Author notes: YES!!! I got my Comp back!!! *kisses her computer like crazy* okay sorry I got it back the 10th and so this is the quickest I could get this up the end will be next so yes I am done with this little piece, sorry it took so long and I hope I can do the really long wait justice with what I wrote. So enjoy the ending of a story I loved writing J "We should be working together, not against each other." Jareth continued trying to convince Darien. "Ya know call me crazy, I am, but I just don't trust you." Darien shrugged "Maybe it's the, deep spooky voice." Darien caricatured Jareth's deep tone "Or the fact that in the last day and a half you've killed more people then I talk to in a year." Jareth let out an animalistic growl at Darien's singsong assessments. "And now you're growling at me. You know, you just don't
make friends well."

Darien and Jareth stood in a dead standoff before Jareth let out a loud yell and ran forward, hurling himself into Darien and sending them both into a pair of wooden double doors along the sidewalk. The doors swung open and the two fell to the ground with a hard thud.

Darien kicked Jareth off of him and jumped up. As soon as Jareth was standing again he ran at Darien head on, tackling him, and knocking him into another pair of doors. The two slid across the floor and lay dazed for a few moments, a few feet now between them. Jareth shook his head at the slight tingling sensation he had been feeling for the past few seconds and stood up, eyeing the source of the discomfort. In his upper right arm a large spike of wood was embedded. It had broken off the door where his shoulder had made contact with it. The gash was bleeding and he felt a strange mixture of pain and numbness from the wound. Jareth shook off the feeling and ripped the enormous splinter out of his arm and turned to glare at Darien. The two were once again in at a standstill.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alex ran down the hallway until she came to a section where there were large black numbers painted on the walls. She ran down the hall until she found the one that read 21. "Here we go." She kicked the door open and came into the room, gun drawn. Bobby was picking up his gun from the opposite side of the room. Alex looked around the ransacked room then to the tired agent on the far side of the room "Hobbes? Where the hell is Darien?" Bobby looked at her, flabbergasted "Thanks for the motherly concern, Monroe. Where the hell do you think? Somewhere else! I'll get back to you on the specifics when I find the punk and his pitbull friend!" He shouted. Alex sighed quietly "Are you okay?" she asked belatedly. "Oh yeah...Great! I just love being thrown around by superhuman freaks." Bobby glared at her.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jareth narrowed his white eyes at Darien from across the room. "What is it with you?" Darien asked, "I mean, that makes your eyes white? It's kinda creepy man." "And red eyes aren't?" Jareth asked with ragged sarcasm. "Oh, don't make fun of red. Red is passion, red is life!" Darien emphasized with a deep bellow. "Plus it's never out of style, and goes great with everything I wear." Darien smiled widely, amused at his own wit. Jareth stared at Darien for a few moments "Are you always like this?" Jareth asked, ridicule dripping from his words. "Like what?" Darien asked taking a step forwards "A smart ass, or a raving lunatic?" Darien again took a large step towards Jareth. "Either." Jareth growled. "Well, in that case," Darien began, tightening his hand into a fist, "yeah, pretty much." And smashed Jareth in the upper jaw. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Claire ran back towards the security room, a shot of counteragent ready for Darien. She came to the small room that was now empty. "Alex?" She called out before noticing one of the monitors had gone blank, static hissing across the screen like a sandstorm. "Bloody hell…" she looked at the other monitors and noticed that on one of the outside cameras a large truck was coming towards the building. She stared at the monitor for a moment before realizing what it was. "Oh no…" She turned and ran off towards lab 21. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jareth staggered to his feet, recuperating from the heavy blows dealt out by Darien. " look like crap." Darien stated bluntly, his manic grin conveying his satisfaction with that state of affairs. "It's better then you're gonna look." Jareth spat "Oh" Darien grabbed his chest in mock pain "that hurt...." Jareth ran forward, throwing himself at Darien and knocking them both into the nearest wall. He wrapped his hands around Darien's throat and began to squeeze "Why cant you be a good lab rat and die?" Darien grimaced "You first." he choked out and punched Jareth in the side. Jareth recoiled, clutching his midsection as the pain ripped through his side. A hushed gasp escaped before he returned his gaze to Darien whom stood a predatory grin on. Jareth looked down the ground and shook his head, attempting to overcome a wave of nausea, growling fiercely as he charged at Darien yet again. Darien's grin grew as Jareth came at him. At the last minute, Darien moved to the side and grabbed at Jareth's shirt. He threw Jareth into the wall. With a loud crack of fracturing bone, Jareth slipped to the ground. He turned to scowl at Darien, blood dripping down his forehead. He fought to get himself to his feet, using the wall behind him to waver to a stand. Darien watched, his cocky grin being replaced by a look of bemusement as he watched Jareth get his feet back under him, blood from the head wound dripping into the man's blank white eyes, staining them the same blood red as Darien's. Jareth stood of his own accord now. He was slightly hunched over, the blood dripped from his forehead down his face and off his chin to splash into a small crimson pool on the ground. Darien's smile had faded as he watched Jareth stand, he nodded to himself "humm, nice effort, but the dismount was sloppy, I can only give you a 6.0." Darien's grin came back in full force. Jareth walked towards Darien slowly a menacing frown painted on his features, ignoring the gore that half blinded him, moving forward on instict, using other senses than sight to home in on his prey. "Oh, c'mon man! Just die already!" Darien walked towards him and without a warning struck out hitting Jareth until he fell to the floor again. Jareth curled up into the fetal position, letting out a low moan of pain, the sound of a wounded animal. He managed to roll himself onto his knees and stare up at Darien. Jareth spoke slowly, trying to overcome the mixture of numbness and pain filling his body. "I... am a professional... killing machine... and I refuse... to let a monstrosity like you... beat me," he managed to get out. Darien glared down at him his grin again gone. "You're one sick puppy," Darien knelt down so he was eye level with Jareth "You know that?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "We're never going to find them before they rip each other to bits." Alex said as she trotted down the long dark and empty hallway. "Have faith Monroe..." Hobbes said only half-paying attention to her. "Faith? I lost my faith in finding them when I found you, alone." Alex continued her ramblings. Hobbes turned to deal out his catchy remark on the situation when the sound of feet hitting pavement caught his ear. "Did you hear that?" Bobby froze. "Hear what?" Alex asked slowly approaching Hobbes trying to hear what he did. The patter came again "That." Hobbes said and turned towards where he thought the sound was coming from. He walked out a pair of double doors into another, smaller, hallway. A few feet from where he entered the hallway were a pair of double doors on either side of
the hall. Bobby slowly walked towards them, Alex following. He turned towards the pair of doors on his right and slowly drew his gun. He reached forward, towards the handle of the door, when the doors behind them flew open. Bobby and Alex spun around guns locked and loaded, ready to blow away whoever it was. "Whoa!" Claire yelled and threw her hands into the air "I come in peace..." "Claire!" Bobby began shoving his gun back into its holster "You scared the bejesus outta me...." Alex rolled her eyes "Do you know where Darien is?" "I thought he was with you..." She pointed to Hobbes, who shrugged his shoulders with New York casualness, feigning unconcern. "He lost him." Alex continued. "I did not lose him." Bobby said shooting Alex a mean glare "I have no control over where he goes, so I cannot lose him." Alex gave him a mixed look of anger and annoyance when a single thump echoed down the hallway. "Okay you two heard that too, right?" Claire asked looking down the hall to her left. "Oh I definitely heard that." Bobby answered looking down the hallway with her. "Hear what?" Alex asked slightly more annoyed. "Do you need to get your ears checked, is that your problem Monroe?" Bobby asked quizzically as Claire began down the hall towards the noise. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jareth glared at the ground, turning away from Darien's insane red eyes. Darien shook his head and stood up again, ignoring the small twinge of pain his midsection sent blaring through his QSM-anesthetized body. He sneered down at the bleeding body in front of him and shook his head. "Damn..." He kicked Jareth as hard as he could. "You had to drag me out here..." He kicked him again and Jareth let out a miserable gagging moan of pain at the contact. "You couldn't die in California!" He kicked again this time the snap of bones breaking followed "And now I'm here. In rinky dink New Mexico." He kicked Jareth in the ribs several more times, each blow punctuated by the wet snap of breaking bone, "all to watch your sorry ass die." Darien shook his head again and knelt down beside Jareth "Now what was the point in that?" "The point, my friend, was an attempt to save a man's life." Darien looked up from Jareth to stare at the shadow that appeared beside him. "Hobbes..." Darien turned to see Bobby in the doorway "Nice of you to join the fun,
man." "Sure doesn't look like much fun." Alex said coming up beside Bobby. "It's an acquired taste." Darien said standing up "Now how are we going to do this? I prefer the hard way" Hobbes shrugged and grinned as Alex smiled sarcastically. "What's so funny?" Darien asked suddenly aware of their amusement. "You, partner..." Bobby said. "Funny like a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh?" Darien said walking towards the two, menace in every muscle. "No it's just..." Alex hesitated. "Oh you tell him Hobbes." She said turning towards Bobby "You're so... what's the word? What's the word, Monroe?" Hobbes glanced towards Alex as Darien continued to approach them like a stalking cat. "Naive?" She asked. "Gullible!" Hobbes proclaimed, satisfaction at finding the word he had been looking for plain in his voice. Claire, approaching silentsly from behind, sank the needle into Darien's jugular and injected the counteragent. "Aw crap!" Darien uttered in a whisper as he fell to the ground. TBC, one more chapter thankfully there is no way my computer can fry and screw it up this time yeah!