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     Faye Valentine stared at the body in terror, frozen. I killed him. I killed a man. She backed up slowly, having enough common sense not to drop the murder weapon. When she got to the door, she spun and ran, purple hair bouncing.

     She stopped at her tiny apartment and threw her blood-stained clothes into the washer. Without waiting for them to finish the cycle, she jumped in the shower. Cold water is better than nothing.

     She cut her normally long shower very short. Faye pulled on a yellow tank top and yellow short shorts. She ran a comb through her hair and pulled on her shoes. I wonder if they found him yet? What are they saying on the 24 hours news?

     After pulling on a trench coat, Faye ran to the plaza. There was a huge T.V. in a window. It reported 24/7 on any and all news. Sure enough, there was a picture of him and they were talking.

     "…and he was last seen with a woman. Her name is unknown, as is all other information. Her description is medium height, with dark purple hair and-"

     Faye never heard the last part because she was off and running. Finally she collapsed in a grassy park. Tears streamed down her face and she didn't bother to wipe them away. What am I going to do? I killed. In cold blood. An accident, but that doesn't matter to the feds. What am I gonna do?

     "Hello there." Faye gasped as a carefree voice came out of nowhere. She looked up and saw a man. He had dark green hair and was smoking. He was slouching against a tree. "What's a pretty girl like you crying your eyes out in the middle of nowhere?"

     "I'm not crying." How ironic is this? My life is over, I'm talking to a cute guy, and my independency is kickin' in. My life is just damn wonderful. Yet even as she spoke and thought that, her tears kept coming.

     "Here." The guy held out a handkerchief. Faye hesitantly took it. "You never did tell me why you were crying." The guy stated.

     Faye snorted ruefully. "Oh, just 'cause my life's over with. Is that good enough?" The guy grinned.

     "The name's Spike Spiegal."

      " Faye."

     Spike cocked an eyebrow. "Just Faye?"

     "For now."

     "Well, okay. Now that the intros are done, why is your life over?"

      Faye stared at him. Did she want to tell him? Could she trust him?"

      He lit another cigarette. "Acceptable. Why don't you come with me? I have a place you can stay, no questions asked." He extended a hand. "Well?"

     She stared at the hand. "No questions asked?" Spike nodded. Faye grasped his hand and let him help her up. She brushed off the grass on her knees and legs.

      "Cool. Ok follow me." He walked off. Faye paused, then followed. Hope I'm doing the right thing. Hope I can trust him. She shivered. But it wasn't the wind or cold that made her.

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