Angst Prompt #1
SoMa - "I'm not cut out for this."- )

"Let me go, Soul," the words were whispered against the skin of his neck weakly.

Soul clenched his eyes shut, the gentle plea tearing him apart like nothing else could. She was suffering, he knew, in more pain than she'd probably ever been in - hanging on only because he was too chicken shit to let her go. Even so, he held her tighter, because that was all he could do, all she'd let him do. The black blood crawled up his back, the oily tendrils of madness trying to bring him under, but he didn't care. Not when she lay broken in his arms.

"I won't forgive you," he told her numbly, his teeth clenching as she reached up with all her remaining strength to kiss his cheek.

"I know," was her only reply.

"Fuck," he swore as the madness crawled up her leg, he wiped it away frantically with his hand and pulled her up higher. All they had to do was wait till she was rested, then they'd fight their way through this like they'd always done. "We've been through worse, right? Remember when we had to kill that giant snake?" His words sounded desperate even to his own ears. "We thought we were done for then too."

Her laugh was forced, and it tore his heart to fucking shreds. "We would've been toast if that farmer hadn't come around. Bill, I think his name was. Do you remember?"

"Yeah." He didn't, but in that moment he could deny her nothing - even if it was so insignificant.

"Liar," she wheezed, so faint now that he could barely hear.

His fingers dug into the flesh of her thigh as he stared down at her. "Come on Maka, get up. Please get up. We can go home together and I'll even do the dishes for a whole fucking year just Maka...please."

"I can't move, Soul," she admitted gently, smiling up at him through her tears. "Not for awhile now."

Despair rose and curdled in his stomach at the condemning words. "I'm not cut out for this," he told her, and he wasn't sure whether it was a plea or an explanation. "I can't... Maka..."

"I know," she said again.

His hand shook as his fingers raised to stroke through her hair, not noticing that the strands were coated in her blood. "Alright," he whispered to her softly as the tears fell from his eyes. He lowered his forehead till it touched hers. "Alright... but I swear to you I will hunt you down in the next life and all the ones after."

He pulled away just enough that he could look at her, his hands cradling her lolling head. "You hear me, Maka? Every fucking one."

She grinned, and for a moment the spark was back in her eyes. "Promise...?"

He choked on a sob, his thumb brushing the arch of her eyebrow. "Yeah."

Her eyes closed and then she was gone.

As if sensing the loss of all hope, the black madness rose up from around them like a vindictive wave and consumed them both. Maka was torn from his arms, ripped away from him by her own sickness. Pulled forcefully from her mind, Soul came up gasping, his cheeks wet and his throat sore as he felt the loss of his other half.

His head turned and he saw Maka lying next to him, staring up unseeing at the sky above them. "Oh God," he cried, reaching for her. His hand touched her arm and he pulled her to him, wrapping around her as tight as he could as he buried his face into her still warm neck.

His cries echoed through the night.

Angst Prompt #2
(Blair/Maka Bropt - "Shh, c'mere...")

Maka stared down at the small stick in her fingers as she sat on the toilet, dread filling her heart. Her hand shakily rose to cover her mouth as the smiley face appeared in the small window. The pregnancy test fell out of her numb fingers and she watched it land between her feet, feeling strangely detached.

"Maka? You've been in here forever and I just need-" Blair froze as she stepped into the bathroom, her hand still on the doorknob as she took in Maka, the pregnancy test, and the underwear still wrapped around her ankles. Sneaking a glance behind her, Blair spotted Soul lounging lazily on the couch. Turning back, she silently stepped into the bathroom and shut the door.

"What am I going to do?" Maka whispered, the tears finally coming to her eyes as reality hit. "Blair... I..."

Blair walked over to the young woman and knelt down to pick up the stick. Having proved what she'd already expected, Blair set the test on the counter before reaching over to tug Maka off the toilet. "Shh, c'mere..." she whispered, her long nails sifted through Maka's blonde hair. "It'll be okay, pumpkin. Everything is going to be just fine."

Her eyes closing, Maka wrapped her arms around the other woman and cried.

Angst Prompt #3
SoMa - "Don't trust me.")

Maka kept her head down, hiding her eyes from the bustling street which had grown hectic with the threat of the potential storm. She watched, detached, as the heavy rains pounded the street, pooling into icy puddles that just reached the tips of her toes. It was cold out, though she hardly noticed the temperature as she stood between two food vendors, neither of which had noticed the skinny, malnourished eighteen year old girl camping out beside them. All the while, as the world moved endlessly around her, she continued to grip the lethal blades within her small hands - tightening her fists until the flesh of her knuckles turned white with strain.

Maka's eyes sharpened instantly into focus when a pair of boots sauntered casually into her vision. "There you are! I've spent the last half hour looking for you!" spoke a depressingly optimistic voice. And yet it was you who left me in this exact spot, Maka mused bitterly, refusing to lift her gaze.

"In any case, I found us some dinner and a place to stay tonight - follow me."

Dutifully, Maka followed the white haired man into the streets. A month ago the man she followed, Soul was his name, had interfered in a street fight that most certainly would have ended in her demise. When she'd told him she was homeless, he'd plucked her out of poverty and into his slightly less impoverished world.

"This is where we'll staying," Soul said when they'd arrived half an hour later, opening the small door of a cabin located just outside the city. It was a bit musty but still in good shape considering it had been abandoned. "It's easier than renting," he explained. "At least until we can get some money to support ourselves."

Maka looked passed Soul, her face carefully blank as she seemed to contemplate her options.

"After you," Soul encouraged when she remained where she was. Eyeing Soul blankly, Maka finally stepped into the small hut - an ingrained hesitancy keeping her body stiff. Fortunately it was small and dark, which appealed to her.

"So," Soul smiled. "What do you think?"

Maka examined her surroundings, her senses taking in potential escape routes out of habit. "It's fine," she said.

"How did I know you were going to say that?" was the dry reply.

Maka picked up a mug, examined it for a second before placing it down again.

Soul sighed. "You know, if we're going to bunk together, you're going to have to be a bit more enthusiastic."

When she didn't reply, Soul rolled his eyes. "Whatever, let's just go to bed. I'm exhausted."


Later that night, the young woman stared calmly down at the handsome face of the man laying before her. However serene and peaceful he appeared in his slumber, nothing could negate the man's sheer presence and it's demand for attention. Awed despite herself, the girl's small, scarred fingers reached out (curling briefly in a moment of hesitation) to lightly touch the soft skin of the man's cheek.

"Shouldn't you be sleeping?"

Maka didn't remove her hand, simply traced her fingers down the smooth flesh to touch his lips. He was beautiful. She told him so.

Soul's lips curved beneath the thin fingers and he finally opened his eyes to stare into her deadpanned gaze. "Sleep, Maka."

"I'm fine." The fingers slipped down his neck and along his shoulder.

Soul reached out to her and wrapped his arms gently around her torso. He pulled her down to the mattress and covered her in blankets. "Sleep," he whispered gently into her ear.

Wrapped tightly in his embrace, warmer than she could ever remember being, Maka reached behind her to the sheathe attached to her back and deftly pulled out the blade.

Soul, though he wasn't aware she knew, was the right hand man of a drug lord that had recently gone bankrupt due to a bad investment. Those employed had gone into hiding, all of them prime targets for assassinations. Soul alone had a ten million price on his head.

She gripped the handle tighter and pulled back from him. He was looking up at her with trusting eyes which closed slowly as she leaned down to press a kiss to his lips. "Don't trust me," she said against his mouth and stabbed the blade in his heart as tears fell unbidden.

Prompt #4
SoMa - "Just leave me ALONE.")

Soul hesitantly kneeled down beside the curled up figure that was sobbing grossly into her knees. He reached out to touch her trembling shoulder but paused when her cries worsened. "Maka... what's wrong?"

"Just leave me ALONE!"

Soul winced at the hoarse tone and looked back at Blair who was glaring down at him from the bathroom doorway, arms crossed over her chest. He didn't know what her problem was, he'd just been minding his own business when she'd grabbed his ear, hauled him off the couch and threw him into the bathroom. It wasn't his fault Maka cried when she was PMSing. With a martyred sigh, Soul gently patted Maka's back as the sound of her sniffles, snorts, and wails echoed around the bathroom.

He raised his eyes heavenward, hoping this would all be over before the soccer game started, when his gaze caught a plastic stick on the counter beside them. Frowning, he reached up and grabbed the curious item before slowly bringing it down to examine it.

His heart instantly plummeted.

"You're pregnant...?" he breathed, feeling unstable as he looked over at his partner. Maka was facing him now, her eyes red-rimmed and her cheeks wet - looking more frightened than he'd ever seen her. Her nod was barely noticeable, but it felt like she'd cleaved his heart in two with the condemning motion.

Soul could do nothing but sit there helplessly, frozen as Maka cried silent tears beside him.

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