This story takes place during the 8th season. It may contain spoilers. The only differences in this story are Kerry isn't gay she's happily married to Carter, Luka and Abby didn't break up they're still together and Malucci was never fired.

Disclaimer: All ER characters are the property of Warner Bros, Michael Cricton, and NBC. Although I wish I owned Carter!

The ER loses one of their own and some old friends return.

Chapter 1:End Of The Road

It was a cool February day in Chicago. The County General ER was unusually quite today. There were hardly any patients. Several of the staff stood around the admit desk. No one felt like talking. Even Dave who was always cracking jokes stood silently.

A few nights ago one of their own was admitted to the hospital. It had hit so suddenly. He had been doing so well but now they knew he didn't have much time left. His wife stood vigil at his bedside. She was a wreck for a few weeks before she almost lost her baby daughter when her stepdaughter who was obviously angry with her took her anger out on the little girl giving her enough pills to cause an overdose. She wanted her stepdaughter to leave their house and she and her husband had fought about it and now he was laying in a hospital bed his life slowly slipping away.

A couple walked toward the familiar ER doors. They wished their visit was for pleasure but it wasn't they were coming to see their friend before it was too late. The woman squeezed her husband's hand "I wish this wasn't happening" He sighed "Neither do I" The words "Get here as soon as you can he doesn't have much time left" rang in has ears.

The couple walked in to the ER and were surprised to see Susan Lewis. She approached the couple. Her eyes red and puffy from crying. "Doug, Carol you came he'll be so glad you did" She hugged her two friends. Susan lead them to the admit desk where Carter, Kerry, Abby, Luka, and Dave all stood silently. Doug couldn't believe it he had never seen the ER so quite before even Kerry who was always screaming at somebody stood there silently her eyes red and puffy from crying too. Doug and Carol said hello and hugged their friends before heading upstairs to see him.

Elizabeth sat at his bedside holding his hand in hers. She tried not to cry for his sake but failed. Her green eyes were now filled with sadness and tears. He looked up at her. He whispers "Don't cry Elizabeth everything will be okay" Elizabeth spoke softly her British voice crackling as she spoke "I'm scared Mark I don't know how everything can be okay with out you , I love you" She laid her head on his chest her tears turning to sobs. Mark's body was filled with weakness and pain but he still found the energy to put his arm around her and lightly rub her back in hopes of comforting her as best he could.

Doug and Carol walked into Mark's room. Elizabeth heard the door open. She sat up and saw Doug and Carol standing there. She stood up and hugged her friends "I'm glad you came" she whispered. Doug walked over to Mark's bed and gave him a quick hug. "Hey buddy" Mark managed a small smile "Hey, where are the girls." Doug felt tears threatening to fall. Mark was his bestfriend, like the brother he never had and soon he'd be gone. He choked back the tears and whispered "They're with Carol's mom" Mark nodded.

Carol made her way to Mark's bed. She hugged him gently. She looked at Mark but was unable to speak. She ran from the room in tears. Doug hugged Elizabeth and told her he was here if she needed anything and left to find his saddened wife.

As he approached the familiar ER that had been home to him for nearly 8 years he thought hed never be back here but when Elizabeth called and told him he knew he had to come. He walked through the all to familiar doors. He walked to the admit desk . Carter looked up and saw his mentor and friend standing there. "Hey Peter" He nodded "Hey Carter, how's Mark" Carter sighed sadly "Not very good" "He'll be happy to see you" Peter sighed "Alright I'm going up to see him" He headed for the elevator.

Peter walked up to Mark's room. He saw Elizabeth sitting there her face red and wet from crying. He slowly entered the room. Elizabeth slowly turned to see who hand came in. "Peter! You're here" It was hard for him to see her so heartbroken and sad. Peter nodded "Yes and I'll be here as long as you and Mark need me" She hugged him and whispered "Thank You" Mark heard the familiar voice. "Peter" he whispers. He walks over to his bed "Hey Mark how are you feeling" Mark looked at him "Pretty crummy" "Peter promise me something" Peter nodded "Sure anything" He wasn't really sure he could promise anything but he wanted Mark to be as happy and comfortable as possible. Mark looked at him his eyes watery with tears he whispers "Promise me you'll take care of Elizabeth and Ella" Peter was shocked by what he was asking. He wasn't sure of what to say. "Mark I, I don't know" Mark looked at him with pleading eyes "Please Peter I need to know my family will be taken care of"

Elizabeth was shaking with sobs as she listened to her husband asking Peter to take care of her and Ella. She looked at Mark. "Mark stop it Ella and I have you to take care of us" she knew the end was near but she didn't want to believe it. He reached up and lightly touched her damp cheek. "Elizabeth honey I can't take care of you anymore I won't be here much longer" Elizabeth cried "but I love you" A few tears slid down Mark's pale face as he whispers "I love you too Elizabeth and I always will"

Peter swallowed. This had been hared than he thought it would. He and Mark had been friends since med. school and they had been through alot together over the years. He would miss him more than he realized. He made up his mind. He looked at his friend "Mark I promise I'll take care of Elizabeth and Ella for you"
Mark reached for Peter's hand "Thank you " he whispers. Peter leans down and gives him a quick hug. "Sure he whispered.
Peter walked over to Elizabeth and embraced her in a hug "I'll be down in the ER if you need me" She nodded and whispered "Thank you" Peter left them alone so they could spend what little time they had left together.

Several hours later the elevator opened and Elizabeth stepped into the silent ER. Tears ran freely down her cheeks. She walked slowly toward the admit desk where her friends Doug, Carol, Susan, Peter, Kerry, Carter, Luka, Abby, Jing Mei, and Dave all stood. She took a deep breath. She now stood at the admit desk. She whispers "He's gone." Carol burst into tears and Doug wrapped his arms around her kissing the top of her head as his own tears began to fall. Silent tears ran down Kerry's face as she leaned on Carter. His eyes filling with tears as he slowly rubbed her back. Susan turned and looked down at the desk top as she shook with sobs. Abby buried her face in Luka's chest as she cried and Jing Mei found herself crying in Dave's embrace.

Elizabeth leaned on the desk as she was overcome with grief. Her little body rocked with sobs. Peter who's eyes were glazed with tears walked over to her putting his arm around her for comfort. She fell into his embrace and sobbed in to his chest. Peter gently rocked her as he kissed the top of her head. Peter knew there was no way he could leave Elizabeth like this. He had no reason to return to Schaumburg. He and Cleo were no longer together and as for a job he was sure he'd be able to convince Robert to give him his job back with the hours he needed to care for Reese. Elizabeth whispered " I'm alone Peter I'm all alone" Peter kissed the top of her head again. He whispers "No you're not Elizabeth you have your friends and your daughter" he paused and whispers "and you have me" She looked up at him and whispered "Thank you Peter" She laid her head back down on his chest and continued to cry.
The group of friends continued to cry knowing life in the ER would never be the same. They had just lost a well respected and loved coworker and friend.

Chapter 2: Saying Goodbye... Mark's Funeral will Elizabeth's friends be strong enough to help her through it .....Coming Soon!!!!!