Hello Lovelies! I do not own Darcy's Wild Life. This story takes place after the episode "Mystery Date" and it is a Lindsay and Eli pairing. Enjoy!

Lindsay Adams walked across the glossy green grass surrounding Darcy's home swinging a brown shopping bag back and forth, knowing she would find Eli taking care of the animals. She spotted him talking to Darcy's horse while stroking it gently.

"Hey Eli," Lindsay said walking over to the boy and the horse.

Eli looked from the horse to Lindsay and smiled. "What are you doing here," Eli asked, "Not that I'm not glad you're here, it's just I thought you would be working with your dad today, but now I see that you're not," Eli fumbled through his greeting.

Lindsay laughed and shook her head. "I got you something," she said, lifting the bag in her hand to bag the boy's face.

"Oh," Eli responded in a surprised tone. He took the bag from her hand and said, "Thanks."

"Don't you want to know what it is," Lindsay asked, raising an eyebrow and grinning.

"Yeah, of course," Eli excitedly said before opening the bag and taking out a new cowboy hat.

Lindsay rubbed her arm and looked at ground saying, "I know you already have one, but it never hurts to have too," in a shy tone of voice.

"I was just thinking my friend here would look great in a hat," Eli said rubbing his chin. He took the hat that was on his head and placed it on the horse's head. "Now he can wear my old hat and I can wear my new favorite one," Eli smiled; placing the hat Lindsay bought him on his head.

Lindsay laughed and blushed while Eli smiled at her. "So," Eli began.

"So," Lindsay repeated, stroking the horse.

"So, why did you get me a present," Eli asked with a curious expression.

"Well…for what you did yesterday. Brittany was a total jerk for making me believe I had a secret admirer just to make fun of me in front of everyone," Lindsay explained, walking away to sit on the grass.

"I'm your friend," Eli said, sitting beside the girl, "I've always got your back."

"Even when I was being a jerk about our science project this past week," Lindsay said softly.

"Even when you were being a butthead," Eli joked.

Lindsay bumped him with her shoulder and he fell over, groaning in feigned agony. The two friends laughed until Eli sat back up. He looked over at his friend and saw the frown that developed on her face. "What's wrong," he asked.

The girl sighed and picked a blade of grass. "It's just that, I should have known I could never have a real secret admirer," she said throwing the blade.

Eli furrowed his eyebrows together and demanded, "Why would you say that?"

"Eli, come on, I never dress or look like Darcy or Kathi, I'm always working, I'm bossy," Lindsay listed angrily until Eli put a hand over her mouth.

"And everyone acts like I'm the dumb one," Eli laughed. Lindsay rolled her eyes as Eli removed his hand. "You always look cute in that apron you wear at work, you are a great friend and you always know what to do," Eli smiled and picked a small flower off the ground. Lindsay's eyes widened and she opened her mouth to speak when Victoria called for Eli.

"Got to run," Eli said jumping to his feet. He handed Lindsay the flower and said, "Remember, I'm your secret admirer, you have to believe what I say." With that being said, he ran over to Darcy's mom. Lindsay looked at the flower and smiled before lying on the grass.

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