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The Last Affair

He'd used the last of his elixir. Nicolas Flamel was beginning to age quickly now, and had finished all of his affairs, all but one. He'd asked help from Albus, who gladly obliged, it was getting harder for him to walk. They apprated in front of an old house. Nicolas Flamel, to be honest, was scared. But he'd been working up the courage in his long six hundreds years to finally confront him. They were slow, Albus helped him with every foot of the way. I won't rest in peace until I do this. He thought. Slowly, they came up the walkway made of stone. It seemed like an eternity for Nicolas. It never ended. Like another six hundred years. Part of him didn't want to do this, he wanted to run away. But he knew it needed to be done. The stone was in his pocket. They had told the public that it had already been destroyed, but that was impossible. There was only one man who knew how to destroy his Philosopher's Stone. At last, they came to the door. Albus knocked on it. And then silence. Nicolas hoped for another eternity but no, it came quick, he heard the door knob turn and surrendered himself to his fate.

The door opened to reveal a young man. He looked in his early twenties, long blonde hair tied in a ponytail, untamed Golden Eyes that held a feral, tired, and old look to them. He seemed a bit short, but not much less than an average man. He looked at Nicolas with recognition. His eyes were calm, he held no emotion. Silently, he invited them in. The two entered the house, it didn't look too old on the inside, polished wooden floor, a table in the small kitchen. It looked like a mix between a modern house and a house from the early 20th Century. The man walked into the kitchen, and sat down. The man seemed to stare at Nicolas, who looked down at the floor in shame.

"You've come back, Nicolas Flamel," there was no emotion in the man's voice. Nicolas seemed to look up a bit.

"I've come back... Father," said Nicolas, in a weak voice. Albus seemed surprised, but stayed silent.

The man looked up, "You have it, don't you."

Nicolas looked like a child who was getting in trouble for mischief and regretted it. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the small red stone.

"You fool," breathed the Father, "You really did do it, didn't you..."

The old man seemed on the verge of tears. Young looking man kicked open a chair across. "Sit down both of you..." The complied, with a bit of hesitation. Albus hesitated, than said.

"Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, nice to meet you Mr. Flamel," began Albus, but Nicolas' father interrupted.

"It's Elric, Maria and I never married," said Mr. Elric.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Elric. ," said Dumbledore.

"Hogwarts," said Elric, he looked as though his mind was off somewhere else. "Yes, I remember, I remember the day Nicolas got his letter. I never liked magic. I still don't. Either way, I loved Maria, wether she was a Witch or not. So I left it up to Nicolas wether he wanted to go or not."

"As curious as I am to learn how you've stayed alive all of these years and look so young, we have important business," said Albus.

"Of course, it's about Nicolas's Philosopher's Stone, isn't it?" asked Elric. He seemed to lean back in his chair a bit. He looked fairly tired, but held a serious expression.

"It needs to be destroyed," said Albus, not bothering to pause at all. Elric suddenly seemed more relieved, but there was still that look in his eyes. Albus continued, "Nicolas has told me that you're the only one who can destroy the stone."

There was a sad look in his eyes, he looked towards Nicolas, "You do realize what this means, don't you. You'll die."

Nicolas looked down more again, took an inhale, swallowed and responded, "Yes."

"The truth is, Mr. Elric. That Voldemort-"


Albus seemed surprised, "You don't know about You-Know-Who?"

Elric seemed to look over Headmaster, despite the fact that the man was a few inches taller, "No, Mr. Dumbledore. I am a "Muggle". The only time I interacted with the Wizarding World was when Maria was still alive and with Nicolas. But I haven't seen Nicolas in over Six Hundred years, so I've ignored the Wizarding World."

Albus seemed a bit more surprised, "You're a muggle and you can perform Alchemy?"

"Of course I can," said Elric, "Wizards cannot exactly perform Alchemy, the only reason Nicolas was ever able to perform alchemy was because he mixed it with magic. It wasn't true Alchemy, but it still had some elements that Alchemy had." He looked down at the Red Stone, "It was enough to create this abomination." Albus looked puzzled and Nicolas looked even more ashamed.

"Alright, tell me about this Voldemort," said Elric.

The explanation had been quick. Ten minutes, before Elric sighed, and said, "Mr. Dumbledore, could you wait outside, I wish to talk to my son in private."

Albus nodded and got up from his chair and went into the living room.

Elric got up from his chair and looked out the window. Into a grassy field of hills. "Is there something you wish to return of mine?" asked the ancient Father.

Nicolas reached into his coat and pulled out an old journal. "Yes, your notes on the Philosopher's Stone. The one... I stole in my Seventh Year."

There was a long pause, then Mr. Elric spoke again, "How many did you sacrifice?"

Nicolas's hand trembled, "Thirty."

"And you did so without hesitation?" asked Elric, looked at his son, almost scoldingly.

"...No," said Nicolas.

"Answer this, Nicolas," Elric's head turned around all the way. "Why did you do it?"

Nicolas looked down. "I remember. When I was young. We seemed so close, yet, so distant. I knew, about your immortality. That you couldn't physically age. That not even the killing curse could kill you. Mother told me. I had asked her why you sometimes distanced yourself from me. She told me, you were afraid..."

Elric's head turned back towards the window. "...You were afraid to watch us grow old and die, while you didn't age at all, or die. I knew you held all the secrets of the Philosopher's Stone. I asked you about it, but you refused to talk about it. When I was in my Sixth Year, I told Perenelle about you, and asked for help. She came up with the idea that I could make us, Mother and I, immortal with the Philosopher's Stone so we could be with you. Forever. So, the last day before I had to go to Hogwarts, I broke into your study, and took your Journal. Perenelle and I spent many years decoding it, in that time we fell in love and got married. When we figured out the truth, that the Philosopher's Stone was made out of Human lives, I was horrified. I was ashamed. I had stolen a book from you. A book containing the darkest secret in Mankind's history."

"Than why didn't you stop there," asked Elric.

"I couldn't. At that point there, was no turning back. I felt even more guilty, that night, when the stone was forged. I couldn't perform true Alchemy, so I created a false Philosopher's Stone, one that could barely be called that, it could create the Elixir of Life which kept us from aging, and turn metals into gold. I would've stopped there, took a few, than died of old age. But, no matter what I did, it would come back to haunt me. How I had run away from my parents. Betrayed their trust. Stole my father's book, and done a terrible thing. I couldn't die in peace, until I confronted you. Apologized for all that I had done. So, these six hundred years, I had been mustering up my courage, but even then, it wasn't enough and still isn't. But. When Voldemort tried to steal the stone, I knew it had to be destroyed, so I had mustered up the courage to come here, not only to have the stone destroyed, but to apologize." He head was bowed down. "I'm... sorry." The grandfather clock ticked slowly. Elric's hand trembled.

"Nicolas, you stole my journal ran away from home, breaking your mother's heart, and you created the Philosopher's Stone with human lives. Only one of those I could forgive you for, and that is simply stealing the Journal," said Elric.

Nicolas sighed and got up as if to leave.

"But," began Elric. Nicolas turned around.

His father slowly turned from the window, a long stream of tears coming down his eyes, "You're still my Son. And I love you. You've matured. You realized your mistake, came back to apologize, and make amendments. I forgive you for that."

The older looking man hugged his younger looking father.

Edward looked at the stone on the table. Then to Nicolas and Dumbledore. THis was it. After this, maybe a day from now, his only son would die. He was always afraid of this moment. When even his own child would grow old and die, while he lived on. There of course, was no home left to go to. Father had won, Amestris had fallen. But in that final moment, Edward had charged into the center, where the Father Homunculus was, and became a Philosopher's Stone, like his father, Hohenheim, had been. The only other survivor had been Ling, and Edward went with him, broken and practically insane. Eventually Ling helping him through. Ling had become the Emperor, and for quite a couple years, Edward had been his advisor. But in his heart, he wanted to chase down Father, make him pay.

He followed his enemy's trail to a new false gate Father had created, this one, going into another dimension. He came through and landed in Europe, 990 AD. It took him twenty years, but eventually, he'd found Father and defeated him, temporarily at best. So he watched the world around him, with his journals, he tried piecing together a way to become mortal again. In this time, he met Maria Flamel, and fell in love with her. The more he was with her, the more he learned about the Magical world. He had a distaste for it, being a scientist at heart. He had found a way to make him age a couple years, but it didn't work again, the Philosopher's Stone that he'd become adapted to it. It was when Nicolas was born that Edward began to fear. He was afraid of watching them die while he wandered the lands alone for eternity. He thought about how he had been like his father, down to the very bitter end, and, looking into his son's eyes, golden, just like his, he was afraid that a similar outcome would happen to his son.

He linked and finally, he clapped his hands together, and touched the stone, it shattered and faded away. He looked at Nicolas, his fear had come true, in a way, it was both fears that had come true, making it even harder on Edward.

"Father," began Nicolas.

"Yes," said Edward in almost a whisper.

"Would you come back, to my home with me? Just until my time has come?"

"Of course," Edward said. He didn't back, he simply walked out the door with them. He helped his son up. And held on as Dumbledore apparated them.

Yeah, I know. I haven't read Harry Potter in years, so my memory is fuzzy. This is my take on a crossover like that. I'm not exactly satisfied with it. I might make amendments to it, later.