This is my first Hetalia fanfic. Normally I usually only write horror during Halloween, but this time I'll make an exception.

And in case you'll get upset by the content, I have warnings. It's what happened in the film this is based off of. Lot of blood and gore, and death (and possibly one guy who gets his eyes shot out). I just thought Hetalia needed more horror stories. (And I guess this is the movie Hetalia style)

So...enjoy this story, if you can.

Warnings: violence, gore, blood, scary situations, mpreg (If you don't like any of these, I would advise against reading this story.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia: Axis Powers or its characters, and I don't own the movie Inside (à l'intérieur in french, the movie this story is based off of) either. Finally, I don't own the song Korobeiniki.

"Ой полным полна моя коробушка... Есть и ситец и парча Пожалей, душа-зазнобушка, Молодецкого плеча...!"

Slam! Crash!

Nothing. What happened? Who would dare collide with him and his child? Was the child all right, at least?

No. He knew. He just...knew. The child would not be all right.

Neither of them were moving. It was hard to see, that much was certain. But they didn't see the car coming. Now, a little Italian and his German lover were in the crash. It looked like they were both dead, drenched in blood.

Then, Italy stirred, still alive.

"Doitsu...Doitsu..." Italy looked over to Germany, but he received no response. Germany was not so lucky, it appeared. How was it possible that this crash spared him, but took the life of his beloved? Italy reached over and touched Germany's bloody face. Nothing.

"Doitsu?" Italy withdrew his hand and put it on his swollen stomach.

"Ve... can you hear me, baby? I hope you can." He could only pray that the child survived.

He could only pray...

This is just the prologue. I'll put up longer chapters later. This is just to prepare all of you for what is coming.

Please don't flame me. This is my first non-Halloween horror story, and my first Hetalia fanfic. If you flame me, I'll simply ignore it. Remember, it's horror. It's meant to be like this.

Here's to hoping I don't completely suck on this.