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Alec smirked, listening to the familiar sounds of a man readying himself for the day to come - for anything, really, given the lives they led - coming from his ensuite bathroom.

When James emerged, he looked, as ever, suave, elegant, and perfectly put together. The only thing off was his tie, which he had draped over one arm. "Finally awake, Alec?" James' mouth quirked into a half-smile.

Alec ignored the pointless question, and asked one of his own. "Going in to the office already, James?"

James laughed, but didn't answer. He merely picked up Alec's gun from the bureau next to him and tossed it to its owner. Alec's smirk wavered slightly as he realized it was not under his pillow, where it should be, but he caught it easily anyway.

James nodded and walked out, tying his tie in a perfect half-Windsor as he went.

Alec looked down at the gun in his hand and shook his head. He was getting far too sloppy, allowing anyone, even James, to get so close to him, not to mention disturb, remove, his weapon while he was asleep.

Alec tossed his gun up and caught it again before swinging his legs out of bed.

Perhaps he could allow some closeness. As it was James.

Alec laughed to himself on his own way to the ensuite.

He and James had, as could only be expected from two men such as themselves, been wary of each other to the point of occasional violence when they first met. That had led eventually, after some prodding and manipulation on M's part, to a wary and tense camaraderie, to an eventual friendship.

And that, after one particularly bad mission they'd teamed up on, had led to them sharing a girl, and then two. After a while, they forgot the girl entirely.

There was plenty of time for women when they were assigned apart; neither of them had the naïveté to assume - or ask for - anything like fidelity from the other. But when they were together, and when they were off-duty. . .well. As he'd said, there was time for girls when they were on-duty.


This felt a little odd writing, and reading over later, but I think it was mostly because Alec is a hard personality for me to write from. I think I got into his head all right, but he is so different from someone I would usually empathize with that it feels weird.