E/O Challenge: Bind

This weekend I had my first Supernatural fandom experience – a mini fan-con in London (and yes it was great and very good for the soul – after all only other fans truly understand!).

So I'm dedicating this little drabble to "The Hunter Girls" (and Adam our honorary Hunter Girl). Hope you like it and thanks so much for welcoming me to the fold!


Making Do

"Dean, its deep … you need a hospital," I said, already certain what his answer would be. My brother, looking at me with pain filled eyes, shook his head. "It's … too dangerous," he gasped as I applied pressure to the gaping wound. "This kind of injury … there'd be questions ... just … hand me my tool kit."

I pulled it over.

"Okay ... wrap something around the bite," Dean murmured, "then bind it with this." He handed me a roll of duck tape.

So, as usual, its first aid Winchester style - make do and hope it mends.