The Wesker Bloodline

Summery: During the preliminaries, Naruto reveals his true self. Tired of the lies, tired of lying, he will show them all just what fools they really are. Naruto Uzumaki is no fool... he's the last Wesker.



Dark Naruto

Super Naruto




Lemon at first.

In the hallway Hinata Hyuuga crept towards the bathroom, her coat pulled tightly around her as she timidly made her way down the hall. She had gotten permission from the man calling out the matches to let her go to the bathroom. Seeing as he could skip her match if it came up before she returned.

Reaching the door, she opened it and silently closed it before turning around, only to have a hand roughly grasp her neck and push her against the wall.

"Hmm," a male voice said close to her ear, "Do you know how much your little shy act pisses me off my little Hyuuga,"

Hinata shivered as his hot breath was felt on her ear and neck. The grip on her neck loosened but kept her in place as his other hand pulled her coat apart and softly fondled her larger than normal breasts.

"Mmm, Naruto-sama," she moaned looking into his blue eyes.

Naruto smirked, "I was starting to think you wouldn't show my dear," he mused releasing her neck and wrapping an arm around her waist.

Hinata's shy look disappeared and she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I would never pass up a chance to get close to you Naruto-sama. You are my world." she answered, squeaking as he gripped her rear too tight.

Hinata and Naruto had been meeting like this ever since their last year in the academy, she had been reading those Icha Icha: Domination books her mother had left in a shoe box under in the closet and was masturbating during lunch in the academies abandoned boiler room, seeing as no one had a reason to go in there. Naruto however frequented the area and walked in on her while her pants were around her ankles.

To this day, he still joked with her about the look of horror, shame, excitement, bliss, pleasure, and shock she gave him when she came.

Naruto had always had a... advanced mind. Living in the red-light district had caused him to develop a more adult mindset. He had witnessed many things from muggings, prostitution, gambling, and even a few rapes which he prevented. Unknown to the higher class of Konoha, he was well liked among the lower class 'scum' of the village and they helped him as best they could.

Sorry, that's a story for another time, but the point is, Naruto knew a lot about sex.

To Hinata's shock, Naruto, her not so secret crush offered to 'help' her during her trips into the boiler room.

"How are the matches going?" Naruto asked as she gazed at him, before she walked in he had been changing clothes was was now dressed in his boxer shorts and his black tee-shirt

Her gazed lowered until she focused on his crotch, "They've just started, the examiner gave me permission to go to the restroom. But they haven't even noticed that you are missing." she replied only to frown as her own breasts blocked her view.

A loud pop echoed as Naruto slapped her ass roughly, making her wince and look up to his frowning face, "Focus Hinata," he ordered, "I have something to say before we fuck like a pair of rabbits."

Hinata blushed slightly but none the less nodded.

"We have hidden our true selves for too long, but no more. I'm about to fully release my bloodline and regain my true power. You will no longer hold yourself back nor hide the fact that I am your master. Is that clear?"

She nodded, "Yes Naruto-sama,"

"Good, now one last thing. I've arranged for the co-called 'random' selection board to pick our matches. Yours will be after mine. You will destroy Neji Hyuuga in the battle and prove that your not the weak little girl you've portrayed yourself as. I'll get revenge on Kiba and fuck with his mind for each time you had to knock him back for trying to get with you during my match." he finished before masterfully unbuttoning her pants and letting her pull them off.

They kissed and began to strip with the others help. He helped Hinata pull her coat the rest of the way off and then removed the tank top and bra. Leaving her large bouncing breasts out in the open for him to see.

"Turn for me," he whispered into her ear huskily, "Let me see the beautiful ass that bares my mark.

She blushed and did as he told, showing off the white thong she bought just for him to see and bent forward just enough to make sure he could see the tattoo on her ass reading 'Property of Naruto' with a reverse spiral right under it.

Her plump and pale ass already had a red hand print on it from before but he didn't care, she had enjoyed it when he spanked her before anyway.

He swat her cheek and made made her throw her head back with a moan-like cry. She put her hands on her knees and looked back at him with a bright pink blush on her cheeks. "Please master, will spank me again?" she asked wagging her ass at him.

He pulled back and popped her again, focusing on the bounce of her chest.

"Oh master punish your bad little whore," she moaned as he popped her ass a few more times.

He groped her bright red ass cheek and listened to her breath deeply, sighing as the pleasure made her quiver. He stopped for a secound to pull his shirt off and hummed as his cock hardened to a painful level.

"Come on," he ordered, locking the door and grabbing her arm. Pulling her into a stall he sat down then pushed her down onto her knees and shoved his tent in her face.

She knew instantly what to do and got to work.

Naruto groaned as she griped his member and began to kiss and lick the tip before proceeding to give him a sloppy blow job. He leaned back against the porcelain tank and stretched his legs out as she did her best to please him to the fullest. The slurping sounds echoed in the restroom and helped to heighten his pleasure. To prove this, he placed a hand on the top of her head and tensed slightly.

Hinata moaned as she felt his hot semen shoot into her mouth. Pulling all but the head out she sucked lightly and pumped his shaft until he relaxed. Hinata raked her lips down the head and trapped any of his cum remaining on the head and pulled it into her mouth where she then made a show of swallowing it and licking her lips and fingers.

"You taste as good as always Naruto-sama," she said to him leaning forward and kissing his cock. "Thank you,"

Naruto stood up and pulled her up with him, "Were not finished my dear," he told her moving so that her womanhood touched his manhood.

Moving quickly, Naruto had Hinata against the wall, her legs around his waist, his hands on her ass, and his cock buried inside her. She cried out at the sudden penetration and once again wrapped her arms around his neck before burying her face in his neck. It wasn't long before he began fucking her. Sliding his dick in and out of her dripping hole as she bit into his shoulder to keep from screaming. After a while, Hinata tensed up and hugged him tightly, her pussy constricting around him and forcing him to cum inside her.

"Kami... Naruto-sama," she huffed as he pulled out of her, allowing his cum to drip out.

Naruto let her feet touch the ground and she turned to open the stall door only for Naruto to slam it shut, "Little Hina-chan, I didn't say we were finished yet." he said reaching around and teasing her nipple with one hand and rubbing her abused cum filled pussy with the other.

"B-but Naruto-sama?" she said before straightening as she felt the tip of his penis poke at her final hole.

"Please Naruto-sama, don't put you cock in my butt, you know it's too big for me." she begged looking back to him.

Naruto grinned and grabbed her hair with one hand and her hip with the other, "But Hina-chan, you loved it when I fucked you in the ass." he said pushing her face against the stall door.

"But your so big... if you do then I won't be able to walk without limping," she reasoned.

Naruto didn't answer but slowly forced his dick in her ass. Hinata tensed and moaned but tried to relax knowing that even if she fought against him, she lose and it happen anyway. Besides, he was right when he said that she like being butt-fucked... at least by him.

Naruto moaned along with her as he finally bottomed out inside her. It was tight and hotter than her pussy. He could feel her walls gripping around him and trying to stretch to accommodate his size.

"Please... be gentle," She asked before letting out a groan.

Naruto did as she asked and slowly pulled out, then slowly humped her ass making her moan and groan cutely. After a minute, she started pushing against him and he let her hair go. Soon, he was vigorously fucking her from behind while she bit her fist to keep form drawing too much attention.

Naruto was close to busting and listened to her squeak before losing it.

"FUCK," He growled slamming into her as hard as he could making her cry out in pain.

Hinata felt his sticky hot semen pour into her and came instantly. Leaning her head against the cool wall, she felt him pull out and shoot a few ropes of thick cum on her ass and lower back before resting his pulsing member between the crack of her ass.

"Kami... that felt good," she moaned sinking to her knees and looking back at him

Naruto smirked and released his bloodline before staring into her eyes. The look of desire and caring vanished from her eyes only to be replaced with love and devotion.

"Let's get dressed Hina-chan, we have a fight to win."

"Now will Naruto and Kiba please come down here?" yelled the examiner.

Kiba whooped, "Sweet, we lucked out Akamaru!" he yelled holding up his little dog, "We just got us a free pass into the finals"

"Hey where is Naruto?" Sakura wondered aloud, looking around to find her missing team mate.

Kiba scoffed, "Probably ran away, knowing that he can't beat me."

Kurenai sighed at her students arrogance, she had tried to beat it out of him, especially when he tried to ask Hinata out on a date and usually ended up on his ass after doing something that could be considered attempted rape.

A small giggle broke the silence that had consumed the arena. Everyone turned to see who it was and was surprised to see that it was the normally shy and quite Hyuuga heiress walking through the door from the hallway with a slight limp.

"Sweet, look Akamaru we made Hinata-chan laugh,"

"Oh Kiba," Hinata said lowly stopping at the end of the stairs, "What a miss guided view you have... isn't that right Naruto-sama?"

'SAMA?' thought everyone who knew her.

Another person walked into the room through the same door, "Yes Hina-chan but do not belittle the mongrel, it's not his fault he's the runt of the litter." said the person.

Everyone was shocked to see who it was, It was NARUTO! But... what happened to the Orange Jumpsuit? He wore black cargo pants tucked into black combat boots, a single kunai holster strapped at his thigh. Over his chest was a blue shirt with a thin black vest over it. On the vest was a few pouches and a knife on his back, right at his right shoulder blade. His hair was combed back and a pair of dark red, nearly black sunglasses were over his eyes. Lastly he had on a pair of black fingerless gloves and what looked like a small radio set in the pocket on his pants leg.

The look Hinata gave him was borderline obsessive, but when he walked over, took the back of her head in his hand then kissed her deeply, all the Konoha ninjas gasped in shock while the foreign ninjas thought it was hot.

Kiba scowled, how dare that dope kiss his chosen mate!

"I'm gonna kick you ass dead last." he snarled.

Naruto broke the kiss and shot Kiba a smirk before kissing her again, this time shoving his tongue into her mouth before breaking apart.

"Your mind is clouded with your pathetic delusions mutt." Naruto said cooly, ignoring the look of lust and want from Hinata. "You always have been the dead last but like nearly all the useless chaff in the academy, you were too blind to see what was right in front of you."

"What are you talking about loser?"

Naruto chuckled coldly, "Let me spell it out for you. You Kiba, may be 'stronger' on paper, but when it comes down to it, everyone in this village is blind and dumb... even your Hokage." he said with a smirk as people gasped. "I've been hiding my true self for years, just as my Hina-chan has. Compared to me, everyone in this village is a terrible ninja, I've been here for years acting the fool and playing you all... but I bore of this useless chatter, let's fight."

Kiba growled and just as soon as the match started he threw a handful of kunai at Naruto who dodged them without moving a muscle. It looked like he had just slid to the side.

"Hahaha how amusing you are, dog, care to try again," Naruto mocked doing the same thing over and over again as Kiba started to run out of kunai. "Your weak..."

Kiba glared then smirked, "Get him Akamaru."

Naruto raised an eyebrow then grunted as he felt a pair of jaws chop down on his hand. Looking down he twitched as he saw the white dog chewing as hard as he could at his hand, uncaring as the blood ran down its snout.

Everyone watched in wonder as the dogs growls became small whimpers then full blown yelps of pain.

Naruto grinned and enclosed his hand around the dogs lower jaw, raised him up in from for him and slowly started to crush the mutts jaw bones. Looking over to the worried boy, Naruto made the mutt yelp loudly before throwing it to the ground and kicking it towards Kiba.

"You should keep you master on a leash"

Sarutobi watched on in shock and sadness as the blonde boy whom he had loved like a grandson. He had no idea why the boy had a sudden dislike for him or how he had gained such power. He had always been able to sense chakra and Naruto's had grown stronger.

Lowering the brim of his hat, Sarutobi hid the sad look upon his face from the others.

Naruto laughed as Kiba punched him in the jaw, "You call that a punch!" he sneered grabbing the boy by the hood. Naruto pulled it down over his head and threw an open-palm uppercut which sent Kiba to the ground. "Tiger palm!" he growled with a smirk.

Team seven watched with open mouths and wide eyes as the dope of the class tore Kiba apart. The match had only just started and they were shocked at how different Naruto was.

Kakashi's porn book was on the ground, his headband up revealing his copy eye. he was trying to find out if that really was Naruto but in doing so, he only found that he couldn't predict or copy the blondes moves.

Sakura was scared, Naruto had never looked so mean before. He had always had a kind smile or a large grin on his face. He had always worn orange jumpsuits and, even though she wouldn't say it out loud, gave her those looks that made her feel special. But now... he hadn't even glanced at her.

Naruto shook his head as he let Kiba and his little dog transform into a beastly looking pair then throw smoke bombs around the arena, "You can't hide forever!" he yelled taking off his sunglasses.

Kiba froze, even though his vision was impaired he saw those eyes. Those evil looking reddish orange eyes that screamed hate and death. They were looking right at him! Both he and Akamaru saw them. His body unwillingly shook, his breath trembled, he felt his spine stiffen. Then... they vanished.

Naruto reappeared between them with a cruel smirk, elbowing the dog-kiba in the gut, he sent the dog flying back into the railing which bent with his weight before spinning around to face the real Kiba. His gloved palm gripped the boys throat just as the examiner cleared the smoke to make sure the fighting was still going on.

Kurenai watched the smoke in anticipation, at first she knew her student would win but seeing the supposed dead-last's speed and power she was starting to rethink that.

Without warning she heard a loud yelp once again and nearly shrieked when she saw Kiba fly into the railing just beside her, bending it and falling back into the smoke below. She shook slightly and began to feat that the impact had broken his back. Looking around she motioned to the Hokage who made a hand sign to the examiner who nodded.

When the smoke began to clear, everyone was on edge to see what was happening.

Temari felt dread grip her body. Not for the boy down in the arena but when Gaara began to grip as her head (I'm sorry, a female Gaara is fun to work with, but a female Gaara whom everyone thinks is a dude is just gold. I love who ever thought of it) and began mumbling to herself. Looking to her younger brother, they nodded and took a small step away, knowing to give her some space.

Suddenly Gaara stopped and straightened, "He's... strong, mother is afraid of him."

All the Suna ninjas felt like cold water was coursing through their veins.

As the smoke cleared, they saw just why Gaara had said that 'mother' feared the teen.

Dangling a foot of the ground by his neck, Kiba kicked his feet wildly while his hands tried to pry Naruto's away.

Naruto's smirk was wiped from his face as Kiba's foot hit his chin and knocked his head back, making him growl.

Kiba felt the grip on his neck loosen and began to quickly look for a way to escape, seeing the knife on Naruto's back he grabbed for it and pulled it from his sheath before bringing it down on the juncture between Naruto's shoulder and neck. Slicing through skin, muscle, and bone until stopping at the hilt.

Naruto instantly yelled in pain before dropping Kiba and jurking back, grabbing at the near deadly wound on his neck. "Ah you fucking piece of shit!" He snarled, ripping the bloody six inch long blade from his neck.

Kiba scrambled to his feet and threw his last smoke bombs while Naruto's grin turned psychotic "Your only delaying the inevitable,"

"My youthful rival, what unyouthful training have you been giving your student?" Gai asked walking over while everyone turned to see his answer.

Kakashi shook his head and continued to stare into the smoke, "I haven't taught him-"

"That's it, playtime's over" Naruto's cold voice echoed followed by a loud crunch.

Standing away from the smoke, Naruto held the limp white puppy by its neck, its head twisted to an unnatural angle.