Book of Eli 2: Second COming

by Jayovac

Part One: Genesis

Mila Kunis was she walkering down a road.

It was many day fafter Eli was died and they completion the book of bible, but she had to leave Alcatraz isalnd and Sandy Ego because she knew her mother would be and Carnegie was still a terror as ever. She were sad after Eli of passing but knows it was just the way of the werld which swa not good anymore but did not know because before her timely.

"I wonder when I will get there on arrival" she said stoically but then bad guys like in side of a desert jumped off the road at her.

Mila Kunis did an instantly attack that chopping one guys off, but then the other guy too. She did a steady spin move that nocked them away as well. They tried to but when she got far, she used a gunshott at them.

"No!" they yells as blood and a bullet arrow went threw at them.

She knew she was did a good job so kept walk down The Raod like that book that I doesn't read it but maybe should?

Part Two: Revelation

Solara got into town jsut as the sun rode up on the sky that was bright her eyes, so put on a goggles. The town was in choas just as she and pepole were steal things and brake out and run off. Solara knew she couldn't be here for long as they might to her too.

She went insisde that one place like a Saloon but had to find Carnegie and her mother. When she got to the top, Carnegie had her at gunpoint and laughed.

"I thought your infection killed you," stated Mila Kunis.

Carnegies laugh. "Ha-ha-ha-ha. That infection is not really. It im really a special virus that I researched to trick you into thinking that it was."

"No..." said she quiet.

"Yes" he shouted and fired at her, but she dodged very suddenly and shot back again. Something explosioned and it was her mother!?

"HOW COUDL YOU!" shouted Mila Kunis.

"She was just an expandable." and he shot more fire at her Mila Kunis dodged, and after, they fight for a great timing, she performed one steady shot that created his blood against the wall. But he still tried to, and she dedicated a unique attack that, this time, destructioned this forever.

Afterword, she was panting and walking outside to the panic on the streats. Somebody were walking pasting her but she did not pay any attention.

Her mother was dead, she knew and had to acceptance. But so was Carnegie as well. That was it a cruel fate, of a world.

Solara knew the times was not a good place to be live in these desparate time, but woud make the rest for the best and in time, the book could save them all.

The End?