This is specialy written for Mushy-San.

Hizumi lay on his back, one arm tucked behind his head with a book held inches from his nose in his free hand. It was peaceful. With the sun high in the sky and a warm breeze blowing through. Yes indeed. It was a beautiful day. And he was moments from learning who was behind the crime in the latest detective novel he'd been reading. And the killer is....

"Uncle Hiiiizuuuumiiiiiii!"

The high-pitched, child's voice broke the silence and startled him into dropping the book in his hand. It landed on the glass of lemonade by his side, knocking it over. Well, there went his brand new book and the answer to the riddle all at once.

"Uncle Hiiiiiizuuuumiiiiii!" The same words, but a slightly different voice. Still high-pitched and still a child's, but a different child's. To whom it belonged, he couldn't be certain. Though there were differences that he could pick up on, he still couldn't place a voice to a face unless he was looking right at them.

He sat up in time to see five small figured coming down on him from the top of the hill. He let out a gasp of suprise and slight pain as all five children fell on top of him. He found himself once again on his back with several sets of big eyes looking down at him.

"Uncle Hizumi!" Rio chirped, identifying herself as the first voice. "I picked you a flower!"

Small hands worked fast to secure it into Hizumi's hair before he could protest.

Overlapping the end of Rio's sentence a bit, Kanone started speaking before she was even finished, eager to get his words in. "I saw a really big fish in the river and I was gonna catch it but Kousuke scared it away!"

"Well Ryoko pushed me in!" Kousuke complained and Hizumi realized that the boy was soaked.

With a little effort he managed to push himself into a sitting position with all of his nieces and nephews still on his lap. "The river? I thought I told you all not to go that far without me?"

It didn't sound much like a scolding coming from Hizumi, but he was trying. He still had a lot to learn about taking care of kids. He'd only had them for two months now. And he himself was only just over nineteen. What did he know about raising children? It wasn't as if he'd seen himself having them any time soon.

Hizumi was a terrible softie at heart. His nephews and nieces needed someone when their father passed away. And Hizumi was really the only living relative they had. He couldn't let them all get split up and sent to live with strangers.

Though after spending sixty days with the little devils he was starting to wonder if he'd made the right choice....

Hizumi sighed and moved the children off his lap, moving to stand. "Guess we better head home. It's getting pretty late and it's not quite hot enough to let you run around in wet clothes."

He picked up the sopping wet book and the empty glass. After a moment's pause he decided to chuck the book in the nearby trash bin. The words would be runny and the pages sticky. He'd just get a new one. He reached his free hand out, where Rio took it, her little fingers curling around his larger ones as she gave him a bright smile. The rest of them fell into line behind them as they started back towards Hizumi's car.

Glancing back, he had the thought of little ducklings following their mother. He grinned and faced forward again. He was so lucky to have such adorable little nieces and nephews.

Even if they were just a tad bit devilish.