A/N: Hey, if you guys have read my story P.S. I Still Love You well I'm sorry to say it's going on standby until I can get over this horrible writers block. So this one is a story that I'm hoping you will love just as much as any other story. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own twilight or Stephenie Meyer.

Pictures of Us

Prologue: Opening Credits

Like every movie, every story needs the opening credits. You know where that song plays that's all happy and upbeat, then you see the names of people who are most important, who helped put the movie together. Well there are a couple people who helped with this story, but you'll find out about them later.

This story is like every story. It has its ups and downs and those moments that make you wonder what this world has come to. It has those moments that make you want to hit your knees and cry along with the main character and those moments where you could jump and hoot and holler along with the main character, too. Probably the only thing that most movies don't do is have more than one main character. Well this story has six! Every trouble is different and every point of view is spectacular. Every moment in this story is remembered by the six by heart and viewed by others through pictures. Pictures of us.