Starts where Season 2 left off and what I thought should happen. As Eric and Sookie venture into finding where Bill is they discover that Sookie is the one who thirsts after Eric's blood for many reasons.

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Chapter 1 – Blood Thirsty

Sookie was on her way to Bon Temps in Eric's Corvette. Bill was missing; actually he had been kidnapped by his maker, Lorena. Bill had taken Sookie out to a French restaurant to propose to her and while she had been upstairs in the bathroom trying to calm down before making the biggest decision of her life, Bill had been taken. She had decided to go downstairs and tell Bill that she would like to wait. Yes, she loved Bill, but she wasn't sure about accepting his proposal, yet. She had been waiting for Bill to propose and now that he had finally asked her she was having second thoughts, why? Why couldn't she simply say yes?

The fact that she couldn't say yes led her to ask Bill for more time. While she was excited, she didn't want to decide in the spur of the moment. Even when that kind of question required a quick answer, she wasn't sure she was ready to accept. If she accepted, she would have to marry him that same evening and she couldn't see herself doing it. She was not ready. Her pounding heart and a strange feeling, that she couldn't explain, were her reasons to not accept his beautiful proposal.

She made her way downstairs, reciting the words in her head that she would tell Bill, when she saw the mess. She checked the rest of the restaurant finding it empty. All she found was a trail of blood on the kitchen floor that led to one of the exit doors. She looked to the empty restaurant and outside not sure what to do and that's when she decided to call Eric.

Eric, of course, was happy to oblige. As soon as he heard that Bill had disappeared he grinned from ear to ear. Even though he enjoyed the rivalry with Bill, Sookie's stubbornness brought many satisfying and unforgettable moments. Eric had left to the restaurant right after receiving her phone call. Upon his arrival and after a quick inspection he found that Lorena had been the one responsible for Bill's disappearance. He called Pam and Chow to clean the restaurant and glamour the humans involved in that night's event. After cleaning Lorena's mess he drove Sookie home in his red Corvette.

"Why did you call me?" Eric asked, breaking the long silence.

Sookie was staring out the window, remembering the morning Godric had met the true death; afterwards she had gone to Eric's room.


Sookie stood in front of Eric's room, hesitating on whether to check on him or not. She had promised Godric she would care for him, though Godric and Sookie knew that Eric would not allow such a thing. Eric believed he could care for himself and didn't need any one, lest a human to care for him. Except, that what had happened on the rooftop changed her mind. She never thought that a day would come when she would see Eric cry. It broke her heart to see Eric down on his knees, begging for Godric to stay, to live. Never, did she think Eric would be capable of such strong emotions.

Sookie brought her palm up, ready to knock, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. What was she going to say to Eric? What words of comfort could she offer a thousand-year old vampire, a fierce warrior and a Viking? Maybe she didn't have to say anything. Maybe she could just check to make sure, what? She couldn't decide. She closed her eyes and rested her palm against the door and that's when she found the door was open. She pushed it slowly and went inside the room. Eric was sitting on the black leather sofa, face down. His once beautiful face had long read streaks that ran all the way down to his strong, bare chest. She closed the door behind her and walked slowly towards him, because she knew he needed her. It was obvious he was hurting, badly.

The moment Eric raised his head to stare into her eyes, she stopped. When their eyes met, she felt his pain as her own, his sorrow, his love for Godric, everything. It didn't make any sense, but she felt it. She thought her heart was going to explode as she felt all of Eric's emotions. She was so busy trying to understand their connection that she didn't even notice she had knelt in front of him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and Eric rested his head on her shoulder. They both cried for an hour, it seemed. She knew it was time for Eric to rest. She sat at the end of the sofa and took Eric's hand. She led him so that he could lie on the sofa with his head resting on her lap.

"Sleep Eric," she said moving his hair out of his face.

"Don't leave, stay with me. Will you stay, Sookie?" He asked. His voice didn't have the ominous tone she used to hear from him, instead he sounded terrified. In that moment, Sookie decided that even a menacing vampire needed to be taken care of.

"I'll stay," she promised.

Slowly, she started caressing his face and started humming a lullaby that her Gran used to hum to her. She knew the exact moment he had fallen asleep as she stopped feeling all his overwhelming emotions. She got up, went to the bathroom and took a hand towel. She soaked it in water and returned to Eric's side. She cleaned the dried blood from his bare chest. As she was cleaning him, the smell of his rich blood captivated her, called to her, inviting her for another taste. She hadn't noticed it before, because she was overwhelmed by his emotions but now she couldn't help but notice how deliciously attracted she was to his blood. She wanted to taste it. The hand towel fell to the floor while she stared at him and his dried blood; there was still some on his cheek. She couldn't stop herself; she leaned down and licked away the remnants of blood from his face. She loved the taste of his blood, the taste of him and she wanted more, craved it.

It tasted so delicious, so good; who would've thought she would enjoy his sweet and rich blood so much. God! She wanted more; she wanted to drink Eric's ancient blood. Even though she had Bill's blood before, simply there was no comparison. She licked her lips savoring it, and moaned as she enjoyed his taste.

She shook her head trying to awake from whatever spell she was under. She took the hand towel back to the bathroom and washed it. She couldn't stand the smell, she wanted more. Her mouth watered, her body shook wanting more and more of him. As if her sex dreams about him were not enough, now she had to crave his blood.

'Maybe, it has to do with the blood I swallowed, but why? I never craved Bill's. Does it have to do with the fact that Eric is much older? Why couldn't I stop myself? It's like a strong desire took over me. I was mesmerized by the scent of his blood, but why?'

She went back and sat on the sofa and lifted Eric's head to rest on her lap. She stroke his hair until she passed out from exhaustion. When she woke she found herself in his bed; a note on the night stand caught her attention.

Thank you,


End of Flashback.

"Why did you call me? Why didn't you call your shifter friend?" He asked again breaking Sookie's thoughts. She rolled her eyes at him and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Because, Bill is a vampire not a shifter. If it bothers you so much, you could have just blown me off. You didn't have to come. Next time I need help I know not to call you. I'm sorry for bothering you, Mr. Sheriff of Area 5, when one of your vamps goes missing." He smirked and stared at her for short seconds before returning his attention to the road.

On her part Sookie was trying very hard not to breathe at all. She could literally smell his blood, just as he was bleeding, but he wasn't. She rolled the window down to breathe the cool air.

'Better. Why does he have to smell so freaking delicious? I wonder if it's his cologne.'

"So what are we going to do next?" Sookie asked when her own blood lust had passed.

"We?" He asked skeptically.

"Yes, we?" Sookie reaffirmed.

"I don't know what you think you can do; Lorena has every right to take him, Bill is her child. Unless, you plan to go against her; which I do not recommend. We can't do anything." He replied back with an emphasis on the 'we.'

"There must be something we can do." Sookie replied, stubbornly.

Eric thought about it. Although he was happy Bill was out-of-the-way. Sookie meant a lot to him and he owed her one. That of course didn't mean he couldn't take advantage. He had waited long enough to have her. He smiled inwardly.

'Truly, there is nothing I can do but I could go out of my way to help my dear Sookie and in payment I will ask to bite her.'

"I have an idea, but don't get your hopes up. Do you have a key to his house?" Eric asked.

"Yes, I do," she replied hopeful.

"Here is the deal Sookie, I have waited long enough to taste your delicious, sweet blood. If I find that Bill is working for the Queen I can intervene and in payment you will let me bite you." She gasped at his outrageous proposal.

'Well! I knew he wasn't going to help me for free. Hello! Eric is but an egotistical, self-centered bastard. But really what do I have to lose. He gets to taste my blood and in return he helps me get Bill back. Not a high price to pay.'

"Only if we find that he is working for the Queen I will let you taste my blood from my wrist," she specified.

"Neck, or no deal." Eric replied.

Sookie rolled her eyes. "Fine," she muttered.

He smiled triumphantly with his accomplishment. He suspected for some time that Bill had returned to Bon Temps under the Queen's orders. He just didn't know what his assignment was.

Instead of stopping at Sookie's house Eric drove straight to Bill's. They walked up the stairs, a bouquet of roses lied on the side of the front door. Sookie picked them up and opened the door. Jessica was not at home, she figured she was probably with Hoyt. Eric made his way to Bill's office; he knew where it was since he had been there before. Sookie followed after Eric not liking how familiar Eric was with Bill's home. Either Bill was a total fool or careless; his laptop was open and was not password protected. Eric opened Bill's mailbox and saw several e-mails from Sophie-Anne. The last e-mail had been sent recently.

Eric was sure he had won but neither of them was prepared to find out what the e-mails were about.

From Sophie-Anne: Bill, I want to hear how the proposal went. I'm waiting for you to deliver my telepath. You have delayed this long enough. I chose you because you'd be quick on seducing the girl. I don't want Northman finding out. I'm running out of patience. I want my telepath.

Previous e-mail

From Sophie-Anne: I have arranged everything for your wedding with my telepath. I hope you received the engagement ring. Be quick.

There was no need to continue reading the rest of the e-mails; everything was clear. Eric turned around to look at Sookie; her hand was covering her mouth, her face was wet with tears and her eyes were cold. He felt her pain, her anger and horror to learn why Bill had returned. He was there to seduce her, to deliver her as some errand; he didn't love her.

Her heart had figured out the truth long before that evening, but her head refused to believe. Bill was so secretive all the time and sometimes he said things around her that didn't make sense. He was so overprotective all the time and now she understood why. Now everything made sense.

Eric made his way to her and held her in his arms as if to shield her from anything that would hurt her.

"I didn't know Sookie, I swear," he promised as he held her.

She cried in silence, she didn't want to speak. She figured this was exactly how Eric had felt when Godric had left him. There were no words to describe the pain.

Eric turned off the laptop and took Sookie home. He stood a few steps in front of her door.

"You can come in," she mumbled absently and went to lie on the sofa. She curled and cried for hours. What was she going to do now? Will she let Bill rot with Lorena? She forgot Eric was there with her. Her body was numb and yet her heart ached, it was broken into tiny pieces and she didn't know how to put it back together.

"Sookie, I know you are hurting, but we have a bigger problem. Look at me," he demanded desperate. She sat on the sofa with Eric kneeling before her. "Sookie, the Queen knows about you. When Bill doesn't respond she is going to know something happened. She will send someone to check on you or take you now that Bill is not here," Eric explained as he took her small hand.

"She can't do that. I don't want to go," Sookie replied shaking her head, her voice broke from her obvious pain.

"Yes, she can take you and when she does she will bind you to her or Andre, one of her children, and she will own you, Sookie. Do you understand?" He asked worried.

"Why is this happening to me? I don't want to go." She said crying, "please help me," she begged him terrified. How can someone just come and take her like she had no rights?

"Sookie, there is only one way out of this and you are not going to like it." Eric knew that Sookie was going to hate the idea as he didn't like the solution either, but he would do anything to keep her away from the Queen. He would've liked to bind Sookie to him under different circumstances.

Eric wanted Sookie to come to him on her own free will, because she desired him; however, that was no longer an option and there was no time to waste. Even if Sookie accepted him he wanted to earn Sookie's will and desires. He had made that same decision the night she stayed with him. His chest hurt and he didn't understand the why of it. He wanted to kill Compton right at the moment and his Queen for hurting her. The evil that dwelled deep within him yelled at him to kill something, to take Sookie with him and protect her so that no one would ever hurt her again.

"I don't want to go Eric, tell me what I have to do," she said resigned to her fate. If someone knew how to help her out of her current problem was Eric, no matter how evil and devious he was.

He held her gaze for a few seconds and replied, "You have to bind yourself to me. If you belong to me they can't take you without my permission. If they lay a finger on you it would be under penalty of the true death."

"What does belonging to you mean? What would be different? What would I have to do?" Sookie asked.

"I'm not going to lie, Sookie, since I met you I wanted you, but not like this. If you bind yourself to me, you will be mine…forever. I will look out for you, I will protect you. We will spend more time together; you will be by my side, often." He was not going to go into further details of what entailed being his. He didn't want to scare her. The bonding was the only chance they both had.

"Do I really have no other choice?" She asked, sensing he was hiding something.

"Yes, you can run and hide for the rest of your life, but eventually someone will find you," he replied honestly. He knew how vicious vampires were when they wanted something.

"Why me, Eric? I've never done anything wrong. I've never hurt anybody," she started to say and then she remembered. "I only," she gulped, "I killed a man, but it was in self-defense. I always try to be a good Christian and help others," she added more to herself.

"Because of what you can do, Sookie," he replied.

"Damn curse, I hate it!" She yelled out. Enraged and driven by all her emotions, she threw everything within her reach. When she couldn't find anything else to break she collapsed on the floor crying and cursing.

"Sookie, stop! You are only making this more difficult. Dawn is coming, I have to go; come with me and we will discuss this at my house. They won't be able to find you there if they come looking for you. You will have some time to think this over. Come, my little Sookie, let me take care of you," he said in a softer tone. She nodded absently. He helped her up so they could leave her home. She picked up her purse and made her way out of her ancient home. Before she locked the door behind her, she saw the mess she was leaving. A small tear ran down her cheek, feeling helpless to stop whatever was coming her way.

Again in Eric's Corvette her gaze met the emptiness of the road; she felt so lonely in that moment. She was enraged, desperate, helpless and alone. Neither of them said anything on the way to his house. Tired of crying, eventually she fell asleep; which worked out for Eric since he didn't want her to know where he lived. Only Pam knew.

When he got home he took Sookie in his arms and carried her inside his home. The inside was just a façade for humans; it was a house out-of-town. There were no neighbors close by and the property was big. The house had a state of the art alarm system so he rarely had any problems. The door to his hidden lair was behind a book-case in his study. It had a key pad with a seven digit access code that only he and Pam knew. He went down the stairs and around the hall that lead to his room. He laid Sookie on his bed admiring her beauty.

While Sookie slept he decided to go to the store and get whatever necessities she would need during the day. If she required more things he would ask his day man to take care of it. Next he called Pam to let her know what had happened and what was about to happen, as their lives were about to change, drastically.

"What are you going to do if the Queen finds out that you own Sookie? You know she will be pissed." Pam asked him over the phone. She didn't understand why he was risking everything for the human. It was not worth it, was it?

"What the Queen thinks matters little to me. If Sookie binds herself to me, I will take her to make the official presentation before the magistrate and the Queen will not be able to do anything. I will make it official and no one will be able to touch her." Eric explained furious.

"You are actually giving her the option?" Pam asked amused.

Eric was leaning against the wall of his room he kept staring at Sookie, her back to him. He thought Sookie was asleep, but she was listening to his conversation with Pam.

"I would've taken her by force just to see her scream and fight with me. I love her feisty personality, but I will not take advantage of her when she is under so much pain and helpless. I am evil, devious, mean, and malevolent, but I will not take her freedom away from her under these circumstances. If only because of what she did in Dallas. Godric would've wanted this. I know." He said, remembering what she had done for his maker.

When Eric hung up he heard Sookie. "Thank you." He froze not knowing what to say to her. He was about to walk away from the bedroom when Sookie turned around.

"If I bind myself to you, do you promise not to hurt me?" He turned around to stare at her.

"I can't promise that Sookie, I'm a vampire, I'm evil and you know that. I don't have control over me. I lose it when I'm enraged. I can promise you that no one will take you from me."

"Would I have to live here with you?" she asked.

"Not unless I find it necessary to keep you safe," he replied. He regretted his reply, because he realized he would like that. He would like to see her every night, but Sookie was an independent woman and he knew she would like her personal space.

"I want to do it. What do we have to do?"

He went to sit on the bed next to Sookie. "We have to exchange blood three times." He explained.

Sookie was shocked and excited at the same time. As soon as she heard his words all her fears dissipated; she forgot about her troubles and why she was there. The only thought that occupied her mind in that moment was that she was going to drink his blood again and damn the consequences.

Once Eric saw that she was willing to do the exchange he took her hand and carried her to straddle his lap.

"You have to bite me, bite hard, my Sookie." He was ecstatic. She was finally going to be his and he would be able to call her mine. Now he would be able to use that possessive pronoun next to her name that he liked so much.

Sookie didn't need to be told twice. She leaned down to Eric's neck and bit hard until he bled.

He growled and found Sookie's vein, his fangs had elongated the moment she bit into his neck. He loved the feeling of Sookie at his vein. He sank his fangs and the moment Sookie's blood hit his tongue he knew Sookie was not just any human. She had fairy blood; his sweet and delicious Sookie was part fairy. He tightened his hold on her. He was never going to let her go even if she didn't want to continue with the bonding. He would make her drink his blood even if he had to force it down her throat.

Sookie felt Eric's delicious blood on her mouth and tried to get even closer to him as if that was possible; she was practically crawling over him. She felt his body hardened and despite the fact that he was dead he was getting hot. She swallowed greedily as if she was never going to have another taste of him. Every drop of his blood burned her body, her soul. Desperate to have more of his blood, she kept her arms around him, her hand tightened around his blond tresses and her legs locked him in as if he would escape her.

Eric savored every drop of her sweet blood. He felt how the bond forming. He felt how a new string of life, sprung from his soul and joined hers. He was so enthralled in the moment he forgot how long they had drunk each others blood; until it dawn on him that Sookie was still at his vein, drinking his blood. She hadn't let go and while this excited him it brought him back to reality; Sookie had taken too much of his blood.

He licked her wound to seal it and stopped the bleeding.

"Sookie, stop you've taken too much," he said to her. He didn't understand why she was so greedy. He would've thought she would hate this ritual. Instead of letting go he felt her suck even harder and he chuckled.

"My Sookie, I will give you more later. Stop!" She was beyond reasoning she couldn't think and she definitely didn't want to let go.

Before anything bad happened he pulled her away and met her face. He didn't expect what he saw in her. Her lips were bloodied, but what shocked him the most were her eyes. Her usual beautiful blue eyes were a deep red.

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