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Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End.

In a dark bedroom, night befalls upon a girl who was having a deep slumber, it was on a full moon, and she seems a bit restless.

"Hello there."

Her bloody ruby eyes opened slightly, as she turned her head to the person who has greeted her.

A little boy,

He wore clothes that imitated a prisoner's uniform, the old fashioned black and white strips, he had deep ocean blue eyes, and black hair.

His skin was a bit pale, but he had such a friendly smile, a child.

"Who are you?" She asked him,

He smiled.

"How did you…come in here??" She asked again as she sat up.

He then began to chuckle, "Don't worry, you will soon know…" then he vanished, then reappeared a bit farther from the bed.

The girl froze, did he just teleported?

"Although we aren't suppose to meet now…But don't worry, I'll come again"

She can't move her mouth, she can't, why is it she can't?

But it felt like, she had seen this boy before.

"Tomorrow is a new beginning, the beginning of the end it seems" He began to say. "…Once the clock shall hit midnight…" he didn't finish, he looked at the clock which was almost time.

He just smiled with a giggle. "Just be careful!"

"Wait! At least tell me, how'd you come in here?" the girl asked, inches from falling off her bed.

He turned away, then moved his head back to smile, "…I'm always with you…"

Then he disappeared,

She was frozen with, not fear, but just,

She heard the clock struck 12 from her grand father's clock of her house, and right before her eyes, everything changed, blood seeped from the corners of her room, and now she was struck with fear.

She heard a weird voice, it was inhuman, very inhuman.

She covered her ears, shaking. "W—what's…going on??"

Now she was scared, she searched the room, somehow she wished the boy had now left her.

It seemed that hours have passed that she tried to go back to sleep, but it hadn't changed, the mysterious hour was still there.

Then she heard some glass break and then screams.

She recognized it. "FATHER?! MOTHER!?!?" she jumped out of bed and ran outside the room and rushed downstairs.

A sudden burst of light and heat came out, fire?

She shielded her eyes, then looked, to her dread, she wished she hasn't opened them.

Their burnt bodies, and a stabbed little girl and boy, she fell to her knees,

"What…..what's going….on….??" She muttered, then she saw something on the floor, something was there, it had a blue mask with so many arms around, holding swords.

Then it spotted her, she couldn't move, nothing moved in her body.

Then she heard something.


She jerked her head to look at the girl who was pinned by a sword to the wall, she ran towards her, not knowing she had just escaped death when the 'thing' had stabbed the place where she once sat on.

"Himeno?—Himeno!!" She cried, her little sister's hair was a mess, and blood trailed from her mouth, but she smiled.

"….I can see….mommy and daddy…you know." She said.

The girl felt everything fell in her body, her sister was dying.

"…They aren't dead….you know…" she turned her eyes to the burnt bodies, then she shifted to look at her. "….I'll be waiting….but…just…I want you…t…o…..live…now……"

The girl began crying "Himeno!! Himeno shikaishiro!!—Oy!!"

(Shikaishiro= Take a hold of yourself)

"….O..kay….?....Big…sis..t..e……….r…" her eyes closed shut, and they will never open again.

The girls eyes flooded, "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she cried with a scream, she felt something coming closer,

She looked, it was the 'thing' again, and she hated it.

"YOU!" she held in her hand a shard of glass ready to strike, but then she was suddenly hit with fire, "Kh!!" she cursed, it was too strong that she was slammed to the window.

Then another burst of flames hit her again, it wasn't burning her too much, but it had hurt her enough to slam her to the glass, making herself even more in pain.

Her night clothes were burned a bit, sleeves tore off, and her long wavy mint green hair was a mess as well.

She lay on the floor as she watched that thing come towards her, she felt nothing now, as her eyes shifted to the dead bodies of her love ones,

"Everyone…..I'm...sorry" she muttered, her eyes almost about to close as things got foggy.

Then she heard a tune, a piano playing and a flash of blue light, then a woman singing the background, then, before her she saw shoes, feet,

She looked up, and saw only the back side of a person clad in blue, he seemed to be guy.

"Persona" she heard him say as she heard something break like glass, as small shards of glowing glass came out and soon disappeared as something before him appeared,

What is that? She wondered looking at it, she can't see the thing attacking the 'thing', but before she even tried to focus, the 'thing' disintegrated.

The man infront of her turned around and bowed with his right hand on his chest,

"Forgive me for being so late…..Serein Aries" he said in a deep but irresistible voice, that kept her awake. His eyes were gold in color, and a pale blonde color that it more looked like dirty white.

His skin was pale white and he wore gloves, he had a brown book at his other hand.

"….How did…y--" the girl who was Serein was hushed by a single finger against her lips.

"This isn't the time for us to talk here….please, allow me" He said softly as he began to put his arms around her, carrying her in a bridal way.

He carried her as if it was nothing, but she didn't look at him, he looked to see her eyes one the dead bodies, and that tears fell off from her face to the floor.

He could see her arm reaching out to 2 dead bodies,

"…Otosan…..Okasan…" she muttered sadly. Then she reached out to the little girl. "Himeno……naze?....na-----ze….?" Her eyes got heavy, and her arm just dangled as she fought to stay awake, still so confused right now.

(Otosan= Father, Okasan= Mother, Naze= Why?)

His hands gripped slightly, knowing why she was so sad, he closed his eyes and sighed. "…I'm terribly sorry….for your lost."

He took a few steps, then turned to the place had made an entrance, Serein could see a blue door, and there was light coming from it.

She saw a blue butterfly pass her by, but it soon disappeared from her sight as it melted away to the door.

The man began to walk towards it, and she saw the door opened by itself, and soon she was drenched in light, her eyes couldn't keep open any longer, and she soon fell asleep.

As her consciousness began to come back, she felt herself in an upright position, and felt like she was leaning onto something.

Her mind slowly began to flood in the things that had open, already aware of what happened.

She slowly opened her eyes, and saw before he a small table covered with a blue table cloth, everything was blue, and doors were at the side, some where covered and uncovered

Her eyes traveled as she stopped at the huge clock that kept on moving it's arms like time was in fast forward, and behind it was a motion that it felt like the room she was in was like a huge elevator, then her eyes went down from the clock, to a guy, well.

At least she thinks it's a guy.

He had a long nose and was in a suit, it looked like an old man with bulging eye balls, and she wanted to laugh at first, but she was in no condition to, she didn't feel like it.

Beside him, standing, was the young man she was rescued by.

"It seems you are now fully awake…" the voice came from that weird…person…?

Serein blinked again as she tried to sit up, she was in a chair, and behind her seemed like a resemblance of a lyre.

"Forgive us if we are too late." The ..person continued as he made some gestures, Serein looked at him.

"Where am I?" She asked.

"You are in the 'Velvet Room'….Only those who has a reason to enter…" he said in a persuading voice.


"Yes…other than that, a special kind of guest such as yourself may enter." He smiled at her, which gave her chills. "It seems like your future has taken a sudden change…and now it seems you will have to face certain challenges in your life. But do not fear, for we will be here to help you, until you find an answer to your question…."

He almost said the same thing as the boy…. She thought, "…And…the answer is?"

"That is for you to find out…" He said. Then his eyes widened, if it was even possible. "Forgive my rudeness!....I am Igor… and this here is my assistant… Theodore,"

The man who had rescued her smiled at her and bowed slightly.

"It's a pleasure," he said.

"It seems I can't let you stay here any longer…" He began to say, "You will now start your journey and here onward…"

"Journey'?" she repeated.

"Well then, until we meet again." He smirked as the image infront of Serein began to blur and turn foggy.

Her eyes closed again, until she heard someone in the background,


Her eyes opened, and she saw the moving ceiling and lights of the hospital, she was in a bed, being rushed to somewhere off, she saw beside her, her aunt and uncle.

"Don't worry!! Everything will be alright!!" the aunt said as she cried through her green eyes, relieved to see her awake.

"…Aunt Nana…" she muttered as her eyes shifted to her uncle. "…Uncle Ryuuji…."

"Ma'am! I need you to please stay here!" one of the doctors yelled out as they were nearing the door.

"No!! Serein-chan! Serein-chan is!!"

"Nana! Mou eiih!"Ryuuji said he restrained her. (Mou eiih= That's enough)


Serein could hear her voice as she once again fell back to sleep, everything went a blur once more, and she was too tired, she wants to rest.

"Doctor!!" she heard a nurse called.


(Hisuge= Hurry!)

Time had flown by after my hospitalization…. I had glass inserted through my chest, but they were able to get it off, miraculously, they were shocked that my wounds healed faster and now, as if it never even happened.

I lived with my Aunt and Uncle till I was able to get a scholarship to this school named Gekkoukan Highschool… somewhere out of Tokyo, but I heard it's still like a city place.

For all my life, no one told me about what that thing always happened in Midnight, I kept on seeing those monsters outside, but thankfully none of them went inside for some reason, I kept on seeing that boy, and he had always stayed there in midnight, but soon disappears as before.

I didn't go back, or I never seen that Velvet Room, I wonder if….that place was a dream and I simply survived because the time was finished and I hallucinated?...No… it was too real….

(remembering the deaths)


As the train stopped at the station, Serein put up her head phones and began to listen to some music over her mp3 player, something nice and classical, and yet she also liked pop rock and jazz.

She is more interested in music anyway, and back in her school she excels in the violin..

She walked off outside the station as she passed so many people, it did remind her about Tokyo.

Then she looked at her watch, 12:00 midnight. It was time, she looked around to see people turn into coffins, it didn't surprise her as she hurried off to find the dorm.

And soon she did find it, weirdly enough, the lights were open, she sighed. This is her new 'home' from now on.

She opened the door,

"You finally came…what took you so long?"

Her eyes widened as she turned to drop her bag, she was the boy again, looking at her from the desk with his head supported with his hands, smiling childishly.

"I've been waiting for you…what kept you?" He asked,

"What are you doing here?" she asked to the boy as she went to him, she patted his head. "Have you been stalking me?"

It was the first time she touched him, she thought he was a ghost, ever since she was small, she had a gift of having a 'third eye' having a sixth sense in short.

But he was different.

The little boy smiled at her. "…Anyway, it's better for you to sign this contract here…"

"Contract?" Serein muttered, then he pointed to a scroll like thing with a feather for a pen. He gave the gesture to write, and so she did.

Aries, Serein.

Last name before first name as always.

The boy got the scroll, which turned into a book.

"Now it finally begins…" he smiled.

He then gestured, covering his left eye with the thin book,

"You cannot cover your eyes nor plug your ears…." He turned the book and in an instant it disappeared. "Nor run or scream nor shout….For what is now have to come…You shall have to face it on your own…"

His voice echoed within her as he looked straight at her, she could see a part of the room from behind him darkens.

"…There is no turning back now, Serein Aries" he grinned as the darkness covered him, his blue eyes glowed as he reached out before completely disappeared in the darkness.


(Now……..it begins…)

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