Authors Note: I just know I'm going to be lynched for not continuing sooner. I actually stumbled across this again, and my girlfriend convinced me to continue it. My updates will not be regular. I am currently going through classes in college as well as working part time at McDonalds (kids; take my advice: there are better places to work). At the same time, I'll possibly be working on original works in Fiction Press, if any are interested, I will post the details of it. This will be a shortish chapter, just be announcing my return, there is much still to do, and don't worry we'll see how Elric tries to tear down the tensions between the different houses.


"He is late again," the creature in the jar noted. The eyes of "Selim" darted to the jar on the in the dirt, bored, and somewhat vexed by the creature's rather dull input.

"He is always late," Selim's voice held a baritone to it. He didn't need to hide his true nature, not here. The real him stretched around the shadows, having been confined in the husk for so long it felt wonderful to be free just to stretch into open space. Red eyes darted this way and that, looking for the arrival of their guest, the mouths held a sneer that betrayed the elder creature's impatience. Usually Lust would meet with him, however, Lust had other important things to do within the Ministry of Magic.

There was a long empty silence that Envy did not dare interrupt, his older brother was already at the end of his patience, they both knew that the Pride could not take it out on their late arrival. His powers were strange and unfamiliar, they also were indebted to him. Selim was not fool, he knew that this was no creature you wanted to provoke, especially when you owed him a debt. If Pride became angry, Envy was going to get the brunt of it.

Selim did not know who grew the cornfield, but it went on for miles and miles, and yet there was no farm that it could be the source to, it was as though it just naturally grew here. The only marker Selim had for the meeting place was a scarecrow that was held on a long cross, it was a standard scarecrow, though it was missing a face which was instead replaced by a red twirling eye. A crow landed mockingly on the shoulder of the scarecrow, the head slouched as the crow landed on it, as though defeated, knowing that it had failed it's function. Few things disturbed the original homunculus, but the imagery of that made him think of his own existence, his creation and function.

The husk did not shudder but the shadows did.

The scene of the scarecrow and the crow was a jest at the very existence of the Homunculi, and he knew it.

The Dark Man knew it.

The bird disappeared into the cornfield and a shadow rose behind the rows.

"We have so much left to do, Mr. Bradley," the dark man said, "and time is running out."

At this point I will announce something I had planned from the very beginning: This story will crossover with one additional franchise. I will not say what it is, however, for those of you who are versed in it's lore; this chapter alone should scream what's going on.