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Chapter One

The Yondaime Hokage had sacrificed his life to save the village and people he loved the day before. The entire village was in mourning for the loss of their leader and the many loved ones lost in the battle with a nine-tail demon fox that attacked with little warning. The survivors of that tragic night gathered around the hokage tower to hear the message of their new leader the Yondaime's predecessor the Sandiame Hokage Saratobi Hiruzen. The sage old man thought one last time over what he was about to do. He had spent the majority of the night in meetings over the future of the village that was calling on his leadership once more. Now he found himself seconds away from making a day old baby either the most beloved figure in the quaint but powerful village of Konohagakure or the most hated.

However, a key piece of information would be withheld from everyone at the request of the Yondiame. That request was that no one find out it was his child he used to seal the demon in to save the village. Hiruzen had stayed up all night debating both Minato's motives for such a request and the merits of it. In the end he made the decision to honor the man's last request and trust in the village they both loved.

He stepped out onto the balcony and looked out at the large gathering of civilians and shinobi. He calmly stood as the chatter stopped and all eyes focused on him. Most found it odd that he was holding what looked to be a newborn child in his arms. "I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to be here today. As you know the Yondiame in the battle against the Kyuubi no Kitsune sacrificed his life to protect us all." Many heads dropped at this and there was a palpable sense of depression throughout those gathered.

"The council has seen fit to allow me the honor of taking over for my successor and leading this village once again." At this a small cheer went up and the sadness seemed to lift a little. "As tragic and terrible as last night was. I know that the will of fire that burns within every citizen of Konoha will burn brightly once again." At this more cheers went up and smiles could be seen if only briefly. "I have one last piece of business and that is to introduce an important piece of the Yondiames victory over the Kyuubi." At this everyone looks to see the Sandiame holding up a baby that looks to have blue eyes and thin wisps of blonde hair with 3 faint whisker marks on each of it's chubby cheeks.

"This child born amidst the destruction and ruin that befell our village was used by the Yondiame at the cost of his own life to seal away the demons terrible power. It is by this young ones very will it's life that kyuubi will never return to harm this village or those within it ever again!" The aged hokage stood there arms out holding the baby above the railing of the balcony waiting for a positive reaction. Unfortunately after a few seconds of silence someone in the crowd threw a rock nearly hitting the child and the hokage who sensed the attack and moved to protect him. That was all it took and suddenly the crowd turned violent.

Hiruzen immediately went back into his office where he got the message out to his loyal anbu to stand down and hide until this blew over or they wore themselves out. As the anbu and his loyal guards moved out he erected a powerful barrier that even the anbu who were trying to kill the child couldn't break. It was three long days before the Hokage deactivated the barrier after recalling those he sent into hiding. They took care of the few remaining villagers and shinobi who refused to leave. However, that would only serve as the beginning of Naruto's tormented youth.