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Chapter 25 – Encounters of the annoying kind

Day after return from Moon Kingdom

Naruto sat on his bed in his room at the hotel as Kushina explained what happened some months back at the Sandiame's Funeral.

"So … you entered an agreement with the clan heads that I would do what again?" Naruto asked.

"Umm … meet their daughters or nieces and enter into a marriage contract with them" Kushina responded honestly.

She hated to do this. She couldn't even remember why she had agreed to this in the first place, but she had and as such they were obligated to go through with it.

"I thought you said that" Naruto responded.

His eyes drilled right through his mother as she stood her ground not looking away, although she did look genuinely apologetic. Naruto would have smiled at that if it wasn't for the situation.

"I'm sorry sochi. I don't know what I was thinking …" Kushina tries to say.

"Well that makes two of us" Naruto cuts her off.

"Your so called friends and their clans were just like everyone else. They abused me, ignored my suffering, schemed to use me, and a bunch of other stuff" Naruto says.

"I'm sorry, but if you just do this one thing ..." Kushina tried.

"I'm not going to play their games. They expect me to go along with this, because you asked me to. Thirteen years and these … people keep expecting me to take their bullshit and lap it up like a fine wine. They're not even taking into account I have already established relationships with three beautiful girls" Naruto rants.

"Three girls?" Kushina asked curiously.

"Did something happen with you and Karin-chan on your last mission?" She asked with a small smile.

"I wasn't reffering to Karin" Naruto replies.

"Oh … there's someone else?" Kushina asked.

"Temari" was the response.

Kushina studied her sons face for a moment before taking on a curious look.

"I wasn't aware you had gotten close to the Suna girl. When did that happen?" She asked.

"During the Exam, we went out a few times during the break. We have also written to each other since then" Naruto tells her.

Kushina eyed her son carefully before asking.

"It will be hard to have a relationship with her. Suna is far away and there are still hard feelings regarding the Invasion. Plus, there is the problem of what happens when you leave Konoha" Kushina councils.

"I'm not worried about the villagers' feelings about her. The treaty with Suna was recently worked out and she informed me she was asked to be the ambassador. Part of her duties will have her coming here from time to time and we plan to get together then" Naruto tells her.

"Besides, we were talking about these betrothal contracts your friends are trying to shove down my throat not how I plan to make my relationship with Temari work out" Naruto reminds her.

Kushina blushes a little at her attempt to change the subject being thrwated so easily. She recovered quickly though and made one last point.

"Look sochi … I know it's not something you want to do, but it's just a simple ceremony. We sit down with each girl and her family, you get to know her a little, have some food and drink, and then we're done. After that the contracts can be broken immediately and they promised this would be the end of it" Kushina argues.

"Their promises hold little value for me. They will break them as soon as it inconviences them even a little bit" Naruto responds.

"Not this time. The Nara matriarch promised on the name of her clan that they would leave us alone if you met with them and said no to their proposal" Kushina says.

"So the Nara woman swore on her clan name … what about the rest of them? Did they swear the same?" Naruto asked.

Kushina hesitated for a moment before shaking her head no.

"Then what stops one of the other clans from continuing this despite Nara-san's promise?" Naruto asked pointedly.

Kushina remained silent knowing there was nothing she could really say. He was right and they both knew it.

"For that matter what is to stop Shikaku or Shikamaru or any other Nara from doing so in her place?" Naruto continues.

Kushina couldn't say anything knowing that was possible although she was also sure neither of the Nara men would waste the effort to force Naruto into anything unless they were sure it would work and need minimal effort.

"I get your point" Kushina responds.

Both sat quietly thinking on this matter until Naruto stands up and heads for the door.

"Where are you going?" Kushina asks.

"I think I have a way out of this situation without breaking your promise" Naruto tells her.

"What? How?" Kushina asks confused.

"You'll see" Naruto says.

He then walks out the door with Kushina following him curious to see what he has planned.

The Next Day

*Nock, Nock, Nock*

The door opened revealing a dark haired woman in her 30's.

"Hello, Naruto-kun. How can I help you?"

"Are you Nara Yoshino?" He asked

"Of course I am Naruto-kun. Surely you remember me from when you used to play with Shika-chan" The woman answers.

This was true. Shikamaru and Chōji had played with Naruto once a long time ago. Naruto remembered their quasi friendship was the result of Naruto trying to defend the Akimichi when some bullies were picking on him.

But in the end they weren't his friends or his enemy. They hung out a few times mainly because Chōji was always eating in class and Shikamaru always sleeping. Outside of class or denention however they rarely talked or hung out.

Her question was ignored.

"Then this is for you Nara-san" He says before giving her a scroll and then he goes up in poof of smoke.

"A clone?" Yoshino questions.

Letting go of the odd visit she reads the scroll the clone left her.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

The door opened revealing a rather large woman in her thirties with short dark hair and dark eyes having orange markings at the corners.

"Hello Naruto-kun, would you like to come in for a bite to eat?" She asks.

"Are you Akimichi Fusa?"

"Don't you remember me Naruto-kun, I used to give you a little food when I saw you in the village a few times" She tries to remind him.

Of course Naruto remembered. The Akimichi woman was kind to him at times. Mainly after the time he defending her so Chōji, but even then it was mostly after he learned of Kaen and the food wasn't much even if he appreciated it. She mostly gave him some bread, pickles, sashimi, and rice.

Like with the other clone her answer was ignored.

"This is for you Akimichi-san" the clone says then gives her the scroll and then goes up in smoke revealing it was a clone, not that she knew since she wasn't a ninja or had ninja training.

Deciding to to let it go the rotund woman closed her door and read the scroll.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*


"Are you Inuzuka Tsume?" Questions the clone.

"You know who I am brat" Tsume responds harshly yet more subdued than usual.

The clone didn't even bother responding to her or hand her the scroll. Instead he just went up in smoke dropping the scroll on the ground as he dispelled.

"Stupid brat, if it wasn't for his mother or the village …" Tsume says lowly with a growl as she bends down to pick up the scroll.

Fortunately for a passerby he happened to be walking by as she bent over and got a good view of her breasts unsecured in her robe which was open. Tsune standing up noticed the unlooker and the state of her wardrobe and growled lowly as the man decided to walk briskly away before she shut the door.

At homes around the village this same scene more or less was playing out as clones delivered their message.

With the original Naruto, he was at the Hokage mansion. Tsunade sent an ANBU requesting his presence.

"Lord Hokage, what is this about?" Naruto questions.

"Ahh, Naruto you're a bit early. I need you for a mission" Tsunade tells him.

"I don't have to work with any of the genin teams again do I?" Naruto asks.

"Not this time, brat" Tsunade responds.

"Is this a solo mission?" Naruto asks.

Before Tsunade could answer Shizune came in with a trio of ninja Naruto was able to recognize. Shizune left as the last one filed in next to Naruto giving him one his grins with an aduabile ping.

"Naruto let me introduce you to Might Gai, Aoba Yamashiro, and Yamato. These three will join you on this mission" Tsunade informs him.

"Sending 4 Jōnin on one mission. I assume this will be A ranked seeing whom you are sending" Naruto asks.

"Actually it's S-rank and one more will join you when you reach your destination. Yamato has command into you meet up with our contact who will take over from there. Yamato knows the details and will fill you in on the way" Tsunade orders.

"Hai, Hokage-sama" they all said.

"Prepare for a long term mission. You have two hours" Yamato says to the men.

As they all prepared to file out Tsunade held him back.

"Hey brat, stay" she commanded.

The older shinobi looked back but a glance from Tsunade had them all continuing on their way out. They all had serious reservations about taking a kid on what was sure to be a serious mission, but the Hokage had spoken.

"Yes, Hokage-hime?" Naruto questions.

"That's Hokage-sama to you brat" Tsunade responds with gritted teeth.

"I'll tell you like I told your predecessor when this all began. That's not an order I can follow Hokage-hime" Naruto replies back.

"That a bet brat" Tsunade challenges.

"Not really. It's more like a promise. Anyone wearing that hat or those robes will never hear me call them my master or lord. Now can we get down to business, why did you hold me back?" Naruto says back.

"You sound like that idiot Jiraiya, but so you don't forget remember who has your contract brat. I might decide to loose it one night after I've had a few doing all this work you roped me into" She threatens.

"Actually I suggested we leave you be and report back to the village. Taking this job was all on you lady, so why am I still here ?" Naruto asks

"Fine brat, I just wanted to say … to be carefull. The Akatsuki are still out there and after your stunt in the Exams, they are not the only ones watching you" She warns him.

Naruto just nodded once again.

"Then your dismissed Tokubetsu Jōnin Uzumaki"

Naruto leaves returning to the hotel where he informs the others of what's going on.

2 Hours later

"Yosh, Naruto-kun I see you are as youthful as ever!" Gai shouts.

"Hello, Might-san" Naruto responds.

"Hey kid what's with all the black?" Questioned Yamashiro.

"I'm a ninja" Naruto replied simply.

"Smart ass"

"Uzumaki-san, do you have everything you need to carry out the mission?" Questions Yamato.

"I know I only made Jōninrecently, but I assure you Captain I am prepared and won't be a liability" Naruto responds.

Yamato nods trusting the kid wouldn't lie in the face of what's sure to be a dangerous mission.

"Rookie" Yamashiro says under his breath.

"Alright, we have a tough journey ahead. We need to make it to the coast of Fire Country by nightfallwe' ditch it or seal it" Yamato orders.

Seeing everyone looked ready he turned towards the forest.

"Alright, then move out" Yamato says as he blurs towards the trees.

Soon the rest of Team Yamato followed quickly catching up. Elsewhere in the village Kushina, Akari, Karin, and Miyuki were sitting in Ichiraku's talking with Ayame.

"Ayame-chan you come out with us. I'm sure Teuchi can handle things for a few hours" Kushina says.

If the old man heard her he didn't act like it as he was busy preparing Kushina and Karins 7th bowl.

"I'm sorry Kushina-chan, I'd feel bad leaving my dad all alone with no help and I have class in a couple of hours" Ayame responds.

"Really, what are you learning to make today?" Kushina asks curious.

"Actually today is special which is why I don't want to miss it. We are learning how to make one of the chinmi (delicacies), Ankimo" Ayame tells her.

"Ankimo, really?" Kushina asks

"What's Ankimo?" Karin asks curious.

"Monkfish liver" Kushina responds.

"Liver, *blech*" the girls all respond.

"Actuall it's pretty good. It's considered a delicacy and highly though of dish if prepared by the right chef" Kushina says.

"Trust me after months of learning the basics over and over again I'm looking forward to it" Ayame responds.

"Kinda sounds like ninja training" Miyuki says.

"It does, doesn't …" Akari adds.

"Except for the beatings and chakra exhaustion" Karin chips in.

"It can't be that bad?" Ayame asks worriedly.

"Hehe … I may have gone a bit overboard this morning" Kushina says with a small grin.

All three girls shot her a small glare, but before they could complain the flaps parted and in walked Yoshino Nara, Tsume Inuzuka, and Fusa Akimichi. And Kushina could tell that Naruto's stunt must have greatly upset Yoshino.

"What's the meaning of this Kushina!" Yoshino yells.

"I don't know what you are talking about"

"Well, then can you explain what this is" says a calmer Tsume.

Tsume pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to Kushina. Kushina read it over not seeing what the problem is.

"This is what you wanted. Why are you mad?" Kushina asks nonchalantly.

"The problem is, this says we won't get to have our meeting until 2 years from now!" Yoshino yells.

"Well you did say we could pick the date. You never said it had to be any time soon" Kushina responds with a grin.

"Why you …"

"Yoshino calm down, and Kushina surely you can talk to Naruto-kun about this and have him reconsider" Fusa asks.

"I could, but I won't" Kushina responds.


"Why?" Tsume asks.

"I agreed without thinking and he was really upset with me. Trust me it's either this or he won't do it at all" Kushina tells them.

"But he has to … his name …" Yoshino argues.

"Means nothing to Naruto. He's willing to take the hit to whatever prestige or honor he has if it means doing this sooner than he has stipulated" Kushina tells them.

Nothing more was said for several minutes as everyone listened to Karin continuing to slurp on her 8th bowl of ramen while everyone else sat staring at the 3 women that intruded on their evening as they came to their own understandings of the situation.

"Fine, we'll do it his way but in return he doesn't leave until every girl has had their chance to talk to him and convince him of their sincerity and willingness to be with him as husband and wife" Yoshino responds.

"It's not me you have to convice" Kushina responds.

"Fine, where is he then" Tsume asks.

"On a mission. He didn't tell me how long he would be gone" Kushina tells them.

"This isn't over!" Yoshino says as she stomps out of the small building.

"Sorry" Fusa says as he hurries after her friend.

Tsume looks at Kushina sadly before she too leaves to catch up with Yoshino.

Next Day

Team Yamato had made great time actually arriving in the port city of southern Fire Country a few hours before midnight. However, because they made such great time they were stuck waiting for transportation to the next part of their trip until the next day and where on their own with a derective to remain inconspicuous. Well as inconspicuous as a ninja could be in a civilian town.

Naruto was just exiting a ramen shop when he saw some camotion happening down the dirt road. It sounded like explosions and people were screaming as a cloud of dust covered the street.

Suddenly two people both female one tall and muscular looking and the other seemed almost a foot shorter wearing a white robe with a hood attached obscuring her face and body. Then some strange machine came out of the smoke blasting some type of weapon Naruto hadn't heard of before as it crashed into the street creating another cloud of dust.

Naruto watched as the man driving the machine which he learned was some type of puppet was talking to the women and called one a princess. He watched as the bigger woman seemed to say something before the princess stopped her and walked towards the man and machine.

He watched as the girl quickly discarded her robe/cloak using as it as a distraction as she quickly destroyed the machine and launched the man out of the town causing small explosions similar to fire works as towns folk came out into the street cheering and clapping the mans defeat.

Seeing that it was over Naruto turned to head to where his team was staying when he was stopped.

"Sir, please wait" someone called to him.

Naruto turned and saw it was the taller woman.

"From that headband you wear, I see that you are a Leaf shinobi" the woman questions.

"At the moment" Naruto responds.

"May I ask you about the legendary Sannin Lord Jiraiya. Do you know anyone that's his student?" The woman asks.

"He doesn't have any students currently although he keeps bugging me about becoming his apprentice. His last student was my father, but he died when I was born" Naruto tells her.

"I'm sorry to hear that" she responds.

"Are you sure he has no other students?" she asks again.

"None that I know of" Naruto answers truthfully.

Naruto watched as the woman seemed to defelate a little and take a seat at a near by bench. Then she looked at him.

"Then you have to take responsibility" She suddenly declares.

"WHAT!?" Naruto yells.

"Your father was his student and with his death his masters debt transfers to you" she says.

"What the hell are we even talking about here lady?" Naruto asks.

Kami he felt like he was a stupid ignorant child once more. Naruto this time sat on the bench.

"Look …"

"I apologize my name is Tokiwa a guard for Lady Shizuka the future leader of my village" She answers.

"Okay Tokiwa-san, look I don't know what Jiraiya did or what this is about …" Naruto started.

"Then I'll tell you" She says.

Naruto decided to hear her out as it wasn't like he had anything to do until their ship was ready so he nodded for her to begin.

"This all started long ago …"

After a long summary of events Naruto felt like he got the jist of what was going on.

"So let me see if I got this straight. Jiraiya being the creepy pervert that he is decided it was a good idea to sneak into a village of Kunoichi and peep on them. Of course he was caught and faught the village leader. They faught for 2 or 3 days and agreed to a truce where they would get married, but instead of doing that Jiraiya made it so the agreement would transfer over to any student of his" Naruto summarizes.

At Towika's nod Naruto just shook his head.

"So your contended that since my father who died on my birth was a legitimate student of the bakayarou, that the honor falls to me to marry the student of this woman" Naruto says.

Another nod.

"You realize that I'm not a student of the Toad?" Naruto questions.

"Yes, but seeing as there are no other students Jiraiya-san has taken on that are known and he has offered to train you and you are the son of a man he has trained I believe it would still be acceptable" Tokiwa tells him.


"Look, Tokiwa-san even though I appreciated your position. I am not a student of Jiraiya's, I actually loath the man for several reasons. I am also currently involved in several relationships that I cannot break" Naruto tells her.

"But you have to Lady Shizuka …" Tokiwa starts.

"Look I'm sorry, but I'm on a mission. I heard you out and while I can appreciate your position I have stated I can not agree with this" Naruto says firmly.

Tokiwa watched as he walked away, but she resolved that she would get him to agree as this what her Lady needed most.

Later that night

Naruto had made it to the hotel the team was staying at. He could tell the woman hadn't given up and was watching him, but he ignored it and went to his room. He had thought about telling the team about what happened, but decided against it. He didn't know them and as far as he was concerned the incident was over.

Unfortunately it didn't seem as though the Nadeshiko kunoichi felt it was over. He was woken up in the dead of night with the need to go to the bathroom and as he walking towards where he thought the toilets were he spotted her, but he kept going because well he really needed to go. After he was finished was when he confronted the woman.

Walking into a clearing near some rocks Naruto asked.

"How long are you going to keep this up?" He asks.

"As long as it takes for you to agree to duel with my lady" Tokiwa says.

"Why is this so important to you?" Naruto asks as he sats down on the rocks.

"I told you, our village Nadeshiko is a Kunoichi only village with a matrilineal method of succession. Or leaders must go out into the world and find strong men to marry and continue our line" Tokiwa reiterates.

"That doesn't tell me why this is so important to you or why your Lady would even agree to any of this" Naruto responds.

"More to the point I'm not a student of a Toad. Even if my father was I will not take responsibility of a foolish promise that that Toad was unwilling to do himself. I will not be his sacrifice and I will not be tied down by something I don't even believe in" Naruto tells her.

"What?!" Tokiwa exclaims shocked.

"I saw you Lady, she will have no problem finding suitors. I'm sorry but find someone else" Naruto says.

"Please don't say such thing!" Tokiwa shouts.

Naruto moves to get up but he is surprised when Tokiwa strikes one of the rocks hard.

"Lady Shizuka doesn't enjoy this at all either. I assure you she's always been kind hearted and compassionate. However …"

Tokiwa tells him about Shizuka and her lovers fight and pledge to change things in their village.

"No one knows for sure, but some expect it was a plot concotted by a few who were worried about the villages future. He was attacked and taken down easily to prove he wasn't worthy of Nadeshiko" She tells him.

"That's tough" He responds.

"From that day on Lady Shizuka has locked away her heart. She has stopped herself from feeling love so she can never again lose someone she cares for.

She's only thought of for filling her duty, seeking out and challenging the strong. It's as though she's punishing herself for what happened" She finishes.

"And that's the reason you want me to fight her?" Naruto questions.

"Your father was a student of the Toad and you yourself have been offered training by someone strong enough to tie against our former leader … you may be able to put an end to Lady Shizuka's struggles" She responds.

"I'm fully aware that this is a selfish request, but please will you agree to fight Lady Shizuka" Tokiwa asks.

"I'm sorry, but no" Naruto responds.

"Please, if you change your mind meet me here at daybreak" Tokiwa pleads.

Naruto gets up and looks her at her for a moment.

"You're an honorable woman Tokiwa-san. I wouldn't mind being married to a woman who has earned your respect, but I have my own dreams and plans for the future. I'm sorry" Naruto responds

Tokiwa was searching for a response, but she never got the chance as Naruto uses his Dark Passage technique to leave the area before she could.

The next day Naruto was walking around in the town looking for suvenoirs for the girls and his mother before they depart later in the day. That's when he spots her and moves towards the woods. He continues walking a bit getting away from the town before he calls out.

"I thought we settled things last night … Tokiwa-san" Naruto calls out.

"But you must fight my Lady" Tokiwa respons.

Naruto is surprised to see not only Tokiwa but she brought Shizuka with her.

"Don't try to fight destiny" Shizuka says.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not here to fight. I heard what happened to you from Tokiwa-san and I can appreciate your position. I'm not interested in fighting you" Naruto says trying to avoid things esculating.

"You may not be here to fight, but I am. Now let's find out how strong you are" Shizuka challenges.

"You don't want to do this" Naruto responds.

Before anything else can be said Tokiwa stand inbetween them. She checks the area and looks at both ninja.

"This will do fine" as she goes through hand seals

Doton: Tekkenrō


Earth Release: Iron Prison" Tokiwa calls out.

Naruto watches as walls for a circle around them but gives them more than enough space to fight. The field changes completelybecoming a large trench with all traces of the previous vegetation gone leaving nothing but barren exposed soil.

"Please allow me to go first" Shizuka asks.

She charges quickly towards Naruto as he tenses prepared for her attack when he notices it and quickly avoids it.

"Nadeshiko-Style Roaring Gale Chop" She yells.

Naruto could see the build up of wind chakra in the attack surround her first and what appeared to be a small wave that emitted from the missed attack. Thinking it was over he was shocked when the ground crumbled and cracked around him forcing him to jump back not allowing room for an attack. But she was far from finished.

She jumps up into the air and calls out her next attack.

"Nadeshiko-Style Aerial Death"

Seeing the many kunai hurteling towards him Naruto doges while using his own Kunai to deflect as many as he can before he uses Dark Passage to disappear from view and come up from behind.

"I think that's enough. I said I don't want to do this" Naruto repeats.

'How did he get behind me. No one has ever gotten behind me' Shizuka thinks in shock.

'You are indeed strong Naruto, but you must fight. You can't keep dodging forever' Tokiwa thinks from the sidelines.

Shizuka jumps up again and calls her next attack getting over the surprise.


Spinning in the air it looks like she becomes a whirlwind of spinning death as Kunai try to skewer Naruto at blinding speeds that he can barely avoid. Seeing he has no choice he calls out his own attack.

"Fūton: Kaiten Shuriken – Wind Release: Rotating Shuriken"

The many wind coated Shurikens intercept the Kunai's as Naruto jumps up and runs along the rim of the pitt Tokiwa created. Naruto feints jumping to attack her directly using a clone.

"Gale Fan" Shizuka calls out.

The clone was instantly destroyed, but not before Naruto came out of the shadow of the smoke caused by it's being dispelled.

"Kaze Kaihou no Nagare" Naruto calls.

He uses it speed his discent in the air and comes crashing into Shizuka who is prepared and using his momentum to flip him onto the ground hard and points a kunai at him.

"Looks like it's all over" She says.

"I believe it is" Naruto says from behind her.

Shizuka can feel the steel of blade resting at the nape of her neck. And then looks in front to see it was a clone that quickly dispels.

"A diversion in the second stage … you're the only one whose manage to get behind me" Shizuka tells him.

"Just deliver the final blow" She says resigned.

"I told you. I didn't want to fight you. I'm not interested in this duel" Naruto responds.

"Well then I'll take the woman for myself"

Naruto jumps away as a giant robut comes up from underneath the ground and captures Shizuka.

"Now I got you" The man from the other day says.

Naruto noticed he's controlling the monsterous puppet with chakra strings from up above Tokiwa.

"What a cowardly attack" Tokiwa surmises for everyone.

Naruto watches as Shizuka gets free and uses her Gale Chop technique to instantly destroy the robot. But he's unnerved as he sees the man simply smirk at his robots destruction. That when he sees a large seal come from Shizuka's body as she screams in pain and chakra threads entangle her.

"This is called the 100 puppet bind. It's a technique that drives bolts or anchor points into my target each time one of my 100 puppets is destroyed. And now you become my puppet" the man gloats.

"That means …" Tokiwa starts

Only she never had to finish that thought as the man coughs up blood and the treads fall from Shizuka's body leaving her to fall only for Tokiwa to catch her.

"I hate creeps like you. Always using underhead sneak methods when you don't get your way. Trash like you never deserved a woman like her" Naruto snarls as the light fades from the man's eyes.

Naruto quickly discards the body and jumps down to where Shizuka and Tokiwa are.

"Why save me?" Shizuka says as he turns away.

"Would you have been satisfied if I had beaten you?" Naruto questions.

Shizuka looks up at him in shock. As Naruto knees down to look her in face.

"Why, because it's destiny. You locked away your heart and all your genuine emotions to comply with your villages law and look for a husband.

Your village sounds a lot like mine. I was born with a curse and they looked to exploit it, but I found my own way out. I've found people I can trust and love.

Marriage isn't something you enter into unless your completely sure this is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Someone whom you loved inside and out despite their faults and bad habits.

I'm a greedy person. I met these 2 girls in one of the worst ways possible. Their both so different. One is kid and sweet and has this innocence about her despite the hell she went through. The other is smart, beautiful, and loyal to a fault. And then I met these other women …

I want to be with all of them and I know that's selfish, but that's how I feel. It wouldn't be fair to you or them to leave them and go to your village as part of something that neither of us want" Naruto tells her.

"But my destiny …" Shizuka starts.

"Forget about destiny or laws. Rules are made to be broken, destiney does not mean it's your fate. Your smart, strong, and beautiful. Any guy would be lucky to marry you, but only if you both love each other and want to be together. I'm sure if anyone can change your villages law, it's you" Naruto says.


Naruto looks up and sees Yamato racing down the walls of the enclosure before coming to a stop right in front of his face.

"Naruto, where have you been. We've been looking for you everywhere. The ship is about to depart" Yamato tells him.

"Alright, I can get us back to the Hotel" Naruto says.

Placing a hand on Yamato's shoulders Naruto uses Dark Passage as the sink into the earth.

"It may be tough Shizuka-can, but I know you can do it. I believe in you" Naruto says before they disappear.

"Lady Shizuka, are you alright" Tokiwa asks.

"I'm fine Tokiwa" She tells her guardian as she continues to stare at the spot Naruto left.

1 week later

Turns out the whole big secret mission turned out to a Konoha missing-nin group that was causing trouble on the southern most island of Kiri. The contact happened to be a spy of Jiraiya's whom this whole mission was set up to protect.

It turned out that the informant sent word to Jiraiya about several thugs that were harassing him and wanted his help. When Jiraiya balked at traveling to Kiri and stopping whatever it was he was doing the informant told him they were a group of Konoha missing-nin terroizing the village not just him.

This was a big lie, turns out the group of missing-nin from Konoha were actually a couple of loan sharks sent to collect a debt the man owed but didn't have the money to pay up. Jiriaya had some fault here, because he owed the man 100, 000 ryo and neglected to pay up.

It was a total waste of man power and money spent on travel. Naruto didn't even get to do anything while they were there, because after his adventure with Tokiwa and Shizuka Yamato refused to let him out of his sight. Naruto thought of ditching the man often, but it was a mission so he dealt with it. Yamato wouldn't even let him use his Dark Passage Technique to get them back to the village so after dealing with the man they still had to wait 2 whole days to charter a ship back to the mainland and when they arrived a day later it took 2 more days to get back to the village since they were no longer in a hurry.

So now they were in Tsunade's office going over the mission that didn't require much talking so they just filed the paperwork and were about to leave.

"Naruto, stay" Tsunade orders.

Naruto couldn't tell she wasn't happy about something. The others also could tell that nothing good was about to happens so they kept walking although one had a smirk on his face as he did so. Once they left …

"Uzumaki, care to tell me what happened in Kaito?" Tsunade asks sternly.

"Not sure what your refrencing Hokage-san … we stayed one day and then departed for southern Kiri" Naruto answers.

"Yet I have reports of destruction of buildings, streets being damaged, and explosions" Tsunade says raising her voice but not quite yelling.

"I did … see something like that happen, not that I was apart of that" Naruto responds.

He seemed calm but Naruto was weary of where this was going exactly.

"Then I have heard of their being some sheningans with a princess where one of them died" Tsunade says leveling a glare at him.

"I did … see something like that happen, not that I was apart of that" Naruto responds.

He seemed calm but Naruto was weary of where this was going exactly.

"Then I have heard of their being some sheningans with a princess where one of them died" Tsunade says leveling a glare at him.

"This is all Jiraiya's fault" Naruto answers quickly.

"How do you figure that brat?" Tsunade asks still glaring.

Naruto spends the next ten minutes telling Tsunade the tale that Tokiwa told him and then the next four or five about Shizuka and finally about the end.

"That guy was majorly annoying. He actually reminded me of Jiraiya only if possible slightly more disgusting. I did the world a favor in killing him I doubt anyone is missing him"Naruto responds seriously.

After a few minutes Tsunade let up on the glare and just signed as she leaned back in her chair.

"*Sigh* You have some luck brat" Tsunade says.

"Huh?" Naruto asks intelligently.

"How you have all these girls chasing after your scrawny butt is beyond me. Just don't expect me to be one of those bending over hoping you'll choose me brat" Tsunade says.

"Huh …" Naruto says equally unitelligently not understanding what's happening.

"Shizune send her in" Tsunade says through her intercom.

Before anything else could be said Naruto watches as the doors opened and in walked Shizuka. She gave a small bow to Tsunade before facing Naruto with a noticeable blush on her face.

"Shizuka-san … what are you doing here?" Naruto asks.

"She's here brat because just like the sand girl you like she has requested a political marriage to you" Tsunade informs him.

"What … Shizuka-san I thought you were going back to Nadeshiko to reform the way things are done?" Naruto questions.

"I don't have to Naruto-kun" She tells him.

"What?" "But what about changing the system and making it about love and not about finding the strongest partner?" Naruto asks.

"But I found my partner Naruto-kun" She answers staring into his blue eyes.

"It's you" Shizuka tells him.

"But I'm already involved and I won't go to Nadeshiko and live like a pampered prince" Naruto says in argument.

"I know about your girlfriends. I actually came here to challenge them to be with you, but your mother and I had a long talk. She told me about everything you went through. I don't like it, but I'm willing to abandon my village and share you with the others" Shizuka says resolutely.

"I'm not going to have any problems with your village am I?" Tsunade questions.

In response Shizuka pulled a piece of parchment from a pocket in her robe and handed it to Tsunade.

"No. I fact Hokage-sama, my village has authorized me to spend as much time as I need securing Naruto-kun, although they currently believe I'm doing it for my former village" Shizuka says with a smirk.

Shizuka loved her home village, but it was that villages rules and society that claimed the life of her former love. While she would be sad to leave her village, she was prepared to do so.

"Fine it seems everything is in order. Do you need help finding housing?" Tsunade asks.

"No Hokage-sama. Lady Kushina has made me a generous offer that will allow me to be near Naruto-kun" Shizuka says shocking Naruto further.

"I may have some missions you could take if your interested" Tsunade offers.

"Thank you Hokage-sama, I would appreciate that. May I also request time at a private training ground to train in" Shizuka responds.

"I will authorize you to you use the Senju training grounds until further notice" Tsunade says.

"Thank you Hokage-sama" Shizuka replies.

"Thank nothing of it. I enjoy helping another strong young Kunoichi. I only wish more of the girls in this village had your strength and willingness to train" Tsunade says.

Every day Tsunade was disappointed by reports she received about the current genin crop of kunoichi in the village. There were a few bright individuals in the batch, but not enough in her opinion.

"Let's spar when I have the time. I might have a few tricks I can show you" Tsunade says with a smile.

"I would appreciate that Hokage-sama" Shizuka responds.

"Good now if there is nothing else you can go" Tsunade says.

Shizuka waits looks at Naruto for a moment before bowing and taking her leave. She would wait for him at the hotel. When the doors closed Naruto went to the nearest chair and sat down.

"Hey brat, I said your dismissed" Tsunade says seeing him still there.

"What just happened?" Naruto questions as if he did not hear her.

Tsunade just smirks.

"I'd say your fan club just jumped up by one brat. Enjoy it, that one is a good one so be good to her" Tsunade says.

"Your okay with this?" Naruto asks incredulously.

"Her village does not have a problem with it so why should I. Thanks to you, the village has gained another ally and potential great kunoichi" Tsunade says.

"I thought you'd be happy about this brat" Tsunade questions as she looks at him.

"I am … but …" Naruto tries.

Problem was he could not find one thing he could say that would make this a bad thing. It wasn't like he found Shizuka unattractive and she was strong he found that out first hand. It even sounded as if at least his mother signed off on this and he had the feeling if she did then Akari and Miyuki would have as well.

"I'm happy you actually seem to be struggling with this brat" Tsunade says.

"Why?" Naruto asks.

"Most men like my teammate would give their left testicle to be with a girl like that. Yet your not jumping around planning on instantly jumping her bones and then dumping her when the next pretty girl walks by. It shows you're a good kid" Tsunade says with a smile.

Naruto smiles at her as well and agreed with what she said.

"Now get out of my office. I have work to do and solving your love life for you is not on my too do list" Tsunade says.

Naruto starts to walk out, but as he gets to the door he turns to look at her straight in the eye.

"By the way Hime-chan. Even if you could bend your old butt over that desk. You wouldn't be able to handle me" Naruto says with a smirk.

Naruto quickly leaves the closing the door as paper weight slams into it right where his head had been. Giving a laugh loud enough for Tsunade to hear through the door Naruto turns to exit the building when he sees someone else has decided to stop him.

"What do you want gaki" Naruto says.

"Why didn't you save grandpa"

"Huh?" "Speak up" Naruto responds.

"Why didn't you save grandpa"

"Still can't hear you kid" Naruto responds.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU SAVE MY GRANDPA!" Konohamaru yells.

Naruto just stands there for a moment and begins to walk towards the young Sarutobi.

"Your grandpa didn't want to be saved kid. He wanted to go out fixing his biggest mistake" Naruto responds as he comes to halt directly in front of the boy.

Frustrated Konohamaru continues to yell.

"You could have saved him. You could have beat Orochimaru and saved my grandpa. I know you could!" He yells.

At this point everyone in the tower including Tsunade and Shizune stopped what they were doing and either watched from their doors or listened through different means.

Naruto just looked at the kid and then slowly walked towards and then by him not even looking at him.

"Where you going!?" "Answer me!" "Why didn't you save my Grandpa!" Konohamaru shouts.

Naruto just continued to walk. Having enough Konohamaru runs and hits Naruto in the back, but he just keeps walking so Konohamaru hits him again and again and again until he falls on his butt as Naruto stops.

"If your going to be a ninja like your old man kid. You learn sooner or later, you can't save everyone" Naruto says.

With that said a bubbling void of darkness swallows Naruto feet as sinks into the darkness leaving the building without saying another word.

Seeing it was over everyone in the tower goes back to what they were doing except for Shizune whom walks over to comfort a now crying Konohamaru. Walking over to the boy she hears him mutter through his tears.

"I'll show you. I'll become a better ninja than you or anyone else. I'll make sure no one I love or care for ever gets hurt or dies again" Konohamaru says to himself.

Shocked at the declaration Shizune stops and looks at the young boy. She would help him make his declaration come true.

'I'll train him myself. Maybe I can get Tsunade-sama to help as well as a favor to her former sensei' Shizune thinks before resuming her walk and comforting the small boy.

The next day

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

It took a few minutes before someone answered the door.

"Hello, are you looking for Naruto-kun?"

"Umm … yes"

That's when appeared at the door, shirtless.

"Shizukan-can why don't head downstairs for lunch and I'll catch up with you soon" Naruto says.

Shizuka gives a small bow to the party at the door before leaving.

"What can I do for you Nara-san, Akimichi-san … Inuzuka" Naruto says.

The three older women blushed hard at his state of undress especially Yoshino who was unused to such things as it had been awhile since she saw a man even half naked. Not to mention Naruto physically was much different than her husband with his muscled chest and six pack abs. His hair was also down showing it had grown longer as he had it braided, which was what Shizuka was going and why he was half dressed.

Tsume was the first to recover being used to Kiba and other boys around the compound running around without their shirts on when it got really hot.

"Why don't you put a shirt on pup and then we can talk" Tsume suggests.

Shrugging Naruto goes to find his shirt while asking. That's when Tsume noticed a tattoo on his back but lets it go.

"What do we have to talk about?"

"It's … It's …" Yoshino tries.

"We want to know why you set the date to meet our girls for 2 years from now?" Tsume interrupts.

Unseen by Naruto Yoshino and Fusa nod quickly thankful to the feral woman.

"Oh, is that all" Naruto calls back.

He could not see it, but he could almost feel the nod.

"I did not want to meet any of them. You got my mother to agree to that not me" Naruto reminds them.

"So you are against meeting a bunch of nice attractive young women because it wasn't your idea" Tsume responds.

"No. I am against the idea because it would mean your kin have a shot at something meaningful with me" Naruto tells them.

"What's wrong with that?" Yoshina asks.

"Everything" Naruto responds.

Before they could asks what he meant by that he returned. He was wearing training gear which consisted of black ninja pants, a light weight chain mail shirt and a pumpkin colored sleeveless t-shirt over top.

"I did not forget the first twelve years of my life in this village. I did not forget the part that some of your clans play or in your case Inuzuka, you yourself played" Naruto starts.

Of course he had more to say, but Tsume lost herself. She did not want to remember what she had done to her friends pup. It went against everything her clan stood for, but there was restlessness in the clan about following a woman.

All the previous Inuzuka leaders had been male and for such a feral beastial clan taking orders from a woman had been difficult. Even if Tsume was clearly the strongest fighter left with the strongest ninken after the Kyūbi's attack she had to face down challenge after challenge by her fellow pack members.

And being a female of course half of those attacks were sexual in nature. It was actually how Kiba had been sired of course after the rape she killed the bastard and his ninken. She was lucky that no one in the clan was cowardly enough to attack a pregnant woman no matter their ambitions which gave her time.

Then a year after Kiba's birth the challenges started up once more. This time with almost 2 years to prepared Tsume was not only stronger, but more prepared. But this took a toll on her and the clan since some still believed despite her surviving and winning each challenge that she was unfit to lead them.

It wasn't until that first fox hunt that she heard about through Kuromaru that she felt she had a means of bringing the clan together under her rule and stop the challengers. It was cruel, brutal, and a betrayal to a good friend and their former leader that she admired and loved as well, but without it she knew she would not survive.

So to hear him speak of it and be so disrespectful towards them made her snap.

"TSUME!" Yoshino yells.

Tsume had rushed and grabbed Naruto by the throat she growled and increased the pressure on his neck.

"Do you feel that pup" Tsume asks lowly.

"Your life is in my hands" Tsume says.

"Inuzuka-san please stop this" Fusa asks.

"Th –is br-in-gs back o-ld m-em-ories, Inu-zu-ka" Naruto gets out.

"Tsume stop this this instant. We are here to talk not fight" Yoshino tries to remind her.

"What's the point in that!?" Tsume yells.

"What's the point in any of this!" She yells.

"Tsume, he's just a boy and angry about what happened" Yoshino tries.

Fusa just stood there stunned that everything had come to this. They just wanted to talk to Naruto and get him to see reason and that they really wanted to apologize and have him join their family.

"So what!" Tsume yells her spit flying and hitting Naruto's face.

"We all have apologized and said we are sorry for what happened. But this … this … manuke (block head, idiot, dunce) keeps acting like a little bitch. We're SORRY! But he won't understand that!" Tsume screams.

By now the entire building could hear something was going on. Including the girls in Kushina whom rushed up to the room. Kushina and the girls had a catch form in throat as they tried to understand what was happening.

Tsume kept applying pressure gradually using more and more force. The astounding thing was that Naruto had yet to see to do anything or so they thought until …


'A shadow clone … when did he do that' Yoshino and Fusa thought.

Suddenly from the floor rose Naruto from pool of bubbling darkness and he looked pissed. He didn't give Tsume a second before he delivered a hard punch to her face that knocked a few teeth out and knocked her to the floor.

Seeing his partner attacked like that Kuromaru leapt at Naruto attending to subdue the boy, but he was met with a blow to the head from behind by a clone knocking him unconscious.

"Kuromaru!" Tsume yells.

Her nails lengthened, her teeth became sharper, her hair wilder and the marks on her face seemed to glow as she moved to claw Naruto's throat out. But another clone grabbed her as did the one that knocked out her dog and then Naruto delivered several strong punches to the feral woman's stomach the last one causing blood to flow from her mouth.

"Naruto" Stop Kushina calls.

Frankly she would not have minded having Naruto kill the woman after she placed her hands on her baby boy, but she knew if he killed her now things would get bad for him in the village. The Inuzuka were a proud clan and attack on the head provoked or not would not go unchallenged.

Thankfully for everyone Yoshino on her husbands bequest brought Shikamaru along with them. The boy had been training slowly getting stronger ever since the end of the prelims.

He was standing in the hall when it all happened and thought of restraining Tsume, but he new Naruto didn't need his help. When he saw Naruto counter attack he knew he had to stop this and it was not just to stop his mothers friend from being hurt. No Shika was every bit the genius his father was and knew there would be consequences, bad ones not only for those in the room but the village as a whole like his father warned him if this continued.

Using his Kagemane no Jutsu to strain Naruto he pumped as much chakra as he could muster in the technique. Yet Naruto moved his head towards his direction in the hall.

"I see you have been training Nara-san" Naruto responds calmly.

"Shikamaru, hold him steady" Yoshino calls.

She went up the clones ready to force them to release her friend when they suddenly went up in a puff of smoke releasing Tsume as she fell to the floor.

"Tsume are you okay?" Yoshino asks.

"I'm fine!" The woman barks as she moves over to Kuromaru.

"You'll pay for this brat!" Tsume yells.

"I doubt it. You came into my room and attacked me" Naruto reminds her.

"I'm bringing this to the council" Tsume says still not thinking straight.

"Please do" Naruto responds.

Before anything more could be said Naruto whose eyes never left Shikamaru's calmly stepped out of shadow possession like it was nothing.

"How?" Shika asks.

He had used every bit of chakra he had to hold Naruto. He should not have been able to even move his head let alone walk out of his technique. Even his father would have trouble moving once he got a hold of him with the jutsu.

But of course it went unanswered as Naruto's eyes moved towards Yoshino.

"I have no interest in playing politics and going along with this sham you set up. I will take the meetings and I will smile at the girls and be civil, but it will happen when I say it will happen not a moment before or a moment after" Naruto says.

He then walked out of the room. Kushina and the girls slowly moved to follow though even they were concerned about what just happened.

Next Day

As soon as she and her partner had recovered Tsume along with several of her clansmen barged into Tsunade's office and demanded a council meeting be called so she could bring Naruto up on formal charges.

Tsunade while reluctant to do so had little choice as it was in the rules. So after allowed the Inuzuka to rant and blow off steam she told the woman she would set it for the next day. Luckily Tsume had cooled of a bit and accepted which is why Naruto, those that witnessed said event, and the entire council civilians included sat in the council chambers as Naruto stood before them.

"Uzumaki, Naruto. You are hereby charged with assault of a fellow Konoha ninja, assaulting a Jōnin, assault of a Clan Head, assault of a second Konoha ninja, assault and damage to a Clan Heads partner, disruption of the peace, and, destruction of property" Tsunade reads out.

"How do you plead?" She asks formally.

"I plead not guilty" Naruto responds.

"Inuzuka-san, as the one who filed the charges will you please explain the charges and the grievances you have with the defendant" Tsunade orders.

Tsume stood up garbed in formal robes which were black with little teeth marks around the collar and little red dogs around the bottom.

Tsume looked at Naruto and gave a low growl before stating why she called the council.

"Honored Council members and fellow Clan heads. I called this meeting because yesterday I was attacked by genin Uzumaki, Naruto. I have two witnesses to the assault and I emplore the council to imprison Uzumaki, Naruto for a period of 2 weeks and to tear up his contract forcing him to remain in the village as a penalty" Tsume says.

Tsume bowed before standing and moving to her seat on the council, but as she went past Naruto she smirked at him.

'So that's your plan Inuzuka' Naruto thinks.

"Actually Inuzuka-san please stay where you where" Tsunade.

Tsume returns to the stand and looks questionably at Tsunade.

"Lady Hokage?" Tsume questions.

"Do you take me for a fool Inuzuka-san?" Tsunade questions.

"No Lady Hokage" Tsume responds quickly.

"Did you believe that we would not look into your claim and do our own investigation?" Tsunade asks.

"No … but" Tsume tries.

"No buts, Inuzuka-san" Tsunade says glaring at her.

"Naruto himself told me some of what happened to him a child in this village. He mentioned some things about you and your clan" Tsunade starts.


"I said no buts. Not only did Naruto and Kushina refute your accusations but so did both of your key witnesses" Tsunade reveals.

Tsume quickly looked over to where Fusa and Yoshino sat. Both women looked down and away from their friend.

"I am sorry to have to do this, but Uzumaki-sans terms of service were clear. Inuzuka Tsume … you are here by sentenced to pay damages in the order of 5 million ryo to Tokubetsu Jōnin Uzumaki Naruto for the assault" Tsunade tells the woman.

"Tokubetsu …"

"Jōnin. Further more your clan will pay an additional 5 million ryo for past assaults and damages done to Uzumaki Naruto and his property" Tsunade adds.

"Lady Hokage please …"

"That is Hokage-sama to you Inuzuka-san. All payments will be made within the month if it is not paid the Inuzuka clan and you personally will forfeit assets of said value to Uzumaki Naruto. Is that clear" Tsunade says.

Tsume just nods.

"Then this matter has been resolved and this meeting is adjurned" Tsunade says.

One by one the clan heads and civilians walked out of the room some looking regretfully at Tsume others choosing to glance at her but keep on their way. Yoshino and Fusa wanted to go talk to her but made their way out with their husbands. As soon as the last one left Tsume slowly began to walk out herself.

"So your plan with all this was to get me placed in jail so my agreement would be ripped up and my mother would stay in the village" Naruto surmises.

Tsume growled at the insolent pup. She didn't want to have to lose one of her best friends again and she knew despite the Nara's plans that they would fail and the brat would walk taking Kushina with him.

"You have no right to talk to me brat. I love your mother. I was doing what is best for her and the village!" Tsume shouts.

"You were not doing this for me Tsume" Kushina butts in.

"How can you say that Kushina. Everything has been about keeping you in the village with all your friends" Tsume argues.

"You mean the friends that helped the Hokage throw me out of the village and separate me from my only child!" Kushina yells.

"Kushi-chan … you have to know it was an order from the Hokage. None of us wanted to do it" Tsume argues.

"But you did do it. And on top of that you hurt my son and I am sure that wasn't an order!" Kushina yells.

"You have to understand. We were all angry and …" Tsume tries.

"Used my son to relieve your anger! And you think I would call you a friend!" Kushina yells.

"Please, I am sorry" Tsume replies.

"If you were truly sorry you would have apologized to my son. If you were truly sorry you would not have cooked up this crackpot scheme with the others to keep my son in a place he does not want to be. If you were truly sorry you would not have done any of this!" Kushina yells.

"Kushina I'm sorry, I'm sorry please forgive me" Tsume pleads.

"You are not my friend Inuzuka. Stay away from me and my family or the next time I see you I will kill you" Kushina warns.

Kushina then leaves the room as Tsume breaks down and falls to the floor. Naruto seeing the pathetic state the woman is decides to leave as well but not before the lone remaining witness to these events stopped him at the door away from the ears of the sobbing woman not that she was listening to anything at the moment.

"Get what you wanted brat?"

"I am satisfied Hokage-heika" Naruto responds.

Tsunade bristles at the response, but does not let that stop her.

"The Inuzuka can be powerful allies" Tsunade states.

"I am aware of their … usefulness" Naruto responds.

"Then why alienate the entire clan?" Tsunade questions.

"An example needed to be made" Naruto replies.

"I don't buy that for a second. I heard what Hiashi tried to do to you in a council meeting after the invasion. I also have reports of incidents between you and members of the Hyūga clan including cadets from both sides of the family... so why the Inuzuka?" She questions.

Naruto just gazes at her before he smirks and continues to walk out of the door.

"That is a good question Hokage … dono" Naruto answers before leaving out the door.

Tsunade just shakes her head before gazing at the pitiful site of the once proud woman and clan head and taking her leave as well.

News of what happened was quickly spread throughout the village. As a result the Inuzuka clan were forced to abide by the decisions made by the Hokage and 5 million ryo were transferred to Naruto's account.

Tsume herself faced several challenges to her stay as clan head due to the backlash from the incident between her and Naruto, not that Kiba cared one bit as he was glad his mother attempted to hurt the bastard. Of course he also wanted a piece of Naruto for what he did to his mother and clan, but even he wasn't stupid enough to try anything at the moment.

Luckily she still had enough support in the clan to keep her position and despite the exorbitant amount the clan was still okay, but the problem was the Inuzuka had very few recognized Jōnin and all of them were actually Tokubetsu Jōnin with Tsume being the highest ranked.

It wasn't like the Inuzuka were terrible fighters or weak by any means. It was just that their specialty was tracking and most of their techniques were related to tracking or combination jutsu's they performed with their partners. They did not have a bunch of fancy elemental techniques or a Taijutsu style they were willing to share with the public. They also were not fond of politics so their clan didn't have the pull of some of the other clans.

The Inuzuka also did not share their Ninken with outsiders and none of their dogs were considered pets so selling them was out of the question. Yes there were other canines in the Inuzuka compound and owned by clan members that were not Ninken, but they were not treated the same even by their owners.

So coming up with that kind money meant all available hands were on deck doing missions to cover for Tsume's mistake. Which took some time but it was done. However, the clan could not help Tsume come up for the amount she owed and she was to proud to capitulate and give the brat anything.

At the end of the month Naruto, Kushina, Tsunade, and some of her personal guard made their way to the Inuzuka compound and were let in by the guards amicably although they and their dogs growled at Naruto who ignored it.

When they reached Tsumes home they found she was outside with Kiba, Hana, their ninken, and Kuromaru. Akamaru and Kiba growled at everyone but bared their fangs at Naruto not that he cared. Tsume also sneered at Naruto but did nothing else while the rest calmly stood their ground.

"You know why we are here Inuzuka-san. Your clan paid Naruto the requisite amount of compensation for their past acts against him. We have been informed that you do not intend to pay the amount specified. Therefor Naruto can collect what he feels is owed to him from your holdings … do you agree?" Tsunade acts.

Tsume just nods knowing this would happen, but she would not give the brat any of her hard earned money and bankrupt her family.

"Alright brat, take what you want of appropriate value" Tsunade directs.

Ignoring the brat comment and the smirks given to him by Tsume and Kiba at the remark.

"I know exactly what I want" Naruto says.

Without wait Naruto moves towards the kennels with 2 clones and comes back out with 5 puppies each of the clones holding two pups while Naruto held 1. The reaction was instant as all of the Inuzuka's especially Tsume and Kuromaru the latter of which had his fangs barred and was threatening to kill Naruto and those holding him back.

Naruto looks straight at the wolf hybrid.

"You did not think I would just forget about your role in all of this did you mutt. You were just as much to blame as your owner and you also tried to attack me in my room that day" Naruto reminds everyone.

"Those pups did nothing to you boy. I swear if you touch another hair on their body …" Kuromaru threatens.

Naruto's hair seemed to grow wilder and his eyes darkened as a stared right through the angry canine.

"Your master owed me a debt far greater than five of your pups. You should thank me that I am not asking for more" Naruto says.

Of course it was not the fact he was taking five of their dogs which would hurt the current crop of Inuzuka growing up. No what had Kuromaru upset were three 3 pups Naruto took.

The pups in Naruto's hands were oddly colored. One was solid jet black in color with silverish underbelly and paws he also had wolfish features similar to his father but more pronounced and he had blood red eyes.

The second had a solid blood red coat in color with tawny or brownish underbelly and paws with amber eyes and a slimmer shaped head but still wolf like and she was female.

The third had a pure white coat with clear blue eyes. He was the most wolf like of the three and the largest with huge paws. The result of an experimental mating between Kuromaru and an unidentified female wolf from a more isolated northern region. It had actually been rumored among the clan that she was a captured summons, because after she gave birth to this one pup she then promptly vanished. Naruto actually felt a little chill holding the pup.

The other two pups held by the clones looked more like big dogs but also had some wolfish features but had slimmer or smaller heads and muzzles. They were black and white with white underbelly and paws similar to their father, but other wise unremarkable.

"How will you even care for them Naruto?" Hana asks.

"You can't keep them pinned up in a hotel for the next 2 years. They will grow much bigger and thanks to their heritage they will be wilder and hard to train" Hana adds.

"You don't have to worry about that Inuzuka-san" Naruto says.

"Listen to her fool. Those aren't pets you are taking. If you can't train them they will eventually turn on you and everyone you care for" Tsume warns.

"Let us keep them here. They will be well cared for and that way they can be trained along with the other pups in our clan" Hana begs.

"Hokage-dono I believe we have achieved what we came for. I am ready to leave" Naruto says ignoring the two.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" Tsunade asks as she looks towards the angry family.

Naruto just nods as he and the clones along while his mother that took the red pup to hold left the compound.

"This isn't the end of this Hokage-sama!" Tsume barks and then storms into her house.

Kuromaru also gives a warning growl before leaving the area while Kiba and Hana with their ninkens look back at the house where their mother went. Hana then went towards the hokage and bowed.

"Please Hokage-sama, can't you do anything. Can you please talk to Naruto and get him to change his mind?" Hana asks.

"It is out of my hands Hana-chan. Naruto has some harsh feelings towards your clan and your mother, but I'll make sure he does right by those puppies" Tsunade tells her.

"Thank you Hokage-sama. I guess that is all I can ask" Hana says.

She stands up before bowing again and then leaving to go comfort her mother. Tsunade soon leaves as well with her guard making Kiba and Akamaru the only ones still in the yard.

'I swear that bastard will pay' both think.

Meanwhile Naruto and his mother kept walking towards the hotel.

"Sochi, seriously what are going to do with these dogs? Hana was right about a hotel being no place for them" Kushina asks.

"I guess it's fair that you see it now" Naruto says and changes the direction they were headed.

"See what now?" Kushina asks.

Naruto just keeps walking as he and the clones move towards the place the Hokage dumped him at as a child. When they arrive at the place Kushina sees a huge building that still looks a dump close to the Hokage tower.

Naruto walks up the steps and Kushina watches as he takes out a large silver and black key. The key was odd in that where it would fit in the key hole it was shaped like a triangle.

'How is he going to fit such a large key in such a small hole' Kushina wondered as she looks at the lock.

To her surprise the key went in and Naruto stepped inside with the clones holding the other pups following him. Kushina could not see anything as the inside of the building appeared to be pitch black. Deciding to trust her son Kushina still holding the red pup walks up the steps and through the door.

As soon as she steps inside the door closes and then suddenly the darkness vanishes and is replaced with a stone building. No it was a temple.

"Sochi … what are we doing here?" Kushina asks.

Kushina wanted to ask how they got there and where they were but trusted her son to explain everything.

'He better start explaining' Kushina thought.

But before she could even get an answer to her first question all she could see was blond hair flying to tackle Naruto. Luckily the puppy was able to jump down from Naruto's arms before impact.

"Naruto-kun!" Shouted a girl Kushina's never seen before.

"Miss me" Naruto says with a grin as he hugged the mystery girl.

"Naruto, who is this?" Kushina asks trying to stop the need to peel the girl off her son.

Naruto smiled as he hugged the girl and then turned her to face Kushina. Kushina sees a girl with long pale blonde hair, lavender eyes that reminded her of her own purple eyes, under 5 feet probably 4 feet 9 inches give or take an inch, wearing lavender kimono, and sandals. The girl was also giving her a wonderful happy smile.

"Mom, I'd like you meet my wife" Naruto says.

"WHAT!?" Kushina yells.

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