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The Hump Bar

Claudia Joy stormed into the bar with tense muscles, guarded eyes and a carefully controlled expression on her face.

A bar which was undeniably the very last place on earth she had any desire to be that horrific Tuesday afternoon but-the expectant mother sighed. Roxy wanted to have lunch and she'd missed the last one with the whole gang due to...recent developments. Not turning up again would spark concern in all and raise more questions Claudia Joy refused to answer, so her only option was to grin and bear it. Suffering in silence was something she'd perfected over her 40 years anyway.

Besides, Pamela was here and the redhead was the only other person—sans Michael and Dr. Montgomery—that she could talk too. And she really needed to talk, maybe even yell too and Claudia Joy had the overwhelming urge to throw things. Lots of things. And break them.

To say she was furious would be a drastic understatement, livid was a little better.

"Claudia Joy!" Roxy exclaimed happily, "You made it!" the small excitable and sickeningly shiny-happy blonde moved quickly towards her.

Claudia Joy smiled back—hoping it didn't look as much like a grimace as it felt, "Hey, Rox." the brunette greeted back, "Figured if I didn't show my face you'd send out a search party."

Roxy laughed and Claudia Joy released an internal sigh of relief. The blonde dragged her over to their booth where their friends were seated and Claudia Joy plastered on that smile again, "Hi."

"Hey, sweetie." Denise greeted, kissing her cheek as usual, "You feeling better today?" she questioned with critical and professional eyes.

Claudia Joy shrugged, "Headache is gone and so is the dizziness but I still feel a little sick." not a complete lie; she did feel sick, sick to her stomach at what her husband was willing to do, what she had considered doing and what she was quite possibly considering again.

Denise touched a hand to the other brunettes cheek, "You do look pale." she observed with a frown.

Claudia Joy shrugged again, "It'll pass. Come tomorrow I'll be just fine again." and she really hoped her smile was reassuring.

Denise smiled back, dropping her hand, "Most likely." she agreed relaxing again.

"Hey, Roland." Claudia Joy greeted, averting her eyes from Denise' before her best friend saw her inner turmoil shinning through them. Instead she reached out to hug the tall man and coo at her goddaughter, before pointedly taking a seat beside Denise.

That way eye contact could be more easily avoided and sufficiently explained away.

"Hey, Claudia Joy." Pamela's voice greeted her last.

Claudia Joy looked up; the redhead was seated directly across from her. She smiled and Claudia Joy smiled back but it was a little more honest than the others she'd been forcing.

"Do you want food?" Roxy questioned suddenly and Claudia Joy took notice of the empty plates on the table.

Just how late was she?

She shook her head, "Best not." the appropriate grimace accompanied it.

Roxy cringed, "That bad, huh?"

Claudia Joy nodded, pressing her lips together, "Mmm..."

"How 'bout some water then?" the blonde offered instead, shooting her a smile, "And some crackers?"

Claudia Joy was about to decline on the latter but realising that she hadn't eaten in hours, nodded, "Sure, thanks, Roxy."

"No problem." she chirped with a grin, moving swiftly away, returning minutes later with the promised food goods.

"Thank you." Claudia Joy said again, sending her a smile then strategically asking, "Soooo, how's the new house?"

Roxy actually squealed with joy, "It's amazing!" she exclaimed giddily clapping her hands, "I woulda let Trevor knock me up long ago if I'd known the digs it'd get me."

Claudia Joy laughed along with the rest, just relieved to have the focus off of herself.

"Thank you guys so, so, so much for helping!" Roxy gushed sincerely, "We couldn't have gotten it done so quick without y'alls help."

"We were more than happy too." Denise assured her with a serene smile.

Roland chuckled, "It was actually fun; having everyone together like that."

"Yeah!" Roxy grinned.

Pamela nudged Roland affectionately, "We missed Joan though."

Claudia Joy sat back in relief—having successfully distracted them all—and let her mind run wild as she absently nibbled on her crackers. She just couldn't get that mornings events out of her head. Was Michael right?

God, she hated this day. She never wanted to go home.

"Hey, Pamela?"

The redhead, keys in hand, turned from her car to find her pregnant brunette friend hurrying towards her. The look on the woman's face made Pamela want to jump in her car and speed away. She honestly couldn't take any more bad news from this woman but of course that was just selfish-Pamela talking and selfish-Pamela was really small and entirely inconsequentially insignificant in the grand scale of things. Dominant-Pamela never paid her much attention. She was annoying.

"Hey." Pamela greeted back with a smile, patiently waiting for the brunette to reach her, "What's up?"

Stopping directly in front of her, Claudia Joy heaved a weary sigh and let her hands fall to her hips, "Ohhhh...so many things." She answered with a bitter smile, "Don't really know where to start."

A sympathetic smile on her lips, Pamela slid closer and placed her hands over her friends, "Start...with the worst thing, hon. We'll go from there."

Claudia Joy looked away and shook her head. She did not want to burden Pamela with any more of her in-way-over-your-head-serious pregnancy problems but this one she just couldn't tackle on her own.

Pamela tugged on her hands, whispering, "Hey?" and dipped her head, red curls bouncing.

Teeth worrying her bottom lip, Claudia Joy raised her head and with a glance back at The Hump Bar, quietly replied, "Not here...please?"

Pamela frowned. That wasn't good.

"U-um...okay." she looked over at the Hump too involuntarily then back at Claudia Joy, "Your place or mi—"


Pamela blinked at the tone. That was even worse. The brunette looked...lost.

Crap. The redhead swallowed a groan. What the hell had happened now? It couldn't possibly get any worse could it? Oh, god...the twins—

She cleared her throat and shook that thought away before it could fully form, "Alright..." Pamela nodded with a soft smile, "...mine it is then."

Claudia Joy swallowed hard, "Thanks. I-I'll see you there." Then she spun on her heels and sped across the parking lot to her car.

Pamela turned back to her own and yanked open the drivers side door with a sigh, "I hate this day."


Moran Residence

"Alright sweetie..." Pamela placed a steaming cup of camomile tea down on the coffee table in front of the silent brunette, "...talk to me."

Claudia Joy sighed, dropping her head into her hands, "I can't even say it."

Pamela eased herself down into the cushion beside Claudia Joy and placed her hands on the woman's knee, "Take your time, honey. It's okay."

"It's not okay." She countered dully, "Nothing is okay right now."

Pamela rolled her shoulders tensely, "Okay, Claudia Joy, what happened?"

Claudia Joy glanced at her fleetingly then back down at her hands, "Um...Michael and I got into a fight."

Pamela's eyes widened in disbelief, "Really? I-I mean, how big?" she corrected herself swiftly, clearing her throat then biting her lip.

"Big." The brunette stressed, eyebrows arched, "The biggest. We...have never fought like that before."

The redhead bit her lip harder, still feeling an incredibly strong sense of disbelief. Michael and Claudia Joy never fought, ever, at least not serious enough for them to hear about. It must've been as bad as it was big for the woman to be coming to her about it.

"What was the fight about?" she asked gently, one hand moving to the brunette's back, her right giving her knee a squeeze.

Claudia Joy gestured with both hands to her bump, "This." She answered simply and vaguely.

Pamela tilted her head, brow slightly creased, "The pregnancy? What about it?" she questioned, soft and encouraging.

Inhaling deeply, Claudia Joy pulled her hands free to push them through her hair and cleared her throat, "I uh...he wa—" she laughed mirthless and short, "Michael wants to terminate...the pregnancy."

Pamela blinked, "O-oh..." she honestly did not know what to say to that.

Claudia Joy glanced at her, "Uh-huh." with a nod and then went back to staring at the front door.

"Wow..." Pamela breathed, clasping her hands together in her lap, "Uh..." she glanced at the brunettes face, scrutinising her expression warily, "How do you feel about that?"

Claudia Joy frowned, "You sound like, Roland." she arched an eyebrow adding, "Which means you sound like a shrink, Pamela."

The redhead snorted, "I hate shrinks. That's insulting."

The brunette smirked briefly, running her hands up and down her thighs. Heaving a sigh she shook her head, staring incredulously, "He wants me...to get an abortion."

Pamela stalled at the casual tone of her voice, eyes cutting back to her, but said nothing.

Claudia Joy's eyebrows rose and she pursed her lips, "My husband wants me to abort our unborn twins." that mirthless chuckle returned, hands in her hair again.

Pamela compressed her lips and looked away. She was getting the very distinct feeling that Claudia Joy expected her to disagree with Michael's demand. Pamela wasn't so sure she could do that.

Claudia Joy shook her head and shrugged, "I said "no". We fought. There was yelling, name calling. Fists hit walls and then..." she exhaled deeply, "...he left."

"Wait what?" Pamela exclaimed, head snapping around, brow deeply creased.

The brunette nodded, "Yeah...I didn't see it coming either but it happened. Michael told me he didn't—or couldn't support my decision, that he no longer wants the twins, that he won't be able to love them if I die and told me to do it on my own." Claudia Joy spouted off gracing her friend with only the cliff-notes version of that mornings events. She nodded towards the front door, "Then he walked out the front door and went to work."

Pamela was dumbfounded. All she could do was sit there and stare; wide eyed and mouth agape. Her hands held Claudia Joy's—somehow they'd made their own way there during the woman's deadpanned recap. Pamela couldn't recall giving them that instruction.

"I..." she swallowed hard, "...u-um...I-I, I-I don't know what to say." Pamela admitted in a rush, shaking her head.

Claudia Joy didn't react. She was still staring at the door, replaying it over and over in her head. She was trying to make sense of a senseless thing. It wasn't working, was driving her quite mad though. She should probably stop. Should but couldn't.

Damn it, life was hard and the universe? Not her friend. She must've been a truly horrible person in a past life to deserve karma like this.

"Ohhh...I fear I may be sliding into the realm of denial." Claudia Joy mused with perfectly arched brows and widened chocolate orbs.

Pamela shook her head, "Oh no, don't do that." She advised firmly, "Denial is not your friend, Claudia Joy steer very clear."

She huffed, "Easier said than done." Claudia Joy retorted, frowning at the air.

"Try." Pamela urged seriously, emerald orbs full of warning.


"Denial only makes a bad situation worse."

"Oh-kay!" Claudia Joy promised pointedly, sending an arched brow her friends way then gestured to herself, "This is me trying."

The redheads eyes narrowed slowly as silence descended upon them. One woman lost in her own thoughts, the other wondering how to put her own into words. Intelligible sentences were key to productive conversation of any kind after all.

Shifting closer on the couch, Pamela nudged the brunette lightly and sought, "Where's your head at, Claudia Joy?"

She lifted her shoulders helplessly, "I...I'm confused." Claudia Joy answered with a frown and a nod, "Angry. Scared." She heaved a sigh and hid her face in her hands before quietly confessing, "But most of all...I just feel alone."

"Oh—" Pamela jerked, shaking her head firmly and encased her friend in a tight demonstration of support, "You...are not alone." The redhead refuted sternly, "I am right here."

Claudia Joy sent her a grateful smile, "I appreciate that, Pamela but I am." She disagreed sadly, "It's my body, my life, my decision to make. You can't make it for me."

Pamela's face fell and she briefly rested their foreheads together with a quiet, "I know..."

Claudia Joy's sad smile remained as she grasped her friends arms where they were linked together around her chest and squeezed, "It's a relief to know that you're here though." She added lightly, sincerity in her eyes and tone.

The redhead smiled, "And I will support you in whatever you decide, alright?" Pamela sought, tilting her head.

The brunette nodded, "Thank you." Claudia Joy breathed sounding immensely relieved at her reassurance.

Pamela kissed her cheek, "Anytime." then she bit down on her lower lip, "Claudia Joy?"


"Don't...hate...me." Pamela requested slowly and the brunette turned a little in their embrace.

Her eyes narrowed, "Why would I?" Claudia Joy quizzed suspiciously.

Pamela bit her lip harder, "Well...um I—I did some research myself and came up with the same solution as, Michael." the redhead shrugged inhaling deeply, "Aaaannd...I thought it was maybe a good idea." Pamela confessed pursing her lips and bracing herself for the fury and hurt and betrayal she was expecting.

Claudia Joy tried to be affronted or feel betrayed but she couldn't muster either. Instead she sighed wearily and nodded, "So did I." the brunette agreed tightly, staring ahead again.

The redhead blinked in surprise. That hadn't been what she was expecting. She glanced at her friends face when the woman sagged against her and could read the guilt and shame in her features.

"Hey?" Pamela whispered softly, "It's okay that you did you know. It doesn't make you a terrible person or a bad mother, alright?" she eyed the brunette with a pointed stare, "It makes you human, Claudia Joy and there is nothing wrong with that."

Claudia Joy nodded slowly, lips compressed, "I know that." She assured gently, voice flat, "It's a logical and rational response to consider all possible outcomes and solutions when faced with a problem or life-threatening situation—"

"Now who sounds like the shrink." Pamela quipped pathetically, failing to draw a small smirk from even her own lips.

The mother-to-be compressed her lips and then weakly threw up her hands and shook her head, "—but...that doesn't make the guilt go away."

Her face etched with deep sympathy and overwhelming empathy, Pamela ran her fingers lazily through the woman's hair with her left hand and squeezed her wrist with the other, "I wish I could make this easier for you, Claudia Joy." She whispered thickly, eyes beginning to sting, "I wish I could fix it."

Claudia Joy dropped her head into her hands and moaned, "Oh god, Pamela I don't know what I'm gonna do!" she wailed, shoulders shaking once, "I can't terminate, I just can't but I understand where Michael's coming from I really do..." she raised her head and inhaled, coffee coloured orbs conflicted and confused, "I just feel like he doesn't understand where I am coming from, like he's not even trying! He's made up his mind and that...that's just it! Decision made."

Pamela's hand continued to move rhythmically through the thick chestnut locks, "Michael's scared, honey. He's being faced with this horrible thing; the prospect of losing you is just too much for him." she defended gently, fingers softly stroking the brunette's forearm, "I know how he feels."

Claudia Joy looked at her sharply, eyes filling with sympathy and regret and apology as she squeezed her hand.

Clearing her throat, Pamela pressed on, "But he can't understand completely, Claudia Joy because he's on the outside. To him they're still just an idea and that's all he has right now; the idea of them." She paused to place a hand on her friends swollen abdomen and received a gentle kick.

Claudia Joy closed her eyes with a hiss but not due to physical pain.

Pamela smiled softly, "Sure, he's felt them kick—just like this—but no matter what they do or how involved they become the father is always on the outside of this until the baby is born and in his arms." The redhead shook her head with a shrug, "It's not fair but it's the truth. Michael hasn't had the chance to bond with them yet unlike you."

The brunette placed her hand over her friends when another kick hit her palm.

Pamela's smile widened, "They're growing inside you and you feel every small, inconsequential movement. Your body's changing to accommodate them I get it." She assured her with bright eyes, memories invading her mind, "You and I both know that feeling your baby kick you from the inside is so much more intimate and astounding and miraculous than feeling it through skin."

Claudia Joy looked down at their hands and sighed, her shoulders sagging, "Exactly...but how do I make him understand that?"

Pamela shrugged, "I honestly don't know, hon. You can only try."

"I have." She responded pinching the bridge of her nose, "I was unsuccessful."

Tucking some dark hair behind the woman's ears, Pamela then slid her arm around the expectant mothers shoulders and simply stated with a shrug, "So you try again."

Claudia Joy scoffed lightly and chuckled, rolling her eyes at the redheads smirk, "Thank you, Pamela. That's incredibly helpful."

She giggled and resting their heads together caressed the brunette's swollen stomach, "Do you wanna do this, Claudia Joy?" Pamela asked of her seriously, it was the scary question but it had to be answered.

Claudia Joy was silent, lips pressed together then she nodded once and replied with a confident, "Yes, yes I do. I'm gonna have them, Pamela."

Pamela swallowed her wince and closed her eyes, "Okay." She breathed instead, nodding slow, "Alright, then...I've got your back." The redhead promised determinedly, "Whatever you need, whenever you need it, okay?"

Claudia Joy looked at her with glistening eyes of appreciation and love and relief, "Thank you." She whispered thickly, tears coating her every word.

Pamela's eyes glistened too, "You're welcome." She pressed her left palm to the side of the brunette's face and exhaled sharply, "I got you...for everything and anything, even if it's scary and hard alright?"

Claudia Joy nodded, exhaling in a slow tremble.

Swallowing hard as the tears welled, filling her forest green orbs, Pamela kissed her head and hugged her tightly.

Claudia Joy rested her head on the redheads shoulder and closed her eyes.

Both women were silent a while; one of them wrestling with her risky decision, the other trying to soothe away the pain.

Stubbornly blinking her eyes free of tears, Pamela cleared her throat then laughed breathless, "God, I need a drink."

Claudia Joy laughed sharply, sitting up and righting herself, "Ohhh, me too."

Pamela narrowed her eyes as a thought occurred to her, "I think I have tequila in my kitchen."

Claudia Joy glared, "Now you're just being mean."

She shook her head, "No, no just hear me out alright? We'll do them together." Pamela declared eagerly, springing to her feet, "You just stay—sit there alright?" she ordered sternly before dancing off into her kitchen.

When Pamela returned nearly twenty minutes later Claudia Joy was staring off into space, both hands caressing her small bump lovingly.

The redhead stopped and smiled at the sight, shaking off the dread and regret and anger and focusing on the magic and excitement instead. It was the only way she'd get through with her sanity intact.

"Here we go!" Pamela exclaimed giddily.

Claudia Joy turned to find her approaching; tequila under her arm, a shot glass in one hand and a full bowl of sliced limes in the other, empty one underneath.

The brunette arched a solitary brow, "Pamela...?"

Emptying her arms and plopping back down beside her, the redhead grinned widely, "This...will be fun." Pamela promised certainly then frowned, "I, however, might get extremely drunk." She added with a grimace.

"Oh no." Claudia Joy droned, staring at the items before her sceptically—except the bottle of tequila, that she just gazed at with longing, wishful orbs.

"Here's how it's gonna work." Pamela began with a smirk, "Obviously you can't drink soooo, I will drink for you and you will suck on the lime." The redhead shrugged with a proud smile, "That way you get to pretend that you're drinking with me without running the risk of poisoning your unborn children."

Eyebrows arched, Claudia Joy stated surely, "That would be bad."

"Ohhh, very bad."

The brunette laughed, "You really think this'll work?"

"Sure." Pamela nodded with a smirk, "That and it's the only way I get to drink in front of you and not feel guilty about it."

Claudia Joy laughed loudly, "Ohhh, alright I get it. This is for your benefit, not mine." She clicked her tongue and pursed her lips, "Ulterior motive, huh?"

Pamela's smirk grew, "Yes! I would like to drink without shame."


Filling up the glass, Pamela brought it to her lips while handing off a lime, "Ready?" then she threw it back and swallowed it down.

Claudia Joy watched with that familiar longing and she could honestly imagine it; the taste, the burn, the shock to your system and closed her eyes when she bit down on the lime.

"Gahhh!" Pamela cringed loudly, shuddering, "God, that is strong!" she exclaimed face screwed up tightly and diving for a lime herself.

Claudia Joy casually dropped the lime skin into the empty bowl, eyes gleaming with satisfaction as she smirked, "I think this game's growing on me."

Gagging a little as she sucked, Pamela glared.


Holden Residence

It was exactly 1800 hours when Michael dragged himself home, still bitter and angry and hurt. He hadn't seen or spoken to his wife since that morning and he really wasn't in the mood to fight again. In actuality he'd prefer if he didn't have to see her again tonight but as he abandoned his things in his den, the sound of soft music and clattering dishes and quiet conversation floated towards him from the kitchen. And something smelled good.

Steeling himself for the inevitable ice and fire he was sure to receive from his wife, Michael braved the kitchen to find his girls cooking dinner.

Emmalin was beaming and Claudia Joy appeared surprisingly relaxed and light. She was grinning and joking with Emmalin as if nothing was wrong but then again, Claudia Joy had always been supremely talented at hiding her emotions from those around her. She kept it all inside. She was a master in the art of deception.

"Hi, Daddy!" Emmalin chirped brightly, a wide smile stretching her lips when she found him there.

His wife, however, didn't even acknowledge his presence.

"Dinner's ready." The exuberant brunette teen informed him nodding towards the table, "Go sit down. It'll be out in a few."

Michael approached his baby girl with a smile, kissing her head, "And what are we eating tonight?"

"Tuna pasta bake." Emmalin shared helpfully, "I made it!"

He arched his brows reflexively and his daughter gawked.

"I. Did." Then she spun to her mother, "Tell him, Mom!"

To Michael's great surprise, Claudia Joy actually looked at him.

"She did, Michael." His wife stated in support of their daughter.

"HA!" Emmalin rejoiced, stabbing his chest sharply, "Now go sit." She ordered pointing to the dining room table, "Go on."

Michael kissed her cheek, "Yes, Ma'am."

Emmalin then turned to her mother and snatched the serving spoon from her hands, "You too, Mom."


"Go!" Emmalin interrupted firmly then threw in a sweet smile, "Please?"

Claudia Joy rolled her eyes and relented, "Fine. I'm going." She took her usual place on her husband's right but didn't say a word to him.

They just sat in silence—thick and tense and buzzing with friction and fire—until Emmalin brought them drinks.

She eyed her parents suspiciously, "Are...you two alright?" Emmalin questioned uncertain, worry in her hazel eyes, "Are you fighting? Cause it feels like you're fighting."

Claudia Joy glanced at Michael. Michael glanced at Claudia Joy. Then they both shook their heads.

"Of course not, baby." Claudia Joy assured her daughter with a soft smile.

"I'm just tired." Michael added with a shrug, "Long day."

Emmalin's eyes narrowed, "And you?" she fired at her mother accusingly. Something was off with them she just knew it and now they were lying to her about it.

Claudia Joy smirked, "I was doing tequila shots with Pamela all afternoon so I'm a little foggy." She responded with a casual shrug reaching for her ice water.

Emmalin's eyes nearly popped form their sockets, "You were what?!"

Michael stared at her sceptical.

Claudia Joy giggled, "Relax. Pamela did the shots." She assured her child lightly, still laughing at the look on her face, "I just sucked on limes. It was surprisingly...effective."

Emmalin glanced at her father before leaning away and shaking her head, "Ya know, I don't even want an explanation." She declared before darting back to the kitchen.

Claudia Joy turned on her husband as soon as their daughter was out of earshot, "Alright, let's just get through this meal in a civil manner, for Emmalin's sake." she stated with raging eyes and a poisonous tongue, her voice low and controlled and dangerous "But don't you dare for a second think that we are okay, Michael James Holden because we are far from it."

Michael's residual anger reignited at her tone and he snatched his glass up violently, "Oh trust me, Claudia Joy, as long as you insist on going through with that we will never be okay."

"Voila!" Emmalin gushed as she sat the rectangular bowl full of pasta down in the middle of the table.

Michael and Claudia Joy jerked away from one another, forcing all trace of anger from their faces to address their daughter.

"It smells wonderful, Em." Michael complimented reaching for the spoon.

She grinned with pride watching carefully as he served her and then himself and her mother last.

Emmalin frowned deeply; that wasn't right. He always served her mom first, even if she hadn't cooked the food.

The teen's eyes darted to her mother who was barely looking at her father and she felt suddenly just a little sick.

Her parents were fighting, really fighting. Something was wrong and it was bad.

That night they dressed for bed in excruciating silence. Neither snuck a glance and they made a point of keeping feet of distance between them whenever possible. The air was thick and unstable and jumping with fury and hurt and betrayal. Neither said a word and neither was willing to back down.

It wasn't until they lay in bed shrouded in pitch black darkness, backs to one another and enough room for a third person to lie in the space between them that Claudia Joy finally spoke.

"I'm having these babies, Michael."

He tensed at her words, his breath stilling.

"I know you don't want me too and I know you don't understand why I have to but I am." Claudia Joy persisted, not missing a beat or allowing her voice to reveal any emotion as she spoke, "I won't change my mind. I'm having them and that's it."

Silence fell again and both were statuesque.

Then Michael threw off the comforter and flew out of bed, "I'll be in the guest bedroom." He informed her vacantly, grabbing his dressing gown before he tore open the door and left again.


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