face.


"Because it's making me uncomfortable."

"Uncomfortable in a good way?" Edward asked, hopeful.

"When has ... being uncomfortable ... ever been ... a good thing?" Bella asked, pausing for emphasis.

Edward shrugged his shoulders but didn't stop looking at her.

"At least braid my hair if you're going to be weird."

Bella turned so her back was facing him. He separated her hair in three sections and started braiding. Every time his fingers brushed against her neck or lower back, a trail of goosebumps followed.

"You're very demanding today," he said quietly.

"I didn't think you'd actually do it."

Bella reached back and slid her down the braid he was still struggling with. She could tell it was a disaster.

"I didn't say I'd do a good job."

"Hmm," she hummed, dropping her hand in her lap. It felt too good to tell him to stop.

Her phone beeped, indicating she had a new text. Bella moved to get it, but Edward wouldn't let go of her hair. It beeped again alerting her she now had two texts. She basically had to do a back bend to reach it. Her fingers barely skimmed it as she wormed it closer.

Phone in hand, she scooted back until her back hit his bent knees. He continued braiding.

"It's Alice," she said.

When she stayed quiet, Edward rested his chin on her shoulder. "What does she say? She want us to meet them somewhere?"

"Um, not exactly."

"Oh. Kay. Elaborate, please."

Reading the text, she repeated, "You guys have a nice weekend and maybe we will see you later in the week." Of course some of the words were a bit more abbreviated and misspelled. Bella cleared her throat and continued, "Then the next one says, since I know you probably won't leave your place all weekend, I only pray you don't starve to death."

Bella turned to face him. "I don't have anything to eat or drink. Rose stole my last ginger ale." Edward smiled and then his face became serious. With the same look she complained of earlier, he leaned in slowly. She didn't say anything this time. Little by little her eyes closed as she welcomed him. She'd been craving it. His lips meet her. First soft and slow, but Bella soon was opening and allowing him inside. Soft tongues met wet mouths.

Edward pulled back and scanned her face with his eyes. "I really like what she's insinuating," he whispered.

Laying back he pulled her down with him. He returned to kissing her and she went back to kissing him.

"I'm so glad I showered," Bella panted as Edward kissed down her neck. He stopped when he heard what she said and started laughing into her skin.

Bella giggled a bit too, but then pushed him on his back so she could straddle him. Her shirt was up and over her head in a flash, and then she was back to kissing him. When she sat up to help him lift off his own shirt he said, "I like this no bra rule," but she was already covering his mouth with hers before he could say anything else.

Rolling her over, he reached down to tug off her pants. It was difficult because she already had her hands down the back of his jeans, grasping and pulling his hips towards hers. He pushed against her pulling, but finally had her sweatpants around her ankles. Bella had taken the opportunity to pull open his button fly. This gave her hands plenty of room to hold onto his backside.

After a few failed attempts to lower his jeans and boxers without letting go of each other, Edward finally sat up on his knees and pushed them down. He rolled over on his back to kick them the rest of the way off, and Bella wasted no time climbing on top.

"I really like this no panty rule," Edward groaned as Bella gently stroked his dick.

After a few caresses and sneaking a good look, Bella scooted up to rub herself against him. When their kisses became frantic, Bella reached back to help ease him inside.

As their bodies moved Edward held her tight, rubbing her back and running his fingers across her skin. Bella took comfort in the juncture between his neck and shoulder. She breathed in the scent of his hair, nibbled on his ear...left kisses all over.

They stayed in bed all weekend. They only moved when they grew hungry. Edward had to stand in the landlord's driveway and wait for the delivery guy because they never understood that it wasn't to be delivered to the main house, but the garage next to the house.

After stuffing themselves with pizza, they would have bloated, lazy sex. When they grew sweaty from too much sex, they would have shower sex. When it came time for Edward to leave for work, they had goodbye sex.

None of their friends tried to contact them.

With one hand on her neck and the other stroking up and down her lower back, he tucked her head under his chin. "I've been dreaming of this," he said into her hair. "Being with you again."

Bella raised her head and kissed his chest. "So, we're good, right? I know you have to leave for work soon, but I just needed to ask."

"Oh, yeah." He smiled, meeting her gaze. Bella laid her head back down, causing her necklace to skim his chest. "I can't believe you still wear that locket."

Bella's face grew hot. "Um, yeah, I kind of never take it off."

Edward reached over to examine it. He turned it in his fingers for a bit, but before he could crack it open, Bella reached out and gently clasped it in her fist.

This made Edward very curious. "What are you hiding in there, Bella?" he asked while rolling her on her back.

She closed her eyes tight and frowned. "You're going to think I'm a crazy stalker psychopath." Edward wrapped his hand around her fist, gently prying her fingers loose. "What's new?" he laughed.

Letting out a sigh, she helped him open it. His fingers were too large for the tiny clasp.

"Oh, Bella," he laughed and rolled her over to kiss her. "I love your crazy ass." Then he attacked the sensitive part of her neck with his lips and teeth, making her squirm and laugh.

"It's my hair, isn't it? I recognize it, but it's lighter in color," he said, rolling off of her so she could catch her breath.

"Yeah, it's from when we were kids. When you got that haircut that made you cry like a baby," she said with a low voice. Her eyes cast down.

"How long?" he asked while playing with it.

"How long what?" she asked, playing dumb.

"Bell-la," he cooed, "How long?"

She was nervous to answer. Closing her eyes again, she finally responded, "Uh, since I got it for my birthday… when we were like 10." She opened one eye to see his reaction.

He was shocked. Staring at the warm metal, he whispered, "All this time?" Then he got an evil glint in his eye and grinned wide. "Even when you were dating other guys?"

Bella pushed him off and sat up. "Really?"

"What? It's a good question," he chuckled. "Even when you were with Jacob?"

He was smiling wide now. Bella tried to get up. She was only acting mad because she was super embarrassed.

"Oh, no you don't." He pinned her to the bed, still smiling. "Now, you'll never get rid of me."

"Promise?" she mumbled.


"OK." She smiled. "Now give me an airplane ride before you leave."

That's it folks. I am sorry that it took so long to get this out. I have to admit, this story ended up writing itself. I had a few chapters pre-written and a plot ready when I started. One of the pre-written chapters had been the last chapter. I knew how I wanted it to end; I just had to get there. Well, I had to completely scrap it because it no longer made sense.

My old ending/idea was along the lines of Love Me If You Dare. If you have seen that movie, and remember how it ends, then you know this is nothing like it. Nothing.

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