A/N This has been a fun fight to write, if challenging with all the different mythos and competition canon. For the most part I ignored the later, focusing on Kakashi and Incredible in the aftermath of KRs last chapter. I'm sorry if Mystique and Shadow feel underdeveloped. Their primary motivation is to eliminate traitors to BORED.

The pair stood at the lip of the crater, staring at the chaos unfolding before them. Jade Curtiss's station, having collapsed underneath them, was in pieces all around. They had dragged themselves out of the wreckage, and set the unconscious Jade sitting under a tree. Now, surveying the damage done to the complex, and the monstrous machine hovering overhead, Mr Incredible turned to his new partner.

"What now?" He said simply. He had been living in ignorance of BOREDs true intents for the past several months, and his hope was set on Kakashi, with his attentive disposition and intuitive battle-wisdom, having devised a plan of attack to find and destroy what was left of the evil corporation. His hopes were dashed.

"Who knows? Obviously Ofdenson is either in or heading towards that chopper," He motioned to the Dethkopter, looming in the sky like an eerie curse, its underbelly jet black against the several shades of grey smog, billowing forth from the brooding mountain. "But we don't know where he was headed from, nor why he's evacuating. Something has gone seriously wrong inside, clearly bad enough that they've issued the self-destruct. The execs are running from something in there. Radio chatter has gone silent, but there are certainly still enforcers left inside or around. I've got no way of knowing where, or who-"

"I do." Jade chimed in. Slowly, he was drawing himself forward to engage in the conversation. Incredible was surprised; he hadn't realized the man was conscious. "I was watching the chain of events closely before you arrived. From what I can tell, Deadpool made it into the complex, and let loose some kind of chocolaty… demon thing! Whatever it is, it's set BORED running, and the enforcer roster is all but useless now. The three of us have gone rogue; others may have also. Some are dead or dying in the anarchy inside, and out. The execs have turned to their demon bodyguards to escort them from the complex, and possibly an enforcer or two, but its impossible to be sure. What I can tell you is that the closest entrance to here, was under siege by a contestant recently, being defended by one Mystique. The result of which I can't be certain, but that girl can certainly look after herself." The necromancer paused, exhausted.

"You should rest Jade. We'll go on ahead and scout it out. I'll leave my Bunshin here, just in case." Kakashi made a quick series of finger motions, and to Mr Incredibles astonishment, a second Kakashi popped into existence right next to the original. "Let's go" he said. The ninja, and heavyman departed, leaving Jade resting his head against his tree, well covered by the surrounding twisted metal wreckage; Kakashis clone seated itself quietly next to Jade, crosslegged in mediatation. Waiting with peaceful patience.

Kakashi Incredible didn't have to move far to find Mystique. Rounding a corner, they found themselves standing in the open, the ruined room behind them, the crater to the right, and a steep slope sparsely vegetated. Ahead they could see the same scene as before, but just ahead was an entrance, less than a stonesthrow away… to Mr Incredible.

Suddenly, Kakashi threw himself to the ground.

With a loud crack, something collided with a rock on the ground behind him – and blew it to pieces! A loud report rang out from up ahead.

Incredible quickly knelt over Kakashi, checking him for blood, or gunshot wounds.

"Sniper! Get down idiot! I'm playing dead! You'll be-"

Zing! Another bullet squealed, as it burrowed itself through Mr Incredibles arm. He groaned, clutching his bicep, and collapsed onto the ground next to the ninja. It was a mere graze, just scratching deep enough to draw blood; but the fact that it had scored through his bold red armour, and his rock hard skin was testament to the speed and caliber of the bullet.

Before the previous gunshot had finished echoing around the vastness of the valley, Kakashi leapt to his feet, and began sprinting towards the sound. His eyes were set straight on a tall tower, jutting out a little behind the entrance they were headed to. Kakakshi's focus was unmatched, as he danced his way across the treacherous terrain, zigzagging back and forth, as another two shots impacted near him. He barely had time to react, when a great black ball bounded at him from behind a boulder.

"Shadow." Kakashi's eyes widened, and he redirected his momentum. They collided head-on, lifting eachother off the ground. As fast as they collided, they separated; Kakashi threw a kick squarely at the beasts nose – but connected with empty air: the anthropomorphic hedgehog had already darted away, and thrown a punch. Kakashi parried with his arm, and dived forwards, just as Shadow leapt upwards over him. The two rolled away, then made an about face to the other.

He's too fast – I can't read him!

The hedgehog rolled into a ball again, and hurled himself at the ninja. Rather than making a dodge, Kakashi held his ground and carefully timed a brutal boot in the side. Shadow went flying, spinning over Mr Incredibles head as he approached the dueling pair.

"Yikes, I didn't know he could move like that!" He had tied a thick piece of fabric around his injured arm, to stem the blood. Kakashi's mouth began to form a reply, but his brain kicked in, and he made another dive for the ground.

This time he felt the bullet, whizzing along his back; disturbing the air around his custom ninja fatigues. The sound of the gunshot was lost on him, as he rolled his way towards a largish looking boulder for cover. Incredible sprinted forth, and joined him.

"Listen, I can't take them both at once. You chase after that sniper, and I'll deal with Shadow!" Incredible just nodded, then leapt over the rock and rushed forward. Almost immediately, another bullet struck the ground nearby, punching a hole as big as his head in the solid rock. He's caught off-guard, that's why he missed. He thought, maybe I can give him a little more to be alarmed about…

As he ran, Incredible scooped up a handful of small rocks, around the size of his fist, and began hurling them at the tower where the shots came from. There was no chance at this distance he would hit his aggressor, but at least he could put on some pressure until he made it beneath the firing range.

As Incredible was leaving, Kakashi noticed a shadow moving in his wake. Not just a shadow; the Shadow. Free from interruptions, Kakashi took the opportunity to bust out some jutsu…

"Fuuton: Daitoppa!"

A blast of wind blew Shadow off his trajectory; he collapsed heavily in the dirt near the cliffs edge. Mr Incredible sprinted off into the distance. Shadow turned to the ninja, furious. Kakashi had already multiplied; 5 of them began a head on rush at Shadow, while 3 more followed on more slowly. Shadow cocked his head, and spat on the ground.

"Bring it!"

Mystique ducked under the cover of the console, as shattered glass rained across the room. That maniac had managed to hit the window! He was almost too close now for the Barrett – and she knew there was no use turning to SMGs to attack the hero. Her most powerful rifle had barely grazed him. He would be at the entryway in a minute, and burst through the outpost door seconds later. Or perhaps he would just topple this whole section – if he were in that much of a rage. No, now was the time to run. Mystique dropped the heavy sniper rifle, and began rummaging through the weapons case. Nothing here would save her if the superhero caught up to her – she was fast, but he would snap her like a twig. She scooped up a heavy-duty handgun, and an Uzi… then she found the needles. Tiny, sharp-tipped capsules of tranquilizer; 10 of them in a case. A tiny logo on each indicated their maker: Syndrome Industries. Could that penetrate Incredibles skin? Mystique wondered. She took one and popped the tiny cap, exposing the vicious point. She jabbed it into the solid metal floor… And it stuck! Mystique pulled up Incredibles profile on her computer once again.

At the lip of the volcano, the two speed demons battled on, darting at and around eachother in lightning exchanges of blow-block-parry-duck-fist-strike-miss-block….

Kakashi had not been kept so on his feet since the whole tournament had begun – The hedgehog was wild and unpredictable, yet calculating and persistent. And so frikin fast! Shadows brain worked like a super-computer, reacting instantaneously and on the fly, making his movements difficult to predict. His wicked spikes were a problem too – slicing through the air as easily as rock, vegettion and flesh. Kakashi already had a series of slashes from that first direct kick; he knew better than to disadvantage himself with any more.

Shadow was just as frustrated and exhausted as the ninja – though he reveled in the challenge. The two moved back and forth darting to and from eachother, neither gaining the upper-hand… until Shadow, with a tremendous leap at the ninja, span himself into a fearsome ball of pain, whirling towards Kakashi like a pointy bulbar on a freight train. Kakashi misread his intentions, and held drew his arm back to parry… only to get a face-full of spikes – ripping through cloth, flesh and hair! The ninja stumbled back, blood dripping from his front half. He collapsed onto the ground. In an instant, Shadow was there, pinning his neck down with his boot.

"You know, that was actually fairly entertaining." Shadow glared down at his fallen bleeding opponent. His spikes had produced minor lacerations all over Kakashis face and torso. His blue and green garbs were shredded, and a little soaked from the bleeding. His grey hair had been spattered a bright sticky crimson. His bandana, once covering his mouth and one eye, had been torn away to reveal…

"My Sharingan. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this to you Shadow…" Kakashi gasped under the weight of Shadow's foot. Shadow was paralyzed by the gruesome sight of Kakashis bright red eye. "KAMUI!"

Incredible made it to the entrance, shoved his foot in the door. This was no time for fumbling around with clumsy keycards and slots – it was time for action. He burst through the hole he had made, shoulder first. The shots had stopped halfway through his run; he could only assume his aggressor had split. He sprinted down the corridor, heading straight to the end. He took a left – his internal compass guiding him deeper into the complex. As he rounded the corner, he saw a figure – female – sprinting straight at him. Without a second thought he was on top of her, knocking her to the ground, drawing his fist back…


"Helen?" Mr Incredible half-whispered, half screamed in surprise. He stood up, and offered his hand. Sure enough, it was his wife. She took his hand, and he pulled her to her feet.

"Bob! I had to come, I was so afraid for you! I heard about BORED, and this island and… Syndrome is here!" She blurted, panicked.

"Honey, I can… what, Syndrome?"

"Y-you didn't know?" Her voice faltered slightly. She had expected him to know.

"It doesn't matter; anyone on this island is dead if we don't get out soon. What about the kids! You didn't…"

"Don't worry, they're safe. We should get out of here, do you know the way?"

"I don't… I think it's… Let's try this way!" Flustered, Bob took off, back the way he had come. Kakashi hadn't caught up – he could be in trouble! But then, he was still supposed to be chasing down Mystique… but now his wife was here – it was all too confusing!

"Wait – Bob!" The big man turned back, to see his wife holding out her arms for him. "I love you." Bob stepped into her embrace.

"I love you too honey…" They kissed, like two lovers long separated – his head bent down as far as it would go, and she high on her tippy-toes… that was odd.

Bob opened his eyes as the thought occurred to him. She hadn't stretched herself to reach around him – she couldn't elongate her legs to reach him… her hand that had been fondling his hair was making its way down the back of his neck…

Shadow snapped to his senses at the last moment, and made a desperate leap out of the way. The Kamui blazed past him as he jumped, creating a shimmering vortex in mid air, sucking in hapless rocks and tiny insects. The smog from the volcano formed a spiral shape, outlining the danger zone, which Shadow did not occupy. Kakashi leapt to his feet, though exhausted, and groaned quietly to himself. He had missed. Again.

Shadow surveyed his opponent. Exhausted, bloodied, beaten and broken. This could be a quick fight. Kakashi stood between Shadow and the crater. He had the higher ground, but he stood tediously close to the edge. If Shadow was fast, he could undermine his balance, and topple him over. Kakashi's chakra was low; he was blinded by blood, and hadn't been able to well predict Shadow to begin with. It just might work…

Mr Incredible reacted instantly to the tiny prick. He shoved his whole body against hers, throwing her backwards before she could push it in properly. He felt the needle hanging from his skin and his first instinct was to rip it out; but suddenly, Helen transformed. Her bright red spandex shifted to a bright blue hue. Her tight brown bob of hair became an elongated orange ponytail, and her eyes became yellow and reptilian. Mystique wasted no time; she fled. Mr Incredible took off after her, fully aware that the tranquilizing toxin was slowly seeping into his blood.

Mystique bounded blindly down the corridor. It didn't matter where she went, as long as she kept Incredible running until he ran himself down. The more his heart was pumping, the faster the chemical spread throughout his body. She hadn't injected it probably, but it would still work.

Shadow leapt – at the same time as Kakashi. To Shadows horror, Kakashi had made a dash to the left, instead of right. He curled into a ball, and tried to adjust his momentum sideward's, but it was no use. He was going to land right on the edge of the crater and be at the mercy of the ninja. What he didn't expect though, was that Kakashi's leap had been exaggerated; he had merely hopped slightly to the left. In the split second Shadow was flying past him, Kakashi turned, looked him in the eye, and winked with his Sharigan. Then he threw a kick.

Shadow screamed, as his velocity trebled, and he suddenly flew out past the cliffs edge, and found himself plunging straight down into the fiery depth of the magma underneath.

Up above, Kakashi didn't even bother to watch. Shadow was a worthwhile opponent, but things were moving fast in the complex; he couldn't afford to get left behind.

After several turns, dashing down long generic corridors, Mr Incredible began to feel exhausted. He paused for breath, fighting the poison. He tore out the needle stuck in his neck. Examining it, he discovered it half full, or in other words; half emptied into him. He could feel it, pulsating through his body, like lead and bricks dragging him to the floor… Suddenly he realized he was on the floor. He had collapsed – when had that happened? Dazed he looked on at the ground, and slowly dragged his eyes upwards, to see a pair of slender scaly legs in front of him. One of them lashed out at him!

"What's wrong hero, having trouble keeping it up?" The voice rang through his head like a horrifying dream – he recognized it as Helens, but with a nasty edge he had never seen in her. He was staring at the ceiling now, and he watched as the creatures lips moved. "Just relax… the sooner you give in, the sooner it will be over." There was another bolt of pain as she kicked the side of his face. He fought on, he couldn't sleep. He would die. Think of the children. Think of Helen. His head was turned to the side now; his arm lay limp before his eyes. He could feel his breathing slowing down. His heart rate was settling… STAY AWAKE! He screamed in his head. His lips just mumbled incoherently. Suddenly he could see the girls ankles again. They blurred in and out of existence in his sight, as the world transitioned from grey… to blue… to grey… to blue… to red… His hand! She was standing within his grasp, he could grab on to her, if he could just move his hand…

Again he heard Helens voice speaking, but the words were indistinguishable. That's not my wife. He told himself. His lips didn't even move now. He screamed desperately at his hand, willing it to budge. It didn't. He argued and pleaded with it, promising it the world, knowing that his would end if he didn't take action – any action!

One of the legs jabbed out again at his face, and his arm jerked glibly in response. His world spiraled out of control once more, as the sensation he was sure was meant to be pain overtook his body as a kind of numbing wave. He felt a thud on the ground next to him. He couldn't see anymore, everything was blurry, but there was a lot more blue, and it was moving around a lot more; squirming like the thing he had in his hand. In his hand? He had done it! He had grabbed something in his hand! A wave of relief swept over, a wave not so different to the wave of pain he had felt before. He focused on his hand again, and holding that thing. He would not let go; everything depended on this, just keep holding on…

Kakashi sprinted through the maze of corridors, following the sound of a whimpering, pleading girl. He rounded a corner and the scene before him surprised. Mr Incredible was out cold, lying on his belly, breathing shallowly. Near him lay a half-emptied tranquilizer dart. His head was tilted to the side, as if looking at the struggling Mystique, desperately trying to free her ankle from the iron deathgrip of the famed superhero. Quietly, coldly, and very deliberately, Kakashi executed her with his blade. He unclamped his friend's hand, and dragged the body away. He would head back to Jade, and see if he felt any better. Mr Incredible would come round, in time. Perhaps Jade would know a remedy. There would be no need for him to know what had happened to Mystique.