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Holden Residence

The shrill ringing of the house phone drew all inhabitants from their much needed slumbers. Claudia Joy Holden groaned as she rolled onto her left side, reaching over her husband's still form to snatch the screaming object from its cradle.

"General Holden's residence." She greeted out of habit, her voice still groggy from sleep.

Michael Holden pushed himself onto one elbow as he ran his other hand across his face, "Who in the hell is calling this late?" he asked his wife who was straining to make sense of the person on the other line.

Michael turned his head to the alarm clock which read 2:40 and scoffed, "Or early." He muttered under his breath.

"Denise?" Claudia Joy questioned uncertainly, squinting in the darkness.

Michael turned and flicked on his bedside lamp so he could watch his wife's face carefully, gouging her reaction to whatever was being said over the phone.

Claudia Joy shook her head frowning, "Whoa. Whoa. Wait, honey slow down." She instructed calmly, "No Denise...Denise calm-calm down I can't-" Claudia Joy stopped speaking abruptly and froze, her free hand flying out in search of her husband.

Michael took her hand in his and kissed it watching as his wife's confused expression grew into that of sheer panic and fear.

"Oh my god." She whispered shakily.

Michael sat completely upright in the bed, instantly on alert, "What is it?"

Claudia Joy shook her head at him, focusing instead on the frantic woman down the line, "No it's...it's fine Denise I'll-no I will call them." She told her best friend gently, "Sweetie it's no trouble at all okay, I'm-we're on our way." the brunette assured her firmly, "Yes...I love you too...see you soon." She promised before ending the call.

Michael rubbed his wife's back soothingly, "What was that about?" he asked planting a light kiss to her shoulder.

Claudia Joy gripped his hand tighter, her eyes closed as she whispered, "Jeremy's in the hospital."

"What? What happened?"

Claudia Joy shook her head, "I, I'm not sure. Denise wasn't very clear she uh...she said something about a, a gun but I-" she shrugged her shoulders, at a loss at how to describe it.

Claudia Joy pushed her hands tiredly through her hair before stating, "She needs me. We need to go, Michael." She ordered hurriedly dropping the phone, throwing off the comforter and climbing out of bed.

Throwing off the comforter, Claudia Joy climbed from the bed and rushed to her closet. Pulling out a pair of a comfortable pair of designer jeans and a white sleeveless V-neck top, she hurriedly pulled them on before returning to the bed and snatching up the phone again.

"I'm gonna call Pamela, Roland and Roxy." Claudia Joy informed him tightly, flustered and afraid as she instructed, "You, you need to get dressed. Frank he's...he'll need-"

Michael swiftly pushed himself out of bed and approached her, "Okay." He whispered pulling her against him and kissing her head.

Her skin was cold to the touch and her muscles trembled beneath his finger tips. Whatever state Denise Sherwood was currently in had shaken his wife substantially.

"I'll get dressed." He said calmly, holding her tightly against his chest and squeezing, "You call."

Claudia Joy nodded, feeling her muscles relax under his touch and took a deep breath then dialed to first of three numbers with trembling hands.


LeBlanc Residence

"Urgh!" Trevor LeBlanc groaned as the loud chirping from the house phone rudely tore him from his well deserved rest.

"Roxy." He moaned nudging his wife's side, "Roxy." He said again with another nudge but she ignored him, "Roxy!"

She thumped him with her pillow.

"Damn it Trevor!" Roxy LeBlanc cursed as she blindly searched for the phone in the darkness and snatched it up violently, "Hello!" she snapped in irritation cursing the gods and whoever the hell had the balls to interrupt her precious shut eye.

"Oh!" Roxy cried sitting up quickly and biting down on her lip. Well, now she was most definitely awake. And mortified.

"Sorry Claudia Joy." She apologised with a sigh, rubbing at her stingy eyes, "I just-what?"

Sucking in a sharp breath Roxy requested seriously, "I'm sorry but could you repeat that I, I think I heard ya wrong or somethin'." and shook her head in stoic disbelief, "Oh my god!" she gasped, out one hand flying to her mouth as her eyes bulged.

"No...I'm-sure I'm on my way." Roxy promised with an affirmative nod, "Thanks Claudia Joy I'll, I'll see ya soon 'kay?" she asked, nodded once more and hung up.

"Oh my god."

"What is it babe?" Trevor questioned, turning on the bedside lamp and pushing himself up, "Everything okay? What did Claudia Joy want?"

Roxy shook her head sharply, "No Trevor, everything is not okay." She whispered tersely, snapping unnecessarily.

Trevor blinked then frowned in concern, "Babe?" he coaxed rubbing her arms comfortingly.

Roxy drew in a shuddering breath, her eyes slipping closed, "Jeremy Sherwood is in the hospital." She revealed in a whisper.


Roxy nodded her head, lips pressed tight together in shock, "It's...Claudia Joy doesn't know the specifics cause Denise was all-but it's bad, Trevor."

Her voice shook and he pulled her into his arms immediately, holding her tightly.

Roxy laid her head against his chest and allowed her one long moment of stillness. Breathing him in deeply, his touch soothing her fear before pushing away.

"I need to go to her so. I need to find out what the hell's goin' on."Roxy drew in a deep breath as she pushed off the comforter.

Trevor nodded in immediate understanding, "Yeah I got the boys." He assured her, "Go babe and give them my love."

Roxy nodded as she pulled on her favourite, most comfortable pair of sweats and a t-shirt, "I love you."

"I love you too babe, now go to Denise." Trevor replied as she disappeared out of their bedroom door.


Burton Residence

Roland Burton rolled over in bed at the sound of his screeching house phone. He glanced at the clock and groaned.

"Good lord." He muttered as he yanked it from its place by the bed and groggily greeted whoever was on the other line, "Hello?"

A smile appeared on his lips at the callers identity despite the early hour, "Claudia Joy, hey." before it was replaced by instant worry, "What's wrong?"

The mere sound of her voice gave it away; the clipped, short tone and his stomach rolled.

He listened closely to what she was saying as he scrubbed his free hand across his face roughly, trying to rid himself of the last remnants of sleep.

"What, he's where?" Roland asked throwing off the comforter and searching for his clothes as they spoke, "No I can drive I'll...yeah I'll just bring her with me." He suggested glancing at his sleeping daughter, "No it's fine. Okay I will...I will see you there." He assured her before clicking off.

Roland pulled on an old pair of jeans and a grey t-shirt before gathering his daughters things and lifting her swiftly from her crib, "Come on baby girl." He cooed softly, "We're goin' on a little trip." He informed her as he headed down the stairs and out the door, lifting his car keys on the way out.


Mercer Army Medical Centre

Frank and Denise Sherwood sat side by side on the hard, uncomfortable plastic chairs in the family waiting room. Silence engulfed both parents as they drowned in their worry and fear, not knowing the fate of their son.

Denise sat with her back against the wall, hands clasped tightly in her lap as she stared off into space unaware of anything yet feeling everything possible while Frank sat perched on the edge of the seat, his head in his blood stained hands.

"Denise?" Roxy called as soon as she was through the door.

Denise blinked once and turned her head, a small sigh of relief sliding past her lips at the sight of her friend.

"Roxy." She whispered rising to her feet and allowing her friend to crush Denise to her, "Thank you for being here." She whispered in Roxy's ear.

Roxy sniffled and held her tighter, "Where else would I be, huh?" the blonde quizzed with a wry smile.

The two friends pulled back and Roxy turned to Frank who had rose to his feet upon her entry.

"Roxy." He greeted, voice hard to hide his pain.

Roxy offered him a gentle smile, "Frank." She whispered back then threw her arms around him before she changed her mind.

Frank froze at the sudden and unexpected contact but quickly embraced it.

Roxy released him a lot sooner than she had Denise and smiled shyly, "Sorry."

Frank shook his head, "No need." He assured her firmly then added, "Thank you."

Roxy took Denise's hand in hers and gave it a squeeze, "Um...Claudia Joy said that she tried to reach Pamela but couldn't get an answer. She asked me to try too but I didn't have much luck either, I'm sorry. I, I know she'd be here if she knew."

"Oh I know." Denise assured her quickly, rubbing her arm, "Should we be worried about her?"

Roxy shrugged, "I'm not sure yet." was her honest reply, "How is he?" the blonde asked instead, bringing the topic back to Jeremy just as the door opened once again and Roland appeared, baby Sarah-Elizabeth in tow.

"Roland." Denise sighed shaking her head, "You did not have to come here, especially with her." She gestured to the sleeping baby in her car seat.

Roland nodded as he pulled her into a tight embrace, "Yes I did." He corrected her without hesitance, kissing her cheek, "You would come for me." He reminded her and Denise sighed, her eyes closing tiredly as he held her tight.

"Thank you." She whispered against his shoulder.

"Don't mention it." Roland replied as they pulled away and he turned to her husband, "Frank."

"Appreciate you being here." Frank said sincerely.

Roland nodded, "Of course." He answered then looked between the two distraught parents, "How is he?"

Denise sighed heavily and closed her eyes.

Frank shook his head, "We don't know. No-one's come to talk to us yet." He informed them in a frustrated growl.

"I'm sure they will soon." Roland encouraged, smiling softly as the door opened for a third time and Michael and Claudia Joy entered.

"Frank. Denise." Michael greeted as he approached them, going to Denise first, "Jeremy will be fine." He whispered pulling her into his arms and rubbing comforting circles into her back.

Denise nodded slowly but her eyes were following her best friend as she approached her husband.

"Frank." Claudia Joy placed a kiss on his cheek then wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Claudia Joy." Frank breathed as he wrapped his arms around her middle.

"How are you?" she wondered softly, releasing him from her hold and Frank shook his head, at a loss for words.

"Frank." Michael placed a comforting hand on his friends shoulder and squeezed, "He's a strong boy."

Claudia Joy turned to her best friend, "Denise." She whispered in greeting, fighting back tears at the sight on her friend looking so broken already.

Denise opened her mouth to reply but all that came out was a strangled sob.

Claudia Joy's hand flew to her chest, her heart breaking a little at the sound.

Denise shook her head slowly trying to form words but her emotions won the battle and she sobbed louder as she threw her arms around Claudia Joy, burying her face in her friends neck.

"Oh!" Claudia Joy cried out as Denise crashed into her, "Oh honey." She whispered trying to rein in her own emotions for the sake of her best friend, "Oh it's okay, it's okay." She assured stroking Denise's hair absent-mindedly. "Sssshhh sweetie, it's gonna be alright."

"He's my baby." Denise sobbed, clutching her tighter, "He's my baby. I, I can't lose him."

"I know." Claudia Joy nodded, "I know, honey. Believe me, I know." She whispered shakily.

"I'm so glad you're here." Denise whispered gratefully, slowly regaining some composure.

Michael cleared his throat, almost uncomfortable about the question he was about to pose, "What happened?" he asked, directing his words to Frank.

"He tried to kill himself." Denise answered loudly before Frank had the chance to lie and the room froze.

"What?" the stunned and sceptical voice of Emmalin Holden questioned from the doorway.

Claudia Joy spun sharply around, "Emmalin!" she cried in surprise, "What are you doing here sweetheart?"

"Jeremy's my friend." Emmalin answered plainly then turned back to Denise, "And I don't believe for a second that he would try that Mrs Sherwood." She refuted strongly.

Denise sent the girl a kind smile, "I know and I never thought..." she trailed off looking to the floor and running her hands through her hair.

"The girl's right, Dee." Frank spoke up strongly, "Jeremy would never do that he...he didn't try too-he would never..."

Denise rounded on him with fiery eyes, "Well, the box was open, the gun was lying next to him what the hell else could it be, Frank?" she snapped, her voice harsher than intended.

"Curiosity." Frank argued, "He took the gun out to have a look and it misfired."

Denise snorted, "Oh, come on Frank. That's absurd."

"No! No, what's absurd is you believing that our son would-" he bit his tongue and took a deep breath, "That our son would take his own life."

Denise sighed loudly, "Frank! He was hurting. Suffering, it's not that hard to imagine."

"STOP IT!" Emmalin yelled suddenly causing all adults in the room to turn to her, "You're not helping, arguing with one another. It's not, not gonna help Jeremy so please just...stop." she whispered sadly, her eyes dropping to the floor.

Claudia Joy walked swiftly towards her daughter and wrapped her in a tight embrace, "Emmalin's right." She softly agreed brown orbs filled with empathy and understanding finding the heartbroken couple across from he.

"Jeremy needs both of his parents right now..." Claudia Joy looked pointedly between both, "...and his parents need one another."

Denise sighed turning to Frank slowly, tears welling behind her red-rimmed eyes, "Frank." She whispered brokenly, "I'm scared." Denise admitted quietly, looking anywhere but his eyes, "I'm so scared."

"Aw Dee." Frank reached out and pulled her flush against him, "I'm scared too." He whispered so quietly it was almost inaudible.

Denise nodded burying her head in his neck as he wrapped his arms around her waist tightly.

The click of the door alerted everyone to the presence of the man in the white coat, "Cornel Sherwood, Mrs. Sherwood?" he called from the door as he closed it shut behind him.


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