Dedicated to Elisha (CrimsonDeath1)


It's kinda funny I'm writing this.. Looking back, Hinata and I have been going through the same thing.

This is just Hinata's thoughts after the whole "Hinata's Confession" jizz… I mean jazz XD


Unrequited love is funny. It hurts too. I guess you could say I'm that girl that watched by the sidelines, waiting for him to see, I've always been there. Just another Taylor Swift song telling me the story of my life.

But then when you finally have that one day, where you tell your head to shut up and follow your heart, something intervenes.

Like your interest going away for a couple of years to train and next thing you know, your village is in ruins. AND you about to save him, leading to your confession…

In all honesty, I would have preferred a different way for him to find out. Of course, me being me, I'd probably start stuttering and faint from all the feelings exploding in me before forming a sentence. ..

Still though.

What I said though… was true. I do love Naruto. I would die protecting him (which I was pretty close in doing). He's inspired me to do better in my training and to try and come out of this…this shell I'm always in. I admit, the word "STALKER" would be stamped on my forehead for every time I would watch him train, but understand, I was a little girl back then! Like I said, he inspired me to keep motivating myself to do better. (But then again.. I still do it now.. Kukuku)

It was a Life and Death situation… what else could I have done? Die, with my feelings still locked in my heart? I don't think so.

And even if I died.. At least I died protecting probably one of the Greatest Ninja's our world as ever seen.

Ok, this was total rambling. It's not one of my best, and honestly, I could have done waaaay better, but, well, yeah (:

It's been a long time I've posted something here on FFN, but ehh, better than nothing right?