30 Ways to Annoy Itachi or Make Him Mad

(1)Paint his room pink when he is on a mission with kisame.

(2)After painting his rooms dye his hair pink when he is asleep. (MAKE SURE HE SEEN THE PINK ROOM AND PINK HAIR THEN BLAME IT ON SASORI)

(3)Poke him randomly every day and then run like hell.

(4)Take Photos of Him for kunai practice.

(5)Call him weasel boy randomly for a week.

(6)Steal his Nail polish And Blame it on Kisame.

(7)Put pictures of Sasuke on itachi wall and watch him get mad (HIDE VERY GOOD HE WILL FIND YOU).

(8)Steal Kisame's Sword and put it in itachi's room.

(9)Then tell kisame that itachi did it and watch kisame beat itachi up (THIS BEATING NEEDS POPCORN WHEN WATCHING).

(10)Steal Itachi's diary and give it to kisame to read and run like hell when itachi finds out you doing it.

(11)When itachi is asleep Cut his hair like Sasuke and blame it on Tobi.

(12)Follow him all around the base and video his life in the base (HE MIGHT PUNCH YOU IN THE EYE WERE THE CAMERA IS).

(13)Take photos of him and kisame fighting and then show them to Pein (PEIN WILL BREAK UP THE FIGHT AND ITACHI AND KISAME WILL BE SENT TO THER ROOM)

(14)Go to the top of the Akatsuki base and drop Water balloons on him every time you see him come out of the base and when he goes in the base (HIDE VERY GOOD HE WILL FIND YOU)

(15)Tell Sasuke were itachi is then run.

(16)Wright a letter to Sasuke saying "Dear little Brother I love you I am sorry that I was so mean to you Love from itachi" then send it to him.(SASUKE MIGHT SEND A LETTER BACK TO YOU).

(17)Find baby pictures of itachi Show them to all the Akatsuki and post all the Funny ones on his computer (THEN RUN like hell).

(18)Tell itachi that Pein said that he is the leader for a day then when its an Akatsuki meeting watch itachi get beaten up (IF PEIN FOUND OUT THAT YOU DID IT RUN LIKE HELL OR DIE IN THE ONE SPOT).

(19)Take a picture of Konan and put in Itachi's room and put Kunai in it then tell Pein that it was in Itachi's room then Pein should try to kill itachi (WARNING IF ITACHI FOUND OUT YOU DID IT HE WILL KILL YOU SO RUN).


(21)Tell all itachi's fan girls were the Akatsuki base is (DON'T TELL MADARA OR PEIN IT WAS YOU).

(22)Fling rubber bands at Madara when he is not looking (THEN BLAME IT ON ITACHI THEN RUN).

(23)Put a kitten in his coat and when he try s to look all evil the kitten will poke its head out (EVERYONE WILL LAUGH AT HIM).

(24)When he is all quiet sit next to him and get a fog horn and blow it in his ear softly (IF YOU DO IT HE WOULDN'T LISTEN ANY MORE).

(25)Put bunnies, weasels, puppies and kittens in his room and if he has seen it he will scream very loud (RUN MAN RUN HE WILL KILL YOU)

(36)When he is about to kill someone trip him over (BLAME IT ON KISAME)

(27)Grab his ear when he is about to attack someone and say "What Have I Told You About Being EIVL Young Man" (THEN RUN LIKE THE WIND)

(28)When is quiet again stand 10 foot away from him and poke him with a 10 foot pole (THEN RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN)

(29)Poke him and say "POKE" every time you poke him. Keep on poking him till he says stop then poke his nose and say "MEEP" (THEN RUN TO YOUR ROOM)

(30)When he enters a room yells NEVER FEAR WEASEL BOY IS HERE then sings Pop Goes the Weasel. (THIS WILL MAKE HIM VERY MAD!!!!)

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