You tended to notice a guy jump off his balcony. You tended to obsess over a guy who jumped off his balcony, flew away, and then was plastered across the news as the best crime-fighter since Batman. Which is what lead Robby and Joannie, huge fans of 'The Adjuster', as he was calling himself, up to apartment sixty-nine of Sky works Apartment, New City establishment, to get his autograph. They stood outside the door, nervous. They had payed their friend Benny five bucks to figure out where he lived, so they could get his autogrph, since the Adjuster didn't quite stick around after beating up a bad guy to sign autographs. And because Robby loved comic books and violence, and Joanny swooned over a guy in a cape, It would be the high point of their young lives so far. More so for Joannie, since she had already established the Adjuster fan club, of which twenty-two girls had already joined, and she was the president. Robby had already wet himself in excitment.

" You ring the doorbell."

" No you!"

" Na-uh, what if I ring it and he's in the middle of fighting some bad guy and I ruin it and he kills me!"

" Then he would just flush the shmuck down the toilet and come answer the door. Besides, Superman always has time for his fans. So should he"

A nine- year -old's logic was not quite precise.

" It's possible to flush someone down the toilet?"

And five-year-olds were notoriously gullible.

" That's what I'm gonna do to you if you don't ring the door bell Robby!"

" What can I do for you?"

Walter stood at the door. He had heard the siblings bickering (And so had the rest of the floor) and had come to see what was going on.

Thump. Joannie had fainted.

Robby ( who had wet himself again) took the piece of paper and pen out of his unconsicious sister's hands and gave them to Walter.

" Can we have your auto graph Mr. The Adjuster?"

Walter, who was secretly ecstatic to have someone wanting his autograph, tried to keep a straight face.

" Umm, could we have two? One for Robby and one for Joannie 'Cuz I know if we just get one she'll take it and hang it in your fan club club-house."

Fan club. He had a fan club. Holy X-Men, he had a fan club!

" Of course, here you are."

A loud shriek sounded from the floor. Joahnny had woken up.


Walter, unused to fan girls, tried to stop her from running around in a circle, screaming. He grabbed her arm.

" I will never bath again." Joahnny gasped, before passing out again.

" Is she going to be okay?"

" Yep, we can take the elevator. See you later Mr. Adjuster sir."

Robby proceeded to drag his sister to the elevator, press the button, and gaily waved to Walter before the doors shut.

Fan girls were weird.

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