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Chapter 34 – Crack of Dawn

"What was that?" Raum asked, seeing the lightning illuminating the red sky of his realm. Never in history had lightning invaded the skies of the demon realm.

"Eric's transition is over, and a new era begins," Samael said as he patted Raum on his shoulder, excited for the first time in many years. Raum smiled. They had done it! Darkness would not rule for a long time. "Evil never rests, son," Samael whispered, knowing the happy thoughts that were invading Raum.

"Neither do we," Raum answered. Samael and Ariel agreed with him.

Sookie started giggling.

"What is so funny, Lover?" Eric asked as he tried to catch his breath.

"You are sweaty. You look so delicious like this. I want you again," she whispered right below his ear as she pressed soft kisses to his now warm flesh.

"Lover, any other time I would've agreed with you, but let me rest," she giggled again.

"What, my Viking sex god can't keep with his wife?" she teased. He growled at her. He took her hands and pinned her to the bed. His fangs fully extended, and his eyes darkened with lust. When he gave her an evil smile, the playful smile left her angelic face.

He straddled her and very slowly he leaned down and whispered in her ear, "I know what I need to recover my strength." He pressed a soft kiss on her jugular. "Blood from my mate, vampire blood from my beautiful angel," she shivered at his words. She closed her eyes, waiting for his fangs to pierce her neck, but she only felt his tongue licking her heated skin. He moved lower and lower until he reached her breasts, and when he bit her hard, she screamed.

"Seriously, how much longer do we have to take this?" Raum asked as he heard Sookie's screams yet again.

"One day I will remind you of that Raum. When you are newly mated you'll understand," Samael said. Raum sighed, knowing he would have to wait at least…he started counting.

"Nineteen years, Raum," Samael supplied. Raum turned to glare at him, stunned.

"How do you know?" Raum asked.

"My powers are returning," Samael said. Finally, the red sun set and dark covered the skies, and Eric and Sookie lay resting in their bedroom. Eric was the first to awake some hours after their last passionate session. He kissed Sookie's back and softly caressed her wings in the process, wings only he had permission to touch.

"We must return Sookie. Something is wrong, I can feel it," he pressed. Sookie came awake right away. They showered and got ready. Sookie kissed Samael goodbye and promised to return often to see him. Ariel, Raum, Eric, and Sookie stood just outside the palace. Raum opened the portal to return to Sookie's home, and as soon as he did, they saw what awaited them on the other side.

Sookie drew her sword out, and noticed Eric was already holding his sword and the special blade. Ariel and Raum got ready and crossed to the other side. Immediately, lightning welcomed them, scorching Eric's sword with blue fire. Thor nodded as soon as he saw Eric possessed the same gift as him.

"Felipe, I do believe you are not welcome here," Eric's cool voice said. Before them was a group of vampires who were there to take the throne from Sif. Sif and Thor were heading the defense. Behind them were Sookie's pack, Axelle, Pam and Aelrindel. Sookie knew that inside her house were Jason and Amelia. As soon as Eric arrived, he was flanked by his vampire guard composed of the Saxons and the enforcers who had pledged their loyalty during Sookie's transition. The magister was also present. Smiling at Eric and Sookie, he bowed deeply.

"Welcome back our Prince, Princess" the magister greeted. Eric and Sookie gave him a small nod. Felipe De Castro and Victor Madden stood forward, not fearing anyone.

"I hereby reclaim the throne of the vampire realm," Felipe exclaimed. Sif laughed.

"You cannot claim what is already taken," she said.

"The law demands a true vampire to rule our realm. You have abandoned it for many centuries," Felipe argued. A group of ten vampires dressed all in black sharing a gold emblem stepped forward. They called themselves the brotherhood, but they were all turned, not born vampires.

"We are the law, and Felipe is right," one of them spoke. His tone was dark, but serious.

"You are the law of your own kind," the magister corrected. "The throne of the vampire realm can only be claimed by a born vampire, not a turned vampire. You cannot claim the throne," the magister added.

"I'm a born vampire," Felipe continued to argue.

The magister smiled. "That is true, but you are unmated. The law demands a mated pair," he explained. His gaze fell on Sif. "Sif, do you renounce the throne?" he queried. Sif turned to look at Eric. He gave her a small nod.

"I do not renounce my claim. Instead, I relinquish the throne to my now reborn son and his mate. Eric and Sookie Northman, do you accept?" Sif asked. Victor and Felipe growled.

"We do," Eric and Sookie said in unison.

"By the power vested in me, I declare that Eric and Sookie Northman rule the Vampire realm until death finds them or they renounce the throne," the magister said. The group of ten vampires relaxed their aggressive postures, accepting the words as law.

Sookie and Eric knelt before Sif and Thor, their heads bowed. Sif kissed Eric, then Sookie on the top of the head. "So be it," Sif said. Sookie and Eric rose, and, one by one, the Saxons and the enforcers pledged their loyalty again. The magister produced a scroll and began reading the edict. He announced to those present Eric and Sookie's new titles. Any found guilty of threatening the new sovereigns would be sentenced to their final death or years of servitude, at Eric and Sookie's discretion.

Felipe was furious, of course. He left unwillingly, but Victor assured him that it was not a defeat. Instead, they would regroup and gather more forces. The Brotherhood flatly refused to aid Felipe to recover the throne unless he was mated. He had been so long without a mate;where would he find her? As Felipe left, he promised the magister he hadn't seen the last of them. While he had wanted to take the throne by force, Felipe knew his second had been right; his followers were not enough to defeat Eric, especially with his father there. Knowing Thor could only stay in the mortal realm for short periods of time before his powers diminished, Felipe decided to seek those who shared his vision and bide his time for the perfect opportunity to strike. Alone, he could never be able to reshape the vampire world, but with the support of like-minded vampires, he would take the reins again.

Felipe also noted that Eric was well-protected. He had the angel and the demon by his side, so it would be unwise to rely on vampires only. If he was to be successful in his plan, he would have to broaden his search for allies. Felipe knew it wasn't going to be easy, but he would do it. He had been a strong leader for a long time, and he knew how to encourage others to follow him. He would succeed.

Once Felipe made his exit, Jason ran to greet Sookie. He was completely in awe of her beauty, crying when he saw her wings. Jason had always felt Sookie was not of this world. Her ability to make everyone around her smile and feel loved alone set her apart. He embraced her and cried hard on her shoulder. He knew she wasn't his blood, but in his heart she would always be his sister.

"I know everything, Sook, and I think there is someone here waiting for you," Jason said, indicating Axelle. With a cry, Sookie flung herself into Axelle's arms, and they both wept as they held each other. Axelle had always had the most beautiful scent of Jasmine and fresh, clean air. As it filled Sookie's nose, a flood of old memories returned.

Pam made her way slowly towards Eric and knelt before him, but Eric picked her up and pressed a soft kiss on her lips. They were finally together again! Though for the moment they were safe, they knew what was ahead of them would not be easy. It would take all of them, working together, to prevail.

The group celebrated Eric and Sookie's return, and Eric explained how Raum's tricky ways had saved them. No one was to hurt Raum.

Sookie looked around her house, filled with so many creatures that were her family now. "Eric I think we need a bigger house," she said with a laugh, and Eric agreed.

"You cannot move from this house, Sookie. This house is linked to you, and you will grow stronger if you remain here," Axelle explained. Sookie didn't understand, and implored her mother to continue. "We as fae hold on to our memories, and we have strong family ties. You evolved here: you grew up here, you became a woman here, you finished your bond here. The power of our family is cemented here. This place will protect you and aid you as you grow." Sookie nodded in comprehension.

"We could construct another house on the land adjacent to the house," Eric suggested. Sookie briefly mulled that over before nodding in agreement. They would still have some privacy and their family and guards would be close by.

"While I'm glad you are back and I know you need your rest, I'm afraid we have many items to deal with. I'll take my leave for now, but I will be back tomorrow to go over everything we need to do. And if I remember correctly, you have to look for two new sheriffs," the magister said.

"Two?" Eric and Sookie asked.

"Yes. You'll need a replacement for yourself, and Cleo must to be dealt with as well." The magister handed Eric a folder and retired. The royal guard-the Saxons and the enforcers- remained outside, while Rasul followed Axelle closely.

"Rasul, would you mind explaining to me what you are?" Eric demanded. Rasul turned to look at Niall and Axelle, and they both nodded for him to begin.

"I was half fae before I was made vampire. I was Axelle's guard, but after I was turned I lost all connections to my friends and family. I missed them greatly, so after my maker met his final death about three hundred years ago I decided to meet the sun. I traveled to a place where I could see mountains and green grass and sat there waiting for the sun to rise. It was magnificent, but I didn't burn. I waited and waited, but I never burst into flames. I roamed the world alone, until one day I picked up the scent of fae, and I followed it. I was afraid that I would want to drain whoever I had found, but I was never invaded with the hunger. That night I found my lady again. She took me back as one of her loyal guards, but I remained here to report on anything that she needed me for," Rasul explained.

"Is that why you came to my area?" Eric asked.

"My lady told me you would be in need of my services to protect someone special." He inclined his head toward Sookie. "When I met her, I knew her immediately to be a relative of my lady. There is a great resemblance. As I spent time with you, I started learning more about what you two were. I have come to understand that it was my destiny all along to be what I am now." Rasul had loathed himself for many centuries, missing his race, but now he was happy to find he was not hated for being different. Eric assured him he was a great friend, and he would always be welcomed there.

Glancing outside the window, Sookie saw Bill waiting. With a roll of her blue eyes, she asked Eric, "What are we going to do about him?"

Eric thought final death was an appropriate way to deal with Compton, but Sookie disagreed. "It's not his time yet," she argued, knowing Eric wouldn't question her reasoning.

"I have an idea," Pam suggested. Sookie and Eric met Pam's plan with raised eyebrows, but agreed it was the best way.

Amelia came next to talk to Sookie. "Have you tried shifting to a Were now that you have your wings?"

The moment the words left Amelia's mouth, Sookie became anxious. She wanted to feel the magic coursing through her again and run wildly in the forest. Sookie glanced up at Eric, and he nodded, leading her outside. Sookie shifted to her wolf form and trotted over to Eric. He had never seen her in this form, but she was truly magnificent.

You are so beautiful.

I'm a Were.

You are a beautiful wolf and very unique, and I still love you.

The rest of the group's stunned gazes fell on Sookie. Although in her wolf form, her wings still remained. She felt the magic pound in her veins, and she wondered if it would intensify during the full moon. Everyone but Jason gathered around to stroke her soft fur. He was a bit wary of seeing her in this form.

I won't hurt you, Jason.

"Holy shit! Sook, don't you do that!" he exclaimed as he heard her voice in his head. She made a rumbling sound.

Amelia bent to her knees to whisper as she pet Sookie, "You are so very beautiful like this." Sookie licked her hand, then she bit Amelia's wrist playfully. Amelia felt power increase within her; it was the magic of Sookie mixed with Alcide's and hers. Amelia started hyperventilating as the power vibrated through her body, and she fainted.

The group rushed to help her, but Sookie warned them off, even Alcide. None of them understood what was taking place. Amelia lay unconscious while Sookie bit her other wrist and marked her neck with a small bite. Alcide couldn't resist the pull he felt any longer, and he began to change.

Sookie, what are you doing?

You said you wanted her to be part of our pack. Your bite wasn't enough. I could feel your calling running in her veins, but she needed more of us in her. She will be okay.

Amelia's body started convulsing, and everyone felt the magic take hold of her. Before their eyes Amelia turned into a beautiful yellow-gold wolf with red eyes. In the center of her forehead, she had a Red Crescent moon.

Amelia, don't freak out.

Holy shit! What is happening to me?

You are a wolf now, my wolf.

Hey, she is mine!

Both of you are my wolves, so don't get jealous.

The rest of the company stared at the three of them, dumbfounded. Amelia glanced down and saw her paws. She saw her yellow fur, sporadically mixed with white. Sookie lazily bit her on her neck as a sign of friendship.

"Oh look. How cute! Mistress, I never wanted to be an animal until now, would you turn me, too?" Pamela asked playfully. Eric shook his head in mock horror, and everyone started laughing. The three wolves took off running into the forest. Once they were deep inside the forest a big howl sounded. The air was thick with magic and far-off sounding howls. Everyone turned to go as the sun was about to set. Pam came to stand next to Eric, handing him a white dress for Sookie.

He flew away to a tall tree to watch for the orange ball to rise on the horizon. It would be the first in countless years that he would see it again. Eric wished Sookie was there with him again, and almost immediately, Sookie came bounding up to him. She returned to her human form and tried to fly up to join him. It wasn't an easy feat for her yet, so Eric helped her and settled the dress around her. They held hands waiting for the sun.

"Are you excited?" she asked.

"I'm happy now. I wouldn't have enjoyed it if you weren't here with me," he confessed.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world. We will spend all day today out in the sun, in fact, I remember telling you once that you could be the mean vampire and I the scared girl, and you could chase me," she said playfully. As he glanced at her, he realized that his dreams were coming true.

Sookie stared ahead to watch the first rays of sun illuminate the sky. She felt tremendous joy coming in waves from Eric, when she turned to look at him to see his expression his gaze was on her and not on the horizon. He was mesmerized by how beautiful she looked. He thought it was impossible for her to look more beautiful, but in that moment she was. Her hair was glowing with the sunlight, her eyes were shinning with obvious joy and she had a beautiful smile on her face. Her wings had a special sparkle and her skin was emitting a special glow he hadn't seen before. She was the epitome of beauty and he had never been happier before than at that very moment.

"You are missing it," she whispered enthralled by his mesmerized expression. He cupped her cheek softly.

"I'm not missing anything. I'm looking at the most beautiful creation in the world shine before my eyes," he said and then he pressed his lips softly to hers.

Next chapte Sookie will decided Cleo's fate. Eligor will also make his appearance to Sookie and it would be Eric's first time under the sun and tasting real food.