An Ending Note from the Author:

Hello everybody :) Well, we've finally reached an end to this story. I want to give a shout out to every single one of you who have followed me and this story throughout its journey. And I want to finish by saying this WILL NOT BE THE END to Isabella and Snake Eyes. Yes, you've guessed it-a second story will be in the making to follow along with the second GI JOE Movie. However... and I am stressing this now: I was disappointed with how they removed certain characters from the second film (To those who have seen it, you know what I'm talking about)...I personally believe since that movie was to follow the first, they should've kept all of the relationships that had been built during Rise of the Cobra. So with that said, when I get to work on writing this sequel, I will be taking it upon myself to incorporate all the original Joes into the new plot line as well as the 'replacement' characters plus my own character, Isabella. It will be a tribute as to how I believe the second movie really should've turned out. With that said, hope you guys will keep a sharp eye out for it ;) I promise it will keep you on your seat.

Farewell for now and thank you all once again for your support. You guys and girls are all awesome!

~His Black Rider