~24 Crayons~


Chad, Sonny, I'm extremely disappointed in both of you.

But Mr. Condor- It was Chad's fault!

Are you kidding me? Mr. C, you can't do this... I'm the biggest money-maker you've got!

When Chad and Sonny cause a nationwide scandal that taints the image of Condor Studios, they're are left with some cleaning up to do.

I'm sorry, but you've brought this upon yourselves. Starting Monday, you two are going to be volunteering at the California Medical Center.

Volunteering? C.D.C. don't help others.

Well, if 'C.D.C.' wants to keep his career, he's going to learn to help others.

But Mr. Condor, you can't possibly expect me to work with Chad...

Same goes for you, Sonny. The fact that you two couldn't get along is part of what created the scandal.

The two are assigned to an eleven-year-old cancer patient, Callie.

What?! We have to volunteer for a kid who's dying?

Shut up, Chad.

In spending time with Callie, Chad and Sonny uncover more about themselves than they ever thought,

not only clearing the name of Condor Studios, but slowly diminishing the hate between each other.

~24 Crayons~

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