Author's Note: Alright, so Vader's Secret Apprentice has been thrown into the world of Harry Potter by the explosion on the Death Star as he fought the Emperor. When I initially came up with the idea for this story, I was thinking that there wasn't anything left of his body. I have since replayed the game and realized that this was incorrect; however, the idea lends itself to a crossover pretty well, so it'll be starting in an alternate universe where that was the case. I don't plan to make this a rehash of the Order of the Phoenix with Galen thrown in. I intend to develop his own side story alongside the main one. We'll see how that goes. For those you that enjoy this story, great, but I'll warn you now, after the first few chapters, my updates will be sporadic at best; I'm a senior engineering major so I don't have much free time.

So this first chapter begins with conclusion of Starkiller's battle on the Death Star and ends with his entry into Harry Potter's world.

Legal Disclaimer: George Lucas and J. K. Rowling own the Star Wars and Harry Potter universes, respectively, and any references to said universes herein. I own any original characters I may create.

- Prologue -

He looked down upon the apparently defeated old man. He was pathetic.

The Dark Lord of the Sith turned to him and said, "You were destined to destroy me." He felt his lip curl into a silent snarl. "Do it," he continued, "give into your hatred."

Starkiller raised his lightsaber to do just that when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

A familiar, gentle voice said, "He's beaten. Let it go."

"It's a trick," Starkiller responded desperately. "He's stronger than you know, and he deserves to die for what he's done to me."

"Maybe so," Kota returned, "but if you strike him down in anger, you'll be right back where you began."

Starkiller considered this and took a few deep calming breaths and said, "Get Bail and the others out of here; I'll be right behind you."

As the former Sith apprentice heard the Shadow land nearby, Kota turned to leave with the Rebel Senators. Suddenly the Emperor rolled over and unleashed a vicious blast of Force Lightning on the unsuspecting Jedi Master.

Starkiller jumped into the surging energy and intercepted it. As stormtroopers rushed into the audience chamber, he shouted "Go! Hurry!"

Bail, Mon Mothma, and Bel Iblis ran to Kota.

"Protect the Senators!" Starkiller yelled as the lightning continued to build up. He felt like a piece of flimsi trying to hold back a river. He couldn't hold it much longer. He roared and was enveloped by a bright flash.

He felt the world dissolve away around him. He guessed that this must be what it felt like to die. Other than the initial pain as the lightning exploded into him, he felt nothing. Considering the shape he was in after dueling both Vader and the Emperor, he found this odd; then he realized that if he was dead, he no longer had a body with which to feel pain. All in all, not a bad situation.

He was, however, not without sensation. He was aware that his surroundings were a dazzling white, not uncomfortably so, but almost like being inside a cloud on a sunny day. A slight wispiness about the whiteness led him to wonder if that was perhaps a fairly accurate description of this place.

He lost track of how long he seemed to drift. Eventually darkness began to creep in and overcome the white. An image of an ancient castle materialized from the darkness. There appeared to be battle raging on its grounds. Despite the castle's primitive appearance, there were flashes of looked like blasterfire flashing back and forth. The scene shifted focus and zoomed in on the highest tower of the castle. He was startled to see a skull with a snake crawling through it seemingly made from smoke looming just over it. There was a flash of green light through a window, and he saw someone fall from it. He attempted to reach out with the Force to catch it but found himself powerless. He watched the body fall limply to the ground. From its movements in the air, he deduced that the person must have already been dead. He considered this strange battle for a few moments. Suddenly the view once again shifted, this time focusing on the unsettling skull and snake he had seen earlier. The smoky snake leapt out from the skull and lunged at him. Darkness once again surrounded him.

Then he felt hard ground beneath him. He felt that he had a body again, and with it, all of the pain that went with his injuries returned with a vengeance. He felt himself slipping into unconsciousness. The last thing he was aware of was several people running over to him.