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Lemon at first.

Before I start I just wanted to say that while I have a small dislike for Kiba, I like Akamaru. I thank it came from one of the stories I read when he was sitting on top of Kiba's head and thought something like, 'I wonder what's for dinner,' while Kiba was arguing about Akamaru not being his master and the dog ordered kiba to mush. The point is, I don't have the heart to kill off the pup, beat him sure, but not kill.

As the smoke cleared, not a person moved as they watched the drama below them unfold. As the cruel blonde slung the puppy to the unforgiving ground, the dead thump it's little body made sounded like an explosion to their ears. The small heave in Kiba's breath and the shaky gasps he gave as he fell to knees and reached out to the body of his partner were heartbreaking.

Naruto watched impassively as the boy crumbled, the cruel smirk faded with the mounting sadness and grief from his opponent. How embarrassing.

"Akamaru..." Kiba cried softly touching the little dog as if he though it was an illusion. Tears fell freely as he came to the realization that it was in-fact real.

"What was it that Haku-san said to me that day?" Naruto wondered aloud, "Ah yes, now I remember, 'Is this the first time you've seem a comrade die?',"

"You basterd," Kiba growled under his tears.

Naruto chuckled, "Yes that was exactly the same thing I said." he mused, "But what did I do next?"

Kiba lunged at him, screaming in rage.

"Oh yeah..." Naruto started before catching the fist and burying his knee into Kiba's gut, "I screamed at her and punched her in the face, the only difference is..."


Kiba screamed as his hand was crushed in Naruto's grasp, then spat up a large amount of bile and some blood as Naruto kneed him in the gut again.

"-That I didn't really care if she had killed Sasuke or not, she had betrayed my trust... and to think that I slept with her during the week my team was working in wave," He finished, throwing Kiba back and kicking him in the jaw. "It almost killed me to finish her off,"




Haku choked and heaved as her beaten and bruised body was held of the ground by he neck. She weakly struggled against the blonde boy holding her by kicking at him and clawing at his wrist. Tears fell from her eyes as she choked, trying to explain herself to him.

"P-please... I'm so s-sorry, Naruto-kun."

Naruto sneered at her and slung her to the ground, "To think that you'd betray me. I offer both you and that fool a way out, a new life and you spit in my face... you stab me in the back ," he growled watching as she rolled to a stop.

He reached down to his stomach and pulled a kunai from his flesh. She had tricked him, running up to him and hugging him then stabbing him in an attempt to murder him. It was quite funny too, he staggered away while she begged him to forgive her, saying that she'd be with him in the next life. She admitted that she had really fallen for him but Zabuza had ordered her to kill him. Then she ran towards him to tearfully comfort him into death only to be kicked in the chin with the force of a sledgehammer by a less than happy Naruto.

He the proceeded to beat her nearly to death, never taking the blade from his body.

"I had such hope for you my dear," he spoke, finally ripping the blade from his body, sending a small spray of blood across the stone bridge and looming over her menacingly. "I guess I was wrong to trust a whore like you,"

He bent down and once again took hold of her throat.

"Na-naruto-kun..." she stopped and coughed up a mouth full of blood.

Looking down as best she could, Haku felt as if a bucket of cold water poured over her. Stabbed just below the heart was Naruto's arm, up to the elbow. Reaching out, Haku caressed his stone-like, emotionless face and stared into his cruel unfeeling eyes.

"Naruto-kun... I'm sorry..." she whispered before being thrown haphazardly to the ground where she died in a small pool of her own blood, broken and alone.

Slowly, snow started to fall all around the bridge, almost as if the gods themselves were morning.

Naruto glared up at the sky, "Damnable gods, you mourn the death of this treacherous woman..."

Flashback End

Kiba rolled back a few times from the force of Naruto's kick, his jaw ached and seemed to throb with his pulse. His vision was blurry from tears and pain. Pushing himself up, he idly wondered why the examiner or any of the Jounin hadn't stopped them yet while he was trying to slowly stand or put some distance between himself and the blonde.

"Tell me, why do you cry for a broken tool?" Naruto questioned aloud, walking up to the crawling boy and stomping on his back with enough force to send him back to the ground.

With his face against the floor, Kiba growled, "Don't... don't you call him that, he... he was... my friend," before groaning in pain as his back protested when Naruto pressed harder.

"Hypocritical fool," Naruto sneered, "I remember back in the academy that you told the class that he was just like a ninja tool, to be used like a ninja would a kunai." he said evenly. "What happened to that?"

When kiba didn''t answer Naruto frowned and removed his foot, "Foolish mutt," He said bending down and grabbing Kiba's ankle.

With a smirk, Naruto slung Kiba off the ground and sent him flying across the room where he crashed into the cement wall and fell to the floor at the far end.

Naruto disappeared from view and reappeared right in front of the boy ready to crush his skull with an heel drop but stopped just an inch from killing him.

"Worthless embarrassment to Konoha," he muttered, bringing his foot down slowly and looking down at the destroyed boy, "How utterly pathetic,"

Naruto spat at the prone boy then called out, "Call the match, if I have to suffer this farce of a fight any longer I might just kill him,"

The match was called and medics rushed to the boy and started to carry him away. Naruto made a one handed hand sign and said loudly, "Kai," causing a spot on top of the large statue to blur and clear, revealing a small white puppy cocooned in rope with a muzzle around it's snout.

"I am not without mercy..." he muttered darkly while everyone wondered, 'how did he get the puppy up there without anyone noticing?'

Naruto turned his back on the ninjas, facing the retreating medics and made a show of slowly adjusting the sunglasses on his face before walking towards the stairs. Every eye was on him at the moment, trying to unravel the mystery that was Naruto Uzumaki.

As the medics passed Hinata, who was walking down the steps, she ignored her teammate and jumped over to Naruto, glomping him. "Naruto-sama, you won!" she said loudly with a smile.

Naruto didn't even budge as she attached herself to him, "Was there ever any doubt, my dear?" he questioned smoothly, bringing his hand to her cheek and rubbing it with a smirk.

His grip suddenly became tighter and he pulled her face closer to his, "Your match is next my dear, do not embarrass me by losing to the zoo animal" Naruto intoned before letting her go and dropping her to her feet.

"Next match, Hyuuga Hinata against Hyuuga Neji, would both fighters make there way to the middle of the floor." the examiner called.

Naruto looked over his shoulder then to Hinata, "Make his life miserable" he ordered before pulling away and leaping up, disappearing in his soon to be signature black blur and landing almost instantly on the top step of the walkway, far away from the Konoha ninjas.

He ignored the beginning of the match and stalked down the catwalk, passing the redheaded girl and her siblings, giving them a smirk as he passed, "I look forward to your match princess," he murmured aloud, "I can't wait to see the carnage a puppet can cause."

The siblings didn't know why but they felt as if he knew everything about them, the cold smirk he gave them cooled their insides and made them feel exposed, as if the world could see right through them.

But as quickly as it started, it stopped as he passed. Gaara gripped her head and quivered, "Mother's scared,"

That was the only thing she said, but those two words said so much more.

Naruto made his way down the catwalk and ignored the few teams he passed until he reached a nice lonesome corner. Leaning against the wall he hummed lowly as Hinata played with her cousin like a cat would a catnip mouse.

His eyes flashed underneath his mirrored sunglasses as Hinata then danced around a palm thrust and ran a kunai down Neji's arm, leaving a long gash down the length and making him scream.

Hinata was great with a blade, he'd need to get her a pair of quality ones sooner or later, maybe as a gift or something.

Glancing to the side he saw the pink blob known as Sakura slowly making her way over to him and kept a straight face. Oh how he despised that whore. The only reason he ever kept pining for her was to keep up the image of a fool, after all only a fool would go after a flat chested, flat bottomed bitch like her who had a forehead big enough to use for target practice.

"Ah you bitch!" Neji yelled, jumping back and holding his arm as Hinata wiped the blood onto the palm of her hand with a scowl.

"I'm not a bitch... I am THE bitch," She growled making everyone but Naruto (Who sweat dropped) face plant into the ground, "And that's Miss Bitch to you so you better say it with a smile!"

Naruto slapped his forehead, you just had to love the girl, believe it or not, Hinata had a smart ass mouth and could come up with some good insults but reframed from using them as not to blow her cover as the meek little Hyuuga everyone thought she was.

"Doesn't matter, for fate-" Neji started only to be cut off by a bitch slap from Hinata which sent him into the cement floor.

"Fate this, fate that, your beating a dead horse Neji," Hinata said annoyedly, "How about I make you sing a different tune?" Hinata asked making a single hand sign.

Neji screamed and clawed and his eyes from his place on the ground until she stopped and kicked him in the nose.

"Now I know why the caged bird sings," she said with a giggle, prodding at him about the caged bird seal. "You see Neji... I've always been stronger than you, you just blamed fate for your shortcomings, I worked in secret and trained hard with my trainer to become what I am today." she said unzipping her jacket to reveal a lavender and purple battle suit that fit her body perfectly, showing off her larger than normal breasts under the armor to everyone.

Once the jacket was removed she tossed it to the side and stood there with a grin, "Come on Neji, get up and show me the power of fate,"

Neji growled, forgetting the bleeding wounds on his arms and scattered to his feet before charging madly, "DIE!" he yelled insanely.

Hinata dropped her gentle fist stance and leaned backwards as if to do a back flip.

"What the-" Neji wondered while trying to stop only to have her foot slam into his chin, nearly shattering a tooth.

Hinata flipped to her feet after doing the acrobatic kick the bowed towards the crowd, but mostly to Naruto. "Weak," she muttered.

"Those who blame fate for everything are weak," Hinata spoke, "Naruto-sama taught me that, he has taught me so much... he basically raised me and molded me to be the lovely woman I am today,"

"Fate is a crutch for the weak, the weak need something like fate to make themselves feel better and blame things on." Hinata said softly, "You Neji are weak, fate doesn't decree that, the one who controls fate does,"

The whole time Hinata was talking, she was making her way over to him until she stood over him like a tower, her blazing lavender eyes glaring into his.

"That wasn't the gentle fist you used," Neji said softly, nearly whispering from his place on the ground, "Not even Gai fights like that and he knows hundreds of moves... who was your sensei, who taught you?"

Hinata smiled brightly and squatted down beside him, "You see Neji, the one who trained me is a wonderful man, a little cold maybe but he always has a solution to a problem. You asked me who my sensei was and you know who she is, no the one who trained me... the one who made me a woman is Naruto-sama... my master," she whispered back before standing up.

Neji gapped at her before she stomped on his face, knocking him out cold.

A few seconds of silence passed as everyone watched in shock as they processed this new... more cruel Hinata. The rookie nine were shocked as they had known Hinata growing up and had known that she was a sweet, kind hearted soul that wouldn't harm a fly. (Something that her teammate respected) But to see her beat her cousin then stomp on his face while he was down shocked them.

Finally, the announcer declared her the winner after she retrieved her coat and beamed towards Naruto who walked to the top of the steps to meet her while the next match was selected and Neji was carted out to get medical help.

"Would Rock Lee and... Sabaku no Gaara come down," the announcer called.

"Good work my dear," Naruto said patting her shoulder as she reached the top step, "I'm proud of you,"

"Thank you, Naruto-sama," she replied with a small blush before following him.

Naruto turned and saw the redhead watching them as she walked closer towards the steps, her greenish blue eyes staring into the reflective glass of his shades. He walked towards her and time seemed to slow as the passed.

"Can you control that power princess? Are you nothing more that a worthless puppet to the sand demon?" he asked lowly, making her pause for a moment before walking as if nothing had happened.

Hinata looked at him with a strange expression, "Did you say something to me Naruto-sama?" she asked, "I couldn't hear you,"

Naruto craned his neck, "No my dear, I didn't say anything." he told her before looking forward, "Nothing at all,"

He passed the other sand siblings who watched him cautiously from the corner of their eyes. His eyes studied them, the blond girl to be truthful... her ass to be exact, before reaching his corner where he leaned against the stone wall with Hinata right beside him.

"Who do you think will win Naruto-sama?" Hinata questioned while pressing her side against his.

Naruto studied them the two for a moment, "Lee is fast and powerful, brimming with poetical. He has a heart of steel but sadly his body is still human... The princess however, she has something few others have, something that makes those few people strong... nearly godlike. Lee lacks the will to murder his opponent, his heart is still pure and soft, putting him at a disadvantage. She on the other hand reeks of blood, her heart is closed and she'll kill on a whim... Lee will fall and if push come to shove, he will die and she will kill him."

Even as Lee and Gaara fought, everyone was able to hear the cold prediction that he made, all but the two fighters that was.

Naruto turned out to be right, Lee was defeated by Gaara and Gai who was shaken by Naruto's prediction was ready to leap down and save Lee before it was too late on a moments notice.

After the match, the announcer had all the winners pull numbers from the box, Naruto waited until everyone else got a number and reached in, pulling out the number that would condemn his opponent.

"Let's see, Uchiha Sasuke has 8. Now when I call your name say your number... Aburame, Shino,"


"Hyuuga, Hinata"


"Sabaku, Gaara"


"Dosu, Kinuta"


"Nara, Shikamaru"


"Sabaku, Kankuro"


"Sabaku, Temari"


"Uzumaki, Naruto"


The announcer took a few minutes to arrange everything on his paper, "Ok, listen up for you match. Sabaku, Temari verses Nara, Shikamaru. Uzumaki, Naruto verses Dosu, Kinuta. Aburame, Shino verses Sabaku, Kankuro. Hyuuga, Hinata verses Uchiha Sasuke. Sabaku Gaara will fight the first match of the secound round. Now the third and final round will be in one months time at the arena, being late will result in a disqualification and failure to be promoted to Chunin. Dismissed,"

After hearing all he needed, Naruto took Hinata by the arm and pulled her close, smirking at her, "Now my dear, I believe you and I have a prior engagement to attend to," he said in a husk voice, letting his breath caress her neck.

Without warning, the pair disappeared, leaving nothing but a black afterimage and confused faces behind.