E/O Challenge

Word: Bind

Count: 100

A/N: Hi! It's been a few weeks but my muse went into hibernation. Anyway I don't know where this even came from but I've been listening to 'set fire to the third bar' by snow patrol. Maybe this will be a pre series? After I finish the mist this might be an upcoming piece. Okay I'll stop rambling. GO READ! Please and thank you.


Her pale blue eyes were sympathetic.

"I'm not staying."

"Why? You can't. Not again." Dean yelled.

"Bind me to the bed if you have to. I'll untie myself somehow."

Dean groaned, "You know I wont do that."

"Then kiss me one last time."

"I don't want to kiss you one last time. I want to kiss you tomorrow and the day after that and-"

Her index finger pressed against his lips, "Don't make this harder than it already is."


"No. Say it and I'll stay."


She waited on the verge of tears.

"I love you."

There bodies intertwined.