As soon as we arrived back at the castle, I took Bella straight up to my room.

I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible. She had two more days left before she woke up.

I brushed her hair back off her face and kissed her forehead. "I love you" I whispered.

She was still silent. It was like she was asleep. I was glad she wasn't hurting but this was strange. He body temperature had already dropped dramatically and her skin was hardening.

She began to mumble. It really was just like she was asleep.

"Demetri" she murmured.

I smiled "shh, I'm right here baby" I told her, taking her hand.

"Stop" she said turning her head slightly.

"nooooooooo!." She moaned and arched her back off the bed. Maybe I should go get Able or Aro. This cant be normal.

"Get away from us!." She said clearly. Who was she dreaming about?. Was she afraid of me in this dream?.

"This is my home…." She said as she began to thrash Around. I got up and moved over to the door. I needed to get someone but didn't want to leave her.

Her body relaxed "yes love" she sighed.

Only Bella could talk through the change like it was nothing. I smiled. God I'd missed her. I couldn't wait to kiss her again.

The first thing I was going to do was take her down to our garden and show her how much I loved her.

"ARGHHHH!" she began thrashing again. Worse than before. Her whole body was convulsing.

Her heart was pounding its last beat. How was this possible? The change was almost complete in just one day.

Would she be alright?.

"I LOVE YOU,…… SKYLE!." She screamed. My dead heart shattered. Chelsea has done it. Bella didn't love me anymore.

She sat up quickly and looked Around. She was stunning. I would have gasped if I wasn't so devastated. Her beautiful eyes were the purest silver I had ever seen.

They landed on me.

"Demetri" she said. I swallowed Around the lump in my throat as tears that I could never shed filled my eyes.

"Demetri?." She said again and held out her hand. I couldn't go to her. I was hurting too much.

I shook my head and walked out. As soon as the door was shut, I ran.

I was almost free of the castle when I ran straight into Jane.

"what the hell, Demetri?." She said angrily "what's wrong?."

"Bella's awake. Go to her please" I said before running again. I couldn't take it. I had to run.

I heard Jane yelling at me but I didn't stop. I ran all the way to the ocean.

How could I fix this? I loved her. I needed her.

The moonlight was shining onto the dark water making it glisten and look silver in parts.

Bella's eyes had been silver. Why was that?. They were beautiful. She was beautiful. She should still be mine. I love her so much!.

My head shot up.

That's it!.

I love her!. Chelsea cant have broken the bond because I still love her.

If the bond was broken I wouldn't feel this way.

My shoulders slumped in defeat "then why did she say she loved Skyle?" I asked out loud.

"because she was having a horrible dream, you dumbass!." Jane said from behind me.

I had been so caught up in my own head that I hadn't heard her approach me.

"when did you become such a pussy?" she asked as she sat beside me on the sand.

"when I fell in love" I half smiled "it fucks with everything"

"yeah, well I think your head isn't screwed on right. How could you possibly think that Bella didn't love you?. I should zap you for being so fucking stupid then I should zap you again for hurting my sister" she said giving me a shove.

"is she alright?." I asked quietly.

"what do you think?." She asked "she gets turned against her will by a psychopath then has some scary dreams while turning and wakes up only to be rejected by the love of her life."

"ohh god!." I said jumping up "I'm such an asshole!."

"ya think" she said cockily.

I kissed her cheek "thanks Jane" I said before turning back and running through the storm that was raging as fast as I could back to the castle.


Everything was too fast. I could see lights moving and colours shining. I could see every twitch and smell everything.

Jane had come and found me curled up in a ball on Demetri's bed after he left. She had hugged me tightly and told me I was beautiful before bringing me here, to the throne room. I refused to ingest any blood until Demetri was here, even thought the burn in my throat was terrible. Instead I just didn't think of it.

Everyone was fussing over me and making me feel like a science experiment. All I wanted to do, was go hunting for the bastard that took away the chance of me having Demetri's venom running through my veins. There was no doubt about it. I don't give a flying fuck about some fake bond. I was going to find skyle and I was going to kill him. Slowly!.

I closed my eyes but that didn't help. I felt like shit.

"will you all just shut the fuck up!" I snapped at the group of guards that were all talking.

Aro chuckled behind me. "ohh Bella. We missed you" he said wrapping one arm Around me.

I tried to smile. My father was at the library with Marcus, trying to find something to explain the strange colour of my eyes.

I honestly didn't care what colour my eyes were. They could be pink and white fucking pokadot for all I care. I just want Demetri back.

Sensing what I was upset about, Aro sighed "he will be back, my dear. Just give him time. He was almost destroyed when you were taken."

I nodded.

"how about we try your powers out?." Caius asked "it will take your mind off everything."

"ok, what do you want me to do?." I asked with an attempt at a smile.

He took my hand and led me over to the window.

"you are absolutely radiant, my dear" he said.

"thank you, caius" I said.

"how about we change this weather" he smiled.

Ever since Demetri had left, there was a massive storm.

I nodded and thought about a clear night sky. Immediately, the storm stopped.

"well done!" Aro clapped.

"now think about it getting cold" caius asked.

"how cold?"

He smiled "surprise me"

The glass of the windows iced up and crackled from the extreme cold.

Caius beamed "excellent!"

"I think you should turn it normal. We don't need the humans noticing the drastic changes to the weather" my father said as he walked back in.

I turned it back to the clear night.

"anything?" Aro asked my father. He shook his head "nothing. There have been no records of a vampire having silver eyes"

"we should have known that our Bella would be one of a kind" Felix chuckled "how many other human girls do you know that could knock a vampire into next week?"

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Alec walked over to me "wow!" he said looking me over "you are……wow!"

"thanks" I said with a small smile.

"cheer up, Bee. You're a bad ass fighter. If Demetri want's to be a bitch then let him. How about we have a little friendly fight" he grinned.

"I'm in!" felix called.

"let do it" I smirked. Smashing some vamp skulls felt like a good way to vent some anger.

I'm Bella the fucking Bee swan!. And I refuse to mope over a man anymore. For now anyway.

I was dressed in tight black yoga pants and a red sports bra so I didn't need to change.

The whole room moved back as we walked into the middle.

"two males on one newborn female. That isn't fair" called one of the guards. The guards that were here had never met me before as they had only just returned from a mission.

"Its ok, Dante. Bella is more than capable" Aro said proudly.

The vampire moved closer to me as alec and felix got prepared.

"I'll watch your back" he said. I looked up and smiled "thanks, but it's not needed. I could have kicked their asses while I was still human"

He smiled. Cute. Light brown floppy hair and a sexy smile. Maybe I could play match maker and hook him up with jane.

"trust me princess. He'll be watching more than your back" another guard chuckled as he looked me up and down "and he wont be the only one"

"And trust me lance. You do not want to mess with my granddaughter'' Aro said with a glare at the vampire.

"granddaughter!." The word was gasped by at least thirty of the guards.

"able is my father" I told the two vampires in front of me.

"and the eyes?." The one named Dante asked.

"real" I smiled "I don't know why. Might be because of the steel"

"steel?." He cocked his head to the side.

I thought about his hand turning to steel and heard his gasp.

"holy shit!." He laughed.

I turned it back. "see"

He held out the hand to me "Dante knight"

"nice name. Bella volturi" I smiled, shaking his hand.

"you ready, Bells?." Alec asked, eying Dante.

"yeah. Lets go" I said with a smirk. This was going to be fun!.

"good luck!." Dante said, giving me a warm smile.

I walked forward. Felix was in front of me to the left and Alec to the right. Together we formed a triangle shape.

"no using your powers" felix said with a pout.

"don't need to" I grinned

"cocky bitch" felix laughed.

A few people were taking bets. I was proud to say that everyone who knew me were betting on me. Caius even went as far as to betting a million on me winning.

"fight until teeth touch throat" Aro called clearly "you may begin"

Both vampires stalked towards me. Its on!.

Fuck, I had missed fighting.

Alec got to me first. He did some fancy twirling move and ended up behind me. He was fast, I'll give him that. But not fast enough.

Before he had the chance to grab me, I span and effectively sent my right fist flying to his jaw.

"motherfuck!" he cursed as he flew across the floor. Many vampires cheered. Felix charged at me. He used his size and muscle to his advantage. I'd fought men like him before. Use his advantages against him.

he came closer, I ducked down as his massive fist swung at me and aimed a well placed kick to his chest. He crashed into the wall giving me time to jump on him. I loved the new speed!.

So fast that humans wouldn't even see them. My fists touched various parts of his body. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Alec moving towards us. Time to end this. I jumped up so I was on felix. His hands grabbed me but it was too late. My teeth were touching his throat. "gotcha!" I smiled.

"felix is out!" Aro called.

Felix looked embarrassed and stalked off.

"GO BELLA!" Dante called. I shot him a wink. Jane was stood somewhere to his right. I smiled at her and tilted my head towards him. She was stood with Dean. The dreadlock man that helped me back at Romania. I had wondered what had happened to him and Sheba. Sure enough, sheba was beside him talking to felix.

I ducked as Alec dived. At the last minute, I struck his with my foot. He collided with a group of vampires and jumped to his feet growling.

"kick his ass Bella!" jane laughed.

Alec shot her a dirty look and moved back to me.

The fight ended in less than five moves. Alec stopped and beckoned me with his finger. I darted forward and did the same twirl move that he had done at the beginning and grabbed his hair. I pulled his head back and pressed my teeth to his neck.

"and the winner is" I whispered.

"damn, your good!" he laughed. I smiled and kissed his cheek.

"well done Bella!" caius shouted as everyone cheered.

All over the room, vampires were handing money over to other vampires.

I looked Around for the one person I could feel watching me. Demetri was stood by the window. He smiled slightly. He was stunningly handsome.

I wanted to run to him and kiss him all day. But I also wanted to knock him into next week for the way he treated me.

Jane was beside me "go to him" she urged.

He looked so sad. So scared. I didn't want him to look like that. I wanted to see him laugh and smile.

I wanted to go to him. My body listened to my mind and I was moving. My lips crashed to his and he held me tighter than I've ever been held. I sighed into his mouth and gripped him tightly.

He pulled away "I'm so sorry! I love you. I'm so sorry!" he said against my lips.

"I love you too. And I forgive you" I told him and kissed him again. I was pressed up against the wall now.

"your so……beautiful!……..your……..eyes……stunning!" he said between kisses.

"HEH HEM!" Aro cleared his throat loudly. A smile curved my lips "sorry"

"yes. Well now that Demetri is indeed back" he said giving Demetri a long look "I think its' time you fed"

"you haven't fed yet?" Demetri asked. I shook my head. He kissed me again and took my hand.

"then lets go feed" he said and led me from the room.

Together at last!.

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