Chapter 9: The Epilogue

A woman sat alone her long curly hair blowing gently in the breeze. She smiled sadly. " I know its been awhile since the last time I came" "So much has happened since you've been gone" "Abby and Luka got married and Abby's expecting their first child any day now" She sighed and stretched her legs out a little. "Carter and Kerry they had twins! A boy and a girl, John and Jeanie they're almost 3." She laughed a little. "Carol teases Kerry she says Kerry was trying to be like her" "Speaking of Carol she and Doug had another baby a year ago a little boy Doug Jr." She smiled "You won't believe this! Dave and Jing Mei are engaged!"

The woman stretched her legs again. She looked up at the blue sky. "Susan she's great her and I have become really good friends." She started to cry. "The kids, you should see the kids" "Ella started Kindergarten, Mark he's 4 he's like you in so many ways and Rachel she's great the two of us are very close" "She's in college now, premed. She wants to go to Medical school. I'm so proud of her and I know you would be too"

Elizabeth traced the letters on the headstone. "Oh Mark I know its been five years but I still miss you so much" A tall figure appeared. "Honey you almost ready" She looked up at him. Hi Peter did you finish your visit with Jesse" He nodded. She smiled "Okay I'll be ready in a few minutes" Peter nodded leaving her alone once again. She looked at Mark's headstone. "That was Peter he's been wonderful when I found out I was pregnant with Mark he was there for me from the beginning he moved into the house and he helped me alot." She took a deep breath. "Mark, Peter and I we got married two years ago" She rubbed her slightly bulging belly "and we're expecting our first child in three months" A few tears glistened in her eyes "I love him Mark and he love's me, he loves the kids" She lightly touched the headstone. "I'll always keep you in my heart and I'll never stop loving you" She kissed her hand and placed it on the headstone "Goodbye Mark" she whispered as she rose to her feet.

She walked toward the car. Peter was leaning against the car waiting for her. He smiled at her and she smiled at him. Elizabeth looked up at the blue sky. A single tear rolls down her cheek as she whispers "Thank you" In her heart she knew Mark was responsible for her happiness once again.

Elizabeth walked over to Peter and hugged him. He looked at her "Are you okay" he whispered. She smiled and took his hand in hers. "I am now" she whispers.

The End

Well that's the end of my story I hope you all enjoyed it! Thanks for Reading it! Look for more stories by me to come your way soon!