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Chapter 1

Jenna potter sat on her bed in No. 4 Privet Drive nursing the wounds from her uncles most recent punishment and counting down the minutes to her sixteenth birthday. It was fifteen minutes to midnight and the teen had her window open waiting to see if her friends would be able to send her any presents. Although, at the moment, she would happily forego any gifts and accept a simple letter considering the only piece of mail she had received all summer was from the headmaster telling her that for 'her own safety' he was stopping all her mail. Dumbledore, for reasons best known to himself, also sent a letter to the Dursleys telling them of the death of her godfather Sirius Black.

The letters combined with the method of delivery (Fawkes fire-flashing into the house at breakfast the day after her arrival home) set off her Uncles short temper and left her broken and bleeding on her bedroom floor for most of the summer. Her Aunt Petunia tried to help as much as she could without directly interfering, they had discovered early in Jenna's childhood that if Petunia tried to stop Vernon she too would suffer his wrath. Jenna had quickly begged her Aunt to stop trying to help that way and to just bandage her up when her Uncle was done. They had also tried to inform the authorities, but something would go wrong every time and nothing would be done, so they soon gave up on that rout too.

Aunt Petunia slipped into Jenna's bedroom and started helping to spread salve, that Jenna had made herself, on the bruises and burns all over her body. She looked over to her Aunt and said in a whisper, "Thank you Auntie."

"No need to thank me, I'm just doing what I should be doing." Petunia replied, looking up from where she was rubbing salve on a rather nasty burn. "I wish I could do more."

"Auntie, please, we've been through this many times. If you do more, you will end up in the same condition. I can't stand to see you hurt. You're the only person I can really look up to and confide in since Sirius died. I would probably go crazy if I lost you because Vernon took his 'punishments' too far."

They were both silent for a moment, then Petunia spoke again "Do you remember what I told you at the beginning of the summer?" Jenna let out a breath and her shoulder slumped in memory. At the beginning of the summer, Petunia had dropped several bombshells on her niece. The first of which was that Lilly wasn't really her sister, but her cousin that their parents had taken in and adopted after Lilly's real parents had died when she was a baby. The next was that Lilly was from a pureblood family in France with the last name of Saint Claire and that the Evans family was a line of squibs. The last and biggest bombshell was that, although Lilly was a pureblood, she wasn't purely human.No Lilly Evans had Angel blood in her veins. It was a trait exclusive to the Saint Claire line and therefore a closely guarded secret.

Petunia had told Jenna that there was a strong chance of her inheriting the creature blood and that she would have to be very careful of who she revealed the secret to, also that preferably the only people she would reveal it to would be to her mate or mates. Over the next few weeks Jenna was completely distracted while doing her chores, which added on to her 'punishments' from Vernon, until she took a wait and see attitude to the situation and focused on her day-to-day tasks.

"Yes Auntie, I remember." Jenna replied quietly.

"Are you prepared for what might happen?"

"As ready as I'll ever be. Not like I could stop whatever is going to happen anyway." She replied, sounding rather defeated. "I do have a question that has been bothering me about this for a while though, did Dumbledore know about mum's heritage?"

"…Yes…he did…"

"And…do you know what his reaction was?"

"Yes, but could we talk about this after your inheritance passes?"

Jenna nodded her head reluctantly. She didn't want to wait for an answer, but it was nearly midnight, so she figured she would let the matter drop for now. They sat in silence as the alarm clock ticked down the last few minutes to midnight. When the clock struck twelve, the changes began immediately. She felt like fire was trying to consume her body, leaving her breathless and unable to scream. She could feel her body lengthening and a fierce burn behind her eyes. She could feel something deep inside her trying desperately to break free and after a moment, Jenna felt as if a small bomb had gone off in her body and mind. Images assaulted her, but they were going too fast for her to make out and she could practically hear her magic singing in her veins as it worked to repair her body.

Slowly, the pain left her arm and legs and seemed to settle in-between her shoulder blades. Finally, she could draw breath just to let it out in a scream of pain that was thankfully muted by her Aunts hand. If Vernon had heard her screaming, well, things wouldn't go so great for Jenna. Finally, the pain receded and she fell exhausted against her Aunt who wrapped her arms around her and held her tight while she recovered.

"How do you feel?" Her Aunt enquired gently.

Jenna considered the question before she answered. How did she feel? She wasn't quite sure. She felt freer, like a weight had been lifted that she hadn't notice until it was gone, but at the same time, she felt like something was still missing. "I feel freer and more complete, but also like something is still missing. Did I get the creature inheritance?" She asked quietly.

"Yes, you got the creature inheritance. You now have two beautiful wings. The rest of you has changed too, most of your scars are gone or faded and you grew a bit too. Your face has changed a bit but the lightning bolt scar is still there and your hair is much longer and has changed color some. You can get up and take a look at the changes if you like."

Jenna got up from where she was sitting and went over to the mirror that was attached to her wardrobe. She quickly noticed that although she wasn't wearing glasses, she could see perfectly. No more annoying glasses, she thought idly, it will be nice not having to deal with them. Jenna was a bit shocked to see how much she had changed. Her hair had grown out to the top of her bum and had deep red highlights instead of the plain jet black it had been, it also had gentle waves instead of the unruly mass it had been. In addition to being around 5 ft. 9 in., where previously she was around 5 ft. 4 in., her figure had changed some too. She was still slim, but it wasn't from lack-of-food slim, but working-out slim. Jenna's face now had soft angles to it and her lips were fuller and redder. Much to her dismay, the lightning bolt scar remained. Her breasts had also filled out and were a bit more perky without help from a bra. Her more serious injuries were healed, but the bruises remained although they seemed to be in the final stages of healing.

However, the biggest change by far, just like her Aunt said, was the pair of wings on her back. They were white with little flecks of black and red in them. Jenna reached behind to touch them and gasped at how soft they felt. She tried to stretch them out and found that, fully extended, the tips brushed the walls. The sight of her wings filled her with a sense of rightness that made her feel content.

"Well, do you like the changes?"

Jenna could only nod.

"Are you tired? Do you want to sleep?"

Now that the question had been put to her, Jenna realized that although she should be exhausted, she felt energized and could still feel her magic pulsing and coiling just below the surface. She was ready to have her questions answered.

"No, I'm not tired. Will you answer my question about Dumbledore now?"

"Alright, but I don't think that you'll like what I have to say." Petunia looked at her niece as she resumed her seat on the bed. Jenna nodded encouragingly for her aunt to continue. Petunia took a breath and began her tale.

"The Headmaster was ecstatic to find out about your mothers heritage and spent most of his time trying to get her to join his group called 'The Order of the Phoenix' she refused at first, wanting to remain neutral, but eventually gave in along with her mate, your father James. Things went well for awhile, but the began to question what Dumbledore was having them do. When they found out they were having you, they decided to back out of the war a bit. However, the Old Coot kept dropping hints that if your parents were going on the run from Voldemort, they should leave you in his care, because a life on the run was no way to raise a child. About a week after you were born, Dumbledore told them of a supposed prophecy that concerned you being the one to defeat Voldemort and that they should leave you with him to be raised."

Jenna was pale and shaking at this point. The memories that had been unlocked during her inheritance were coming to the surface lending support to the idea that Dumbledore was just using her to try and defeat the Dark Lord. She had always suspected the old man was not the kindly old grandfather he portrayed to the world, she just had no idea how far it went until now.

"Sweetie, are you alright?" Her aunt asked.

"I…I'm not sure. I just had several memory blocks removed and all the memories are coming back to me now. They all point to Dumbledore doing things to try and keep me in his control."

"You want to tell me about them?"

"Mostly they are encounters with Voldemort over the years where we had civilized conversations with each other. Then the headmaster would show up and everything goes black. When we come back around, Voldemort and I start fighting. I also think that he put a bind on my powers that broke a few minutes ago."

"What makes you say that?"

"It feels like a weight has been lifted that I didn't realize was there until it was gone."

"Makes sense to me. Are you ready for me to continue now?"

Jenna nodded in response.

"Alright, as soon as your parents heard the prophecy, the knew it was fake."

"Wait, fake! How did they know it was a fake! And how do you know all this stuff?!"

"I know all this because Lilly and I exchanged many letters and would meet twice a month to catch up with each other. As for knowing the prophecy was fake, well, a contradictory one had already been made by a seer that your parents trusted."

Jenna gapped at her aunt. Great, just what I need. Get rid of one prophecy just to fall into another.

Petunia chuckled a bit. Apparently, Jenna had spoken out loud. "I understand how you feel, but surely this new prophecy is better than the fake one. From what Lils told me about it, you had to either kill the Dark Lord or be killed by him. Not exactly a future to look forward to, is it?"

"No, its not. Can you tell me about the other prophecy?"

"I can do better than tell you about it, I can show it to you. Your mother left a copy in my possession for safekeeping. Do you want me to go and get it?"

Jenna stared wide-eyed at her aunt and nodded dumbly. Petunia smiled at her niece and squeezed her shoulder gently before heading for the door. She opened the door quietly and stopped dead in her tracks. Jenna's eyes went even wider with fear as she tried to shrink back into the wall at the sight of who was in the doorway. Standing there, looking quite out of place were the two people that Jenna least wanted to see in the world.

Oh, shit. What am I going to do now? Jenna thought as she stared at the two men in the hall.

Standing there, in all their imposing glory was Severus Snape, the bat of Hogwarts, and the Dark Lord Voldemort.