Two weeks went by as Jesse was trying to recover his latest battle wound. Cole was hiding up in the hills in the woods from the army who were looking for him everywhere in sight. The gang and all who were involved with the incident stayed quiet and tried not to look suspicious about anything. I stayed at home mostly, getting visits from Frank almost everyday and we would talk about how Jesse and Cole, also talking about other things to pass the time. It was now peaceful for me that we both knew our feelings to each other, how we both cared for the other. I never thought something like this would happen to me, but once it did I felt lighter than air.

Doc then asked my father if I could stay at his home permanently as a apprentice for him. I was getting more and more experienced when it came to medicine, and the one way Doc could see me getting better is if I was at the house as a resident. Though at first my parents were hesitant about it, they later agreed knowing I wasn't that far away from them. So within a day or two, with the help of Frank, I moved into the Mibbs home and started studying medicine.

It wasn't until one Sunday night as I was reading from one of Zee's books that she had me borrow that there was a knock on the door. I was in the living room as Doc went to open the door, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows after checking on Jesse once more. Zee, knowing her and her feelings towards Jesse, was up in his room keeping him company. I heard the door opening and and laugh coming from Doc.

"Hello Frank, I didn't expect you to come at this hour. You here to see Jesse?" Doc asked aloud as I looked up from my book, looking over the top at the direction of the front door.

"No, Doc. I actually came to see Scout if that was alright." Frank replied from the door, I smiled and looked back down at my book. I heard no other conversations as footsteps came through the room. I then placed my book down and saw Frank stand next to Doc, dressed in a nice looking shirt and vest, his jacket on his arm as he smiled at me.

"Hello Scout." He said to me in a grin as I placed the book I was holding next to me on the arm of the chair. I got up and smiled at him.

"Hello Frank." I replied back at him. Doc then smiled, clasping Frank on the back as he walked off and out of the room. As soon as he left the room, Frank walked over to me and within seconds I was in his arms. The way Frank would hug me was gentle, secure and peaceful. His arms enveloped me to take me into his big frame.

"I have a surprise for you." I heard him say in my ear as he pulled away. I raised a eyebrow at him.

"Oh really? And what would that be, Mr. James?" I asked him back in return. He only smiled at me.

"Come on." Frank said as he took my hand gently in his. I smiled as we walked out of the house and over to the wagon that was waiting at the front of the fences. I got in on my side as Frank got in on his side.

"I thought I could show you something." He said to me as we pulled away and was carried off down the road by the two horses towing the wagon. We rode across the coutryside on the dirt path for a good 10 minutes, maybe more as Frank turned down another path going through the woods. I kept my eyes on the landscape, seeing the hills around us and the large moon above having the land be tinted blue.

"Here." Frank said, pointing out to one of the large lakes in Missouri. It wasn't such a large lake, but it was nice enough to swim in during the summertime. I smiled as we stopped near the lake and I hopped down from the wagon. Frank met me in my spot and we both walked over to the edge and sat down, looking out onto the lake and seeing the blue moon in the water as a breeze came by.

"It's beautiful out here." I said in a sigh, loving the sight I was seeing and how peaceful it was. Frank smiled next to me.

"Yeah I love this place. I had dreams of this lake a lot when I was away." Frank explained to me, looking out as well as I looked over at him. The look on his face showed peace and serenity. I wanted nothing more than to capture that image of him and keep it in my mind and heart for the rest of my life. Frank, sitting up slightly and running his rough fingers through his soft light brown hair and his dark eyes out looking at the water.

"Every once in awhile, in those dreams, you would be in them." I snapped out of my trance as Frank said that to me. His eyes were right on mine, how dark they were but they looked so warm and inviting. I stayed silent, not knowing what to say since he revealed that I was in his dreams.

"Well I hope it was a good dream." I said to him in a teasing tone.

"One of the best dreams I ever had." Frank replied to me, making me smile so widely as I felt another breeze come through the area. I closed my eyes briefly and breathed in all that was around me: the dirt beneath us, the moisture in the air from the lake and even the faint scent of the oranges in the trees.

I then got up slowly and walked over to to the edge of the lake, stopping near the water and then taking off the boots I was wearing. I dung my toes into the sand and felt a whole lot better now that I was feeling the sand under me.

I was too much into my own world to feel a pair of arms going around my wait from behind me, very gently and securing me to Frank. I smiled, leaning back into his embrace and breathing in the unique scent of Frank. Since our confession of feelings towards one another, I was more than willing to hug him longer than usual or even look at him with a lingering eye. He would do the same with me, yet he wouldn't push it. I felt his lips against my hair, making my close my eyes once more to try and not have this moment end.

" 'One half of me is yours, the other half yours-

Mine own, I would say; but if mine, then yours,

And so all yours.' " Frank whispered in my hair as I placed my hands on top of his on my lower stomach, having me laugh slightly.

"I wonder where you got that quote." I joked with him, hearing his laugh behind me and feeling the laughter through my body.

"But you love it." Frank said in reply to me and I nodded my head.

"I love it when you quote Shakespeare to me." I said to him in my smile and I felt him turn me slightly in his arms to face him. HIs eyes went right to mine as he rested his forehead on mine, smiling slightly and taking in a deep breath.

"You're always in my mind when I read Shakespeare." He said to me in a soft tone, having a huge smile on his face and I grinned.

"I'm glad, and you better not be doing anything else too dangerous." I warned him in a low tone, but I couldn't help but smile.

"Don't worry, I'll try and not get hurt." Frank reassured me, but I raised a eyebrow at him.

"Oh really? So if Jesse asked you to go with him on a shootout..." I trailed off, but Frank shook his head.

"Nope." He replied, and I just simply laughed, knowing he would help Jesse in any way. He then chuckled and I playfully slapped him on the shoulder.

"Sure sure." I said back to him in a joking tone, seeing his ever wide smile in front of me.

"Hey now you hitting me isn't very lady like." Frank said to me in a teasing tone as he lifted me up from the ground and swung me around in his strong arms, as if he was going to throw me into the lake. I squealed as he swung me in circles, hanging onto him for dear life. I dug my head into his neck, feeling even more giddy as Frank placed me back on the ground gently.

"And that wasn't very gentleman like." I teased him, but before I could say anything else I felt his lips against mine, making me fall silent and have my eyes closed. It wasn't passionate, nor was it so simple and chaste. But I felt fireworks go off in my chest and my head started to spin. I wanted to kiss Frank for a long time, and when it was happening for real I wanted nothing more than to scream out in joy. Frank's hand from my waist went to my neck and rested there, having me feel the rough fingertips that belonged to him. HIs other hand was on my lower hip, resting there gently and carefully as my hands stayed in his hair.

We stayed like that for what seemed like hours, only holding that one kiss and not even forward at all. I wanted to hold it for the longest time, making sure it was real enough for me to understand. Maybe this was a dream, and if it was I wasn't going to handle it nicely. But Frank pulled away and pressed his lips on my forehead, making me smile knowing this was no dream.

"Was that gentleman like?" He said to me in a smile and I laughed slightly, holding onto him for dear life as I shook my head and grabbed the back of his neck.

"Not a chance." I replied back to him in a murmur as I pulled him back down for another kiss.