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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter Twenty-Two: Aniki..~~~~~

?...What happened? I asked myself, feeling as if the world had dissolved before my eyes. No, I can't see, I just felt it dissolve.

Everything felt wet yet, it wasn't, it felt as if I was flying, yet I was floating…..

Oh yeah….

I fell, My eyes slowly opened to see the familiar scene once more. I could see it again….

The familiar surroundings that had once took a hold of my soul's own string and pulled, and here I was, back again to this place.

But I felt the same as ever….

It was just peaceful….


? Voices above the water…. I could vaguely hear.

But it was recognizable…it was me.

Or rather….

Minato… I called him, "Minato"

But somehow, this world I was in, separated us, I can't go through….




My eyes moved around, but no one was there.

"This time, I'll save you!"

And at once, I felt myself warm up, as my whole body lit up as if I was going to heaven. But I wasn't, within the waters, I heard the slight clash of glass, and saw Orpheus, out from me.

He looked so much like Minato.

He floated before me, the water moving his bangs for me to see his face slowly turning human, bloody red eyes very noticeable from where I was.

His form looking more human, ah yes…

Now I know…I told himself, but my thoughts didn't continue.

Orpheus had grabbed hold of me as my eyes sight grew weaker, then I saw something strange happen…

Something came out from Orpheus' back…

It looked like, triangular, metal, or something like that, wings…

I don't recall Orpheus having wings.

But before anything else, I felt us shoot out of the water, and once we were out, the mysterious wings from his back disappeared.

Orpheus held onto me tightly, as if I were to blend in with the water, I snapped myself awake as I looked around from hearing another splash.

At the corner of my eye, I was fortunate to catch a glimpse of Reus falling head first to the water, I ordered Orpheus to save him, he seemed hesitant to let me go, but he obeyed and began to dive.

When I looked anywhere else, I saw a huge shadow covering a large space at where I was, I looked up and my eyes widened.

The danger wasn't over yet, I'm coming back to the water.

The cart was falling towards me.

Swimming won't do me good, it won't take me far enough to dodge this. I can't use my evoker, for one, I don't have it, and second, even if I do, I can't, since people would be watching this.

Dammit I thought to myself, as I covered myself with my arms, expecting the worst as the cart fell to me.

Once it did, I was forcefully pushed down to the water, the seats painfully slammed me down, as glass passed me, the train car pushing me deeper down to the depths. The seat belts almost entangling me.

I saw Orpheus' surprise look when I passed him as I went deeper, but he couldn't go deeper, he had to obey my orders, and he went up with Reus.

I didn't even bother to struggle.

Why? I thought to myself, Why do I always end up here?

Of course, I didn't expect an answer.

I looked ahead of me, seeing the metal doors cracking and going into a close from the pressure, yet, I don't feel scared.

My ears should be broken by now, but, I don't feel the pressure.

I could barely see the light.

It was going into darker blue.

==================IWATODAI PORT ISLAND STATION===========

Minato's hands gripped harder into the railings, he can't stand what he was watching, everyone around him seemed to have been frozen from fear, hearts stopping and dropping.

Only 2 men came above the water, Aegis looking at the 2 men seeing if they were alright, then seeing her panic.

Serein wasn't to be seen, no one else came up.

"Shit!" Minato began to dash through the heavy crowd.

"MINATO!" Yukari called out as she tried to follow him, but she was soon blocked by the media that was going through the crowd, blinding flashes and cameras, "Minato!"

"Dammit!" Akihiko's fist gripped, as he began to follow into the direction of Minato, Shinjiro, unknowningly was behind him, doing the same thing.

However, they too were blocked by the flooding crowds that rushed to see the horrific scene before them.

Minato raced to the entrance, pushed the resisting guards away as he jumped over the gates and began running through the rail tracks.

It wasn't far before he stopped at the broken fencing and looked down, he felt so useless, he wanted to go there. He wanted to save her.

"Serein!—Please…please answer me! CAN YOU HEAR ME?" He gave a mental scream, that almost sounded like a girl at the end, maybe it was because of the resistance within him to cry till no tears came out.

What he got as a reply.

Was a cold breeze, and dead silence.

====================DEEP DEPTHS OF THE WATER===========

Serein can't move, her body was getting numb, some of her arms were now fastened by the seat belts and other things that would restrict her from leaving, she felt sea weed restricting her legs and ankles, her hair flowing around the water, her eyes that cannot mix with the water.


Blood red…

Can't go with blue….they can't be together….

When they mix, they turn into something violent. Something out of control.

Fire….can't be with water.

She suddenly begin to see the flash backs, of her near death experience, how many times was she near the call of death?—Maybe Death is getting impatient from her ignoring his calling, should she just give in?

I'm tired of this,…it's sickening…I sighed, only if I could, the air was already coming out from me, and I felt so sleepy.

… What was the use?—Nothing's to be done…..



Minato… I tried again, "…Are you there…?" but no answer came time me.

My eyes softened. So I was always alone in here?...How I hated the sea.

The sea is what separates me from everyone….

Yet it binds me My eyes slowly comes to its close. As I felt the last of my breath slowly seeping out, why was I preventing it?—Am I waiting for som-




My eyes looked up, and I saw something opening the metal walls, I could hear some gun shots, and another violent hit on its surface.

Then something pulling it out, and once I again, I saw those eyes.

Rai,…. Deep blue eyes, that I've only seen once or twice before, eyes that I envied off, dreamt of always having. Eyes that could blend with the sea. ….gis….

Raigis didn't waste any time, he began to push the metal harder away, but the pressure was getting worst, as a machine, he too was affected, I could see him wincing, perhaps something within his armor was cracking, but he didn't mind, his expression seemed determined as he reached out to me.

I didn't want to touch it at first, but, I didn't want him to be dragged in.

Besides, I am not done.

Weakly, I reached out to his mechanical hands, and he had grabbed tightly on my wrist and pulled, but stopped once he saw the belts and sea weed around my neck.

He began to make his way through, even if some of his armor got torn, he went through and began to snap it out from my body, freeing me from it's grip.

He grabbed hold of me as he tried to summon his persona, but somehow he couldn't, I could almost hear something within his mechanical body crack. Some of his uniform was torn, the sleeves of his jacket was severely torn apart, and his neck tie was full of holes, a huge cut on his shirt.

But he didn't mind it, he began to look up and pointed, his hand began to shift into a small portable cannon and began to shoot. The hole was big enough and he began carry me, going for it.

And where are the surface of the metal car, he planted his feet there, and I saw his headphones began to spin wildly, bubbles coming out from it, if we weren't under water, I'm sure I would have seen intense smoke coming out from it as he bent down to his knees, and him holding onto me tightly.

I saw his pupils zooming in and out, then glow as he forced his head to look up.

Then, at once, he launched himself to the surface of the water.


At once I gasped for dear air, feeling the sun above me as I heard the squeals of joy from Aegis and the gasp of Orpheus from our return.

My eyes looked around, and I saw them, my body felt extremely hot, and Raigis was too, now I could see the smokes coming out from his headphones.

I turned my attention a Reus, thank goodness he wasn't hurt.


"?" I looked up the railroad bridge, and saw someone waving, the others were coming from behind, one of them grabbing onto him before he jumped off. My eyes softened, "…Mina…to.." then it closed shut as I fell unconscious.

Everything turned white.


"Why are you so reckless?"


"You're worrying me to death…Honestly, you big, stupid head…you're such an idiot…"

This voice… I didn't know where I was, but neither could I even see, my eyes were closed, and I felt nothing around me. As if I was air, floating into a void of emptiness.

And now, this familiar voice ended up talking to me.

"….No use, I can't pretend anymore…."

? 'Pretend'? My thoughts were confused.

"This time….Allow others to protect you…."

. Slowly, my mind came to the realization of this sound, things that I've done.

I wanted to reach out, to this person, but I can't….

I can't feel my body….


Then…. I heard music.

Perhaps I was within my soul….and Orpheus was comforting me…..

I wasn't sure…

"You don't have to carry this burden all by yourself…"

======================Hospital Room 332==========================

My eyes widened as I awoke, and tears began to stream down. "Gabriel…?" I uttered his name again.

"Actually, no."

"!" My eyes blinked as he turned my head, to see the new student seated on a chair beside my bed, he smiled, somehow it was nostalgic. "Reus….?"

He nodded, "I'm glad you came around….it's been 5 hours…."

I sighed, thank goodness it was just 5 hours. "You?—How's your condition?" I asked him, trying to sound not shaken.

"I'm fine….." Reus gave a reassuring nod, "and so is your friend here…"

"?" Before I asked a question, he gestured his hand to Orpheus, my eyes widened, making sure to see it was really Orpheus in human form. "…Orpheus…?"

He gave a slight nod, "I'm glad you're awake, master…"

Reus gave a small chuckled, "He's quite formal…"

"Yes…yes he is…" I sighed, sitting up as I let my hand hold my forehead. "….this place is…?" I looked around some more. Then finally I sighed once more, the place I've always hated. "….The hospital, huh…?"

"Yeah—What's wrong?" He asked, but I shook his head.

"It's nothing…..just tired….."

"I see…." Reus nodded as he stood up, "I best be off to tell your friends…..I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused you." Reus bowed his head slightly as he turned around.

I looked at him, analyzing his body, there were no signs of any marks or scratches.

"?" I blinked, surprised from what I saw as he left the room in silence.

"So you've noticed it too, didn't you master?" Orpheus asked me, as my attention shifted to his human face. "….That human,…..he has no signs of the accident…he has not suffered any mental traumas or any damage to the human body….."

"…" I looked at Orpheus, and crouched on my bed. Thinking, …This day….is so confusig… the images began to flood down to my head once more. The enemy, and the fight. I hope Raigis and Aegis are alright… my eyes softened as I looked down. I really…couldn't save or help anyone then…and to add into that…My eyes closed, as I recalled the same feeling of that vast sea engulfing me into itself. The sound of water, and the family color of blue light around me. I came back…to that place…


"?-!" When my eyes opened, I felt myself gasp as Orpheus pushed me down the bed, and he was untop of me, looking at me deeply from his blood red eyes.

His looks resembled Minato so much, and his eyes were like Reus and Gabriel. What was their connection?

I sighed, my heart is beating because of my own persona… "Orpheus…"

"You have to rest…please do not sit up" Orpheus gently told me, as he slowly lowered himself, enough that his face is just inches away from mine. "I will continue to watch over you…..Even if you do not summon me…..Only I can do this…."

His breath…..

It felt so…..

Alien to me—alien enough that it was human…..

It was so strange, as I looked at my persona, that took form of a human just so he can talk to me…

But somehow….how could I put this…?

I felt as if I've.

Abandoned him.

You must be lonely too, huh? I asked myself that, as I saw him slowly disappear, and a sound of glass echoing within me as my eyes slowly closes again.

As I drifted to unconsciousness, I heard the door open, but I didn't bother to open my eyes.

"Huh?—Orpheus-san is gone…?"

It was Reus, I guess.

*Riiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnng* **

And his cellphone,

"Hmm?" He began to reach for it, but I heard something crack, "….Great…"

It must have broke.

I guess that was—


Blame the bastard, not me…

+++++++++++++++++++++++A few Hours later++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

"…..Tch…" I was already getting pissed off. "…So you're saying…"

Reus sweat dropped as he grinned slightly, he also nodded to add in to it. "….Yeah…"

I punched my fist to the bed, and glared at him, "I'm going to be confined again!-*cough* *cough*!" my voice box must have gotten sick too, I began to cough painfully from that yell.

Reus patted my back as I caught my breath, "I'm sorry, but don't worry, it's just for 3 days…"

"I don't care." I scowled as I stubbornly fixed myself to sit up properly, "I'm fine, I recover fast….So get me out of here!"

Reus shook his head, "No can do.."

"What the heck?" I held my head, "I've met you like, how many hours ago, and now you're the boss of me?"

"Well, I am your Senior…so yes."

"I don't give a da-….." My eyes widened when I paused, my head turned to him. "…Senior…?"

He gave a nod, "Yup…Kirijo-san had showed me around while you were here….and not hours, but days…you woke up, and fell back to sleep for another day."

"WHAT?" I feel like killing someone, my life is being wasted as we speak.

Reus sighed as he let me glare at him, he pulled a chair close to my bed and sat there, "Why didn't you tell anyone you were sickly?"

I turned to him.

"Doctor's word."

"Huh…" I muttered as I let myself fall to my bed, my back was already hurting. "…I just don't want to be in this hospital…..I want to go back to the dorm…" my eyes turned to him, coming in contact with the blood wine eyes that was somehow very familiar to me. "….You?—why are you here and not in your dorm?"

"I've told Kirijo-san, don't worry—It was my fault anyway, so I wanted to wait for you here until you are allowed to go out."

"Wait…why tell he—Don't tell me…." My eyes widened once again, oh god please don't tell me. "Are you…!"

"In the same dorm as you…" He nodded, "I was suppose to move in before I came to school, before the incident I mean…but I got lost and ended up checking in to a hotel….Kirijo-san found my student record and recognize it as one of the forms sent to the Chairman's office…"

What is she thinking! I tried my best not to look too surprised, when infact I am shocked. "I see…" my eyes traveled to the window, away from his. As thought about the situation. No, Kirijo is not that irresponsible to just let a normal student stay in our dorm…if so then…could Reus be…Her eyes found its way back to his, Another…member…?

Reus noticed that she's been looking at him for the past 5 minutes, and starting to feel uncomfortable. "…What is it?"

"Then I should call you, 'Reus-sempai,'…huh?" she muttered as she closed her eyes.

Reus froze. THAT'S IT?


"?" Reus turned his seat, as the door of the room opened just enough to see a student with dark midnight blue hair coming in. "Ah…Arisato-kun."

Minato nodded his head, "….." his eyes traveled to Serein and stayed there. "Mitsuru said you have to go back now to claim your packages…..I will take your place."

Reus stood up, "O—Oh yeah, I forgot about that…thanks." He smiled as he began to walk towards the door.

Minato, on the other hand didn't budge.

"Is there something wrong?" Reus looked at him, noticing that he was almost at the same height as him. Weirdly enough.

Minato gave him one look, his eye color confused him.

Reus couldn't tell if it was silver or blue.

Minato looked at his eyes as well, a sudden familiarity and nostalgia hit him as well, but his face didn't show such surprise.

He simply sighed and closed his eyes, moving away from the door for him to pass, "No."

"…" Reus looked back at him, and felt himself smile slightly. How interesting… his hand began to travel to his bag, and handed him an Evoker.

Minato tried not to look too surprise to why he has one, but his eyes showed enough, "…" he took it from him, and instantly his eyes softened, from the touch he knew. "…Thanks, I'll give it back to her." He looked back at him to see his mouth slightly open, it looked like he had took the words right out from his mouth.

"How did you….?" Reus was astonished.

However Minato just shrugged, "Instincts…" and before Reus knew it, he was outside the room when Minato closed the door.


Reus sweat dropped. Why do I get the feeling—that he doesn't like me so much…?

+++++++++++++++++++++Inside the Room++++++++++++++++++++++

… Minato looked down to Serein, "…..How are you feeling?" a part of his voice sounded guilty, as he slightly tightened his fist in his pockets.

Serein knew it, even if he didn't show it, "I'm fine, don't worry." She grinned slightly at him, making her sitting position a bit comfortable as Minato turned to get a chair. (He didn't want to sit on the chair Reus sat…?)

Her eyes watched him as she felt herself sigh.

Within Minato's thoughts, were things telling him that it wasn't his fault. But, in his heart, he felt guilty. He just left his other self just to level up one social link,

"Blaming yourself, won't make things move." Serein began to say to him once he sat down, one arm over the back rest. "…This isn't something to be so sad about,…it's alright…"

His eyes shifted from the floor to her, his bangs covering one of his eyes, he didn't smile. "…." He chose not to say anything.

"….Minato." Serein muttered.

Minato looked at her closely, she had bruises, bandages, he even noticed the bandages around her neck just now, since it was covered by her hair. Her clips weren't there, perhaps it had been swept away by the current.

Some bruises were at her arms and hands, and some cuts at her left cheek.

After seeing that, how can she say that 'it's alright'?

Why does it always happen to her, and not me? Minato thought to himself. "….."

"Minato…." Serein sighed slightly, her eyes softening as her hand reached for his face.

But he grabbed her wrist, but she didn't flinch when an angry expression came from his face, and his grip tightening. Why? "Why is this only happening to you!"

"….." Serein just looked him blankly, as he continued.

His head bowed down, his bangs covering both of his eyes, as he gritted his teeth. "Everything….." he muttered angrily, "….and yet, I am not the one who makes it better….!"


"It's not what!" Minato yelled out to her, "Not my fault!—Don't lie to me, it is my fault…!" his eyes glaring, as the strange feelings restricted within was suddenly surging out. "…..Here I am, acting all high and mighty and responsible, when in fact it is actually only you…yet, I can do nothing but just watch!" his hand gripping on her hand tightly, he looked at her straight in the eye. "Why aren't you blaming me!-"


"Kh…!" Minato's head snapped to the side once Serein slapped his face.

Serein hand was still on the air from the after math, her expression calm as always.

She asked him softly and gently, "…Feeling better…?"

Minato got one his free hand as he brushed it across his chin from the pain, he felt as if he woke up. But he still didn't look at her.

"…You haven't been sleeping…" Serein said to him, as she got his chin and forced him to look at her. "Haven't you?"

Minato's eyes widened, as he sighed. "…" he gave a slight nod.

"…Why would I even blame you?" she began to say, letting his chin go. As she looked at him, her expression was something you can't say, but it was somehow, with a little seriousness and concern. "….Didn't we agree, that we are going to face the ordeals head on?—If that is true, then this is just one of them…"

"…..Serein." Minato muttered.

"Instead on being a wimp and being all dramatic about it…." Serein said with a slight grin, a part of her bangs covering his eyes, "…Make up for it…."

"….." Minato felt himself sigh, letting go of her wrist as he looked down. "…You're right…..I'm sorry I said all those things, plus, you just recovered didn't you?..."

"I'm fine, I don't really give a damn." Serein smiled as she places a hand on her chin, "Be thankful I slapped you….not punched you…"

"Yeah but, I'm surprised, why a slap this time?"

"You really want me to punch you?"

"No thank you." Minato grinned. "Although, I'm not quite sure which one hurt the most…"

"Get used to it." Serein said to him, closing her eyes slightly as she sighed. "Why are you here…?"

"?" For a moment there, a slight chill came from Minato, his eyes slightly widened, then when he realized his reaction, is sighed slightly, releasing the tension. "….I want to be."

"You should be out…" Serein said, her eyes looking at him as always as she did. "Train, you have better things to do….."

"…" Minato shook his head, "This is more important." He felt himself slightly smile when he did say that, his eyes softening as he relaxed on his seat.

Serein, though she found it annoying, somehow felt slightly happy about that. "….You enjoy wasting your time, huh?" she muttered, "That's a nasty habit, y'know….."

"…." Minato remained silent as he just smiled down at her. I'm not the only one with a bad habit…Serein…

"De?" {Translation: Well?}

"Huh?" Minato blinked as he saw her slowly sitting up.

"How's…..Takeba?" A small look in her eyes shows a small glint, her eyebrow curved slightly.

Minato felt a small blush rushing from his face, but he tried his best not to show it, to others, it as if he didn't reacted, but Serein knows herself too much. "….She's fine, she's worried about you…"

"Huh…" Serein fixed her position for her to sit more comfortable on the bed, "…What's the other answer?"

"!" Minato was a bit taken back, but he made himself calm down in a short while. A grin on his face, this time, it was revenge. "How about Sanada, and Aragaki?"

Serein quirked an eyebrow, "….Angry as ever."

Minato's head bagged down, That wasn't the reaction I was expecting dammit…

Serein covered her mouth slightly with her hand, suppressing a small giggle, to end up becoming a chuckle. "…You're too easy to read…Aniki."

"?" Minato's eyes widened slightly when he snapped his head to look at her. "Huh?"

"…Aniki." Serein said as her eyes moved to him, "….It's alright for me to call you that, right?"

"…Ah.." Minato's mouth formed into a smile that was slightly open, "….Yeah….it's fine…" a small rush of happiness just came within him. "Have you gone soft?"

"Shut up." Serein blushed slightly as she looked away, "I'm merely giving you a title, be thankful."

"Arigato Gonzaimasu…desu." {Translation: Thank you very much} Minato said, as he momentarily closed his eyes, and opened them at the last word. "…Anata wa yasashii desu….imoto…" {You are very nice…..little sister}

"Watashi wa, umae ni imoto ja nai." Serein replied irritatedly in their tongue. {I am not your little sister…)

"Nanda?" Minato began to laugh, "Hazakashii desu?" {What?—Embarrassed?}

"Damatte kudasai….ja nai to, shinuzo….." Serein muttered darkly as she glared at him, which just made Minato chuckle from amusement. {Please shut up, if not, you'll die…}

Minato brought up his hands in defeat, with a small grin still on his face.

Serein somehow felt like smacking that smile off though, as she blushed darkly.

"…." Slowly, a frown soon replaced the small smile on the young man's face. "…That guy,…..who is he?"

"Guy'?" Serein rolled her eyes, then blinked, "Ah, you mean Reus?" she turned to him, "He's a friend I met in the train, he fell asleep, and I wanted to wake him up so he won't miss the stop, to end up that we both missed it, and here we are….why?"

"No, it's nothing…..but."


"…..I get this feeling," Minato said as he looked at her. "….That I've met him, or seen him before….."

"…" Serein looked at him, and sighed as she looked down at the bed. "….You too, huh?..."

==============Iwatodai Dormitory/Lounge=================

"How are you feeling, Serein-chan?" Fuuka asked Serein as they gathered in the lounge, "We were so worried!"

"Sorry about that," One of them eyed her clothes, which was slightly messed up, although she didn't mind it so much, she just wanted to get out of the Hospital.

"…But thanks for worrying, I'm fine now, Yamagishi…" Serein said, slightly ruffling her hair, she was kind of irritated with her bangs all going to her eyes without her clips.

Raigis noticed, and began to walk towards her, he showed her a closed hand, and opened it revealing her hair clip. "I believe, these hair clips belong to you…."

"!" Serein grinned slightly as she took it from him, "Thanks Raigis…" she stood up and ruffled his hair slightly. "You're so kind…"

As she placed it on her hair, a sense of jealousy came from Shinjiro and Akihiko, as Yukari and Fuuka slowly went away from their location.

Mitsuru then stepped in, "….You worried us, Aries…" she began to say, "Do you remember the time you were in the train?—can you please tell us exactly what happened?"

Yukari's eyes widened, "Wait a minute sempai!" she said, startled that she was already interrogating a recovered patient. " S—she just came around!"

Mitsuru looked at her, and you can very much tell that there was a spark coming around.

A very deadly spark that is.

Serein raised her hand, "Yose" she commanded. {Yose: Stop} she sighed as she slightly shook her head, "…." Then her eyes shot to Mitsuru, "When I was in the train car, I didn't feel any strange presence…..I was talking to Reus back then…..till the train got hit by some force and the trouble rose up….."

Mitsuru moved her eyes from Yukari to her, "I see…Yamagishi had sense something while we were in school." She turned to Fuuka, who gave a nod.

"Yes, it felt like a shadow, and I thought it was a shadow….however, when I look into it more deeply…." Fuuka began to say, her face turning slightly serious. Everyone awaited for her answer. "It felt like….a half shadow, and a half human."

Questions began to flood the place.

"…A half of both?" Junpei began to ask, with nightmares coming around, "What the hell!"

Raigis added. "When I and my Sister fought the enemy, my radar sensors also detect the same thing…"

Aegis on the other hand looked troubled, but she nodded anyway.

Minato was deep in thought as they all discussed the subject. What is going on? He thought to himself, fixing his position so he would go deeper into the sofa. This never occurred when I was in S.E.E.S…and this enemy can't be 'him'…

His eyes turned to Aegis, who quickly looked back at him. She read his thoughts, and sadly shook her head. "I am sorry…I do not know myself who it was…or what is going on…" she replied telepathically.

Minato gave a mental sigh, "It's alright…we just have to keep our eyes open…"

Private messages, it was a good thing Minato practiced with Aegis, otherwise the secret conversation won't be a secret when Serein hears about it.

"Man, this new enemy is a big PAIN in the ASS…." Shinjiro let out a restless sigh, massaging his forehead.

Akihiko nodded, "I have to agree….it was enough to deal with a Boss Shadow….and now since those things are over…we now have THIS…" but the urge to not resist any challenges that faces the boxer took over. He grinned, "Oh well….we just have to give this person our best shot…!"

Shinjiro snapped. "Why the hell are you so pumped?"

"A—anyway, isn't this fine?" Fuuka tried to calm them down. "W—we just have to do our best!"

Ken smiled, "Well, we did accept this path right?—we might as well face it then head on!" a fan of Akihiko, of course he would support his ideas.

Yukari was getting pale, she was going to exhaust herself with the healing now.

Serein on the other hand, could care less, she turned to Mitsuru. "Kirijo-sempai, how about Reus?"

Silence began to fly in when everyone snapped their heads to her.

She continued, "….Are you letting him in SEES?"

Everyone's eyes widened as Mitsuru didn't flinch.

"Yes." She gave a solid answer. "The Chairman and I have found some potential within this new student….although he has yet to awaken it, he will go under observation…"

Ken was familiar with the situation. "Wow, it reminds me about the time I moved in here…"

And just like that time, Serein now felt uncomfortable.

Minato noticed this. "Let it go."

"Aniki…?" Serein turned her eyes to him stealthy. They made a slight eye contact, and she sighed. "Very well then."

"When will he move in?"

The night began to grow heavier….

"After an hour from now…."



Actually, bad things are happening right now….so I can never get myself to finish anything…

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