Title: Chimera AKA "If I Could Hunt Like the Animals"

By: Erin (a.k.a. DariensQTPie/Slaygirl627)

Disclaimer: Okay, I don't own the characters you recognize; if you've never heard of them before that means I own 'em, simple huh?

Note: I'm thinking about making this the first part of a series, now that depends on if you guys (the readers) enjoy this story. It's my first I-Man fanfic so please don't set it on fire or anything but I would like some constructive criticism, please R/R. Big thank you to my beta reader Suz (you're a lifesaver!) I'd also like to thank yogpanther, washi_sama, im4evercharmed, pixievixie2000, and lightsaber627 for helping me by always answering 'I don't know it's your story' but for always telling me that I should finish the darn thing and that I was actually pretty good at this but mostly for telling me to not listen to my dad, who told me I shouldn't waste my time with the show if it's being cancelled, and to stop writing things that no one will read and that were not original (That was a really long run on sentence.) Okay so on the last part he's right, it's not hugely original, but I'm fond of it.

William Proxmire once said 'Power always has to be kept in check; power exercised in secret, especially under the cloak of national security, is doubly dangerous.' Now I always knew this was true, especially now that I had a top-secret gland in my head, but what I didn't know was how powerful and dangerous that unchecked power can become.

It was a dark night, the wind blowing as thunder echoed overhead. A small building stood in the distance. A compact two door faded gray car pulled up to the building, the engine going silent and the driver's side door opened up. A tall thin blonde haired man stepped out, wearing a long white laboratory coat and a pair of thin wire framed glasses covered his green eyes. He slowly dug into the coat pocket and pulled out a pair of silver keys and an ID card.

"We're here." he announced into the car. The passenger side door opened and a tall muscular man stepped out. He had black hair and wore a long sleeved ribbed black shirt, a pair of green camouflage pants and a pair of black military boots. "Let's go." The blonde walked toward the building in front of them. He put one of the keys into the lock and turned it, then slid his ID card through a slot in the magnetic reader.

"Have they finalized the process doctor?" asked the military soldier.

"Oh yes Jareth, we've been extremely successful," the door opened to reveal a bright white room trimmed in stainless steal. The two men stepped in and the door closed behind them. "We've tested it," they step into an elevator as the blonde pushes the down button. The stainless steal doors opened to a long hallway, glass walls on either side of the corridor. "All senses were advanced one hundred percent." They walked down the hallway. "The test subjects," he gestured to the glass walls around them. Behind the glass sat rows and groups of cages. Mice, lizards, snakes, monkeys and various other test animals sat in the cages. "Are faster, stronger, they hear, see, smell more then they ever did before," said the blonde with a smile as he walked into a surgery room.

"Are you sure you want to do this? After the first shot, there's no going back," asked another doctor. He was an inch or two shorter then the blonde and his once sandy brown hair was slowly graying.

"I'm sure," said Jareth as they strapped him into a restraining chair in the middle of the room.

"Okay, here we go." The graying haired man picked up a syringe and placed the needle's tip right above the base of Jareth's skull. He pushed it up and into the base of Jareth's brain. Jareth screamed out in pain, the sound filled the room and flowed out into the hallway. Upstairs the scream was only a faint moan and outside, it went completely unnoticed. Inside the surgery room the blonde doctor threw away the last emptied syringe. The trash was filled with over twenty different shot containers. Jareth was hunched over in the restraining chair, breathing deeply.

"You did great Jareth," said the blonde. Jareth slowly lifted his head to look at the doctors with solid white eyes. "It worked Jeffery, it worked."

TBC….tomorrow I promise