Haruka Gets a Cat

By: Haruka no Neko

"Do we really need to be here, Michiru? All the animals are watching me!" Haruka looked rapidly around the pet store, at the unblinking stares she was receiving from most of the animals, and continued to beg her lover to be allowed to leave.

"Haruka, love, Hotaru's goldfish needs food. And I need you to help me find it." Haruka snorted. ::She doesn't need me to help her find anything, and she knows it!:: Finally, she had enough of all the staring, and stopped in front of the big glass cages holding kittens, the only things not staring. Michiru realized that she wasn't following, and turned back to get her.

"Come on, Ruka, let's go!" The racer turned to look at the other half of her soul and shrugged.

"I'll just stay here and look at the kittens. Maybe I'll buy one sometime." Michiru gave the pianist an unreadable look, "Okay, then," and resumed walking towards the fish supplies, as Haruka started to tease a little black kitten playfully. The tiny creature turned to face her and meowed as loud as its miniature lungs would allow it to, displaying its perfect white teeth. The woman tapped her short-cut nails gently against the thick glass, and smiled as the feline sniffed at the spot.

Haruka continued to play with the midnight-colored creature until Michiru came back, with her purchases in a little plastic bag.

"Let's go home now, dear." Haruka gave the ball of fuzz another glance, "Just a second, sweetling." She ran up to the desk, and hauled the young man there over to the kitten's cage.

"How much does this one cost? I want to buy it, right now." The boy was startled, but gave her the price, produced a key, and started to open the cage, picking the kitten up and bringing it out, closing the cage again. Haruka held the kitten to her cheek, and then moved swiftly around the store, picking up a litter box, litter, food and water dishes, kitten food, and some toys. With her arms full, she proceeded back to the front counter, grinning from ear to ear, to pay for the items. With her bag in one arm and her new pet in the other, she escorted her partner back to their yellow convertible, settling in and starting it up. She zoomed back to the house they shared, grinning so broadly that one would think she'd won a few billion yen.