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10 Years Later...

It was ten years to the tragic day that Danny never came home. Jazz solemnly approached the empty grave at the Amity Park Memorial to pay respects to her long lost brother. There was no closure for the Fenton family, no body, no clues and no answers. Jazz brushed away a stray tear that rolled off her sallow cheek as she stood over the cold marble slab. She kneeled onto the lush grass and placed a single rose as she read.

Daniel Fenton


A Dear Brother, Son and Friend...

Jazz brushed her skirt off and tucked a stray piece of hair from her face and turned away from the grave.

"Little brother...why did you have to leave us?"

(Line Break)

Amity Park was no longer a pleasant place to live; it was if all the sunshine and happiness was devoid in the small town. Many residence had left the small town , nearly leaving it abandoned yet nothing was destroyed or in rubble, it was the perfect postcard picture but was lost the life it once held. After Danny disappeared, the residence became quiet and barely left their houses.

There was no ghost infestations since the ghost boy, Danny Phantom seemed to disappear too.

The Fenton household continued on with their everyday lives, Jazz went to college and Mr. And Mrs. Fenton gave up ghost hunting since there was nothing to hunt.

The Manson's and Foley's moved out of town to someplace happier, beside Sam, tucker and Valerie of course, they stayed and kept each other company.

Valerie and Tucker were now happily married, Jazz and Samantha was over at their place all the time, hanging out like they were children. On occasion they visited the Fenton's and their own parents to catch up on old times but not once had they stopped to try and find their old friend Danny, he was obsolete; just plain forgotten. But Jazz never forgot, never...

(Line Break)

Vlad Masters was never seen in Amity Park again, he denounce his role as mayor and made permanent residence in Wisconsin with his son... Daniel.

The Clone he had created all those years ago was finally stable, and finally he could die a happy man, as a father.

The clone of Danny was the perfect son, obedient, loving and all grown up. The boy had become and man and was making his father proud at a Wisconsin College.

Vlad walked down to his old ghost lab and sighed.

"Not once do I regret that terrible day Daniel." Vlad smirked as he had his arms crossed behind his back and stared into the cloning chamber, the birthplace of his son. "Finally some happiness in my life, this clone was quite worth it, even a better reward than dear Madeline. Check and mate little badger!"

Vlad chuckled as he placed a hand on the pod and stared intently "I guess I should thank you Daniel, oh who am I kidding, rot in hell!"

(Line Break)

The Ghost Zone was now a tame and beautiful place to live. It was calm, serene and peaceful and all the ghosts live in harmony, besides Pariah Dark of course who remained in the coffin of forever sleep.

Clock work was quite pleased at the progress of the ghost zone in the last ten years. Even the observers were pleased and stopped their annoying visits. All was well. Just the way it should be, but clockwork knew better. He was becoming fidgety, every day he went to visit Danny and her resting place in the Fields of Blood roses, only he was immune to its potency so it was the perfect place to hide his corpse.

Daniel's body remained no older that 14 and did not decay since then, the roses prevented that. He lay on in a stone casket in the heart of the field were a small fountain bubble, the Elixir of The ages it was called though no one, not even clockwork knew of its immense power.

On top of the casket was a see through glass dome were Clockwork hovered over with his time staff in hand. He raised the staff over his head, poised to smash the glass. The object hurtled towards the glass but instead of shattering it burst in a puff of billowing smoke. Clockwork gave a slight cough and brushed himself off. There lay Daniel, his porcelain skins as cold as ice, his body in perfect condition adorned in a black suit with his arms lying over his chest, the perfect image of death. Clockwork swooped down and lifted the limp corpse into his arms.

"If I am correct, and the power of the fountain is true..." Clockwork stammered and he lifted the body high above the gurgling fountain. "Then chaos will be ensued..." he whispered as he dropped the body into the fountain with an immense spatter of clear water.

The Fountain soon bled with an eerie red as it stained the pureness of the fountain. Rays of pulsating light emerge red from the fountain as a damp, soggy figure arose. A demon like figure with white soft hair, black feathered wings, a white and black hazmat suit with no insignia and an ice cold aura surrounded him.

Clockwork lowered himself so he was at the figures level.

"Danny?" He called.

The dark silhouette lifted his face to reveal a stone cold expression, but what startled Clockwork the most were the blood red eyes. Those hollow eyes stared down the time ghost with a seemingly longing sadness. Clockwork only frowned.

"There is an evil in all hearts of man, only know yours has come out to play, to avenge the cruelty that was place upon you, when you had simply tried to help. This is not a curse...Danny."

Tears streaked Danny's face and he collapsed to his knees.

"Clockwork..." He wept. "Why did i deserve this? What have I done wrong?" His wings slumped behind him.

"You have done nothing... it is the means of your existence, you have been reborn again as a fallen angel."

"Wha—I don't understand!" He cried flabbergasted.

"In one life you ruled as the prince of the entire ghost zone, nearly made peace with the humans, but you once right hand, now your enemy Pariah Dark turned against you in a quest for power... and murdered you. You see ghosts CAN be killed, they can cease to exist. The observant of old were furious and locked Pariah way, not without sacrifice however but the council thought you deserved justice and allowed you to be born as a human. You have lived many lives, of course you have never remembered them but you were also charged with a duty, as I was."

"I... I... I can't believe this, why didn't anyone tell me why can't I remember! What was my duty?"

"To be the protector of time, you are MY right hand in helping keep the time stream in order. I observe and keep track and you act. This was the duty YOU must uphold, to be the guardian and hero of both dimensions.

"So what now? I bet every one lives are perfect without me! They never needed me!" Danny sobbed.

"This is why you need to prove to them, they do. Besides if time finds no use for you, then you will be obsolete." Clockwork explained.

"Then that's what I will be! No one cares about me, Vlad even proved that when he killed me!"

"But I need you... My son..."

( Line Break)

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