The Breeze

Liechtenstein opened the window to her bedroom that was in Switzerland's home, she was glad to be there and smell the breeze that flowed through her short hair. It was amazing this country that was next to her own, she believed if her brother was never here, then she would surely fail in running her country that was located in the East. She exhaled a long held in breath, and allowed the sweet scent of flowers to fill her nose. The smell was almost the same back home, except for the different view, for the view out of her bedroom back home showed off the various mountain sides that were near her home. She let a smile curve its way onto her lips and she couldn't help but laugh out in a giggle. Switzerland's country was defiantly amazing. She heard a light pounding on her door, and a male started to repeat her name, she smiled and quickly changed out of her light pink night grown and into her usual magenta dress with lace on the end, the shoulders puffy and the green ribbon was tied onto the color tight, but not too tight. She ran over to her dresser and quickly brushed her hair, twirling the single purple ribbon into her hair on her right and she quickly ran over to the door, a simple smile still stuck onto her face.

"Good morning brother!" She greeted with excitement as he lead her down the hallways to the breakfast table.