Promise Me All Your Tomorrows

Please bear with me this is my first fan fiction. I know like you haven't heard that one before. My favorite character is the wonderful southern man by the name of Jasper Whitlock. I have had this idea in my head for awhile. I am going to venture off of the cannon of these wonderful characters and take them down a different turn on the road. Give me a chance please.

Jasper's POV

I sit quietly on the little pier. Gazing contently out across the blue green waters of the pond. It was my favorite time of the day. Twilight. I loved watching the beautiful sunsets on this little pier. It was breathtaking to watch the sky turn into such a beautiful colors of orange, blues, and purples. I had traveled many miles in my 167 years. But in all my travels I had never found a place that had as peaceful sunsets as this. This place was my secret place. It was the place I went to make the world right again in my mind. I would always quietly slip here when everything in my life felt wrong. And right now nothing felt right in my life.

Damn! You idiot how could you have been so stupid. Why didn't you take the time to hunt? Alice could have warned you though. She had to have seen Bella getting that stupid paper cut. How could one drop of Bella's blood destroy all that you had worked so hard to maintain? None of it made sense. Not in 30 years had you lost control. Even if your family had made you feel like you constantly had to be watched. It felt like such a bad dream. You knew you was in control of your blood lust. In a split second it had taken both Emmett and Carlisle to drag you away. While Rose and Emmett dragged you outside you had took the time to look at Bella and all you could feel was compassion and sadness. No angry or hurt. Human always felt fear. But I knew in my soul Bella was different. You had crushed her and destroyed your family. With one little drop of blood, you had lost everything you thought you wanted or needed in this life.

When they had gotten you outside you instantly got control of the monster. But no one believed you. You could feel all their angry, disappoint and disgust. Everyone looking at you with those "how could you" eyes. Alice had been the worst. For years, you knew that Alice wasn't your mate. But she had always been your best friend. When everyone else had given up on you Alice had been your rock and your companion. But in the end even Alice couldn't look at you. She didn't want to be near you. She had made that perfectly clear when she told you that the family had decided and it was time for you to leave. That you would never fit into the world that they had created because you couldn't control the monster inside yourself. She had told you that you would never be good enough for her or the family. That she had been wrong to bring you along when she had been looking for the Cullen family. You felt like your cold silent heart had been ripped out of your chest. You had to get out of there. You jumped in your jeep and had not slowed down. You ran. It wasn't until you had gotten out of Washington did you even stop to think about where you were going. Away, alone somewhere the Cullen family knew nothing about. Only one place came to mind. You had to head home to Tennessee.

The only stop you had made in 3 days was to get gas and hunt once when you were heading across the Rocky Mountains. It was as if the place you called home had been calling out to you. You knew that you needed to get there. It was the only thing that had made sense to you. You needed to get away somewhere the Cullens knew nothing about.

The Cullens always thought Texas was home because that is where you got changed. But in truth you had been deployed there with your unit. But home was actually a very tiny town in Tennessee. Some would think you had done wrong when you never did anything to change the families thinking. Your home in Tennessee was the one thing that you had kept to yourself. You had changed everything about yourself for your family. Because you so desperately wanted to fit in. You had let Alice dress you in designer clothes to make her happy. You had become Jasper Hale because the family had told you too. You went to the places they wanted to go. You changed everything so much you had felt that you was losing yourself. It felt like you had to keep a part of who you are alive. You had done that by keeping your true home to yourself. No one knew of this place not even Alice.

A huge smile had came across your face when you had seen the Whitlock population 503 sign come into view. Home. Home was Whitlock, Tennessee. A small little farming community in the northwest corner of Tennessee. It was the home of your youth. No matter how far away from it you had gotten in life. Whitlock was the only place you ever truly considered home. What was the saying you can take the boy out of the county but not the county out of the man. All he would ever be in his mind was a simple farm boy from Tennessee. He took a deep breath. Nothing like freshly plowed earth that had been freshly rained on. He turned left at the redbrick church. If he had a still beating heart it would be beating out of his chest. It had been 30 years since he had been back home. He had set up an account years ago to pay someone to take care of this place. He had always had the same family to thank for that actually the Ball family. They had been in this community as long as his family. It had always been easy to say he was the one of the current family that had inherited the house and didn't want to lose it. The Robert Ball was the current family member to be keeping up the place for him. He laughed what would Mr. Ball think if he told him that he had been friends with his great grandfather Mason Ball. He would need to contact him as soon as he got a chance. Feeling the bump of the railroad track made him come back from his thoughts. Home he was finally home.

The 2 story white house had changed in lots of ways over the years but it was still the same farm house it had always been to him. It sweeping front porch that wrapped around the house with the swing on it. Looked just like it had when he was a boy. The stone wall him and his dad had put up was still there. Made him smile as he pulled into the driveway. He had gotten there as the sun was setting. It is perfect. Some times things remain the same he thought as he walked down towards the little pier of the pond to watch the sunset.

What do you do now Whitlock? He thought. Here you sit trying to wrap your head around your thoughts and figure out where you went from here. After more than 50 yrs as part of a family, you were alone and didn't know where to go from here. How to exist? What to do with your life? Well Whitlock it is time to get your head out of your ass and figure it out. Time to stop running and get on with your life. You had never been a coward and ran from anything in your life. No matter how bad the situation you always figured out the best plan of action. Hell that is one of the reasons you got promoted so quickly to Major.

He laughed as he looked down at the clothes he had on. It was the same designer clothes he had on for Bella part. Well you got to change that first. No more designer clothes. He was a blue jean, t-shirt and boots man. Not some uptight Cullen or Hale. You are Major Jasper "freaking" Whitlock. Time to start acting like it. He would get clothes somewhere in Paris first thing in the morning. Now he needed to get in touch with Mr. Ball.

He got up and walked towards the house. He reached in his pocket and got out his cell phone. He looked up Mr. Ball number and dialed it. Mr. Ball answered on the third ring.

"Hello" he said

. "Hello Mr. Ball this is Jasper Whitlock how are you tonight?" I said.

"Fine thanks but please call me Robert."

he said.

"Thanks Robert. I should have contacted you sooner. But I have unexpectedly come to Tennessee for business and decided to come to Whitlock for a few days to see the family place. I was wondering if I could get the keys from you."

" Sure no problem Mr. Whitlock when are you arriving I can meet you there with the keys."

"Just call me Jasper. I am sorry Robert but I was so excited to see the place today. I am already here. I don't mean to cause you any problems. I will gladly compensate for the gas."

"No problem. But I got a question. I have a daughter that lives in Whitlock that is fixing to leave my house now. Can I send the keys by her and come to see you in the morning. My wife and me live in Camden now and it would take me 40 minutes to get there."

"Sure. No problem Robert. That will be fine. So will it take her 40 minutes or so to get here?"

" Yea. It is a good 40 minutes from my house to there."

"No problem at all honest. I should have called. I am the one that is inconveniencing you. What is your daughter name so I will know who I am expecting?"

"Dannie. Do you need her to pick up anything for you? I am sure she will not mind in the least. Since she will be passing all the stores on her way home?"

I laughed at the thought." No I will go grab a bite to eat now. I will be here when she gets here. Thanks for everything. See you in the morning Robert."

" I will see ya around 10am if that is okay."

"Looking forward." I looked at my watch as I hung up the phone. I think I got time for a quick hunt before Dannie gets here with my keys. One good thing about Whitlock you didn't have to go to far for a quick snack. Plenty of veggies here for me to snack on I thought as I bolted off to the woods.

A/N: I hope you enjoy. Whitlock, Tennessee is actual a place and the house I describe was actually my memories of my uncles homes. I have always thought that living in Whitlock myself made me love Jasper even more. Please let me know what you think even if you hate it.