The three of us loaded up into the boat, Will in the front with a lantern, Jack in the middle rowing, and me bringing up the rear facing Jack. Will was still not happy about Jack allowing me to come along. But truth be told, I would have came along even if both have them had said no. Elizabeth was my sister, not by blood, sure. But I had grown up with her, and that was good enough for me.

The cave we were rowing through had treasure scattered all over the place, I noticed grimly that skeletons also littered the cave as well, I swallowed thickly. "Jack," I started, his eyes were trained on me in an instant as his strong arms rowed us onward. "What Code is Gibbs to keep to if the worst should happen?" He didn't hesitate at all before he answered me.

"Pirate's Code. Any man that falls behind, is left behind." I scowled, that did not sound like a nice Code at all.

"No heroes amongst thieves, eh?" Will retorted tartly from up front.

"You know, for having such a bleak outlook on Pirates you're well on your way to becoming one." He said side glancing Will as he kept on rowing. His eyes slowly turned back towards me. "This goes for you too, love. Sprung a man from jail, commandeered a ship of the Fleet, sailed with a buccaneer crew out of Tortuga." Will looked like he was only partly paying attention, but my guess was despite that he was still soaking in Jack's words like I was. Will seemed a little transfixed with the gold littering the floor beneath our boat. Jack gazed over Will's shoulder and continued on. "And you're completely obsessed with treasure."

The boat hit shore and Will was out of it quickly, Jack was next who turned and grabbed my hand to help me out as well. "That's not true," Will started as Jack moved on, not letting go of my hand. "I am not obsessed with treasure." Jack moved both him and I until we were overlooking a gathering of Barbossa and his crew. I was getting used to him dragging me around. His hand tightened on mine as he turned back to face Will.

"Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate." His hand was hot around mine as he said that, I could almost feel the side glance he shot me, but I tried to ignore the double edged meaning to his words and focus on what I was seeing before me.

"Gentleman, the time has come! Our salvation is nigh! Our torment is near at end." That must be Barbossa, my eyes moved sideways and there she was.

"Elizabeth." Will and I breathed out at the same time. His tone had love laced through it, mine held relief.

"For ten years we've been tested and tried, and each man jack of you here has proved his mettle a hundred times over and a hundred times again!" The crew cheered as we all gazed silently at the scene. Waiting for the right moment.

"Suffered, I have." A pirate I couldn't get a good look at shouted.

"Punished, we were. The lot of us, disproportionate to our crimes! Here it is!" Barbossa kicked off the lid to the treasure chest before him, before skimming his hand across the treasure. "The cursed treasure of Cortes himself. Every last piece that went astray, we have returned, save for this." He pointed his hand towards the medallion around on Elizabeth's neck.

Will scrambled up "Jack!" Jack and I jumped on him, pulling him down with us quickly before he could be seen, knocking a few pieces of treasure astray, I cringed at the noise.

"Not yet. We wait for the opportune moment." Jack told him. Will shot me a hurried look.

"Pandora, surely you don't agree." I shifted uncomfortably next to Jack but didn't say anything. I did agree with him, we were out numbered, and if he just came barreling through there, we weren't likely to make it out alive. I didn't like those odds. I came here to save Elizabeth, not get all of us killed. Jack glanced at me once before walking away, I followed after quickly, as did Will.

"When's the opportune moment?" Will questioned Jack, he wasn't happy, I could hear it in his tone. "When it's of greatest profit to you?" I

"May I ask you something?" Jack started as he turned around, his eyes a little wide. Now he was annoyed. This was just brilliant. "Have I ever given either of you a reason not to trust me?" He glanced at me as I stood next to Will, his gaze turned back to Will a moment after. He moved forward until he was in Will's personal bubble. "Do us a favor," I had a feeling he was talking about all of us there. "I know it's difficult for you, but please stay here," He pointed to the spot we were standing in. "And try not to do anything stupid." He concluded, his voice was borderline angry, which was new for me. I had never seen him get this irritated before. I took in a deep breath, but didn't move or say anything. Jack turned his attention onto me. "Not you love, you come with me." He reached forward his warm hand binding around my wrist as he tugged me forward away from Will. Will didn't even protest this time as Jack dragged me off.

"Why am I allowed to come?" I questioned as we moved onward.

"You don't annoy me." He questioned easily, his grip once again tightening around my small wrist. "Not as much as him anyway." He concluded. I chuckled. He pulled us to another point where we could watch what was going on. I tensed up seeing Elizabeth again. Don't get me wrong, every pore in my body wanted to do what Will wanted. Just run in there and save the day, but I knew we couldn't do that. And right now Jack was the unbiased one... at least about her anyway. So if he had a plan, I wanted to hear it.

I heard steps behind us and turned around quickly, Jack followed suit, I had just enough time to duck before Jack was hit in the face with an oar, knocking him out cold. I about shrieked but Will had his hand clasped over my mouth before I had the chance. He had startled me, I gazed at him with wide eyes as he shushed me with a finger to his lips.

"I'm not going to be his leverage, Pandora." I swallowed and felt guilt spill into my gut but nodded my head all the same.

"Let's get Elizabeth." I breathed out once he had released his hand from over my mouth. He nodded his head. I spared Jack one last look as he laid knocked out on the ground before Will and I took off away from him.

"Stay here." Will demanded of me instead of his usual asking or just lightly telling. I nodded my head as he ran off. I hopped from one foot to the other as I waited. My mind wondered to Jack and more guilt pooled in my stomach. I didn't want to leave him behind. I glanced back over to the direction we left him, but I remained unmoving. I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut. Why did I care what happened to a Pirate? I glanced back towards where Will had run off to.

"Oh, I'm going to regret this, aren't I?" I quickly turned on my heel and ran the way we left Jack, I could hear commotion but my only concern was getting Jack to safety. I found him still on the floor with the oar. I quickly fell down onto my knees and leaned over him, grabbing his shoulder I slowly turned him over so he wasn't face down anymore. I lightly slapped his face. Whispering in a hurried tone. "Jack, Jack, come on you need to wake up." I slapped a bit harder and he stirred lightly, I moved away and stood up. He slowly and dizzily got to his feet, grabbing the oar for support. He didn't even seem to notice I was there as he stumbled a bit away from me. I panicked and ran after him. Not good!

"Jack! Don't go that way!" I said as quietly as I could, he ignored me as he stumbled out near Barbossa's crew. Two Pirates got sight of Jack and I first as I latched onto his sleeve. Jack seemed to be the hot topic though.

"You!" One breathed in shock, he had a false eye and was quite skinny and a little scruffy. I recognized his voice from the one that had shouted earlier saying he had suffered.

"You're supposed to be dead!" The shorter and more rounder one shouted.

"Am I not?" Jack asked himself still a little bit disoriented.

"No, you're not dead Jack." I breathed from next to hi

"Oh." He said lightly trying to turn us the other way. We were met by a sword and a pistol. I gulped nervously and Jack immediately stilled before turning around back towards the others. More pistols, more swords, and knives met us this way.

"Remind me why I came back for you?" I questioned Jack with a side glance up at his handsome face.

Jack stuck up his finger in a 'one second' gesture. "Palulay?" I furrowed my eyebrows and took my eyes off of the other Pirates to glance up at him, what was he going on about? Palu-li-la-la-lulu, parlili? Parsnip, pasley, par - parner, partner?" Whatever word he was trying to think of, he was not having a good time with it at all. The two Pirates in front of him looked at him oddly before one spoke up.

"Parley?" He questioned. Jack beamed and stood up straight, pointing at the Pirate in front of us.

"That's the one. Parley! Parley!" Oh, that word. Should have guessed that.

"Parley?" The other bigger Pirate growled to the skinnier one. "Down to the depths whatever man that thought up Parley?"

"That would be the French." Jack told him while pushing his Pistol down a little. I giggled lightly and he shot me a smirk. It seemed he was a little more in his 'right' mind so to speak. Though, when talking about Jack I'm not sure how that went.

With Will and Elizabeth.

"Not more Pirates." Elizabeth breathed in dismay as she boarded the Interceptor.

"Welcome aboard, Miss Elizabeth." Gibbs said as he stepped forward.

"Mr. Gibbs?" Elizabeth questioned in confusion as Will climbed aboard behind her.

"Hey, boy, where be Pandora and-" Gibbs was cut off, she spun around towards Will real fast.

"Pandora? She's here! Where is she?" She demanded angrily.

"She stayed behind with Jack-" She cut off Will as well.

"Jack, Jack Sparrow?" Elizabeth was not happy in the slightest. She tried to go past Will to go back to Pandora but Will caught her in his arms and refused to let her go help her sister, he turned his attention onto Gibbs as he struggled with a fighting Elizabeth.

"They fell behind." He said easily as he lead Elizabeth away. Gibbs looked crestfallen but he tried not to let it show.

"Keep to the code."

"Weigh anchor! Hoist the sails! Move quickly, divvies." Anamaria screamed out at the crew.

With Pandora and Jack.

The crowd parted as Captain Barbossa walked through, he studied us both for a moment before he spoke. "How the blazes did you get off that island?" He questioned Jack who was leaning onto the oar. I stood silently by his side as I watched the interaction unfold.

"When you marooned me on that godforsaken spit of land, you forgot one very important thing, mate. I'm Captain Jack Sparrow." Jack smiled lightly as he did a weird gesture with his hands once again. Barbossa started forward at a slow pace, one boot after the other.

"Ah, well, I won't be making that mistake again. Gents, you all remember Captain Jack Sparrow? Kill him." All of the Pirates pointed their weapons towards us.

"Oi!" I protested as I side-stepped into Jack. Barbossa paused and turned his head towards me.

"Hold your fire!" The pirates around us reluctantly lowered their weapons.

"And who might you be?" He questioned with narrowed eyes. I gazed up at him, taking in his features. For a guy who had probably seen the worst of the world. He wasn't too bad looking, but he was no Jack.

"Pandora Swann." I spoke with a surprisingly even tone. Barbossa went to open his mouth but Jack cut him off.

"The girl's blood didn't work, did it?" He questioned, Barbossa quickly turned his gaze onto him and narrowed his eyes once more. He nodded lightly, as if confirming something in his head.

"You know whose blood we need?" It was a question, but worded more like a statement. I'm sure he already knew the answer as well, and he didn't seem happy about it at all. I wanted to yell at Jack for using Will as bait, but for now, it was keeping us alive. I'd yell at him later.

"I know whose blood ye need." Jack confirmed with a smug grin. Barbossa eyed me after a moment. And I shook my head quickly.

"Not me." I said easily and he once again nodded reluctantly. Oh, this was getting thick really quick. I wasn't about to let Will get hurt, but I wasn't ready to die just yet. All I knew, was that Jack had better have a real good plan.

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