Dean sped down the road playing ACDC's Back in Black. Tiffany was running her hand over the upholstery and admiring Dean's handy work. Wow, Dean was really great with his hands. Hands. She shivered thinking of his hands and how they haven't had sex since they got back together which was the first for Dean. The three of them have been too busy looking for the demon that killed John and they have all been in mourning over it. She glanced at him seeing his face, he was grinning and he was actually happy.

"Woo! Listen to her purr. You ever heard anything so sweet?"

"You know if you two wanna get a room, just let me know, Dean," said Sam glancing at Tiffany and the two of them laughing.

Dean patted the dashboard. "Oh, don't listen to him, baby. He doesn't understand us."

Tiffany rolled her eyes. He probably loves this car more than me. "You're in a good mood."

"Why shouldn't I be?"

"No reason," said Sam.

"I got my car, got a case, got my girl back," he winked at Tiffany. "Things are looking up."

"I'm glad that I'm number three of that list," said Tiffany rolling her eyes.

"Awe, babe there's no list; I was just saying it that's all. I'll make it up to you." He winked again and Tiffany just raised her eyebrows. Yeah, sure.

"Wow, give you a couple of severed head and a pile of dead cows, and you're Mr. Sunshine," said Sam.

Dean chuckled. "How far to Red Lodge?"

"Uh, about another three hundred miles."

Dean grinned. "Good." He stepped on the gas pedal and sped down the road.

Tiffany sat on a stool in the Candler County Hospital Autopsy Room while Dean and Sam were at the Sheriff's office. She stood up, tired of waiting for the boys to get back and opened the one compartment. She grabbed a pair of latex gloves and looked at the body on the table. She sighed looking at the plastic bin next to the victim's body. She heard the doors open and Dean and Sam came walking in.

"Bout time, I was about to do it without you guys."

"Baby, you know I love watching you start without me," said Dean winking at her. She hit his arm playfully shaking her head. He turned to Sam who was examining the body. "Those Satanists in Florida…they marked their victims, did they?"

"Yeah, reverse pentacle on the forehead," said Sam.

"So much F'ed up crap happens in Florida." He shook his head and looked at the plastic bin next to the body. "Alright open it."

"You open it," said Sam.

"Jesus, I'll open it, wusses," said Tiffany grabbing it and taking it over to another table. She opened it revealing the girls head. "Well, Dean, no pentagram."

Sam and Dean walked over and looked at it. "Wow, poor girl," said Sam.

"Maybe we should, uh, look in her mouth, see if this wacko stuffed anything down her throat. You know, kind of like the moth in 'Silence of the Lambs.'" Tiffany and Dean chuckled.

"Yeah, yeah," said Sam. "Go ahead."

"No, you go ahead," said Dean.


Dean smirked. "Put the lotion in the basket." Tiffany rolled her eyes and snorted.

"Right, yeah. Tiffany scratch me off the wuss list you have." He cleared his throat as he opened the girl's mouth feeling around it with his hands. "Dean, get me a bucket."

"Find something?"

Sam looked disgusted for a second. "No, I'm gonna puke." Dean and Tiffany looked closer at the girl and Sam removed his hand.

"Alright, lift up her lip again."

"What? You want me to throw up, is that it?"

"No, no I think I saw something." Dean lifted the girls lip up and looked at her gums. "What is that, a hole?" He pushed on the gum and a fang appeared above her set of normal teeth.

"It's a tooth," said Sam.

"Guys, that's a fang. It's a retractable set of vampire fangs, you gotta be kidding me."

"This changes things," said Sam.

"You think?" asked Dean.


That night the three of them walked into a bar and up at the bartender. They didn't even notice the man in the bar staring at them.

"How's it going?" asked Dean.

"Living the dream. What can I get for you?" asked the bartender.

"Three beers, please." The bartender walks away to get their drinks and comes back with them.

"So, we're looking for some people," said Sam.

Eli smirked. "Sure. It's hard to be lonely." He winked at Tiffany and she smiled. Dean raised his eyebrows and put his arm around her waist while Sam smiled.

"Yeah, but um…that's not what I meant." He took out a twenty from his jacket and placed it in front of the bartender who took it. "Great, so these people would've moved here about six months ago. Probably a pretty rowdy, like to drink."

"Yeah, real night owls, you know? Sleep all day, party all night," said Dean.

"Barker Farm got leased out a couple months ago. Real winners. They've been in here a lot. Drinkers, noisy. I had to 86 them once or twice."

"Thanks," said Dean and the three of them leave not noticing the guy that was staring at them left too.

"Guys, I don't know about you but I can feel we're being followed," said Tiffany. Dean and Sam exchanged a look and hid behind a couple of dumpsters hearing the footsteps getting closer, walk past and then stop. The three of them quietly walked out behind the African-American that was looking around. He turned around and they pinned him against the wall and Dean was holding a knife to Gordon's throat.

"Smile," said Dean.

"What?" asked the man.

"Show us those pearly whites."

"Oh, for the love of…you wanna stick that thing someplace else? I'm not a vampire. Yeah, that's right. I heard you guys in there."

"What do you know about vampires?" asked Sam.

"How to kill them. Now, seriously bro, that knife's making me itch." He tried to move but Sam kept him to the wall.

"Hey!" yelled Sam.

"Whoa, easy there, Chachi." He lifted his upper lip and pushed against his lips to show no fangs. "See? Fangless, happy?" The three of them moved away from him. "Now who the hell are you?"

Dean, Tiffany and Sam looked at each other and then back at the man.

"Sam and Dean Winchester," said Gordon as he took out the arsenal in between the seats. Tiffany raised her eyebrows at this. "I can't believe it. You know, I met your old man once…hell of a guy, great hunter." He shook his head. "I heard he passed. I'm sorry. It's big shoes, but from what I hear you guys fill them…great trackers, good in a tight spot."

"You seem to know a lot about our family," said Dean looking at Tiffany who gave her the sign to feel him out. She nodded and opened her mind as the boys kept him distracted.

"Well, word travels fast. You know how hunters talk."

"No, we don't actually."

"I guess there's a lot your dad never told you, huh?" Dean looked at him confused.

"So, uh…so those two vampires…they were yours, right?" asked Sam.

Tiffany felt sadness, revenge and anger running off of Gordon when Sam mentioned vampires. She bit the inside of her cheek and closed her mind. She didn't like this. She didn't really like him. Something he was hiding.

"Yup, been here two weeks."

"Did you check out the Barker Farm?" asked Tiffany eyeing him up.

"It's a bust. Just a bunch of hippie freaks. Though they could kill you with that patchouli smell alone."

"Where's the nest then?" asked Dean. Gordon smiled and slid the arsenal back in his car.

"I got this one covered. Look, don't get me wrong, it's a real pleasure meeting you three. But I've been on this thing for over a year. I killed a fang back in Austin, tracked the nest all the way up here. I'll finish it."

"We could help."

"Thanks but I'm kind of go it alone type of guy."

"Come on, man, I've been itching for a hunt." Tiffany scrunched her eyebrows together and looked at Sam then back at Dean and Gordon.

"Sorry, but hey I hear there's a chupacabra two states over. Go ahead and knock yourselves out." Gordon got in his car. "It was real good meeting you though. I'll buy you a drink on the flipside." He drove off leaving the three of them standing there. Tiffany sighed and looked at Dean.

"Well, what are we doing standing around here for, let's follow this guy."

Dean grinned. "This is why I love this girl."

"So, what did you feel from our new pal Gordon?" asked Sam as they walked over to the car.

"Mixture of things, he's definitely hunting for revenge."

The three of them followed Gordon to the Mill and hear some struggling going on inside when they get out of the car. They ran in to find Gordon almost getting his head chopped off by a chopping machine. Sam and Tiffany grabbed Gordon as Dean beat up the vampire and stabbed him with a sharp object. Tiffany watched as Dean put the vampire under the machine and brought down the lever and beheaded the vampire watching its blood stain Deans. Tiffany swallowed hard not knowing what exactly was going on with Dean with this hunt.

"So, uh I guess I gotta buy you that drink," said Gordon. Dean looked at Sam who had a concerned look on his face then at Tiffany seeing worry written all over her.


The four of them were sitting at the same bar they were at earlier that night around a table. The waitress served them more drinks and Dean went for his wallet and Gordon stopped him.

"No, no, I got it," said Gordon.

"Come on," said Dean.

"I insist." He placed the money on the waitress's tray. "Thank you sweetie." The waitress left and Dean and Gordon raised their shot glasses. "Another one bites the dust."

"That's right." Tiffany and Sam exchanged a worried look and watched the two men in front of them down their drinks.

Gordon started to laugh. "Dean, you gave that big ass fang one hell of a haircut, my friend."

Dean chuckled and glanced at Tiffany who seemed to be a little uncomfortable. He squeezed her knee to let her know everything was ok and she gave him that little smile. "Thank you."

"That was beautiful, absolutely beautiful."

"Yep." Dean looked at Sam who was also looking upset. What was up with his family?! "You alright Sammy?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," said Sam.

"Well, lighten up a little, Sammy," said Gordon.

"Those two are the only that gets to call me that."

"Ok, no offense meant, just celebrating a little job well done."

"Right, well, um…decapitations aren't my idea of a good time, I guess."

"Oh, come on, man. It's not like it was human. You've gotta have a little more fun with your job."

Dean snapped his fingers. "See that's what I've been trying to tell him." He looked at Sam. "You could learn a thing or two from this guy."

"Yeah, I bet I could. Look, I'm not gonna bring you guys down, I'm just gonna go back to the motel." He turned to Tiffany. "You wanna come?"

"Yeah, sure." Tiffany nodded.

"Oh, come on, babe, stay," said Dean grabbing her hand and pouting a little at her.

She gave him a little smile and kissed his cheek. "I'm tired and I don't want to bring down your guy bonding time." Dean leaned up and kissed her gently on the lips. "I'll see you at the motel, don't keep me waiting." She winked at him letting him know she was ok and nodded at Gordon as she followed Sam to the exit.

"Sammy!" yelled Dean and the two of them turned around to see Dean throw the keys at them. "Remind me to beat that buzz kill outta you later, alright?" Sam caught the keys and the two of them left.

"Something I said?"

"No, no, he just gets that way sometimes. I'll tell you what." Dean held up his shot glass. "Match quarters for the next round." The two of them drank their glasses.

"Man, can I tell you how lucky you are to have a girl like Tiffany around. Most women would shut the door on you."

Dean shrugged. "She couldn't stand me at first, let's just say, I grew on her." Dean smirked. "She's a great girl, been there for me through thick and thin. And the fact that she is a hunter makes her understand me even more." Gordon nodded.

Tiffany and Sam entered the motel room and Tiffany fell right on the bed. "Ugh, I can't stand that guy Gordon for one more second!" Sam chuckled. "I'm going to fall asleep any minute now…" Tiffany closed her eyes and she was out.


"Tiff, Tiffany wake up," said Dean shaking Tiffany awake.

"Hmm…"she said rolling on her side and looking up at him. He smirked seeing how cute she was when she was half asleep.

"Where's Sam?"

She lifted her head and looked around. Gordon was sitting at the table and she looked towards the bathroom. "Uh, I don't know…maybe a walk or something you know how he is." Dean nodded and kissed her forehead.

"Get some sleep."

"I was before you knuckle head came and woke me." She got under the covers and rolled to her side trying to fall back to sleep. She heard paper unraveling and she started to get annoyed.

"Well, this is the best pattern I can establish, it's sketchy at best," said Gordon.

"Looks like it are all coming from this side of town, which means the nest would be around here someplace right?"

"Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. Problem is there's thirty five, forty farms out there. I've searched about half of them already but nothing yet. They're covering their tracks real good."

"Well, that's it," said Tiffany sitting up and taking the covers off of her. "I can't sleep how about that?" She got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom and closed the door. Dean sighed and walked towards the bathroom. He knocked on the door.



"Can I come in?"

She didn't say anything and Dean walked in closing the door behind him. "What is wrong with you?"

"Wrong with me?" she asked quietly. "What's wrong with you? Did you see yourself back there at the Mill?"

"Sorry I didn't have a mirror. There is nothing wrong with me."

"You don't see it, Dean but Sam and I do. You were so antsy to get on a case maybe we should have stayed at Bobby's a couple more days…"

"No! I am fine! And if you don't believe me talking to you why don't you just feel what I'm feeling?!"

"I told you I would never go through you or Sam's feelings without permission…"

There was a rush knock at the door. "Wait a minute!" yelled Dean staring at Tiffany with anger in his eyes.

"Dean, it's me!" It was Sam. Tiffany walked around Dean and opened the door.

"Where have you been?!"

"I need to talk to you two." Tiffany nodded and followed Sam to the door.

"You mind chilling out for a couple minutes?" Dean asked Gordon. Gordon shook his head as the three of them walked out of the room.

"Maybe we've gotta rethink this hunt," said Sam turning around to face them.

"What are you talking about? Where were you?" asked Dean.

"In the nest."

Tiffany's eyes bugged out. "You found it?" she asked.

"They found me."

"How'd you get out? How many did you kill?" asked Dean.


"Well, Sam, they didn't just let you go."

"That's exactly what they did."

"Alright, well, where is it."

"I was blindfolded, I don't know."

"Well, you've gotta know something."

"We went over that bridge outside of town, but Dean, listen; maybe we shouldn't go after them."

"Why not?"

"I don't think they're like other vampire. I don't think they're killing people."

"You're joking." Sam gives him a pleading look. Tiffany bit her bottom lip.

"Maybe he's right Dean, why would Sam lie about this?"

"Then how do they stay alive? Or undead, or whatever the hell they are?"

"The cattle mutilations, they said they live off of animal blood."

"And you believed them?"

"Look at me, Dean. They let me go without a scratch."

"Wait so you're saying…no man. No way. I don't know why they let you go, I don't really care. We find them and we waste them." Dean started to walk back to the room while Tiffany stayed at Sam's side. She was on his side with this one and she didn't care if Dean got pissed off about it.

"Why?" asked Sam.

"What part of vampires don't you understand, Sam? If it's supernatural, we kill it. End of story, that's our job."

"No, Dean, that's not our job. Our job is hunting evil. And if these things aren't killing people, they're not evil."

"Of course they're killing people! That's what they do. They're all the same! They're not human, ok? We have to exterminate every last one of them."

"No, I don't think so alright? Not this time!"

"Gordon's been on those vamps for a year, man. He knows.



"You're taking his word for it?"

"That's right."

"Ellen says he's bad news."

"You called Ellen?" Sam nodded. "Am I supposed to listen to her? We barely know her, Sam. No thanks, I'll go with Gordon."

"Right, cause Gordon's such an old friend. You don't think Tiff and I can see what this is?"

Dean glanced between the two. "What are you talking about?"

"He's a substitute for dad, isn't he? A poor one."

Dean clenched his teeth together looking angry at the two. "Shut up, Sam! And you I can't believe you're taking his side!"

"She's just worried about you."

"Dean he's not even close to John. Not on his best day."

"You know what; I'm not even gonna…"

"You know what," said Sam. "You slap on this big fake smile. But I can see right through it, because I know how you feel Dean! Dads dead! And he left a hole and it hurts so bad you can't take it but you can't just fill up that hole with whoever you want to! It's an insult to his memory!"

Dean stares at Sam. "Ok." He turned around but turned back around and punched Sam.

"Dean!" yelled Tiffany.

"Stay out of it!"

"Fine! Whatever!" Tiffany started walking off.

"Where are you going?!"

"I am leaving you told me to stay out of it!"

"Tiffany! Get back here!"

"Don't tell me what to fucking do!" She felt angry tears welling up in her eyes and walked around the building to feel herself getting hit in the head and blacking out.


Tiffany woke up tied to a chair and she looked to her left to see another girl tied. "Good to see you're awake," said Gordon. She watched as Gordon dipped a knife in a glass jar full of blood and started cutting the girl next to her. Tiffany watched as the girl cried out.

"Gordon you son of a bitch, that's torture!" yelled Tiffany. "You're not a hunter you're just one crazy son of a bitch!"

Gordon chuckled. "You know, I thought you were like Dean but now I just see that you are just like Sam." Gordon back handed Tiffany so hard the chair fell.

Tiffany looked up at the door to see Dean and Sam walking in. Dean's hand was clenched after watching Gordon slap her.

"Sam, Dean, come on in," said Gordon.

"You ok babe?" asked Dean looking at Tiffany. "Gordon, what's going on?"

"Just poisoning Lenore here with some dead man's blood." He looked at Lenore. "She's gonna tell us where all her little friends are, aren't you?" He looked back at Dean. "Wanna help?"

"Look, man…"

"Grab a knife. I was just about to start in on the fingers." He cut her arm.

"Whoa, whoa, hey let's all just chill out huh? I mean why did you kidnap Tiffany?"

"To prove a point to you two."

"We get it…just leave Lenore alone…"

"You're right…" Gordon dropped the little dagger and picked up a bigger knife. "I'm wasting my time here. This bitch will never talk. Might as well put her out of her misery. I just sharpened it, so it's completely humane."

"Gordon, I'm letting her go."

"You're not doing a damn thing."

"Hey, hey Gordon, let's talk about this," said Dean.

"What's there to talk about? It's like I said, Dean…no shades of gray."

"Yeah, I hear you. And I know how you feel."

"Do you?"

"The vampire that killed your sister deserved to die, but…"

Gordon started to laugh. "Killed my sister? That filthy fang didn't kill me sister. It turned her. It made her one of them. So I hunted her down and killed her myself."

"You did what?"

"It wasn't my sister anymore. It wasn't human. I didn't blink…and neither would you."

"So you knew all along them. You knew about the vampires, you knew they weren't killing anyone. You knew about the cattle and you just didn't care."

"Care about what? A nest of vampires suddenly acting nice? Taking a little time out from sucking innocent people? And we're supposed to buy that? Trust me it doesn't change what they are and that's how I'm gonna prove it." He grabs Tiffany off the floor and holds the knife to her neck.

Dean and Sam took out their guns and held it to them. "Let her go…now!"

"Relax…if I wanted to kill her, she'd already be on the floor. Just making a little point." He unties Tiffany and she tries to get out of his grip. "Don't try anything." She stopped struggling as he cut her wrist and start to let the blood drip onto Lenore. Lenore's fangs showed and began to hiss.

"Hey!" yelled Dean.

"You think she's so different? Still wanna save her? Look at her. They're all the same…evil bloodthirsty." Lenore's teeth returned to normal and she shook her head.

"No, no!" yelled Lenore tired like.

"You hear her Gordon?" yelled Sam.

"No! No!" yelled Lenore. Gordon pushed Tiffany into Dean and she was holding her wrist feeling more blood being poured out. Sam pushed Gordon away.

"We're done here.

"Sam, get her out of here," said Dean.

"Yeah." He picked Lenore up from the chair and carried her away. Gordon started towards them and Dean stopped him.

"Uh, uh! Uh uh! Gordon…I think you and I got some things to talk about." He kept his gun pointed at him while Gordon held onto his knife. Tiffany started to feel dizzy and she sat down in one of the chairs. She was losing too much blood.

"Get out of my way," said Gordon.


"You're not serious."

"I'm having a hard time believing it too but I know what I saw. You want those vampires you've gotta go through me." Gordon stuck his knife into the table.


Dean took the ammo out of his gun while he was putting the gun into his pocket Gordon punched him. Dean punched him back and Gordon grabbed the knife. He swung it at him missing Dean. Dean got the knife out of Gordon's hands.

"What are you doing man? You doing this for a fang? Come on Dean we're on the same side here!"

"I don't think so you sadistic bastard." Gordon pushed Dean on of him and into a table. Tiffany watched through slit eyes.

"You're not like your brother. You're a killer like me!" Dean got off the table and the two of them beat the crap out of each other. Dean punched then kicked him in the stomach. Dean was tired and grabbed Gordon around the neck and slammed Gordon's head into a wall.

"Oops, sorry."

Tiffany smiled weakly at Dean as he tied Gordon to a chair. "You know I may be like you and I might not. But you're the one tired up right now." He walked over to Tiffany seeing how pale she was. "You ok baby?"

She nodded and he didn't believe her. She looked at her wrist and saw the blood was slowing down but if she lost anymore, she may start to lose consciousness. "I'll be back." He kissed her forehead and Gordon laughed.

"That's your problem Dean, compassion for her. You should just leave her on the curb." Dean ignored his comment and walked towards the bathroom for anything to help him with Tiffany's wound. He came back with some medical wrap and tape and started wrapping it up.

"You ok?"

She nodded. "Just really tired."

"We'll be out of here soon." He kissed her forehead and looked over at the door to see Sam walking in. "Did I miss anything?"

"Nah, not much, Lenore get out ok?" Dean helped Tiffany out of the chair and she leaned on him.

"Yeah, all of them did." Gordon looked at hi pissed.

"Then I guess our work here is done." He gently placed Tiffany on Sam for support. "How you doing Gordy? Gotta tinkle yet? Alright…well get comfy. We'll call someone in two or three days have them come out untie you." He placed his knife out of his reach.

"Ready to go?" asked Tiffany reaching out for Deans hand and touched it gently.

"Not yet." He looked at Gordon. "I guess this is goodbye." He laughed. "It's been real." He punched Gordon causing the chair to fall over. He turned around and pulled Tiffany towards him. "Ok, I'm good now. We can go." The three of them walked out of the house and to the car.

"Sam?" asked Dean.


"Clock me one."

"What?" Tiffany cocked an eyebrow.

"Come on, I won't even hit you back, let's go."


"Let's go, you get a freebie! Hit me, come on."

Sam scoffed. "You look like you just went twelve rounds with a block of cement, Dean. I'll take rain check."

"I wish we never took this job, cause we jacked everything up."

"What do you mean?"

"Think about all the hunts we went on, Sammy, our whole lives."


"What if we killed things that didn't deserve killing? You know, I mean, the way dad raised us…"

"Dean after what happened to mom…dad did the best he could."

"I know he did but the man wasn't perfect. I mean the way he raised us to hate those thing s and man, I hate them. I do. When I killed that vampire at the mill, I didn't even think about it. Hell I even enjoyed it.

"You didn't kill Lenore."

"Yeah but every instinct told me to. I was gonna kill her I was gonna kill them all."

"Yeah," said Tiffany feeling a little bit better and Dean looked at her. "But you didn't." She grabbed his hand. "That's what matters."

"Yeah but it's because Sam's a pain in my ass." Tiffany and Sam laughed.

"Guess I might have to stick around and be a pain in the ass then," said Sam. Sam got in the car and Tiffany stopped Dean.

"Why don't you sit in the back with me? We never have any time together anymore." He smiled a little at her. He nodded. "Alright." He looked in through the window and passed Sam the keys. "You drive."

Dean opened the back door and let Tiffany slide in and then he did. Not even five minutes on the road the both of them were fast asleep. She was lying on top of Dean while he lied there rubbing her back softly sleeping himself.