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Bella stared out the window her hand stilled over the dish I had been washing she didn't want to be here she didn't want to be in the sun and sand. No she wanted to be in the rain were you could smell the grass and she could run with her friends.

"Bella are those dishes done. "her mother's harsh voice cut through her musings.

"Almost, she tried to hurry her hands over the ceramic plats scalding her hands in the soapy water.

"Almost." Her mother stormed into the room. A look of an anger that she was used to marring the features that would have been pretty if she didn't Always have that look of rage on them.

"Yes Almost." She didn't flinch as she threw her hands up causing a storm of water to rain down on the floor. Bella was sick of this sick of her mother always hating her. Tired of nothing ever being good enough!

"Why you littleā€¦." Renee reached out and slapped her hard across the face. This time she did flinch and drew her hand up to the red mark she was sure now was blooming across her cheek. It wasn't that she wasn't used to being slapped because she was. She just was usually ready and braced before the blow came. "You ungrateful little bitch I got you out of that hellhole your father called a home and this is how you repay me by yelling at me."

"I loved that Hell hole as you call it." Bella glared at Her mother. "And why me why didn't you take Emmett with you to," She asked the question that she had been dying to ask since the night four years ago at fourteen that Her mother had smuggled her out of the house in the middle of the night. Not even allowing her say goodbye despite her tearful pleas that she wanted to be with Emmett and her father. Renee told her that she wasn't to contact them or she would dearly regret it and the thing is Bella believed her because Renee wasn't afraid to raise her hand in anger.

"Because I knew it would hurt your father. She laughed bitterly." I never wanted children. But I didn't want him to have you either. " she knew my mother was a cruel woman but she'd never realized until that night, that moment how cruel she actually was. At that moment she got a cold steely look in her eyes one that made Bella's stomach twist into knots this wasn't good Renee looked almost demented. "But you know what." Her voice was calm to calm. She felt shivers run up and down her body. "It would hurt Charlie even more if you died." Bella's eyes widened. She started to edge away from Renee and towards the door. She checked her pockets my keys were there and her purse was within easy reach. Renee lunged at her once again SLAP This one was worse than the first. Bella felt her head swim. The next thing she knew Renee's hands were around her neck chocking her Breathing becoming more difficult with the moment. Just as she was about to lose consciousness she seemed to get a surge of adrenaline Bella somehow retched herself away from her mother. She made a run for it grabbing her purse and rushing towards the back door. she heard her mother at her heals but somehow Bella was able to hit her with her purse and as she stumbled backwards was able to wrench the door open and make her way to the car and get it started she didn't have any clothes and only limited cash but she would make it to Washington. Her head was still swimming, she could barely see and it properly wasn't the best to drive but she had to get out of there. she stopped in the middle of the night at a rundown hotel barley getting any sleep and was up with the sun and back on the road. She started to notice the road signs and the familiar surroundings and she knew she was home. She parked in front of the house she'd grown up in wondering how she would be accepted she hadn't talked to anyone in four years. Bella made her way to the front door her head still pounding and knocked on the familiar wood. It was opened a minute later by Edward she would know him anywhere

She saw his eyes widen as she collapsed into his arms. Bella felt myself being carried and gently sat down. She heard voices over her but couldn't distinguish what was being said around her. As she came in and out of consciousness.

The whole gang was hanging out at Emmett's like most days, after school when they heard a knock on the door. Edward was the closest to it so he went to open it. He gasped when he saw who stood in front of him. Bella she looked like she was about to collapse and Edward held out his arms as she fell into them. He picked her up and carried her into the living room. Emmett jumped up when he saw who Edward was carrying.

"Is she ok." Edward could hear the worry in his voice as he sat her down on the couch he then noticed the bruises that covered her face and neck.

"I'm not sure Emmett. Call Charlie I'll call my dad." With that both of them pulled out phones and Jasper Alice and Rosalie huddled around Bella stricken looks etched on their faces not sure what to do. Alice and Rose had tears pouring down their faces. Jasper held Alice close to him trying not to break down himself. Who would do this to Bella what could she have done to deserve this nothing anyone ever did would deserve this. Edward held the phone to his ear as he heard a voice on the other end and as soon as I started to speak I heard Emmett say the same thing into the phone he was holding.

"Bella is here and something is seriously wrong.

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