Every day, the same thing. Maybe it was fun when I was smaller, and the sights were still new and exciting.


My brothers may be content with their futures, to become knights and mages, to forever stay within the lines. But maybe, if there were anyone to listen to me, anyone to save me from this never-ending agony, maybe things would be different.

With the first lady knight in over 100 years being your mother, and your fathers as the country's head spymaster, well, truthfully, there's nothing that I haven't really seen.

Of course, the boys are fun to play with, once in a while. All the boys my age are studying to pass their final exams, or are going straight into some crazy battle, to test whether they'll live or die. So it's no fun. And I swear, ALL the older boys are too serious. They're never any fun. It's not like I could bring them home anyways, with Mother in her silly rages all the time. I suppose is should say that I don't help much in fixing our relationship, but well, you know, I swear, It's not my fault!

Da won't let me do any spy work, so I'm forever stuck here. Forever. All I can do is try to drive away some of the boredom, I suppose. It's no fun though, waiting it out, being everyone's "precious" little girl. I don't want to be their precious little darling! I want to do something! Something more! I want to extend myself. I really don't mind if I over-extend myself. And besides, I'm smart enough to know what and what not to do, you know.

Anyways, I must figure out something to do.

~ Forever Bored,


P.S. Do you think I should dye my hair blue?