Chapter 1welcome to forks


"you are not riding that death machine, to school and that is final!"

Charlie's face looked like a tomato.

"why don't you try and stop me. Chief" I smirked.

I had been in this shitty dump of a fucking town one day. And already he had told me I couldn't dress how I wanted, I couldn't wear make up and I couldn't drive my bike to school.

The veins in his temple were looking on the verge of popping.

"gotta go. I don't wanna be late" I rolled my eyes sarcastically.

With that, I left before he could say anything else.

Smiling to myself, I threw my leg over my over my BMW K1200S.

This bike was my baby.

It cost a bomb but I didn't care. Plenty more where that came from.

My name is Isabella Marie swan and I am a professional street fighter.

Both my parents hate it but let me do it anyway, because they knew I would never stop.

I do what I want, when I want. Both Charlie and Renee are too guilty to give a shit.

I over heard them arguing when I was younger and heard them saying that they wish they had never had me.

So at ten years old, I told them exactly what fucking assholes they both were.

After that I practically raised myself.

I love my life now and wouldn't change a thing.

Sure I'm a little wild and most girls hate me. Its not my fault, I'm hot.

I was now pulling up into the schools car park.

"welcome to your own, fucking personnel hell!" I muttered as I got off my bike.

The roar of the engine had caused everyone to stare.

I pulled off my helmet and shook my long hair out.

As usual, most of the males were practically drooling.

Let the fun begin! I thought with a smirk.

I threw my leather jacket over my shoulder and walked towards the main building.

Eyes followed me all the way.

A plump woman with red curly hair greeted me at the desk.

"hi, I'm supposed to come here and get some papers before I start" I smiled.

"oh, yes. You must be Isabella" the woman smiled kindly.

"its Bee"

"ok, Bee. I'll make a note on your record" she said while writing something on the top of a sheet of paper.

"there you go, dear. Have each teacher sign it and bring it back after school!"

I nodded and left the office.

The bell had already gone but I decided to have a cigarette before I go in.

"your not allowed to smoke on school property" a blonde boy said who was coming out of a door to my right.

I just stared at him.

He looked at me properly and stopped. His eyes roamed up and down my body.

For once, it felt unsettling.

"I'm mike" he held out a hand.

I ignored the hand "Bee"

"your late for class, Bee" he smiled.


He looked excited. I had had enough of him already.

I took one last pull on my cigarette and flicked it on the floor.

Without another look at the blonde boy, I turned and walked in to the school.

"what's your first lesson?" the boy asked as he jogged to keep up.


"same here. I'll show you to our room" he smiled.

I rolled my neck, feeling all my bones crack. I loved that sound.

The boy winced.

We reached the English room. I walked in and handed the teacher the slip.

"Isabella. Welcome to English. Your late!"

"sue me" I smiled and walked to the back of the class.

Everyone looked shocked.

God. These people were like aliens.

The teacher droned on about Shakespeare and classics.

Kill me now! my brain screamed.

I turned my attention to the window. Two cars were pulling up. A shiny red sports car and a silver Volvo.

A big guy with pale skin and brown hair got out first.

Hello handsome.

Next two blonds got out. A male and a female.

They were both gorgeous. I licked my lips.

A tiny girl stepped out of the Volvo. She was too innocent looking for my liking.

Then a bronze haired god stepped out.

"fuck. Me!" I said as I watched them all walk towards the school.

"Isabella. Care to share with the class what is so important that you had to interrupt my class?"

I turned slowly back to the teacher.

"sure. I was just thinking about how badly I wanted to fuck the two guys that just arrived"

Everyone gasped.

"go to the office. Now" the teacher hissed.

" you asked me to share with the class what I was thinking about? You cant send me to the office for that"

The bell rang. A shit eating grin spread across my face.

The teacher still looked pissed.

"no homework tonight" he said through clenched teeth to the class.

I left before anyone else. Pulling out my phone, I dialled my only friend. J.

"hows school?" he said as soon as he answered.

"fucking awful. I need you to come save me"

He laughed "come on Bee, it cant be that bad"

"really. I feel like I'm in one of those fucking twilight zone episodes"

People stared as I walked down the corridor.

"and people are fucking staring at me" I added loudly.

" how about I come down for the day tomorrow. We can paint the town red" I could tell he was grinning.

"you are my hero" I sighed.

"so, hows the meat?" he asked.

"stale" I muttered looking round "but I did see a group of totally fuckable prime stakes, I got my eye on"

"nice. I gotta go, Tog and I are training" he said.

I tried not to be jealous. I miss training and its only been a day.

J was in Seattle at the minute, training with his friend tog.

"ok. See you tomorrow" I closed my phone and walked in to my next lesson.

I stuck my ear phones in and listened to my music.

Soon people were getting up.

I made my way to the cafeteria and spotted the group of hotties sat at the top table at the back of the room.

Picking up a tray, I stood in the queue.

"she thinks she's something. And did you here what she said in English? Total slut if you ask me"

I turned to where the voice came from.

A blonde girl with a bad nose job was talking to a frizzy haired brunette.

The blonde sneered at me.

"see. Slut" she said to her friend.

I smiled widely. Well if I cant train….

I dropped my tray with a bang an the floor and walked calmly over to the two girls.

"got something to say?" I smirked.

The blonde flicked her hair behind her "I think you heard"

My right hand shot up and grabbed her by the throat.

"yeah. I did hear. Talk about me again, bitch. And I Will rip your fucking head off. Got it?"

Her face was turning purple and her eyes were huge.

She nodded a fraction.

"good!" I let go of her and she dropped down to the floor.

I smiled and walked back over to pick up my tray.

The whole room was silent.

Suddenly the que parted like the red sea.

I grabbed a salad and a coke and went to pay.

Just as I sat down to eat….


I groaned. "what now, Charlie?"

My dad was walking towards me.

"your English teacher just called me than I just got another call not five minutes ago saying you were in a fight"

"I was not in a fucking fight!" I said.

"Isabella. This has to stop. You cant fight at school" he hissed.

I was well aware of everyone watching us.

"well, where can I fight. Charlie? I need to train"

"we are not having this conversation here, young lady. Now, you either stop with whatever it is you are doing or I Will have you home schooled"

I laughed "okay. Good luck with that"

"we Will talk tonight" Charlie hissed.

"cant wait"

He turned and left.

I rolled my eyes and turned to my drink.

How I wish it was something stronger.

That was the reason Renee kicked me out. She found a bottle of jack Daniels in my room and said she couldn't take anymore and that I had to go live with mr morbid himself.

I got up and went outside to have another cigarette before biology.

I txt j as I waited for the bell to ring.

Bring supplies.

Its getting worse.

Charlie threatened to have me

home schooled J


His reply came back fast.

Will do. I'll bring you a treat

J xx

I smiled and made my way to class.

The teacher sat me at a empty table.

I was just about to put my ear phones back in when someone sat down beside me.

"hi" said a smooth voice.

I looked up. It was the bronze haired god from this morning.

"hi" I smiled.

"I'm Edward"


He smiled and leaned back "I saw you at lunch"

"so did everyone else" I said.

"what did you mean when you was telling your father that you need to train?"

"I meant just that. Captain obvious. I need to train"

He chuckled "your not like other girls"

I smirked "I get that a lot"

"so you're a fighter?" he asked.

His eyes were a delicious gold colour.

"yeah. I fight for a living"

"are you good?" he asked. A smile was playing on his lips.

"Google me and see for yourself" I winked.

He pulled out a silver palmtop and tapped a few keys.

I smiled to myself, knowing what he would find.

I might sound big headed but I know just how good I am. It comes natural.

After a few seconds he looked up. His face was priceless.

"I'm impressed" he said looking me up and down.

"thanks" I turned away.

Looking at him was making me horny as fuck.

"Jasper is going to love you" he chuckled.

"Jasper?" I asked.

"my brother. He is a fighter also" he explained.

I nodded "is he good?"

"the best" he grinned.

There was something in his eyes that told me I was missing something.

"can I meet him?" I asked and flashed him a smile.

"sure. We are all going out tonight. Would you like to come along?"

Would I!

"I'd love to"

"great. I'll pick you up at seven"

The bell rang and we got up.

"were going to a club. Your ok with that right?" he asked after a minute.

''oh god yes! I didn't think there were any in forks"

He laughed "there isn't. this one is out of town and its members only. But don't worry. I can get you in" he winked.

He headed off to maths while I went to the gym for p.e.

I walked passed the two girls from the cafeteria was I was going to get changed.

"sup, bitches" I smirked.

They both scuttled off.

I changed into my tiny black shorts and a white vest top and made my way out.

p.e was kinda fun. I showed off a lot.

By the end of the lesson the coach had offered me a place on every team going.

As I was zipping up my boots after class I heard someone saying

"the cullens are all stood outside the gym"

Curious, I made my way out.

It was Edward and the rest of the hotties.

"bee. I'd like to introduce you to my family" Edward was saying.

The blonde female held out her hand.

"I'm Rosalie. I love your boots"

"hi, I like your everything" I winked as I took her hand. It was cold.

The big guy laughed loudly "I'm Emmett" he grinned.

I smiled.

That means the hot blonde must be the fighter.

"this is Jasper. Who I told you about" Edward said.

Jasper took my hand and kissed it lightly "pleasure to meet you ma'am"

Fuck me sideways! He was a cowboy.

"likewise" I said looking him up and down.

"and this is Alice" Rosalie said tilting her head towards the tiny girl with dark short spiky hair.

"sup Alice" I nodded.

She just nodded.

"Edward has been telling us you're a excellent fighter. How long have you been doing it?" Jasper asked.

"fighting. About eight years. Professionally, about five years"

He nodded "may I walk you to your car?"


Edward scowled at his brother.

"nice to meet you all" I called back to them "see you tonight"

"I think my brother likes you" Jasper whispered.

I shrugged. "this is me" I stopped beside my baby.

"this is yours?" he asked as his eyes devoured the bike.

"sexy isn't she" I laughed.

His eyes turned to me "she sure is darlin"

I put on my jacket and got on.

"so, I'll see you tonight?" I asked.

He nodded. It was strange but his eyes seamed to go from gold to a rusty colour as he was watching me on the bike.

"and don't worry about Alice. She just doesn't like to share" he winked. " see you tonight, bee"

He walked off.

Holy fucking shit!

The cullens were freaky but in the best possible way.

If they played that way, I had a feeling that living in this hellish dive wouldn't be so bad after all.

Little did I know that it was because of the cullens that my life was about to go down a long and bumpy road.

But one hell of a road it was going to be.

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