Home... Everyone knows what it means, and everyone has one in some way or another. For some people it's the place they live, and for some it isn't. I've never felt at home...not in England and not in Port Royal either. But when I look out my window and see the ocean view it has to offer...I feel a sort of pang inside of myself. Like a longing I just can't satisfy...like the home I've never fully had. My name is Pandora. Pandora Swann to be exact. When I was a baby, I was found on the Swann family doorstep in the middle of the night, with only a weird key shaped birthmark over my heart that looked more like a tattoo done in black ink than a birthmark and a crab/heart shaped locket with my only this engraved into the back: 'A touch of destiny about you...Pandora.' tucked into my blankets.

I lived with the Swann family in England for a little less than twelve years of my life. My 'father' treated me just like his real daughter Elizabeth, I even shared her birthday since it seemed we were pretty close in age. When we were twelve we sailed to Port Royal and took up residence there, my odd looks didn't stick out so much here...so it worked out better for Governor Weatherby Swann. Don't get me wrong, he loved me..I was just a tad unusual. And it was clear I wasn't really a part of the Swann family.

Unlike my sister Elizabeth I had long, thick, black hair that never seemed to cooperate with the maids when they tried to style it. My skin was naturally deeply tanned and my eyes...my eyes were the most curious thing about me. My left eye was a mixture of green and blue, the two colors swirled together with such depth that it looked as if you were gazing into the sea itself. My right eye however was a mixture of yellow and orange, coming together like the last glints of the sun before sunset or the shine of sunrise. My eyes looked like they were naturally thinly lined with kohl, making them stick out that much more. I was built much like Elizabeth though, with a petite frame. But surprisingly despite how equally slender we both were, I was more...blessed in the curves department. My breasts were certainly larger, and the swell of my hips was more noticeable. I was shorter than her too just by a few inches though.

We have lived in Port Royal for eight years now, and both me and Elizabeth have grown up to be what my father likes to call 'Fine young women.' But this life style doesn't feel right, there's too many manners...too many rules... It's just not me. But all the same, I've learned to bite my tongue to keep my father happy. After all it's the least I owe him for taking me in all those years ago. The life here so far has been safe. There was only two exciting things that happened one was eight years ago when we picked up a boy named William Turner adrift to sea on the crossing from England. It's clear that him and Elizabeth fancy each other. But neither of them will admit it, especially with father wanting Elizabeth and Captain James Norrington to marry. The other one was the technical first tattoo I got, not counting my birthmark even though it looks like one. The tattoo I got was on the outside of my right thigh and it was just a phrase, the phrase on the back of my locket 'A touch of destiny..' I had it done in neatly done medium sized elegant script. The black ink stood out against my skin just as much as my birth mark did...I was pulled from my thoughts suddenly when a knock at the door sounded.

"Pandora? Are you decent?"

"Give me a moment!" I called back through the door. Naturally father would be in here to make sure I was awake. Captain Norrington was being promoted to Commodore today. As if he needed the ego inflation. I climbed out of bed quickly and pulled on my robe over my nightdress and pulled it around me. "Come in!" I called after a few seconds. He pushed open the door and his beaming smile greeted me along with two of the maids.

"You and your sister...both still a bed at this hour..." He chuckled lightly, one of the maids was holding a gift box.

"Elizabeth is still asleep?" I questioned amused. She normally was an early riser, well at least earlier than I.

"Yes, I'm waking her up after I give you your gift." He gestured towards the maids and the maid outstretched the gift to me while the other one pulled off the lid. I sucked in a breath, the dress was beautiful. It was white and light blue and I was in a bit of shock but I recovered after a moment or so.

"I suppose you would like me to wear it to Captain Norrington's promotion ceremony?" I looked at him with a raised eyebrow and pursed lips. He shifted and nodded. He turned away from me and drew back the curtains while opening the window. It was a beautiful day in Port Royal, the sun made the ocean glitter and I felt butterflies erupt in my stomach as I looked at it.

"Yes, I was hopping you would." He replied sheepishly with a small smile once he turned back to face me.

"I don't know why you see the need to dress me up father. It's Elizabeth he's after." I chuckled while walking behind the changing curtain with the two maids. He chuckled nervously and I just rolled my eyes as the two maids helped me dress. It was a known fact I didn't have any suitors...I seemed to intimidate most men with the way that I looked. I hissed in discomfort when the corset was drawn tight around my body. "Dear...g-"

"How's it coming?" He questioned.

"Just.." I gasped for breath while putting a hand on my chest. "...Wonderful." I whispered breathless.

"Good. Good. Meet me and your sister down stairs once you are finished. I need to go wake her and give her, her gift." I just nodded even though he couldn't see that I was. Once I heard the door close I swore quite loudly and the maids looked at me appalled but didn't say anything and just helped me get the rest of the dress together...while trying to 'tame' my hair. In the end my hair was pulled up elegantly much to my own displeasure with only a few wavy strands hanging down. I took my time going down the stairs only to see no one but William Turner down in the entrance hall. I giggled as I watched him accidentally break off the decorative wall pieces.

"Hide it in the umbrella stand?" I suggested with raised eyebrows making my presence known. He jumped slightly and whirled around to face me, but I payed no mind to his startled expression and just nodded to the umbrella stand in question. He quickly nodded when we both heard footsteps and dropped it into the umbrella stand. Having just enough time to whirl around and engage me in casual conversation as to not look suspicious as my father came down.

"It's lovely to see you again Miss Swann. You look beautiful. I trust you are well?" He said casually, his pose erect and proper as he watched my father come down the steps out of the corner of his eye.

"Lovely to see you again too Will. Yes, I am well, but you will not be if you keep refusing to call me Pandora." I said with a smirk and raised eyebrow.

"Yes...well-" He started but was cut off by my father.

"Ah, Mr. Turner good to see you again." We both turned our attention to my father as he came towards us and Will immediately jumped into action.

"Good day sir." He spoke while bringing up a case on the small table. "I have your order." He opened the case and inside was a wonderfully crafted sword. No doubt made my Will and Will alone. The guy he worked for was a bit of a drunk...so I doubt he did anything. He pulled the sword out of the case and held it out with both hands towards my father in a slight bow in which I snorted at. He cast me a look and I shrugged and widened my eyes. Try as I will...I could never get being a lady down perfectly....It just wasn't in my nature...though I did quite like the dresses...don't know why though...they were killer to breathe in. I snapped out of my thoughts as my father pulled the blade out of the sheath...how I wanted to learn how to use a sword. But according to my father and mostly every other man and I quote 'It isn't proper for a lady to handle a sword.' "The blade is folded steel-" Yes...as if James needed such a fine sword....Like I said earlier...the man did not need his ego inflated anymore. "If I may?" Will questioned and I once again came out of my thoughts. I really needed to stop doing that. My father handed the sword off to Will who balanced it on two fingers directly in the center of the blade. "Perfectly balanced. The tang is nearly full width of the blade." He looked quite pleased and at ease talking about the sword and easily flipped it into the air and caught it and offered it in a graceful manner to my father.

"Now why can't I learn that?" I spoke a loud.

"Because Pandora-" My father started as he took the sword.

"Yes, yes I know...please don't remind me again." I heavily sighed and my stomach screamed in protest against the corset and I cringed.

"Commodore Norrington is going to be very pleased with this..." My father spoke to Will as he put the sword back into it's sheath. My father smiled at Will as he handed the sword back to him and Will smiled in return as he put the blade back into it's case and properly shut it. "Do pass my compliments on to your master." Will looked up at my father with an unreadable expression on his face and I felt a pang of guilt in my stomach...he was a good man...and he made that sword.

"I shall. A craftsmen is always pleased to hear his work is appreciated." Foot steps sounded and all three of us looked towards the stairs to see Elizabeth coming down them in a dress similar to my own but with different colors.

"Oh, Elizabeth...you look absolutely stunning." Father spoke with a smile. I smiled up at her.

"Better than I do, certainly." I said with a laugh.

"Oh hush." She told me before looking towards Will.

"Will..." She breathed lightly. "It's so good to see you." Her decent down the stairs became much quicker now. "I had a dream about you last night."

"Oh my." I joked lightly but neither of them were paying attention to me. They were too absorbed in each other.

"About me?" He sounded a bit startled as if he couldn't believe it.

"Elizabeth is that entirely proper for you to be-" Father never got to finish before my sister cut him off.

"About the day we met, do you remember?" She asked with a bright smile spread across her lips.

"How could I forget Miss Swan?" He responded and I briefly nodded next to my father...it's not every day you find a boy a float with a ship on fire and slowly sinking into the black oblivion below.

"Will how many times must I ask for you to call me Elizabeth?" She said with slight enthusiasm.

"About as many times as I have to." I added in lightly. Not wanting to be totally excluded from the conversation. Seems me and father were not needed.

"At least once more Miss Swan." He glanced towards me for a moment before resumed looking at her. "As always." I started muttering under my breath and couldn't hear what my father said after Will I only caught the end of it.

"Now we really must be going." He leaned forward and handed both me and my sister a parasol. "There you are." Elizabeth's demeanor turned a bit icy.

"Good day Mr. Turner." His face dropped a bit. I stayed back for a minute and glanced up at him.

"I'd really start calling her Elizabeth if I were you. How else are you going to win her over?" I smiled brightly as he gaped at me. I just laughed a bit.

"Come along." My father called behind towards me and I pulled myself away from the handsome young Mr. Turner and fallowed after my family. I felt something stir inside of my stomach and a weird sensation bubble up through me...for some reason... I knew today was not going to be another normal day in Port Royal...

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