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Carlisle found the six kids curled together on Bella's bed when he made his way home, "Esme come up and see this," He called down the stairs to his wife. Esme smiled at the sight before her.

"She's back Bella's back and the groups complete maybe we'll get Edward back to." For ever since Bella left it had almost been like a piece of Edward had left also.

"Maybe," Carlisle sighed kissing his wife's forehead and closing the door. Meanwhile in the forks police station Charlie was signing arrest warrants for the arrest of Renee Swan all he would need where statements from the kids and pictures of belle he hated what his ex-wife had down to his precious daughter. He hated that he would have to take picture and make her talk about it so soon but he wanted Renee behind bars.

He sighed and packed up his things locking the arrest warrants up until he was ready to issue them. He made his way to the Cullen house and walked through the door. "Esme, Carlisle," he called out looking for his two friends.

"Oh Charlie do you have everything sorted?" Esme asked bustling out of the kitchen.

"Almost I need witness statements from everyone and picture's of Bella's injury's," he looked around. "Where are the kids?"

"There all asleep in Bella's room." Esme gave him a sad smile and motioned him into the kitchen where she was preparing dinner. "You'll be staying for dinner I hope."

"Yes thank you Esme," Charlie sat down in a chair and he took Carlisle and then Esme 's statements of what they saw. The kids woke up to the smell of food wafting up through the house.

"Seems like mom has Dinner ready," Alice stretched and stood up lets go down."

"I'm going to stay here with Bella," Edward told them when Bella started to protest he shooshed her. "Your not strong enough to get out of bed and I'm not leaving you." Bella could tell from the set of his jaw that there was no talking him out of this if anything Edward was really stubborn.

Esme was just setting the table when the kids came down stairs. "Where's Edward?" Carlisle asked looking around.

"he refuses to leave Bella so I guess they'll eat up there. " Jasper shrugged. Esme nodded and plated up to plates of food for them and headed upstairs she made her way into Bella's room and passed Edward the two plated well she got a tray.

"Now Edward I expect you to make sure she eats all of this."

"Sure thing Ma,"

"Thanks Esme," Bella smiled at the women who to her would always be her mother.

"no problem Bella dear." Esme left them and Edward picked up his fork and started to eat the Chicken mash potatoes and rice that Esme had provide he took a drink of the milk she had brought up and looked over at Bella who wasn't eating.

"You heard my mother Bells eat or I'll have to force you."

She took tentive fork full of the potato's and smiled. "I really missed Esme's cooking she finished off the potato's and the rice even eating a few bits of chicken before leaning against the pillows her eyes drooping once again.

"Sleep bells." Edward took the plats and glasses kissed her forehead and closed the door behind him. Downstairs Charlie had gotten statements from everyone he now just needed to talk to Edward and Bella.

Edward made his way into the kitchen. "She ate mostly everything I think only because it was your cooking though."

"Well I'll just have to make sure she gets as much of it as she can handle," Esme smiled taking the plates and glasses from Edward.

"Edward I need a statement from you about what you saw when Bella showed up." Charlie looked up at the younger man.

"Ok," Edward sat down but threw a look at the staircase and everyone knew he was thinking of Bella.

"I'll go up and sit in the room in case she wakes up." With that Emmett was gone Jasper was taking the trash out and the girls were going through Alice's things trying to find close for Bella.

I can't believe this, I'm glad Bella's back but I wish it was under different circumstances." Alice threw a yellow shirt and a pair of jeans on the bed for Bella to change into tomorrow along with a flowy nightgown for tonight.

"I know I wish I could just hit Renee right now," Rose seethed.

"Oh you'll have to get in line I'm sure Charlie Emmett and Edward are in front of you." Alice laughed.

"I know," Rose bit her lip "do you think she'll be mad."

"About what," Alice looked over at her friend

"That I'm dating Emmett you realize she doesn't know yet that I'm with Emmett and your with Jasper."

"Oh Rose," Alice sighed "don't worry about it, besides if Edward has his way I'm sure Bella will have more important things to think about." She giggled.

Edward sat at the kitchen table giving Charlie the few details he had finally Charlie stood up and clapped him on the back. "Thanks son you can go upstairs now I knew you want to be there when she wakes up." Edward left and Charlie watched him.

Emmett sat in the room his head in his hands his poor sister asleep and bruised he looked up as Edward came in "We'll fix her and no one will ever hurt her again Em that I promise." Edward laid his hand on his friends shoulder as they both watched the sleeping girl."

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