The Slayer Academy: Slayer Shorts

Ever wondered what life was like for the Potentials post-Sunnydale? Story shorts on such things; OPEN TO ALL AUTHORS who want to explore!

Introduction, Rules, & Suggestions


Recently I began writing a new story (The Slayer Academy, Vol.1) that takes a look at the Slayer Academy that Giles and the new Council set up 2 months after Sunnydale, kinda my alternative to Season 8. The story follows the lives of the new slayers and our dear Scoobies.

FatherAndSonGrimm suggested that I make it so other authors can add to it since soooo many people on this site have thought of exploring post-Sunnydale life and enjoy writing about the Potentials. Since I have some definite places where I want to go with my story, I decided to create this for all the supernaturalfanatics and FatherAndSonGrimms out there who want to write on Post-Potential Life:

The Slayer Academy: Slayer Shorts


1. Your addition must be about post-Sunnydale life: Read the Prologue to understand where this is starting off and check out chapter 4 of the Slayer Academy Vol 1 (soon to be posted) where the Scoobs tell all the new Slayers what's up and they get their class schedules if you want ideas.

2. It must be about one of the following:

*A Potential's power being awakened and their background story,

*Life at the Slayer Academy for either the Scoobies, Potentials from Season 7, or any new slayers you create.

**You could also have characters who are part of the witches coven or Watchers/Watchers-In-Training or instructors.

3. If you want to take things from my story of SA: Vol. 1 (like their classes or the Scoobies' roles, etc) I'm okay with that.

3. Your story can just be Buffyverse or it can be a cross-over

5. You can post as often as you like.

6. Be sure to do a disclaimer for each addition.

7. HAVE FUN! All genres are encouraged: angst, humor, romance, whatever you are feeling!

8. Any questions, you are welcome to message me!


1. Explore what it's like for one girl to all of a sudden on a day in May to get new powers; think about the ones we saw in the finale or create your own. Explore their backstory- Does being a Slayer make their life better? Worse?

2. You can have a Potential meeting a Scoobie who goes all Hagrid on them and says "Hey! You're a Slayer! Welcome to the Slayer Academy!" and the girl is all like "WTF, mate?!" or "Wicked Cool!"

3. Explore life at the Slayer Academy- What's it like being taught by Faith or Buffy or even Andrew?! Don't forget- they go on Field Experiences and Missions as well so your story can take place in a South American jungle or a Nepalese mountain top!

4. Explore the lives of one of the Potentials, from the final Sunnydale fight or afterwards: Kennedy, Vi, Rona, Caridad, etc.

5. What's life like for the Scoobs? Do they actually get a life now? Or is it just more work?

6. Crossovers: What if Hermione (HP) was a Slayer or Phoebe Hallowell (Charmed) taught a class on understanding magicks or Dean (Supernatural) teaches a class on demon ass-kicking and maybe gets some hook-up time with your fav person , etc!

Author Disclaimer:

Also, I plan on using this as another outlet for me to create characters or use scenes that don't fit in Volume 1 of the Slayer Academy, so don't be surprised if you see me linking from these short stories into Vol 1. However, I will not use anything that anyone else creates, unless I receive permission.

*Obviously Joss Whedon and Fox own Buffy, those lucky blokes. We just enjoy manipulating the characters for our own fun way of expression*