Total Drama Extreme




Story Start


A camera turns on and the scene of a dock comes into view with a mountain in the background. A young male with gelled black hair and camp counselor like gear enters the camera fray.

''Yo, were coming at you live from camp Wawanaka somewhere in Matoska Ontario. I'm one of your hosts, Chris Mcclain. Dropping season one of the hottest new reality show on television at this very moment. Here's the deal: 23 campers signed up to spend eight weeks here at the old summer camp. They'll compete in challenges against each other and then have to face the judgment of their fellow camper. Every three days one team will either win a reward or watch one of their team members walk down the dock of shame to the loser boat and leave Total Drama Island for good.''

Chris walks over to campfire pit as he continued his speech. ''And here their faith will be decided at a dramatic campfire ceremony where each week all but one camper will receive a marshmallow.'' Chris picks up marshmallows on stick. ''In the end only one will be left standing and will be rewarded with cheesy tabloid fame,'' holds up magazines with his face on the cover, ''...And a small fortune.'' Holds up a treasure chest. ''Let's face it; they'll probably blow it in a week. To survive they'll have to battle flies, grizzly bears, disgusting camp food, and each other. Every moment will be caught on one of the hundreds of camera situated all over the camp. Who will crumble under the pressure? Find out here, at this moment on...TOTAL...DRAMA...ISLAND!'' At the end of his statement Total Drama Island theme intro plays as a result of his Cue.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Island! All right, it's time to meet our first 12 campers. We told them they'd all be staying at this five-star resort, so, if they seem a little pissed off that's probably why."

The sound of a motor boat was soon heard. The first of the contestants to arrive was Beth. She was slightly on the pudgy side with chestnut brown hair done in a high ponytail. She wore an oversized, green and gold shirt festooned with a variety of pin-on buttons, and pale pink slacks. Emphasizing Beth's nerdiness were her Coke-bottle glasses and railroad-track braces, her family apparently being unable to afford modern orthodontia.

''Beth, what's up?'' Chris greeted the perky girl.

''It's so encourage-less to meet you! Wow! You look shorter in actual life!'' Beth's manners were just as awkward as her body.

''Uh, thanks!'' Chris dryly remarked as the girl's barb immediately annoyed him. He really hated it when people pointed out his height.

The next person to show up, was DJ A person people would describe as a 'giant', wearing a white cap, brown shirt with the letter D on it, black/grey shorts on, and dark brown sandals. Without any seconds thoughts anyone would think he was into sports or at least worked out.''DJ!'' Chris greeted the second of the contestants.

''Yo! Chris McClain, how's it goin'? Hey, you sure you got the right place here? Where's the hot tub at?'' he asked as he looked around. He read somewhere in that contract something about a hot tub.

''Yo, dog! This is it! Camp Wawanakwa!'' Chris redirected the topic and pointed out to the direction of where the camp site was.

''Hmph! Looked a lot different on the application form.''

"Yes, it did," the host replied unhelpfully.

"Whatever," the gentle giant said, shrugging his shoulders as he continued down the dock.

The next camper was a young woman, very pretty and gothic in style. Her short hair was dyed pitch-black and highlighted in teal, although her highlights tended to look green on camera. Her dark, cool-colors outfit consisted of a sleeved corset top that arranged her above average size chest to its best advantage; a short skirt with a patchwork look hat did little to no work to cover up her lucious legs; forest-green hose; and black, knee-high platform boots. Her pasty complexion was not the artificial, chalky white of a hardcore Goth, but the natural pallor of fair skin that rarely feels the sun.

Unlike Beth and D.J., she carried no luggage. The contestants had been given that option, for some had brought more than they could carry in a single trip, and anything they didn't bring off the boat in their disembarking shots would be offloaded later.

''Hey, Gwen!'' He greeted her with a grin.

''You mean we're staying here?'' she asked, wondering if the trailer would be big enough to fit a hand full of people let alone all the contestants.

''No, you're staying here,'' he gestured to the old log cabins. ''My crib is in air stream with A-C, that way!'' he said pointing out said trailer.

''I did not sign up for this!'' the girl responded with a scowl. She should have realized things were too good to be true. That this was probably going to be a bad survivor rip-off with a bunch of stupid challenges and people letting emotions run high for other people's sick and depraved enjoyment.

''Actually, you did!'' Chris said chuckling.

Gwen storms up to the applications, that was currently in chris hands before snatching them, then in a surprisly amount of good strength ripped them all in half. Chris just chuckled again, expecting this, "Good thing about lawyers... is they make a lot of copies!" Chris said smirking, serving to enrage Gwen even more.

''I am not staying here!'' she stubbornly argued. Contract or no contract she was not going to be suckered into months of torment and insanity for other people's enjoyment.

''Cool! I hope you can swim though, because your ride just left!''

The boat horn honks as the captain signals that he was heading his way back to the main land.

''Asshole,'' She muttered darkly under her breath. Another boat was coming in with another contestant. 'They have enough money to piss away on all these boats, but they couldn't give us better lodgins?'

Unknown to Gwen, despite what the finished footage of the episode would suggest there weren't 24 separate boats, but the same two boats coming and going. The contestants were kept separate to inflate to the viewership their view on how much money was actually being thrown into the series. Careful editing and such like this was to give the best footage and such.

The fourth contestant to arrive was a faux cowboy type who had probably never spent a day in the presence of livestock in his life. He wore sandals, jeans, a pink silk button-down shirt, and a ten-gallon hat. His shirt was completely unbuttoned, the better to show off his washboard abs. He wasn't a pretty boy, but a guy with his looks would have no problem attracting the girls.

''Chris McClain! What's up man It's an honor to meet you man.'' the pretty boy greeted the host.

''The Geoff-ster! Welcome to the island, man.''

"It's great to have you here, man!"

"I'm totally psyched for this contest, man!"

Geoff and Chris seemed to be trying to out dude bro each other.

''Hey Thanks, man.'' Gwen sarcastically remarked at the display. ''If they say man one more time, I'm gonna puke!''

The boat once more drove up.

''Everybody, this is Lindsay!'' the host introduced as out of the latest boat stepped out a blonde bombshell. She sported a warm-colors ensemble consisting of stylized cowboy boots, a short skirt, and a halter top that seemed to strain the objects behind it. Containing her hair was a baby blue bandana while the rest of her hair was straighten out. Her skin was fair and flawless, and her face was made up subtly and skillfully.

''Not too shabby!'' Chris remarked.

''Hi um...sorry what was your name?'' the attractive girl asked.

''I'm Chris McClain...the host...of the show." he emphasized.

''Yeah sorry...I'm not good with names,'' She replied sheepishly.

The next contestant arrived. The boat docked again and a tall, model-thin, drop-dead gorgeous girl stepped ashore with regal bearing. Her straight, waist-length hair was unbound, and as black and glossy as jet. She wore a stylish maroon top that was little more than a sports bra, barely legal shorts, and open-toed, spike heel shoes. This was clearly a girl who could turn heads and enjoyed doing so.

Dramatically removing her sunglasses, the new arrival took in her surroundings. She appeared to be of mixed blood, with Asian features but pale skin, the vast majority of which was on display. She had an aura of snootiness around her. So self-absorbed she forgoes introductions altogether.

"Welcome to the island, Heather," McLean said with a smile that the contestants would soon come to hate during their time there.

She glanced around and realized that the island itself did not live up to the images that were shown.

"I am not staying in this trash heap." Heather snapped as she stalked past. "I'm calling my parents."

"Calling them with what?" the host asked with false pleasantness. "Seems you've already forgotten you were asked to surrender your phone, ipad, and any other advice that can connect you to the outside world."

Heather found herself stiffening, but did not turn to face McLean. She silently cursed the fact that he was right. Even if she had her phone the chances of her getting a signal was highly unlikely. Since she was stuck in this dump she might as well stick to her plan to use the show to become a celebrity.

Reluctantly she went and joined the others.

''Hi, looks like we're your new friends...'' Beth unintentionally spits while spitting. "...for the next eight weeks!''

"Don't talk to me," She snapped at Beth causing to the girl to become downtrodden.

''Duncan, dude!'' The boat next deposited a punk type with a wiry build. He wore a black T-shirt, emblazoned with a large skull design, over a long sleeved yellow undershirt. His dark hair was styled in a green fauxhawk, and his face was heavily pierced. His skin was not pale, and this detail revealed him as a punk, as opposed to another Goth.

''I don't like...surprises!" he told Chris, ominously pounding his fist into his open palm.

''Yeah, your parole officer warned me about that man, he also told me to give him a holler any time and have you return back to juvie!''

Duncan sniffs. ''OK, then.'' Duncan sauntered down the dock to where the other contestants stood, and sidled up to Heather. "Meet you by the campfire, gorgeous?" he suggested with a leer.

''Drop dead, you bastard.'' Heather scoffed in disgust.

Another contestant had arrived. ''Ladies and gentlemen, Tyler!''

A tall lanky guy in all red jogging suit and short brown hair was skiing towards them, he was doing good until he waved to everyone, and lost his footing and started flipping through the water until he crashed into the luggage at the docks, making a stray bag fall in the water, spraying heathers new shoes.

''Wicked wipe-out man!''

Another camper to arrive was wearing glasses with thick lenses, for his face he had a few stray chin hairs that were supposed to be a goatee, but something went wrong. For his hair it was a very dark auburn hair. He was on the scrawny unfit side, with a blue shirt with a hamburger for the logo, and green pants, with white-green high tops.

Chris Laughs and the Kid sighs. ''Welcome to camp, Harold!''

''What's he looking at?'' Beth questioned.

''So you mean this show is at a crappy summer camp and not on some big stage or something?''

''You got it!''

''Yes! That is so much more favorable to my skills!'' He skips like a fairy.

The next boy off the boat was a guitar player. He was dressed casually, his most remarkable garment being a semi-camo shirt featuring short, camo-pattern sleeves but a solid, light greenish torso. Emblazoned on his chest was a black handprint, the significance of which he never bothered to explain. He wore a large backpack in lieu of luggage, and carried what could only be the case for an acoustic guitar.

His manner was laid-back and unaffected. His black hair, longer in the bangs than elsewhere, went oddly with his green eyes, which is not to say that the effect was in any way unpleasant. Like Geoff, he sported a cleft chin.

''Contestant number Trent!''

''Hey, good to meet you man! I saw you on that figure skating show, nice work!''

''Hey, thanks man! I knew I'd rock that show!''

''I saw that! One of the guys dropped his partner on her head. So, they got immunity that week!' Beth brought up.

''Lucky, I hope I get dropped on my head!'' Harold said as Lindsay murmured a similar reply.

''Me too!''

''So, this is it?''

Harold picks his nose much to the nauseating of the others. '' Alright then!''

Another boat and another arrival. Tall and willowy, she was pretty in a "girl next door" sort of way. She wore her long, naturally blonde hair in a low ponytail that was more functional than fashionable; and she wore no makeup. She was dressed simply, with a sky-blue hoodie, shorts and sandals, and she carried a red and gold surfboard. ''Hey, what's up!''

''All right! Our surfer chick, Bridgette, is here!'

''Nice board, this ain't Malibu honey.'' one of the other campers called out.

''I thought we were going to be on a beach?'' she asked upon taking a good look of the area only for her face to drop a bit in disappointment.

''We are!'' Chris pointed out, for the island did indeed have a beach of sorts—two or three meters of sand between lake and greensward.

"I mean a surfing beach," Bridgette further clarified.

"Sorry, can't help you there," Chris replied, his bland smile suggesting that his inability to help didn't really bother him. "Nothing ever stated that we would be doing any surfing during the competition."

"I suppose I can settle for swimming." the surfer girl said, sighing at this disappointment.

Bridgette hits Chris McClain with her surf board when she suddenly turned. '' Damnit it girl, that hurt. Watch it!''

One more boat arrives and down from it stepped a spiky blond hair teen dressed for survival hunting. His outfit was all black except for stripes of camouflage green on the side. His skin was of a light tan shade, shorter than DJ but was pretty finely built indicating that he was athletic with Cerulean blue eyes.

''Aah yes Naruto the ''Shinobi!'' Glad you could make it.'' Chris greeted the blond, making a callout to the blond's recent fame.

"Yeah, thanks." He briefly greeted the host. He went over to the group of contestants to where everyone was. "Hello."

"Oh hello," Bridgette greeted swinging her board and unintentionally whacking Trent and causing some of the campers to duck.

''Dang! Watch the board man!'' Harold shouted.

''Hi, I'm Beth!'' she greeted in a haze of perkiness.

"Sorry," Bridgette replied with a wince. "Anyway can't believe we got a celebrity in our midst." Bridgette playfully noted as Naruto rubbed the back of his neck and shrug.

"I try not to let it go to my head." He replied.

"So tell us, when can we expect a shinobi two?" Beth asked as Naruto once more shrugged.

"I don't know what to tell you. There's not even a script, just some ideas."

"They're going to stop at a sequel right?" Gwen, avid fan of horror movies in their many grotesque forms also enjoyed action flicks as long as they weren't of the dumb summer popcorn muncher variety. She had to have one genre in which she didn't tolerate the same generic characters and plots being recycled.

''OK, we've all met the movie star, why don't you aw mob him later. I'm trying to pay attention to what's going on." The irritated Asian-canadian remarked having grown tired of their chatter.

''Someone missed their double cappuccino machiato this morning!'' Duncan said making a jab at Heather's back ground.

''Get bent.'' she acidly responded.

The next of boats show up.''Our...''Chris makes an audible sigh, "... next camper, is Noah!'' He had longish, dark brown hair in no identifiable style and a generically brown skin tone suggesting native or Hispanic extraction. He wore high-top sneakers that didn't quite reach his high-water cargo pants. His layered top consisted of a white, long-sleeved undershirt; a short-sleeved, misbuttoned blue button-down shirt, and a red, lightweight sweater vest.

''Have you got my memo about my life threatening allergies?'' he asked, adjusting his glasses.

''I'm sure someone did!'' Chris said with the same unhelpful response that he did to the other campers. To be honest he didn't really care.

''Good, is this where we're staying?'' the question along with the look of doubt and uneasiness said it all.

''No, it's your mother's house, and we're throwing a party!'' Duncan snidely answered for the host.

''Cute! Nice piercings original, did you do them yourself?''

''Yeah,'' Duncan says as he grabs Noah's lip,'' you want one?''

He sighs, '' Uh, no thanks, can I have my lip back please?'' he managed to mumble out coherently.

Duncan Lets go of Noah's lip. ''Thanks!''

The boat returned and the latest arrival is a sturdy-looking girl of African descent. She was dressed simply, in jeans and a T-shirt that might have come from a mall kiosk. She was one of the stouter girls in the troupe, but not truly fat. She wore her shoulder-length hair in a fine weave, with the strands pulled back in a ponytail. Her outfit consisted of a light brown shirt with Jeans hugging them plentiful hips and large spacious backside with dark skin with hoop earrings. ''What's up y'all, Leshawna's in the house! Hey, how are you doin', how's it goin'?, feel free to quit now and save yourselves from trouble, 'cause, I came to win!''

Not waiting for an answer, she came to D.J. and offered a high five, saying, "Give me some sugar, my brother."

"We'll I'll be, my man the movie star what's up?" Leshawna asked Naruto, with a hand sign and a wink suggesting that she might be open to the possibility of getting to know the blond better. Coming to Cody and Harold, the jovial homegirl demonstrated her ability to walk and chew gum at the same time by fist bumping Cody with one hand and patting Harold's back with the other.

"I've never seen a girl like you in real life before.'' Harold finally spoke after finishing gasping at Leshawana.

"Excuse me?''

"You're real big...and loud!'' he foolishly remarked in his fascination, clearly not aware that was not the sort of thing you say to a woman.

"What did you say to me? Oh, no you didn't! You have not seen anything yet, I'll show you big baby!''

"You keep that up; you'll save the producers' time editing you into a stereotype. Then again that might be asking a bit much for you." the bookworm snarked.

"What did you just say to me?" the homegirl demanded as she rolled up her sleeves to reveal biceps that by far outclassed most of the others limbs. "I got your stereotype right here."

"Just ignore him." Naruto had moved between the sistah and the nerd. "You don't want to blow your chances before the competition even begins right?"

"Okay people, settle down," Chris called down the dock, having noticed the altercation but not the words that led to it. "There'll be plenty of time for infighting later."

"Whatever," Leshawna said to no one in particular. She stopped trying to approach Noah, which was Naruto cue to release her, although he kept an eye on her for a few moments until it looked like things were going to simmer down.

The boat docked again but instead of one two contestants made their arrival. One was as skinny as a rail, with black hair and bronze skin, although whether her skin tone came from ancestry or lifestyle was not immediately clear. The other new arrival was shorter, very fat and very fair. Her hair was dyed black and styled in the same high pigtails as her companion, for companions they clearly were.

These Twins wore matching outfits, with pink shorts almost as skimpy as Heather's and black and white "prison striped" shirts. Even their luggage matched. ''Oh my gosh, Sadie look, it's a summer camp!''

''OK, I've always wanted to go to summer camp! Yayeee!''

Finally after what was ten minutes of mindless twin chatter the next contestant had arrived.

"Ezekiel what's up man!" Chris greeted the newcomer.

The next boy to arrive had a rustic, unsophisticated air about him. His unstylish but practical outfit consisted of work boots, jeans, a heavy greenish hoodie variant, and a toque. He wore his hair in a mullet, and had a downy proto-beard on his chin. ''I think I see a bird!''

The aura of dimness could not be any more apparent.

"Our homeschooled country boy, ladies and gentlemen," Chris announced to the camera. When he threw in a jab about freaky prairie people he probably only did so because he knew it would most likely be edited out. "…just don't say much and try not to get kicked off to early, OK?''

''Yes sir.''

Gwen sighed, trying to take in everything she had just seen. ''That's''

"And we're only halfway through." Naruto dryly commented. Well it was still better than just sitting around and continuing to observe other worlds for the hundred time. Even after all this time he didn't know how Hagoromo did it. He just simply didn't have the patience of the elder sage and needed to and wanted to interact with people.

On the boat's next stop, a short, somewhat skinny boy strutted off the gangplank like he owned the world. He had short brown hair with long bangs nearly obscuring his green eyes. His most notable physical feature, though, was spitting gap in his teeth.

This was Cody, the troupe's science geek. He projected an aura of coolness, or at least of what he perceived coolness to be, but it didn't quite go with his outfit: a short-sleeved sweater, with a couple of stripes across the chest, over an off-white button-down shirt, the tails of which hung out over his cargo pants.

''Cody, the Code-ster, the Code-My-ster!''

''Dude, I'm excited to be here man! I see the women have already arrived! All right!'' He winked at them and everyone rolled their eyes. Cody turns around to say something to Leshawna but the sassy girl placed her finger on his lips.

"Save it short stuff," Cody for his part just smirked, before taking his place.

A another contestant showed up "Eva! Nice to see you here!"

Eva, had the look of an athlete with a terse temper that contrasted with the more feminine females contestants who had arrived so far. . She had a classic hourglass figure, with legs that were reasonably shapely despite being as hard as iron and she even had a beauty mark on her lip, but she didn't seem especially interested in her appearance. She was content to keep the unibrow that Nature had given her, although even normal eyebrows might have looked like a unibrow with her perpetual scowl. The severe ponytail she wore probably wasn't the most flattering look for her, and she wore no makeup beyond lipstick that matched her hazel eyes.

Eva acknowledged Chris' greeting with naught but a grunt, her sullen expression as unchanging as McLean's smile, and trudged down the dock. When she came to Cody and Harold, she thought that a good place to await the arrival of the remaining contestants. As she turned to face the end of the dock, she dropped her bag, which fell to the dock with a heavy clunk.

"What's in there?" Cody asked, trying to make conversation. "Dumbbells?"


''She's all yours, man!'' Duncan replied.

The next arrival was the largest one by far. In size he dwarfed all the rest of them with only D.J. matching him, but in height only. The boy was grossly fat, easily four-hundred pounds minimum dressed simply, in shorts, sneakers, and what looked like a faux team shirt of some kind. He had a scraggly little mop of unkempt blond hair.

''Wahoo! Chris! What's happenin'?'' the fat kid said bursting into laughter. ''This is awesome! Wahoo! '' As he barreled down the dock he tripped and hits his head against the dock.

''Owen! Welcome!''

''Awesome to be here man! Yeah! Man, this is just so...'' he rambled on before Gwen took a stab at what the fat kid was going to say next.


''Yes, awesome! Wooooo! Are you gonna be on my team?''

''Oh, I sure hope so...'' Gwen replied sarcastically in response to the question. So far she was not impressed by what she was seeing.


''You're about finished!''

''Sorry, dude. I'm just so psyched!''

''Cool, and here comes Courtney.'' While not a model Courtney was still a head turner. Her tanned complexion indicated she spent a good deal of time outdoors. Her other features included shoulder-length, chestnut-brown hair, which she wore loosely.

Her outfit included a short, lightweight grey sweater over a more expansive off-white blouse with calf-length, olive green pants that hugged her hips quite nicely. She also wore high-heeled sandals, but even with this style of shoes it was soon made apparent when compared to the others she was rather short.

''Thank you.'' Courtney joined the other contestants and engaged in polite introductions with a number of them. '' Hi, you must be the other contestants! It's really nice to meet you all!''

''How's it goin, I'm Owen!'' He greeted as he shook her hand.

''Nice to meet you...Oh, wow.'' She replied in response to his strong and pudgy grip.

"So we got a normal one, wasn't expecting that." Naruto greeted her with a light hearted smile.

"Not sure what you mean by that, but thanks I guess."

Courtney's glad-handing and amiable chitchatting ceased abruptly, as did all other conversation, when the last contestant arrived.

"And now the eye candy for our female viewership. Justin." For a lack of better description Justin was a god among men. He had a ripped physique that was not within the realm of body builder's exaggeration, though it did ripple under his tight T-shirt. He also wore old, nondescript blue jeans and sneakers, but none of the girls noticed those until later. His shortish hair was straight, glossy and raven-black. His skin was a flawless bronze, his teeth a flawless white, and his eyes—oh, those eyes—beckoning sapphire wells that a girl could drown in if she wasn't careful, and maybe even if she was.

In short, every girl present desired him on sight. The boys' reactions to the new arrival were mixed. Some were disdainful of the "pretty boy"; some admired his ripped physique, knowing that a guy didn't get that way without a lot of work, whatever his natural gifts; and some saw a dangerous rival who might damage their own chances of hooking up with someone.

''Welcome to Total Drama Island!''

''Thanks, Chris, this is great!'' the teen replied enthusiastically. He was already making it up in his mind how he was going to win.

''Just, so you know, we picked you based entirely on your looks.''

''I can deal with that!'' he responded with a grin.

''I like your pants!''

''Thanks man!''

''Cause they look like they're all worn out,'' he laughs, ''...did you buy them like that?''

''Uh, no just had them for a while!''

''Oh, cool!...stupid,'' the host whispered the last part as the teen walked down the dock.

The last boat arrived and out stepped a slim girl standing at the prow and waving excitedly. Her long, somewhat curly hair was a fiery Scotch orange-red, and her eyes were green.

She wore a green halter top with a collar and a cleavage window. She was the only girl with a long skirt, reaching almost to her knees, but the skirt was of a curious design,covering most of her thighs on the outside but barely on the inside, it was knotted on one side and hung low on her hips, only partially covering her green, bikini-like panties. All in all, it looked like Izzy, as the new arrival was called, had simply wrapped a yellow-green towel around her hips. ''Hey everyone! Izzy!''

When the boat came to a stop, Izzy rushed to the gangplank, but stubbed her toe and took a header off the boat. Recovering quickly, she executed a flip and landed catlike on her feet, just about as close to the end of the dock as she could have done without falling into the water.

''This is summer camp? That is so cool! Do you have paper mache here? Are we having lunch soon?''

''That is a good call!'' The fat kid replied.

''First things first, we need a group photo for the promos, everyone on the end of the dock!''

The rest of the campers walk down to the end of the Dock of Shame. The cameraman took his sweet time preparing. When he was finally ready, he called to everyone to smile. Most of the teens managed smiles, despite their misgivings.

''OK! One...Two...Three...oops, OK, forgot the lens cap...OK, hold that pose, One...Two...oh! No wait, card's full, hang on!''

''Come on, man, my face is starting to freeze!'' Leshawana complained.

''Got it, everyone say, Wawanakwa!''

The campers replied. ''Wawanakwa! Whoa!'' The old rigidity bridge collapsed and several of the campers fell in.

'OK, guys, dry off, and meet at the campfire pit in 10!''

'Let the Pain begin.'